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  1. yes one more thing...you can have a 50%win rate in ranked and never make it past rank 9 in bronze ... i will also add you can adjust your win rate stats by simply moving down in tiers to where you dominate ... ^^^^^^ manipulate this is why win rate means nothing to me anyways
  2. in ranked battles it doesnt matter what your win % is , due to the fact that you can save stars ..so its possible you could be at rank 3 lose 20 games in a row and not lose a star ,, then win a few move up a star then lose another 20 games but saved your stars ...also depends alot on the time of day you play and since wows has ranked time restricted and some players can not play at all ....win rate isnt as important as ranking out or moving to the next league .. so in my opinion win rate means nothing to me but ranking out does ...so if you do play well it doesnt matter as much if your team mates are not that good
  3. arch4random

    Clan Battles: The Cayman Season

    ranked battles like skilled players
  4. arch4random

    CV's in Ranked

    the better competitive players play ranked battle and we dont care if cvs or any other ship shows up.. if you dont want to play competitive battles play clan stuff where they ban anything that might scratch paint
  5. cvs dictate nothing ... super cvs might have some say ... in ranked you either have a good cv or you dont just like all the other types dds ,cls,cas, bbs .. in ranked you have to play your own game .and not be dictated to ... ranked isnt clan battles and its not randoms it is its own entity ..staying in a cluster works to keep a cv away but you cant let a cv take a bunch of allies out of the game by clustering behind an island .. if your not firing your mains or secondaries at something when they are loaded your not being useful .. and if cvs are a constant problem then change your style of play
  6. ranked battles allows all ships of the tier or tiers for that season... i personally have no problems attacking a cv or being attacked by one .. there is no rule on how to counter a cv .. just use your brain ... there is no rule stating you have to play your ship a certain way or play it in a certain role... ranked battles is not role playing ... you are letting players dictate your style of play and your playbook ...and your picking up bad habits
  7. arch4random

    Why put a participate button?

    i click all the participate buttons , never had a problem
  8. arch4random

    Ship's Log: Rental Submarines

    subs are ruining my gaming experience ! until wows removes homing torps i am not a fan of subs ..
  9. there was a poll about this mode in random and ranked a while ago .... you had a chance to respond about the reimplementation ... to not want this you shoot yourself right in the aft especially tierX ... so think about it before you look stupid
  10. arch4random

    Sub Nerfed Again?

    i cant wait for wows to remove the homing torps and that ping nonsense ..
  11. arch4random

    New season of Ranked! My concerns and Opinion

    in ranked battles you would probably want to bring your best ship and your best skills , also have a 2nd best ship to play in case you get deleted quickly ... or a 3rd ship in case you get deleted quickly again there are no divisions in ranked .. we have leagues
  12. arch4random

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    what if a brand new player buys a tier 7-8 from the shop to play ranked?
  13. arch4random

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    wows did do better this player is under protected status
  14. arch4random

    Torpedo turning!

    i think they forgot to take the protective caps off the lenses
  15. arch4random

    Just a shame...