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  1. How did you start playing WoWs?

    I saw a screenshot of a friend on Facebook and here I am.
  2. What is poi?

    It's an unimportant anime thing
  3. Which one?

    Chapayev, spam He against BBs, radar 11 km (with hull B), and with full concealment build your detectability is 10.2 km.
  4. Kraken Club

    North Carolina, Colorado, Neptune, Algerie, Nürnberg (7 kills), Chapayev and Fiji.
  5. Too much radar

    Too much radar, too much cvs, too much bbs, to much dds, too much noobs, too much yolo players. I can continue all day...
  6. In the interface in Spanish, when you press (in battle) the ship info key, there is a superposition of characters (screenshot). In previous PTS, this character overlay hasn't been seen, but still remains when the official update is released. Hope you can fix this in the next update. Thanks (and sorry for my imperfect English) (PTS Screenshot: No superposition)
  7. Credits or signals and camo.
  8. Possible bug

    I had the same issue months ago. I ran the WG Check tool and problem solved.
  9. PVE missions too easy.

    After a few tries I did it in my Belfast with a random team. We had a good CV and 3 bbs on the team. Was very easy, we completed the "hard" part 2 minutes before end.