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  1. BiskitsNWaffles

    Jean Bart!!

    Are you sure? I don't think so.. Isn't the point of rerolling to be easily super unicum and get completely skewed stats?
  2. BiskitsNWaffles

    My Quest is Over! 1000 containers...

    A bit underwhelming if you ask me. A thousand containers? Not quite enough loot in my opinion. Great commitment though, Id just be extremely underwhelmed if I were you.
  3. BiskitsNWaffles

    Is a discounted IJN booster worth it?

    I enjoy T7-T10 ships a lot more than the other tiers. I do particularly well with carriers, cruisers, and Russian battleships on those tiers, so unsure how that would transfer over. Thanks for the advice though, might have to let this coupon expire as I know of nothing else worthwhile in the premium shop.
  4. Got a notice in port today, apparently it's my three year anniversary of my first battle, and I received 20 camos and a 30% discount coupon. I was very interested in this, as I have never obtained one before. Such a shame that it only lasts 3 days though... Id love to wait for the new RN Premium Carrier to be released before using it. Anyways, the only thing in the premium shop that caught my eye was the japanese battleship booster. It's 59 USD normally, but with the coupon it would only be 40. Quite affordable and I wouldnt mind spending that. Would it be worth it though? I am fairly new to battleships, the new RU BBs being some of my first. I do decently well in them, but would enjoy going down a proper tree to better learn the mechanics and improve my skills etc. The question is : Would the IJN BB line be right for that? Is it a good tree for (Fairly) newcomers to battleships in general? I see this as a possible opportunity to expand my horizons, but would enjoy having a few opinions first. Thanks.
  5. BiskitsNWaffles

    Best way to earn credits?

    Oh... I had about 7 million worth of items in my inventory that were stock modules. Thanks for letting me know that you could even access inventory (Which I had no idea was even a feature)
  6. BiskitsNWaffles

    Best way to earn credits?

    Thanks! I'm rather new to the forums, and it's nice to know that the administrators as well as the community here is active and able to help out
  7. BiskitsNWaffles

    Best way to earn credits?

    OH WOW! Thank you so much everyone!! This is over 5X my normal credit earning rate, and now I will be able to unlock the hakuryu in a timely manner! +1 to those that were helpful
  8. BiskitsNWaffles

    Best way to earn credits?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! One question though. If I have an enterprise, would it do better with max signals/camos/etc than a midway with premium camo? (With the same signals, and doing just as well in said game). Unsure if the premium itself provides more credits or the camo that comes with it. Thanks again for the extremely helpful responses. :)
  9. BiskitsNWaffles

    Best way to earn credits?

    Is it possible to get 8M in 4 or so hours?
  10. BiskitsNWaffles

    Best way to earn credits?

    I need to get quite a lot of credits to get the hakuryu. It's going painfully slow... What are some fast ways to get credits? I'm honestly considering just selling my graf zeppelin as I will never use it again thanks to the nerf. I am using flags but not too much help. What is a good tier for credit earning? What are good ships? Thanks.
  11. BiskitsNWaffles

    Hosho - Finish the grind or FXP?

    I went through the emerald as well. Not nearly as painful as this. I was also just working on gradually getting my stats up, and was doing decently well, until they got bombed today by a few low tier hosho games.
  12. I enjoy CV play. I currently have the midway, the lexington, and all the premium T8 CVs. They are generally a fun class for me. Recently, however, I have decided to expand my horizons to either the IJN line or the RN line. I had a bit of a toss up, but ended on deciding to pick IJN. This was mostly due to their playstyle and stealthy, longer range torp planes. (And those AP DBs). However, upon unlocking the hosho, my horrible memories of low tier CV gameplay returned to me. This is mostly because of the low tier CV games being utterly boring for both involved parties (Surface ships and CVs). It is unbalanced for the ships with no AA, and unbalanced for the planes when they do have AA, due to the immensely low strike potential of the planes. Not posting this to complain, though. I have 180k FXP. I do not have a need for free XP, I do not have an interest in any FXP ships either. I simply converted a bit from the sale going on. So far, I have about 20k normal XP on the hosho. Would it be worth to FXP the rest to ryuju? Is ryuju better? Thanks.
  13. Wasn't something like that supposed to be today? I heard someone say the fifth, may not have been correct though. (By this, I mean the conversion rate changing from 1 doubloon per 25 FXP to 1 doubloon per 35 FXP)
  14. BiskitsNWaffles

    Are american cruisers still going strong?

    Yeah, I definitely enjoy them to say the least. Started yesterday, they play like a dream. I enjoy the RN cruisers as I said, and these feel very familiar with the (In my opinion) very favorable shell arcs for using islands as cover, etc.
  15. BiskitsNWaffles

    Are american cruisers still going strong?

    As a note : I generally enjoy cruisers, I fell in love with the RN line at T5+, amazing tree. I am looking to expand my horizons and explore new trees though, hence this post.