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  1. neptunes_wrath

    Tier 10 US Special Sub

    so we are getting a CAT ??? cool....
  2. neptunes_wrath

    Match Making

    this is the best way to desvribe thius scenario... I have had my dealings with them and most ships with DECENT AAA can withsatnd TWO of these ships if your skillset is pretty solid... THat being said....perhaps someones isn't
  3. neptunes_wrath


    thanks so much,, I suppose I should get back to actually READING the webpage and keeping up with the game like I used to LOL
  4. I cannot even begin to describe what I saw,., I mean I can but if the replay does not show its pointless.. so I uploaded the replay to this site, becasue I have no idea how else to get it so people can see it... https://replayswows.com/replay/172782#stats If there is something else I should do to make it avail let me know.. SO in short, the last ship my team mate and I were fighting (A duncan) at A launched a torpedo at me and it literally Swerved insanely before contact. I cannot explain it any better, and I hope someone watches this and can explain it it it is in the replay...
  5. neptunes_wrath

    Someone tell me this is real life.....

    Ma-na-mana!! hope that helped... LOL
  6. neptunes_wrath

    I thought I had seen it all..

    I think I know who this is... he is known for this padding,... you do NOT want him on your team past tier three....
  7. I NEVER said you were not a good player. I know that you are. In fact slightly better than I am , to be honest.. I was simply trying to say that avoiding homing toprs is not at all as difficult as you, or others who seem to be just angry, instead of wanting to learn how... Yes they can be very annoying, but they are not that hard to get rid of. Also they hit with less damage than most fish in the game, even CVs... The ping indicator on your HUD tells you the diorection they are coming from, so that alone should be a good indicator of wher to NOT turn into.. as stated above, they will continue on thier path, and if you clear the ping they stay stragiht on that course and thus easy to avoid.. if you cannot clear the ping right away, traveling at a right angle to that indication helpt alleviate thier homing as they cannot tiurn as tightly as even the biggest BB at max speed can... I always had respect for most players here, you are included, so forgive me if you thought I was calling your skills out...
  8. when you are a tens of thousands of games, coop player, and try playing PVP you WILL struggle witht the HUMAN side of the game and the better opposition, and not be able to deal with them as easily as PVP mains,... that really is the problem, so address that problem and play more PVP... Or NONE...I have been doing coop a bit more lately on my main account but never had much trouble with homing torps.. yeah I get hit with them now and again, in a BB, but dodge more than I get hit with.. and it is NOT AT ALL HARD to chase them down... underwater they are not faster than most ships in the game... being good at avoiding them requires PVP skills... skills PVE players don't seem to have, or want to have... so rants happen.... Good luck and fair seas
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  10. neptunes_wrath

    Mission impossible: citadels Completed

    K O N I G S B U R G!!! Four games... 10, 10, 8, 6... Mission accomplished
  11. if they are homing torpedoes there is a Ping flash in the water, I mean it is not the BEST detection method, but I have downed many a sub with DC planes due to that indication... it is not much but it wil work, especially if more than one person sees it in time... the oil slick that follows usually seals the deal