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  1. Yeah, I always assumed that the bases and aerodromes were just stationary CV's with the old coding. I never played Hermes myself but as far as I can tell there was only the graf zeppelin that would try to scout you and then strike you towards the end. Though I suppose trying to do it now would require multiple CV's to make it even remotely similar to what it was previously. I remember early on after 8.0 some Ops that would spawn reinforcements like Newport once the timer ran down would spawn a CV (for this instance, it would spawn a "Saipan (OLD)" Makes me wonder if they have the old code kicking around somewhere, though thats really an old, vain hope that I have as someone who enjoyed the old RTS gameplay and would have rather seen it re-purposed for a PvE gametype. I do like the idea for transport ships as replacements, and that might even come about if they cant come to a solution for the squadrons in the operations. Though as we see here with Narai and Raptor Rescue, their AI doesn't exactly seem to be perfect.
  2. This operation alone was responsible for about 40% of the Fexp I earned towards Alaska, so seeing it go isnt exactly making me excited. Sure, it was buggy, but it was still playable. However I stand with the people who are bringing up the fact that somehow they have to pull Narai but Dynamo, Hermes, Cherry Blossom, and TUF are all MIA. I can understand why Cherry Blossom and Dynamo might have problems with plane AI considering they were a huge part of those ops, but for something like TUF, why not replace the carriers with BB's? or another Task force shows up, there was only two (one? I cant quite remember) of them anyway. They did that for Aegis and that OP works fine. Im sure an Update surrounding the return of Operations, an overhaul of rewards and QOL improvements for them would go over way better than introducing MORE soviet cruisers. Sprinkle in some directives and incentives and ship it, Let me shoot down a ton of german planes in my Sims again as that one transport just yolo's into the minefield.
  3. Azureorak

    Smolensk thanks you for your Puerto Rico outrage

    Of course. It all makes sense now!
  4. Azureorak

    Status of German tier 9 supercruiser

    Last I saw they buffed the secondary range on her. But im not sure if that version of the ship was ever put into tester hands. Other than that we're completely in the dark, which is a shame. Its probably the only ship im saving Fexp for right now.