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  1. Hey, all the power to you if you can get mileage out of Abruzzi. The CC's reviews are opinions, albeit very well researched ones. Keep in mind, they do have to filter their views through the "will the community as a whole find this ship strong/fun to play" lens.
  2. Ranked peoples

    Personally, I find ranked game play more enjoyable than the dumpster- fire- turd-tornado, wrapped in an avalanche that is randoms.
  3. Richaloo vs dunkerque thing.

    Dunkerque can technically bounce up to 356mm AP(fuso, new mex, arizone). However BBs with larger caliber guns will over match your bow armor. On top of the fact, Dunkerque burns like a pile of dried leaves, and you will get HE spammed. It's better to be actively maneuvering, almost like a better armored French cruiser. Her guns while have good shell velocity and pen, can be somewhat trollish dispersion wise. She doesn't play like a typical BB, she won't be the tip of the spear in a push, but more like a second line support BB. If that is what you want then go for it. Otherwise I would not drop the cash on it.
  4. Dunkerque also get speed boost as an option?

    I think any love given to Dunk at this point would be of help, regardless if it is reload or speed boost. Now that the French BB line has been released the Dunkerque seems to be in an awkward place, at least chronologically. While Normandie and Lyon are technically WWI era, Dunkerque is WW2 era yet same tier as Normandie, and lower tier than Lyon. Not that it matters overall, I guess I'm having a flareup of OCD..
  5. The new special French camos are odd

    Aside from the obnoxious Rooster, I really like the Ornate decor on the Turret. Looks very Baroque-ish. Time to whip out the harpsichords.
  6. Thumbs up to this, and to every WOWS player who strives to be a positive influence in the community.
  7. We're ships that fight (song parody)

    Wife and I just finished watching that show. Loved it.
  8. Should've known better than to cheat, my friend

    Just hire this guy as your sax player and you are good to go.
  9. Yet another Emblem post

    I like it, the emblems are more or less a reward for focusing on a certain aspect of your gameplay. I've set a goal to be a competent North Carolina player, regardless whether I'm the top or bottom tier.
  10. solo warrior

  11. Your Least Enjoyed Ship Line

    IJN DDs You are outgunned by EVERY other nation's DDs. On top of that every time I play my Fujin or Kami, the enemy team is full of over-caffeinated WASD-hacking BB-ninjas. I'm sure there are great ships in the line, but I just can't motivate myself to play them or "git gud".
  12. Last 2 battles in the roma.

    I was in a game where prior to AP bomb detonating me, the CV player landed his planes on my Roma and proceeded to steal all the goat cheese out of the storage holds. WG please fix this. Was not fun, or engaging.
  13. GC OP - nah, no way

    I would have no problem with WG "ignoring history" and giving those ships hypothetical upgrades. Heck, they threw that whole "historical" thing out when the German BBs came out (I'm looking at you Kaiser, Konig, and Bayern). I think the best solution is exactly what you said, give the other ships some upgrades in the form of buffs that make them more competitive. I just don't want to see GC consigned to the ever growing "banned" list of ships.
  14. GC OP - nah, no way

    Yeah, she is OP. She has good speed, good guns, good maneuverability in a tier where most BBs are either slow turds or straight-line speed demons that take forever and a day to turn.
  15. What Happens When MM Favors the Atlanta

    So pretty much like this.