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  1. arch4random

    Seeing more yolo and suiciders...

    i think we might be seeing the result from the dockyard missions, that require players to use at least 2 different types of ships... most players are probably proficient at 1 type but needing another type that your not as skilled with could cause this effect of throwing
  2. i seriously doubt 98% of the player base would know if a game was a legitimate throw .and the remaining 2% would need "without a doubt "evidence .... my basis for this ^^^^^ reading this post from the beginning is evidence of this
  3. arch4random

    Monthly Supercontainer

    25 green ship xp ..
  4. could pick up the black camo version during the holidays. not sure if it will be available this year again
  5. arch4random

    Exchange Resources taken away

    i downloaded the new update today and the forums look bad maybe that's what happened to you vouchers ...gone with the new update?
  6. arch4random

    More broken gameplay from WeeeGee

    its possible he pinged ,changed his mind and dumbfired you
  7. arch4random

    Jerked by Battle Pass UPDATED

    i was actually holding off on this battle pass to allow myself more time to progress thru the dockyard... just to make sure i completed what i could in that before getting the 3 levels reward in the battle pass for the dockyard that offered better rewards... glad i found out about this before i had the same problem
  8. arch4random

    Homing torps w/o ping.

    op if possible do not bow into the torps, turn in the opposite direction, this will create distance and give you a little more time to make adjustments and decide whether you need to use your consumable at all
  9. arch4random

    I am not fond of this map

    i played this map and not a fan
  10. Comrade WOWS , I think that maybe you should reconsider the 6 vs 6 with subs and cvs for tier X ranks. and bump this engagement up to at least a 7 vs 7 or 9 vs 9 with cvs and subs >>>if the spread sheet says there will be enough players. <<< the reason for this is >>> in an odd tier battle the subs and cvs are low tier <<< not many people want to be the low tier ship in ranks, and this is why subs and cvs are not making a showing in the tier 9 ranked battles. but in this tierX ranked battle i would be expecting a larger number of subs and cvs showing up with a lot of welcomed spotting .. this causes a need for more ships to be engaged but the lack of ships will cause "by accident" players going left or right to be balled up since there would be only 4 ships left not counting subs and cvs .. if you look at the maps do you really want to see a 2 vs 2 or a 3 vs1 scenario ? this doesn't sound to exciting to me ..so I believe a reconsideration is needed for this.. BANNING SHIPS: this would be a disaster not only for the players who have spent their precious time, money, on acquiring these ships to play tier X ranked battles, but even more importantly this would or could be disastrous to WOWS itself. the entire basis for the development of the "ranked battles" mode was to allow players who had ships that they bought ,won, or earned to be allowed to play competitively with no concern to be ' BANNED, OR DECOMMISSIONED "for any reason...and therefore be welcomed into ranked battles ..that is why we have this mode , and "punishment "from wows for owning a ship and wanting to play it competitively is not acceptable.. i will also add that at the time of this mode being created it was during a time of great need and necessity for players to be able to play their coveted ships... now wows you have decided to implement a fix that allows players to jump right in and play their coveted ships immediately after being deleted so why would you want to ban a players coveted ship for ranks <<< think about it. i also understand the need for some players to be "mommied" because they for whatever reason can't deal with ranks and that's ok , there are plenty of other things that are available for play that are fun they can play.. in conclusion, ranks isnt and never was intended for the "i need mommyied or i will tell aunt karen" crowed. so keep what you have wows , know it was made to avoid problems and has worked as intended and will keep working for you as long as you (wows) dont ban ships.. have a nice day wows ps.. please send this up the chain of command
  11. Ranked Battles In update12.5, the 12th season of Ranked Battles will begin, in which it will be possible to participate using ships of all types. Battles in all leagues will take place in a "6 vs 6" format on Tier X ships. In the 12th season, the rule for saving a star in case of defeat is the same for all leagues: the star will be saved only by the top player in the team by experience earned. Starting with Update 12.5, Ranked Battles will support a restriction system for specific ships and ship types, similar to Brawls and Clan Battles. With this system in place, we'll be able to introduce and change restrictions during the course of the season. *********************************************************************************************************************************** putting a limit on the # of subs and cvs showing up for 1 battle IS WARRANTED .. YOUR OTHER RESTRICTIONS ARE NOT WARRENTED, WANTED AND ARE NOT NEEDED .... KEEP YOUR DIRTY ERASERS OUT OF RANKED BATTLES... EVERY PLAYER WHO HAS A TIER X SHIP CAN PLAY WITH ***** NO EXCEPTIONS***** please send my feedback upstairs.. rage rant over
  12. arch4random

    Solve WOWS problems by shrinking maps

    take away smoke , mountains, radar, hydro, nerf reload speed for dds and cls by adding 15secs, decrease torp range by 50%, increase torp reload time by 2 minutes, give dds 2 citadels, reduce the number of guns on cls, increase the turning radius for dds and cls, bring in the buffed version of the dead eye skill for bbs.. then maybe a small reduction in map size might be warranted. there problem solved
  13. sounds like you guys need the "save a star program"
  14. arch4random

    Ranked suggestion

    ranked is for all ships made for the tier specified .. there is enough ship banning by the non competitive modes. i have no complaint if you wanted to lobby for that specific. you can always plant the seed and watch it grow but not in ranks