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  1. neptunes_wrath

    Provide feedback to WG: Do not nerf YY like this

    in fact I believe it is... well done sir...
  2. neptunes_wrath

    Elite Commander XP question

    funny avatar you have there..... very familiar....
  3. neptunes_wrath

    Carrier Rework Dumpster Fire

    people that know what OP does here will realize they should abandon thread ASAP//// People that don't? RUN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.... But seriously... CV play is hit or miss (pun actually intended) and if you are not good at it, give up and play AAA boats...LOL)
  4. neptunes_wrath

    Fix the N. Carolina

    I mean you have 8 battles in it and are at 50%, so, not bad... You have 700 Plus battles so far, and are at 50%.... so, not bad... I am thinking that maybe you are good enough to keep at it and grind up the capt so you can have a few more skill points to use... The NC bow on is very VERY strong ship.... it is a bit more accurate than I think you are letting yourself believe, yeah its no Missouri but it is accruate enough to not be as bad as I think you think it is... NEVER show Broadside,,, it seems this thing is as delicate as an Omaha when full [edited] to any BB... (and some cruisers....) most times people have such little battle count in high tier ships the masses suggest going back down to learn a few more things... but in your case its not a 44% WR we are dealing with, LOL...so the COncealment skill for this particular BB is a great thing to have...it is really good at AA and tanks like a beast.... I think you are doing good in it and should not despair... angle that thing and sit a little closer than max range....
  5. neptunes_wrath

    Donskoi & Moskva, or the Alaska?

    I do not own the Alaska so I don't know about that one... but it would be better to grind to the Moskva while getting good with the Donski... that ship when used correctly (AAA support OR BB support DD CRUISER hunter) can be nasty even at tier 9... I hear the Alaska is good, but IDK
  6. neptunes_wrath

    Holiday Crunch & Upcoming Reviews

    its ALL for and FROM that one guy who is trolling and derailing the HELL out of this thread,.. the HYPE is fail
  7. neptunes_wrath

    Holiday Crunch & Upcoming Reviews

    NO.... IT IS..... GET OUT.... How do you even think of asking if its the right topic??? Maybe come and edit this and start a new thread for all the negative posts it will generate instead of derailing this thread before it even gets going....
  8. neptunes_wrath

    i have to wonder...