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  1. Thx to you all, you rock :) take care ! Jean
  2. It says in a month, but I cannot see an actual date .. Can some kind soul give me a closer estimate, ie Date, I cannot see it in the client. I wish to do a X2 then wait a couple days, then grab the new X2 for a X4 total Plz advise and thank you! Jean
  3. SerahKhan

    Brisbane event Cost

    yeah the 24M Tanked, in the 1st week is a slap in the face.... Usually 1st week missions are the easiest, can you imagine week 4 ?... Sunk Cost fallacy and all that I give up.... I have 1.8M coal. ill get the ship later... I need a long break... Regards J
  4. SerahKhan

    PSA: Don't sell unwanted camo for a few days

    55M and Im halfway done ! :) Thx for tip! Jean
  5. SerahKhan

    Battle Pass impressions

    and so many releases this year have been garbage... easy to avoid, no way Ill buy the mostly underpowered pieces of trash botes released this year. regards JM
  6. no way this is RNG, ie chance This is by Design, the MM is completely broken and obsolete Regards JM PS The reason I say this, is I am playing the best Ive ever played (no jokes plz) , be it damage, spotting, capping, survival, going up front not 30 km in back .. and I think my last 6 months of wows in Randoms/Ranked, its like a 30$ or less win rate... Suuure its Random...uh huh
  7. SerahKhan

    KOTS 14 Hipper Skin ?

    *best :)
  8. SerahKhan

    KOTS 14 Hipper Skin ?

    Thx so much Guys ! Wrath and Cthulhu, you are the bets ! regards JM
  9. SerahKhan

    KOTS 14 Hipper Skin ?

    Hi all May I ask, if I completed the KOTS collection already a couple years ago, how does one get the Hipper skin ? Thx in advance JM
  10. SerahKhan

    Ranked population?

    after playing 9 matches when it came out, and losing all but 1 while being 1st or close to it all times, I gave up. i.e I quit and never looked back ( I was playing the kamikaze V Premium DD, 42 sec reload torpedos) Game and/or streaks hate me Regards JM
  11. SerahKhan

    WG: You are driving players away.

    May I ask, what software does this player stats comparison, I am sure I'm getting the same treatment lately . I have 12 of last 13 matches as losses, I quit Randoms lately.. Regards JM
  12. Been down since Patch dropped, or am I doing something wrong ? Plz advise and Thank you! Jean
  13. SerahKhan

    T5 Ranked so far

    Lost 9 matches out of 10 Playing a DD, usually top 3 in every match, survive till end (mostly), usually the only capper , and I spotted Usually my Team evaporated in first 4-5 minutes, down 3-4 ships my minute 6... I give up..., Great MM you have WG ! I quit... Jean
  14. Thx so much sir, I had v small amounts of this bonus, vs others in the '000's Thx so much ! Jean
  15. Hi all I have 1700 or so tokens.. any suggestions on what I should buy, Booster wise (or otherwise?) to use up my 1,715 tokens ? Any Help Appreciated ! Jean