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  1. arch4random

    Cloaking device/ ships disappearing

    yes you do see that and so do i ...and defies the spotting logic ...i dont run the camera but you could
  2. well then im going to need a few reaper drones mounted on my kurfurst also
  3. OOOOOOHHHHHH theres my answer thanks it worked ..cool
  4. i can demount the original takao camo and install a different camo ...but im not seeing a new camo ..how do you disable seeing the camos?
  5. arch4random

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

    torp icons on the graff spee are not lighting up when tubes are ready to fire..could you light up the yoshino torp tube icons also
  6. arch4random

    A new camouflage for ARP Takao

    not seeing a new takao camo in my inventory either..
  7. arch4random

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    wows you forgot to mention that you turned OFF the torp indicator icon lights on the GRAFF SPEE... i earned that ship and the icon lights were part of that ..would you fix that please so i dont hold a grudge .. in short turn the torp icon lights back on ...thank you
  8. arch4random

    Teamkill epidemic? It's not rare, that's for sure.

    incoming torps are shown on your screen friendly and enemy... the noobs have no clue how to get out of the way or are in binocular mode they have plenty of time to move away but dont ..im only talking about tier X players not other tiers ..and a tier X player should have no problem ..but some are ..and mosly on the weekend ..so now thats the end
  9. arch4random

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    no cvs in clan battles ....that is hilarious since that is exactly where they should be ..
  10. might have something to do with the tier X ranked battle coming up...nobody trusts anybody..dont know why... might have something to do with the new ship that people were trying to get
  11. arch4random

    Thought on all the tier X focus lately?

    they have ranked sprints for the other tiers ...
  12. arch4random

    British Cruisers: Early Access

    might as well start nerfing those over powered ships and save on aspirin wows,,, Efficient Repair Party consumable: restores 50% of citadel damage, as opposed to the standard 10% for this ship type. Starting from Tier VIII, Repair Party restores 2% of the ship’s maximum HP per second instead of the standard 0.5%.
  13. arch4random

    Yoshino Torps

    yoshi needs a buff : the torp icons on the ship in the compass area do not light up or turn green when ready to fire, or to show you which tubes still have torps ready to fire those icons should be lit same as main battery gun icons.. yoshi needs a buff: the initial load time of torp tubes is to long could be brought down to 90 secs... yoshi needs a buff: main guns seem a little light at long range when hitting a bb
  14. arch4random

    Teamkill epidemic? It's not rare, that's for sure.

    WOWS; make a ALL CLEAR notification for the launching of torps some kind of radar that does the calculation for us or something ..something that works .. other wise every weekend i will be pink because noobs and the like have no clue who is on their team or which ships have torps and they also run away from a fight and really dont pay attention to anything else but to get away from the enemy ... maybe something like that sonar thing your putting on subs... not exactly like it ..dont know what else to suggest im not a developer.. make something please