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  1. tmGrunty

    Make me a: Close Call - 15th to 21st

    Fits like a glove. Bonus clip from a dodge on stream:
  2. tmGrunty

    Moving my account from NA server to ASIA server

    They actually do not have a workflow. Everything would need to be done by hand from commanders, ships, XP on ships, etc. down to each single flag. And you moving is not enough to trigger the "special case".
  3. tmGrunty


    You are playing on EU server but try to post on the NA forum. Servers and forums between servers are seperated. But since you are here you seem to have multiple accounts (each region has a seperate one) and your Twitch drops are probably going to the wrong one.
  4. Okay stupid question ... I had a game today with very good base XP but the battle started before the competition officially started. It did however end after the launch so I'm curious if that already counts or not.
  5. All 3 of those you jsut mentioned are currently in Saint Petersburg (Russia) so I doubt they will have the time to do so.
  6. No the have not been given out yet (they should have 1 hours ago though).
  7. tmGrunty


    This was initially Kamisamurai's clan but he left (or had to leave) when he started working for Wargaing. He's still in close contact with us though.
  8. Beat you @Kebobstuzov ;)