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    San Diego out of NDA: First looks from various people

    Well, time to start saving up free dubs again... and waiting for the coupon to recharge And download an Azur Lane mod at some point I don't care if it's good or bad I'm going stupid AA Brrrrrr build It's gonna look like I put a CIWS or 2 on it
  2. frankfletcher_1

    San Diego out of NDA: First looks from various people

    I'm still mad we didn't get AA bote, but haha 5 inch go brrrrr perfectly fits AL Sandy
  3. The Japanese battleship line is one of the oldest ship lines in the game. It has been power crept, and hasn't been touched in years, other than some slight balance changes. I propose the split of it into 2 lines, a battleship line, and a fast battleship/battlecruiser line. I propose this split happens at T6. T5 - Kongo REEEEEE BUT KONGO ISN'T T6 YOU LIED Kongo will be the branch off point for these 2 lines. The 1st line, battleships, will come from the hull upgrade. The 2nd line, battlecruisers, will come from the engine upgrade. T6 Fuso/ T7 Nagato/T9 Izumo Fuso and Nagato will be the 1st and 2nd ships of the BB subbranch. Basically nothing will change for them. Izumo will be a smoother transition into Yamato with our new T8... T8 Tosa Finally, a new ship. Tosa will replace Amagi in the battleship branch as the new T8 battleship. She is very similar to Amagi, as the latter was basically a lengthened version of the former. Tosa's stats will be similar to Amagi's, with the primary differences being a larger HP pool, slower speed, and a reinforced armor belt. She will also have slightly stronger secondaries (having more of them) but slightly worse AA. Essentially, the battleship line replace Amagi with Tosa (as IMO it always should have been), but little else has change for them. Now, for the battlecruiser line, we're bringing back a familiar friend from the Arpeggio of Blue Steel series... T6 Haruna BUT FRANK HARUNA IS A KONGO CLONE YOU CAN'T DO THAT True. Haruna, when stock, will basically be Kongo with improved stats. However, this Haruna isn't the same ship as Kirishima and Hiei who got lambasted at Guadalcanal. No, this is a battle hardened veteran (albeit archaic), with slightly better reload, a little more HP, and a bit more accurate. Anyways, I needed an excuse to put a buffed Kongo at T6. We will give her Speed Boost, as will we give all the ships of this new BB line. This brings us to her upgraded hull. No longer is the Kongo class stuck with Kongo B Hull, you now can enjoy historical accuracy with your 1945 hull (ignore the Russian ships and fantasy paper boats). This will give you better AA (you can actually shoot stuff down now) and more health. T7 Sakurajima Meet the B61 class battlecruiser. I would like to thank the following post for much of the information and name http://www.shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10380 The guns are labeled 3-Y, implying 3rd Year 16 inch, however they are labeled 14 inch. WG could execute this either way, or even make the 16 inch guns a trade off module (longer reload, more damage/pen). As far as I can tell, and from what the sources tell me, this was meant to be an interim between Kongo/Nagato and Amagi. may or may not have turtlebaka, can't tell. She would play like a cross between Haruna and Amagi, leaning more depending on which guns were selected. B Hull will be a hypothetical refit (WG could make something up). Alternatively, there were plans for B-65 cruiser with 14 inch guns. This would be Azuma with 14 inch guns at T7. T8 Amagi You already know what goes here. Will receive speed boost, but will lose some health as a result. T9 Suruga What do you mean I can't buff Kii and put her here? How bout I do anyways. Suruga (stole name from Azur Lane) will be very similar to Kii, being the same class. The A hull is basically Kii, but with more health. The B hull will have her adding more AA, removal of the remaining casemate guns, more health, and a large helping of 100mm guns. T10 Yashima I have 2 proposals, the name is a placeholder because I was too lazy to research the internal structure of Japanese provinces The Project 13 battleship had many different proposal. This one has 8 18 inch guns (most likely 460). The class was to have a speed of 30 knots and a 330mm belt. Turtlebaka armor The 2nd one is design A-120. She would be a bit weaker, only having a 229mm belt and displacing much less. She also only has 410mm guns, so no overmatch. This drawing is of the 1916 version, if she was actually built, she would have been modernized considerably. Maybe a Kongo style refit for more armor or a Guilio Cesare type refit giving up a turret for more speed and secondary/AA power. also has turtlebaka Now this wouldn't be a new line without a premium, so I give you... T9 Settsu Like Georgia? Well then you'll love Settsu, clocking in at 37 knots. Her firepower is 2/3 of a Musashi with Georgia'd reload. She has a secondary gimmick with improved dispersion. She explodes when lightly tapped by shells. Thin armor belt, would get slapped. Settsu is the Battleship O project for the 8-8 plan. She would have poor AA, but would be able to drift around the opponents with a maximum speed of 39.96 knots using her speed boost (I gave her normal, 15% would have been insane). Vulnerable to HE spam and overmatch, but has the IJN turtlebaka armor for some trolling if you aim too high. Would love to hear your thoughts for this proposal
  4. Smolensk and Ragnar have a child
  5. frankfletcher_1

    What to see in 2023?

    USN DD split MOAR USN SUPERDREADNOUGHTS I WANT MY HISTORICAL BATTLEWAGONS More ops Game engine improved so we can have more ships (15v15, convoy with more convoys) 1047 class battlecruiser Premium Z-23 clone with 150mm guns secondary buffs aa buffs convoy mode rework, have subs and surface raider BB/CA on one side vs convoys guarded by larger amounts of DD/CA/CV. Maybe add cyclone or thunderstorm, also make it so that the attackers spawn behind or to the side of the convoy. Make it so attackers can't see the route. A mode that lasts longer than 20 minutes something vaguely like bastion mode of old IJN BB split at T6, both come from Kongo BB line goes Fuso->Nagato->Tosa->Izumo->Yamato BC line goes late war Haruna->planned upgunned Azuma (b-65 with 14 inch guns)->Amagi->modernized Kii->??? idk zao came from writing on a napkin, I'm sure WeeGee will make something up Edit: The number 13 class could work for T10 as IJN BC/Fast BB line, will make post later
  6. frankfletcher_1

    DevBlog 331 - Closed test 0.11.6 - New Ships

    Yeah, the RAF used little 3 inch AP rockets IIRC because a little 3 inch hole meant the sub couldn't dive
  7. frankfletcher_1

    Incentivize Veteran Players to Play Mid & Low Tiers

    I think "Veteran" should be locked behind a certain amount of T10 or super ship Or maybe exclude purchase, just use research Because superships make me go bankrupt to repair, and I'm not throwing away millions of credits on a port decoration
  8. frankfletcher_1

    DevBlog 331 - Closed test 0.11.6 - New Ships

    Destroyers were tough little ships, USS Johnston got clapped by the IJN repeatedly and still kept fighting for a while, USS Laffey ate several kamikazes and lived to tell the tale, meanwhile sub gets lightly tapped by hedgehog "oh no I need to go up now"
  9. frankfletcher_1

    DevBlog 331 - Closed test 0.11.6 - New Ships

    When did I mention stealth? I agree subs should be very stealthy, but they can't also be tankier than T9/10 DDs
  10. frankfletcher_1

    DevBlog 331 - Closed test 0.11.6 - New Ships

    I-56 has better torps than Shima, basically no dispersion, and more health than any T8 DD in the game Devs are you high?
  11. frankfletcher_1

    Atlanta blown out of the water...literally

    Every once in a while, often as long as months of gaps, I will take my Erie, and doom music starts playing
  12. frankfletcher_1


    Even better is racing DDs in Georgia
  13. frankfletcher_1

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    @LittleWhiteMouse I have one of these It's plastic, but still...
  14. frankfletcher_1

    Black nerf

    So I have Georgia. Who's to say that if WeeGee brings her back, they won't slap her reload up another few seconds or take away her secondary gimmick? What if Wargaming, after selling Gremy for doubloons, move her to tier 6? What if they make Belfast's smoke and radar mutually exclusive? This wouldn't be fair to the people who paid real money for these ships, or for the people with Black who grinded her out in ranked pre-armory
  15. frankfletcher_1

    An Alternate WWII

    With the Molotov Ribbentrop pact, Germany would have received Western Poland and Lithuania