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  1. Snarky_Donkey

    There's always that ONE player....

    One valuable lesson I have learned is it's better to not engage toxic people in chat. They say crap to get reactions out of people, and if they sense they have gotten under your skin it just galvanizes them even more.
  2. It would be nice, but I doubt it considering Fushn and Anshan already have superior torpedo systems. Same with the Minsk and Leningrad.
  3. Hopefully they will consider that. Or at least just pick one nerf rather than both reload and sigma.
  4. Snarky_Donkey

    Struggling with the Arizona

    You can enable replays by downloading aslains mod. There are some people out there who might be willing to watch them and give you some constructive feedback. Below is a link to a discord that allows you to do that. They helped me out with my Leningrad. https://discord.gg/Q5YpzT It also wouldn't hurt to watch your own replays and analyze your gameplay. Did you over extend to early? Did you stick with your fleet or go off on your own?Were your overshooting, undershooting, etc.
  5. Snarky_Donkey

    North Carolina Secondary Range ???

    NorCal isn't really meant for secondaries. If you want an secondary spec US BB the only one right now the the Massachusetts, which is a premium and costs money. The Germans have great secondaries, and the French are decent. Not trying to tell you how to play, but trying to build a NorCal as a secondary ship isn't really playing to it's strengths.