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  1. Good to know. We've been having a huge problem with Brachiosaur overpopulation in our area.
  2. I just bought her recently, and I have to say it I do enjoy the Russian DD playstyle. Basically, run around the battlefield and shoot ALL THE THINGS.
  3. What Wargaming should do, is modify how XP is calculated and give more bonus to team play focused aspects of the game (ie. BBs Tanking damage, fighting around caps, maybe bonus for focus firing enemies?
  4. NIce. Well done You may need to pick one of these up soon.
  5. Doubly frustrating when they are not only sailing broadside, but doing the "Im a snipeh, hurr" 20km out. But hey, if the red team wants to do it, by all means! Excellent tactic.
  6. You go missile. Fight the oppressive plane-archy.
  7. Ouch man, that stinks. If you have the replay you should submit it to Jammin or Jingles as an Epic Fail.
  8. I love the Scharnhorst. She is a ship that doesn't know what she wants to be. She has BB armor, with cruiser like guns and turret traverse. She does have BB dispersion, so sniping at max range (like all German BBs) isn't really what she is meant for. However, I always do enjoy loading HE and setting the enemy BB's on fire from range at the beginning of the round. Also, due to the 11 inch guns, you may run into trouble penetrating steeply angled BBs and even cruisers at times. Just like a cruiser, it is important to know when to make the switch to HE.
  9. Nope. It's a video from Business6 who, up until recently created WOWs content. Not an employee of wargaming.
  10. I'm no expert at the game, trust me. One of the lessons that I have learned when sailing cruisers is, DO NOT give even a smidgen of your side to BBs. They will wreck your face all day long,and you will have a bad time. It is helpful to watch YouTube videos from Community Contributors to get tips and tricks. Also, has user uploaded replays, where you can even select the ship in question and see how some of the best players utilize them.
  11. After I watched this, I went out and bought it with some spare xp and credits. The hype is real.
  12. Let us all take this time for a moment of silence...for all of our paychecks, wallets, credit cards, etc.
  13. Zoup, love the idea. You could also do ones about certain types of players: "Mr. Yolos-down-center-line-guy", or "Mr. Rages-in-chat when-he-dies guy". Or whatever. Thanks for all your contributions to the WOWS community.
  14. I feel your pain. For me its my team melting faster than ice cream on a sidewalk in Phoenix. I'm not good enough yet to carry so, it does lead to frustration.
  15. I'm sorry man. Your in my thoughts and prayers.