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  1. frankfletcher_1

    Armada: Leone

    Finally, Leone's shells came down from orbit
  2. frankfletcher_1

    In response to Flamu's "CV Imbalance" video

    Only 20 battles 0 credibility
  3. frankfletcher_1

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    Pretty sure CVs weren't that broken in the last one. You had to push into the cap or you would lose on points.
  4. frankfletcher_1

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    As long as we can get the T12 BB Iowa 84' for Eagle Union
  5. frankfletcher_1

    Bots are cheating

    Alsace and Bourgogne: Not bad kid
  6. I took it on Oklahoma. You get up tiered a decent amount at T5, so 25 and 26mm pen is nice. If I don't want it I just use my Georgia captain.
  7. Let me guess, secondaries off too?
  8. frankfletcher_1

    Dry Dock: World War II Navies Compared

    Missouri: I'm gonna stop you right there *weeb noises*
  9. frankfletcher_1

    shipgirl discussion thread

    Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well
  10. frankfletcher_1

    Waiter, there's a ___ in my soup!

    "Well, at least your soup is now Potato Quality" Waiter, there's communism in my soup!
  11. frankfletcher_1

    What Did Everyone Use to Get Through Bronze?

    I've been playing a decent amount of Z-23 and Georgia
  12. frankfletcher_1

    Patch 1.38.2

    Why hasn't T12 Iowa '84 been nerfed yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ&app=desktop#menu The Jighty Mingles made this video about it
  13. frankfletcher_1

    (in)Famous CC Flamu axed from CC programme for criticizing WG!

    *insert unlimited power scene with Flamu instead of Palpatine*