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  1. Anniversary Supercontainers

    50.000 FXP 50 Anniversary Camos 1000 doubloons Not bad.
  2. If u can't shot or launch torpedoes without damaging a teammate, play another game.
  3. I completed 5 stars with a random team in my first try of the night. Gneisenau torped and killed Missouri, Lyon went straigth to kill the first cv. Belfast and Maas went for transport ships. The rest stayed with our transport ships. This operation it's much easier than Ultimate Frontier.
  4. You need to get those 38k exp, playing F der Grosse.
  5. Did I say "hate" in my post?? It seems like you felt attacked big dog.
  6. I read the first point and thats why i chose Sharks.
  7. Wargaming made the operation easier?? Because i got 5 stars twice today, and in 1 battle bots completely ignored one fort and airbase.
  8. Game stats

    https://na.wows-numbers.com/ http://www.wowstats.org/
  9. No, only the ships that were in Space Battles.
  10. Take a look to this thread https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/125811-wg-check-tool/ maybe you are missing a game file or something like that. I had the same problem months ago and this tool helped me a lot
  11. im getting servers down

    yeah, same problem for me.