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  1. no, it has a LOT of bearing ion the case... NOT testing them means you do not know a thing about how it is they work or don;t work.. We all have a stake in the game, but this issue is nothing about that at all.. it needs to be tested first, and as a tester I am quite confident it will suck.. They need to rework CVs abilities to [edited] and pillage the Subs in the first three minutes of a game FIRST,.. then tweak subs some.. The second round was very good, and it was a good upgrade to the first test.. Nerfing the Torps to not ONESHOT BBs was the best thing to do to them, and a few other tweaks... SO far they work really well, and the counter to them by DDs was good... I agree that cruisers should have DC's.. and perhaps a tad bit more LESS torp damage to BBs... BUT the CV is still the worst thing for Subs to go up against.. That and a very tenacious DD player that spotted you..
  2. neptunes_wrath

    Russian BBs are such easymode

    I don't..... you must not have gotten the new MM update... LOL 40% at best is how often I see tier tens in ANY tier 8 ship now...
  3. maybe you should start a thread on thi...... OH wait..... BTW, I am curious if you were involved in the testing rounds...??
  4. neptunes_wrath

    Wargaming Epic Fail

  5. neptunes_wrath

    FIX MM NOW!!!!

  6. add to thread more help...
  7. neptunes_wrath

    Have you ever apologized for your bad play in a Ranked Match

    I have Apologized for clicking battle and thinking that my team was better than the other team...
  8. neptunes_wrath

    Gunfire Values Dropping

    you seem a little upset.... I was making a JOKE....
  9. neptunes_wrath

    Gunfire Values Dropping

    isn't there a forum section for COOP players that have problems hitting BOTS????