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  1. This is a game. Instead of finding the negative side to everything, why not provide constructive criticism instead of blind/ignorant hate? I feel that the people who feel submarines have issues need to face reality and deal with the fact that they are what they are. If you choose to spend hours complaining about how "ahistorical" and "unrealistic" they are then feel free to do so, but it wont help WG balance this new class like the majority of the player population clearly does. I am genuinely suggesting this to you, and this should not be taken as an insult. I, like many others, just want the best thing for the game.
  2. Prinz eugen is quite a great ship if you enjoy the KM CA play style. On the other hand, I would most likely recommend Scharnhorst over any other premium ship currently for sale as a solid buy. Scharnhorst is a hilariously fun ship to play that fills many roles and works well with almost all players.
  3. BiskitsNWaffles


    12000 battles...? Pardon me for being confused how you could possibly be confused.
  4. BiskitsNWaffles

    Just got the friesland

    Thanks! I think I'll go for a generally rounded build, not specifically speccing into any 1 thing. Do you feel that the ship actually benefits from DE?
  5. BiskitsNWaffles

    Just got the friesland

    Does anyone have any commander setup preferences so far? I am starting off a new captain since I dont have blys. So far, I have picked up PT, LS, DE, and CE. What do I do next? Edit : Put SE when I meant to say CE.
  6. BiskitsNWaffles

    Just got the friesland

    Haven't sailed it yet. Beautiful ship though.
  7. BiskitsNWaffles

    CVs are a Joke & Why we have more DDs

    Had this thread open in the background, was in a game and heard the noise picture :
  8. BiskitsNWaffles

    Issues with yoshino?

    Watched a few videos on each, I am still leaning towards the yoshino. Is it actually sub-par or is smolensk just covering it up?
  9. BiskitsNWaffles

    Issues with yoshino?

    I am not looking for an insanely powerful ship - Most of a fun experience for when I'd enjoy playing a fun ship. The smolensk feels pretty stale, and I feel I may take it out very rarely due to this fact.
  10. BiskitsNWaffles

    Issues with yoshino?

    Does the smolensk offer something that others dont? It seems quite a tired out playstyle.
  11. BiskitsNWaffles

    Issues with yoshino?

    This is a ship that truly interests me, but I have yet to pull the trigger on it due to the overall reception of it. Why has it been received so poorly among the community? I understand it's squishy, but it's a heavy cruiser at the end of the day and those are bound to be bigger targets. Imo, a ship like this you'd only buy for the guns, which I would love to do. Can anyone give me some reasons why everyone hates this ship or alternately why I should buy it?
  12. BiskitsNWaffles

    Can't launch new random battle

    Oh haha, didn’t even see the date. I was having some lag loading into a battle and this came up from a google search. Was seeing if the issue was still there. ☠️