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  1. neptunes_wrath

    tier 10 german BB kurfurst

    I would agree (and my GKF is 100% secondaries shred machine) but after watching the following... He does make an awful lot of sense....
  2. neptunes_wrath

    Please dont play rands or rank if drunk out of mind

    Oh and....
  3. neptunes_wrath

    Please dont play rands or rank if drunk out of mind

    stick to COOP then, those 1K PVP battles and TWO ranked battles seem to have gotten you all flustered....
  4. neptunes_wrath

    in battle macros should cost xp

    how bout.....
  5. neptunes_wrath

    WG Explain Yourselves!

  6. neptunes_wrath

    WG Explain Yourselves!

  7. neptunes_wrath

    Yes, game is rigged to keep people near 50% WR

    and this is surprising news????
  8. neptunes_wrath

    Why does MM inject CV's into Co-op games?

    I thought it matches exactly what the green team brings into the que... Dont think I ever heard of this one before
  9. neptunes_wrath

    Wait, this happens on WEEKENDS>?

    and yet STILL the above just happened,.,,,
  10. neptunes_wrath

    Wait, this happens on WEEKENDS>?

    wow......just wow.... If I really have to explain if further I feel I will say something mean or rude... I mean seriously.....take a second, read what I wrote and see what I posted.... Read a comment or two above relating to this "situation" then YOU TELL ME. I want you ti get it so I wont tell you, and I am really being nice about it even though it might sound like I am not... its just weird that you cannot see it..
  11. neptunes_wrath

    a legitimate MM complaint

    that really has nothing at all to do with MM, its just a potato player....in a Fletcher.... it happens, but MM is not to blame... the player is
  12. and who do you think put it on the internet...!!??? LOL... JK, I have had that one for YEARS and use it often...