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  1. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    well I must not be playing the same game you play... I dont really ever see what you are describing... YEAH I have had a CV spot me in my DD for longer than I want, but not as long as you seem to be coming across.... Planes can take out a BB just as easily as a BB can or even a CA... I have seen cruisers take down a single full HP yamato.. hell I took out a full HP montana in my kitakazi with no torps at all.. ALONE SO does that mean I DOMINATED THE GAME? NO I took out a ship.. chased a nagato around and spotted him for my team for 4 minutes... like a plane can do.. .Took out 24 planes in my fletcher... SO tell me again how a CV is more of a threat>??? I just did everything you said only a CV can do, in a DD....
  2. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    hmmmm never been in a game where a CV dominated the ENTIRE TEAM, Hell never seen a CV get more than 2 kills on the THOUSANDS of games I have played...SO NAH, I dont think that is correct.. Must be playing the wrong tiers I guess...
  3. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    so, what % of the playerbase WANTS THIS TO HAPPEN... You said it, so lets have numbers,, and get back to me with some logical explanation on WHY its a good idea and back it up with those numbers... Until then, this is just another RANT thread complaining about CVs killing them from time to time.. I get killed more by detonations in a BB then a CV plane
  4. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    if you are suggesting that CV players are leaving the game and thats why WG redid them... then you are just as silly as the OPS idea... I wonder exactly what % base of WOWS players are actually CV mains that made all this happen....
  5. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    I though t my opinion was as OBVIOUS as this thread is silly... NO its NOT a good idea... NO ONE WANTS THIS TO HAPPEN (not enough people anyway that wg would,m IF THEY WANTED TO, render a look at the numbers of people who dont want to play with CVs... if you are that bad at counter CV play, play another game, or low tiers... ONE of the posters here is the worlds #1 Tier ONE player, and even HE popsted his opinion.. YOu started this thread a second time, instilled RULES upon os for its discussion, asked a mod and you expect what... LOGIC and honesty?? YEAH honestly, this thread is a waste of time... and was reported for nonconstructive flame inducing clickbait
  6. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    #1 I am NOT A CV PLAYER.... dont like them and #2 the only thing childish here is this ONGOING NEED to INSIST that this is a good idea cause you are sick of not being able to outplay a CV...
  7. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    he thinks that if he asks a MOD if he can start it up again, that it wont get locked because he made RULES for its debate...
  8. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    we attack the silliness of this thread (AGAIN) not others... seems you are the only one silly enough to keep this going. no matter WHAT MOD said it was ok to do so, it is just plain stupid... now, YOU are not stupid (although this thread being started a second time,,,,,) but the idea is... no one is attacking or discussing what everyone THINKS or who they are... its the idea alone that is silly... WG already said NO, so why bring up this GD click-bait flame inducing war starting topic again and again... its gonna get locked and should never be brought up again... the answer was, is and always will be NO... |IKE CVS>?>? DONT [edited]PLAY
  9. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    RULES?? Are you kidding me right now??? You make a silly silly topic (AGAIN) and expect to set Rules for its discussion on how SILLY IT IS?? NO... it really is THAT SIMPLE.,.. WG said no.... Discussion ended...
  10. neptunes_wrath

    Opt out for cv

    you can OPT OUT of WOWS altogether... instead of these silly threads.... you are embarrassing yourself..
  11. neptunes_wrath

    cv opt out

    there is an OPT OF OF WOWS.... maybe the OP should check that box....
  12. neptunes_wrath

    Fixing Battleship AP

    I will agree with most of what you said...except for DDs are as strong as you think they are... then again sometimes BBs are not as insanely strong either, it does depend on many factors, and the most important is teamwork and, well, we all know how teamwork in random plays out.... That being said... it seems that THIS time around the DD players are getting what the BB players got last year and a half ago... ATTENTION... Remeber when everyone cpmplained about all the attention BB players were getting by WHINING about DDs??? so then the forums were filled with the same rants but from the other side... NOW it seems that the DDs got the attention (after getting torp det nerfed, radar added.... and so on) and the BBS are in the nerf stage to satisfy the nerfs WG gave the DDs due to BB compaints... IT would seem that the cruisers suffer a bit from BOT compaints an d are still stuck in the middle...BBs can delete an almost full helath cruiser with a single salvo (I have done it, its fun, but I still feel bad sometimes) and the HE fire complaints ...... well they will always be there... RN BBs that spam HE all game and burn EVERYTHING, including the sea still get attention here... BBs being burned..... DDs being nerfed....CVs getting.... well I don't play them so I cannot compare the complaints about them... It seems WG keeps trying to balance things... and in the process it leads to a LOT of classes being changed for the better or worse, depending on what your MAIN is... now while I try to not do much complaining and more humorous memes and such, I can concur that all this balancing is really starting to piss me off... I mean I can play a decent ship of any class, and adapt to changes as well as the next guy... but FFS lets get this game to be FUN FOR ALL and not FUN FOR THE BIGGEST WHINER!!! DDs are not the strongest,,, BBs are not the strongest (although most think they should be) Cruisers are not the strongest... SKILL,,,, is the strongest but it does not mean you will win every time with a YAMATO just because you are lets say, the NUMBER ONE YAMATO PLAYER in the game... a lost of people say a lot of things... I tend to go with my experience and SOME of what I read... and I have been here since the game opened to the public, some four or so years ago.... and it changes every few months to benefit a different class slightly more than another every so often,.... yeah the squeaky wheel gets the grease,m but sometimes it is not as BAD a change or nerf as most people think,,,, you just need to make a small adjustment in your play-style and stick close to a cruiser if your a BB to NOT get deleted by what you say is the strongest little ship in the game... and visa versa... DDS get close to BBs to protect them or cruisers to hep hunt DDs with them.... the ROCK PAPER SCISSORS thing is still a thing.,.. its just that many people dont play that way anymore and the META makes this game hard to figure out... Find your way through this mess and try to adjust your play to have FUN, and be better for whatever WG throws at you... SHOW THEM YOU CAN HANDLE THE [edited] THEY THROW AT YOU!!!!