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  1. May I ask, I have all but Vamp II and Slava Do you recommend Slava ? Thx in advance PS If you have Vampire (and I have Daring..), recommended or gives up too much for gunpower ? ie Heal, 1 rack of torps, normal smoke.. ? Thx !
  2. Hi burney you getting Max Imm. As soon as it comes out? thx and take care! j
  3. SerahKhan

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    I agree with this completely ============= I have 421 ships and I am not out of the crappy ship business....... The Italian battleships were my breaking point, after the crap US BB's The German DD's are the same crap...... I have to say, and I mean this, I give up Great Post Take care jean
  4. SerahKhan

    Big Hunt: finally getting a new (temporary) game mode

    I am fed up with pvp in all forms give us some PVE and I’ll play more.... regards jean
  5. SerahKhan

    The game play is terrible

    I agree i play now the best I ever played.. damage, caps, spotting nothing works.. it’s been like this for months for me.. I finish top 5, top 2 most of the time... scen 1. 3-4 ships suicide at start or get deleted... loss scen 2. My team dies fast, I do well, loss s en 3. My team kills enemy so fast, I barely get in top 6 (as I was cautious at first, with 4 radar cruisers, and a cv hunting, and not knowing yet where they are... I played Monday, 5 wins, 14 losses.. tuesday, 2 wins, 6 losses wednesday 3 wins, 8 losses my w/r is a total disaster, random, I think not.. something like 22-25% last 3 months or so, completely wrecking my profile. My Damage is purple in all classes, I cap (most of time I have only cap in game, or multiples) , I finish spotting missions fast as I do a whole flank usually, and NOTHING works. Nothing.... and before you give me the Git gud, I’m over 50-55% in CBs with my clan. I’m seriously, within first 4 minutes I can tell if it’s a loss. I’m on every Goddarn team that suicides or loses ships at start and never recovers. And it’s my fault ???!!!! That my teams Baltimore, or Wooster dies in 1st 2 minutes from charging cap or a conqueror, or 2 of my 3 teams DD’s die in 1st 3 minutes of the match on a contested cap? I did ranked, finished always at top but could not get above rank 4, as it was loss, after loss, after loss, oh 1 win, loss, loss, loss, loss... so maddening...... Apart from Directives/Dockyard I quit... Seriously, I cannot get more than 1 good game out of 10 or more, with 90% of them it’s probably a loss 4 minutes in.. And yeah, it’s completely my fault, in a Team of 12 players, of course! /S it me, in the fact that I cannot win more than 22% of my matches anymore... uh huh ..Git Gud! Uh huh thx for listening take care jean
  6. SerahKhan

    "New" steel camo

    Where does one get them ? thx in advance jean
  7. For me, it’s great that they are, and will stay awful.. at 414 ships now, I need a break after Strasbourg, Xmas Campaign, and full Hizen Shipyard 4,400 steel i will ignore this garbage happily, and not look back... I should have ignored Pan EU DD, and especially US slow BBs split, but this will be my line in the sand.. regards jean
  8. SerahKhan

    BB: Incapacitations , How to farm ?

    Thx to all ! I tried before and got none Ill try again ! Thx all Jean
  9. Hi all For DY, Part 6 I need 40 I tried doing 3 matches with Conq/ Thunderer and despite 40+ hits or more, not one.. Randoms or Co-op ? Nothing worked yet for me.. Can some kind soul help me out, I need to farm 40 for that ridiculous Quest.. How can I farm INCAPACITATION S AS A BB ? Thx in advance! Jean
  10. SerahKhan

    Snowflakes end when?

    Thank you! 17th feb 2021 V appreciated jean
  11. SerahKhan

    Snowflakes end when?

    Hi all i checked website, and there was a lot there.. with patch day Wednesday, when are the snowflakes leaving ie no more coal/steel / containers %? thx in advance! jean
  12. SerahKhan

    Premium Ship Review #115: Bourgogne

    Haha Thank you May I ask, what is Derpy Fun ? 😇 Follow up Question: with Capt Skill Rework, did I see/read right, that Shiji will be most powerful DPS wise on Secondary power alone? Like literally double or more of closest Secondary based ships? thx in advance..
  13. SerahKhan

    Z-46 vs. Z-44

    Z-44 is garbage compared to Z-26 I have 1 Million Coal and did not buy it, too awful Regards
  14. Flambass did pre nerf, melted a Des Moines in 2-4 minutes just with secondaries post nerf, DM survived at half health.. same time its huge regards jean
  15. May I ask, what 30% coupon? and thx so much for this! I am all grinder out this year regards jean