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  1. Sebazul11

    Anyone able to get discord overlay working in 8.1?

    I also have problems with the overlay, I think it may be a problem with the last discord update. Overlay working discord changes fair play? really?
  2. Sebazul11

    Stupidest thing you've been accused of?

    I was accused for "hack" for doing massive damage to a Ranger (OLD) in my Missouri
  3. Sebazul11

    Update 0.8.1 - Feedback and Performance

    Unfortunately I'm getting massive FPS drops in battle that I didn't have during the previous updates (8.0, 8.01...)
  4. Sebazul11

    NA Server Crash Compensation

    this is the page to claim compensation https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/
  5. Sebazul11

    Mighty Mo No Mo - theoretically

    The only reason to nerf a ship is if it is overperforming in its tier, not if it's making too much money.
  6. Participating as a turkey was a great experience. Looking forward to participate again, it's a very fun event.
  7. Russian BBs, SoonTM edit: i forgot about British cvs.
  8. Sebazul11

    Alaska Spotted...

    if you saw the Wows stream today, Fem said that they already have a release date for the Alaska, and look the WoWs events on twitch this February 27.
  9. Sebazul11

    Tier 9 permacamo sale ??

    it's a 50% discount for the tier 9 permanent camo Duck, it's normal price is 4000 doubloons.
  10. Sebazul11

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

    because your base XP in that battle was: 293. Base XP is the XP before any modifiers.
  11. Sebazul11

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

    Wiki is wrong. I just checked it.
  12. Sebazul11

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

    can be done in coop, randoms and ranked.
  13. Sebazul11

    Mighty Prinz - Task 1

    400 base XP (before any modifiers: premium, flags, etc.)
  14. Sebazul11

    Preloaded weapons

    That would benefit only the dds. They don't need that buff.