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  1. DeIta_Echo

    MFW People say AA is useless

    so true please nerf aa
  2. DeIta_Echo

    People defending new German BBs?!

    BBs are weak
  3. Prinz eugen is quite a great ship if you enjoy the KM CA play style. On the other hand, I would most likely recommend Scharnhorst over any other premium ship currently for sale as a solid buy. Scharnhorst is a hilariously fun ship to play that fills many roles and works well with almost all players.
  4. DeIta_Echo


    12k battles
  5. DeIta_Echo

    Just got the friesland

    Thanks! I think I'll go for a generally rounded build, not specifically speccing into any 1 thing. Do you feel that the ship actually benefits from DE?
  6. DeIta_Echo

    Just got the friesland

    Does anyone have any commander setup preferences so far? I am starting off a new captain since I dont have blys. So far, I have picked up PT, LS, DE, and CE. What do I do next? Edit : Put SE when I meant to say CE.
  7. DeIta_Echo

    Just got the friesland

    Haven't sailed it yet. Beautiful ship though.
  8. Had this thread open in the background, was in a game and heard the noise picture :
  9. DeIta_Echo

    Issues with yoshino?

    Watched a few videos on each, I am still leaning towards the yoshino. Is it actually sub-par or is smolensk just covering it up?
  10. DeIta_Echo

    Issues with yoshino?

    I am not looking for an insanely powerful ship - Most of a fun experience for when I'd enjoy playing a fun ship. The smolensk feels pretty stale, and I feel I may take it out very rarely due to this fact.
  11. DeIta_Echo

    Issues with yoshino?

    Does the smolensk offer something that others dont? It seems quite a tired out playstyle.
  12. DeIta_Echo

    Issues with yoshino?

    This is a ship that truly interests me, but I have yet to pull the trigger on it due to the overall reception of it. Why has it been received so poorly among the community? I understand it's squishy, but it's a heavy cruiser at the end of the day and those are bound to be bigger targets. Imo, a ship like this you'd only buy for the guns, which I would love to do. Can anyone give me some reasons why everyone hates this ship or alternately why I should buy it?