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  1. tmGrunty

    PTS 0.10.5

    It would be very nice if we could get our live accounts copied over to the PTS for the 2nd iteration next week so we can test the rocket plane changes to the premium Aircraft Carriers we own.
  2. tmGrunty

    Update 0.9.8 - Bug Reports

    Anniversary Campaign Stage 4 Task 6 has the wrong description. The mission reads "Receive 540000 potential damage". As you can see in the screenshot it actually counts "damage dealt" for the mission progress. edit: That mission seems to be even more bugged. As you can see my first game doing it was in Random Battles and it counted my damage. After that I did 2 more battles in Co-op in which I scored ~200k damage combined. However my progress for the mission is now only at 166k. edit 2: after another round of testing it seems that only "Main Battery Damage" seems to count.
  3. tmGrunty


    5.7km concealment is 2nd best at its tier only beaten by Yugumo. 65kts torpedoes are not slow and 1.3km detection on them is very good. The gun DPM on that ship is still insanly good and you can beat enemy Destroyers with ease.
  4. tmGrunty

    Shimakaze at the age of Halland

    So much wrong in here ... 1. Shima gun DPM is 134800 and not 112000 2. The torpedo speed difference is 20 kts (70 kts on Shima 12's vs 90 kts on Halland assuming both run torp mod in slot 3) 3. Halland's torps are fast but their reaction time actually isn't that great. Their individual detection (in kilometers) is worse than Shima. The detection and maneuverability advantage is massive. Halland handles like a brick, is easily outspotted and takes massive damage when that happens. Shimakaze also has smoke to use the guns more offensivly which Halland just can't do at all.
  5. tmGrunty

    Småland is a fun boat!

    I have set up my Smaland as a gunboat: https://bit.ly/2Xik45W
  6. tmGrunty

    RN CV 10 Point Captain

    Air Supremacy Improved Engines Survuvability Expert Aircraft Armor Torpedo Acceleration Demolition Expert These are your first 14 points in that order. Only after that you take Sight Stabilization OR Concealment Expert.
  7. tmGrunty

    Småland is a fun boat!

    MBM1, Radar, Torp Tubes, Propulsion, Concealment, MBM3
  8. tmGrunty

    Swedish DDs Captain skills

    Those Destroyers are pretty much torpedo boats with guns only for self defense. Their guns and the hulls are not good enough to make viable gunboats out of them as they are too slow and too sluggish with no smoke to reliably use the guns without taking huge amount of damage in return. The basic build for all of them are those 12 points: PT LS SE CE AR You want them on all Destroyers on the line. After that it basically comes down to this. TAE SI RL You have to chose 2 out of those 3 depending on your personal preference and playstyle. TAE is a bit useless on the lower tiers because the torp reload is already so short but becomes really helpful on the T9 and T10. With no smoke avaiable and their detection not being great I highly recomment that RL is one of the skills you take so the "real" choice is between 1 more heal (SI) oir quicker torp reload (TAE). However this only applies for the line. I'd take a totally different approach on the Smaland.
  9. tmGrunty

    What is Sight Stabilization?

    Dump DE for Enterprise but keep Sight Stabilzation. The 3 free points should 100% go into SE (you should take both T3 skills before taking any T4 anyway). And then just level your captain a bit more to be able to pick up the Improved Engines. Adrenaline Rush doesn't do much for a CV since the speed buff is calculated only from the current avaiable planes in a squad. This means if a plane dies or you empty drop it doesn'T count for AR. So the overall benefit of this skill is meaningless as ideally only 1 plane at a time is damaged.
  10. Demo Expert is a must on RN CVs and highly recommended on USN CVs (with HE bombs). In general if you CV has AP bombs you don't take it. If it has HE bombs it's viable but only after you get the plane survival skills in.
  11. Demo Expert only works on Rockets (on IJN CVs) which are or should be your least used planes unless you hunt DDs. You don't need extra fire chance on those.
  12. If you are so close in a CV (maybe except GZ) thatyour secondaries are firing you have made a massive mistake in positioning. AFT is also completely worthless as an AA skill. It only improves flak damage which is deadly enough already and no CV should even try to strike you anyways unless you are the last ship alive. At higher tiers it is absolutely deadly and a complete waste of planes if you try to attack an enemy CV. They have the best anti-air in the game and you will lose every single plane in your squad trying to get a strike through. Fire Prevention doesn't help you either. The -10% chance is absolutely meaningless to begin with and reduction to 3 fires doesn't help either because of how firfes on CVs work. Usually it's great because it combines the 2 middle (superstructure) sections into 1 and you can only take 1 fire there instead of 2. This is still true for CVs but since fiures only lasts 5 seconds on CVs it doesn't matter. You can just be set on fire on that 1 section every 5 seconds anyway. They don't need to set 2 fires to burn burn you down. Besides that ... If you are under constant fire from enemies you have mispositioned your ship. Regarding Torpedo Acceleration ... Upsides: Faster torpedoes make dropping on smaller targets easier and also allows you drop from behind ships so the torpedoes can catch up Downsides: It costs 2 points that could be spent on other skills (mostly additional T1 skills) You need to drop further out which can prevent you from dropping on targets close to islands It increases the speed difference between USN/RN CV torpedoes and IJN torpedoes and therefore you have to learn different lead times
  13. No. This is a basic 17pt captain build for IJN CVs Shokaku and Hakuryu. The last 2 points you can choose between TA or Last Gasp + Improved Engine Boost.
  14. tmGrunty

    CV Hate

    I basically don't touch my rockets (TinyTims) outside initial spotting and when I absulutely have to (no other full squads avaiable, need to go after a DD). Torp Bombers are by far my most used plane type on Lexington and are usually respnsible for >50 of the damage I dealt. The heal is best used after you caught a flak and multiple planes are damaged or as a "semi-counter" to fighters. Other then that heal is not very useful since only 1 of your planes takes damage at a time and therefore the heal will only heal that one target
  15. tmGrunty

    Hakuryu "Hellcarrier" aircraft visuals, sound?

    Played mine yesterday on stream on the PTS. Here's the VoD of it and you can see the planes and hear the sounds. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/570455780?t=6h44m26s