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  1. SerahKhan

    PSA: Multiple Missions

    Thank you Admiral T v appreciated btw what is the current/your evaluation of Atlantico ? Inquiring minds would like to know. 😇
  2. SerahKhan

    Narai and Weimar

    Can some kind soul explain the problem with weimar and Narai ? Thx in advance.
  3. Thank you Sir ! Merry Xmas to you too, as well! J
  4. May I ask, what is w/r server average ? Th J
  5. SerahKhan

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Now at 465 ships , and growing regards s just got kearsarge, Tulsa and repulse..
  6. I wish to thank you from bottom of my heart i was already ambivalent about a grind this Xmas, esp with the changes they made to co-op, being now so unrewarding and Grindy awful, that you made this post thank you very kindly… I cannot countenance another almost PR level of grind in a Xmas period, esp for a mediocre shotgun ship.. bleh 1 most steel ships have been bleh these past couple years… I have almost 50,000 steel, and nothing I want… 2 coop is a pain now with no bots, games last 5 or less minutes, mercy rule kicks in, and BBS get royally shafted as everyone has toros on the dds\ cruisers and you get scraps.. 3 I am sick of just more and more pvp random modes getting added, and PVE players get nothing… It is a crime that Wargaming does so little PVE development, don’t even mention scenarios lol… finally, I am sick of BXP grinds when I literally have thousands of camos and flags.. Seriously? thx again Thunder, @admiralthunder you are my hero 🥰 regards jean
  7. I already have 1.4 million coal and 445 ships… looking forward to Napoli Kearsarge Max Immel unknown steel ship, the new 5x black ships…. we shall see
  8. What ship is being pulled ? Thank you !
  9. SerahKhan

    How to Unhide Profile ?

    Thx !
  10. Thx gang I looked everywhere, and did a search all the posts are old, and cannot find it I put my account to private a while back (as I had lower stats early in my wows starts , I went up too fats up tiers...) I think I am doing better, but am looking for how to unhide I have never seen such a convoluted website interface ever; any help appreciated thx in advance J
  11. What is do good about Napoli ? Another SAP inaccurate Italiano BB ? thx
  12. SerahKhan

    Dutch Loot Box Results

    Exactly no other way to get the perma camos thx
  13. SerahKhan

    Dutch Loot Box Results

    Hi all the only thing people are missing, unless im wryis that only the pre released bundles will have the special permacamos i don’t care about getting free tech tree ships, i want the event permacamos i am a mega whale, having spent at least 10,000 pn this game , and even me cannot justify spending 72,000 fibs on unbelievably crappy bundles with bad contents….. i used to be happy to buy boxes, and id get good stuff, all 4 ships up to T9 on all newly released lines, for 24 to 36 boxes… Always…. these new bundles, I cannot and will not waste my cash on this… Bravo WG, i used to Buy everything. You managed to alienate even me with this garbage… im actually impressed, and now save a fortune , even though i can still easily afford to spend hundreds per month on this game… Sera, out! regards
  14. SerahKhan

    Which Research Bureau DD to get?

    Agree with Paolo, very unique!
  15. Thank you kindly Sir just got FDR, for 24,750 steel It's my 430th ship, and although a CV, I already like it Thx again Thunder! Jean