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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    something boring would be to have all maps to be used in clan battles, kots, and ranked adjusted so that each side is identical, that way it wouldn't matter which side you spawn on. most are close but sometimes a small difference is enough to be really annoying to have or not have simply due to spawn. examples are islands of ice south cap, one island is so much better than the other mountain range, east cap, south side has a really nice island near the cap that is very useful for a moskva while north side islands are much worse for cover hotspots east cap: south spawn gets a really nice island to shove your DD and north side island is much worse tears, north west cap has a large island for a radar for south side where north side gets a small pile of sand etc.
  2. post updated April 20th as it was severely out of date...
  3. Welcome to The Salty Pirate Crew's recruitment thread! We're a chill group who enjoys high level play, and are looking to be more competitive in clan battles next season and next KotS tournament. We ended Clan Battles season 1 in typhoon around 150 points, ended season 2 in hurricane with ~40 points, made it to the round of 8 in KotS and took a game off ZR before being eliminated by ZR who went on to win the tournament. Qualities we look for in members are that they are chill people to play Warships with, must have experience and skill, and use Discord for voice. What we can offer people: A skilled and chill community to play boats with. We have 2 clans: TSPC for high skill and to be competitive in clan battles, TSPC2 for more casual play and will be less clan battles focused but still participate in CB. Both clans share the same discord. Both TSPC and TSPC2 have all in-game oil bonuses. TSPC2 currently be unlikely have their own KotS team but can participate with TSPC if they have the required ships. There is currently no hard age limit set but we would prefer people to be mature enough to act like adults, this means we don’t tolerate the following: bigotry, racism, sexism, hate speech, toxicity, and irrational hatred of people who like anime. Being salty during a game is understandable as the game can be frustrating, but avoid being actually angry with people you divisioned with using voice comms. General requirements: Min Age, Discord, TS, etc Discord is required, have a mic that we can understand, no hard minimum age set but we prefer people to be mature enough to act like adults, able to play during NA times, speak english. Stat Requirements for TSPC: minimum of 2000 battles, 1300 WTR or higher, 56% winrate, tier 10 ships for clan battles, and being skilled in your high tier ships. If you meet everything but the T10 ships, no worries as those can be worked towards. Meeting the basic stats requirements and having competitive experience is a bonus in order to work towards a second division for clan battles. Stat Requirements for TSPC2: minimum of 500 battles, 1050 WTR or higher, 50% winrate. I would like applicants to have an interest in doing clan battles (and maybe have some T10s) but this is not required. While this is a formal forum post, we are pretty chill and enjoy shitposting and having fun, but we also take high tier games serious and don’t appreciate being actual scumbags to each other (tier 4 and below we’ll be fairly likely to be chill unless someone is actively trying to grind their ship there). Contact me or join the TSPC discord if you have questions/are interested in joining either clan. Link to the TSPC discord: https://discord.gg/4ztaD3a We reserve the right to remove people who don't abide by the TSPC discord rules. Please behave yourselves if you decide to join the server or you will not remain very long. Link to wows-numbers page for TSPC: https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000046527,TSPC-The-Salty-Pirate-Crew/ Good luck and fair seas!