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  1. Sebazul11

    Improving Ranked Battle (thoughts)

    Making every rank irrevocable would mean a BIG nerf to the rewards, I completely disagree with you.
  2. Sebazul11

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    No T6 container for me.
  3. I don't think all ranks should be irrevocable, that would produce steel inflation, although it would be nice if they make an irrevocable rank between 10 and 1.
  4. Sebazul11

    Twitch Stream Code

    Code is not working D:
  5. Sebazul11

    LU: How Is This Possible?

  6. Sebazul11

    We called it

    Hahaha, the cv rework was tested before 0.8.0 too and WG needed more than 5-6 updates to "fix them". WG and "handling this pretty well" can't go in the same sentence.
  7. If you look at the clan rating on the NA server, there are 628 clans that played at least 1 clan battle, that's about 5000 players and I'm not counting the clans that had more than one team playing at the same time.
  8. with 12 duplicates you can buy the 3 elements you need. No need to waste money.
  9. Sebazul11

    what just happened ?

    WG is telling people that the problem is fixed when is not. We are down 2 people for CB's tonight
  10. Sebazul11

    what just happened ?

    I got disconnected in the loading screen during clan battles. We were down 2 people for almost all the battle, we lost of course. The weird thing is this loading screen after reconnecting. We should be compensated for this.
  11. Sebazul11

    T10 Filth Camo - Someone give me hope :)

    I got it in the 12th bundle.
  12. Sebazul11

    I want to BUY STEEL

    If WG starts selling steel, it would not be worth playing Clan and ranked Battles anymore.