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  1. frankfletcher_1

    SC - This surprised me

    Me on my way to open 50 super containers and not get a single ship
  2. I refuse to tolerate this SLM slander he probably has a better Hawaiian shirt than you do
  3. frankfletcher_1

    Who have you seen in game

    Just was brawling with my friend FemboyCheese_Industries and ran into @Ensign_Cthulhu Edit: twice
  4. frankfletcher_1

    WoWS-Popeye collab incoming

    Popeye the OG waifu Tom and Jerry my beloved Even today when I go up the stairs it looks like Tom running
  5. I feel like the turret health thing should be balanced based on each ship. For example if you lose 2 turrets on Richelieu you're basically useless (except for the 1 big torpedo) But an Atlanta or Fuso would be able to keep fighting with at least 2/3 firepower
  6. frankfletcher_1

    So... when will we get hedghog?

    I want the Squid mortar as well
  7. We still don't have our revenge class battleship yet... Also remember when Weevee 44 was supposed to come out 2 years ago
  8. frankfletcher_1

    DevBlog 407 - New ships – Closed Test 12.1

  9. frankfletcher_1

    Forum Game - Word Association

  10. frankfletcher_1

    Reply Only in GIFs

  11. frankfletcher_1

    Caption the profile image above you.

    me watching the game download at 20 kilobytes per second
  12. frankfletcher_1

    Premium Ship Review - San Diego

    Standing here I realize You are just like me Trying to make history But who’s to judge The right from wrong When our guard is down I think we’ll both agree That Violence breeds violence But in the end it has to be this way I’ve carved my own path You followed your wrath But maybe we’re both the same The world has turned And so many have burned But nobody is to blame Yet staring across this barren wasted land I feel new life will be born Beneath the blood stained sand Beneath the blood stained sand WEEGEE AL SANDY CAMO WHEN I'm probably gonna pick up San Diego even if she is anything but what we wanted her to be. I got a couple thousand free doubloons from a super container.
  13. This line is still a disgrace to all Pan Americans on the forums
  14. please just delete the usn line of hybrids so we can pretend they never existed