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  1. SerahKhan

    Warship Economy, Good??? NO! Needs help.

    Very well put JM
  2. SerahKhan

    WoWS Dev Blog: Bourgogne for Steel. FML!

    I’m the same... my spending has dropped 75%: since the steel garbage... i buy everything, and now I’ll never get these ships, ever, and that ruins the collector/spender in me.. theyll never learn.. jM ps make it steel for unicums, and a way for non competitive s to GET IT TOO ..
  3. SerahKhan

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    I’m the same.. have 320,000 coal, tons of cash 💰, freeXP and and I positivily detest steel as a currency.. that, plus all these mehbotes lately (Terrible, Vanguard, under gunned JB..) I am passing on everything... I Liked Cossack btw, as I like Haida. I can buy, and would buy, everything, but because of 2 points above, Tier 8 MM being the disaster it is, might have to settle for Alaska and Salem. What total, overpriced garbage lately... hell, I am even getting Ashitaka next time there’s a sale, it’s T7 and has been nicely corrected 1+ year later. regards jm
  4. Same Lol Now another coupon. ill spend again ! haha
  5. I got every fre crate since event started .. No Camos at all dropped Bought 40 crates, got 4x camos (out oif 15 total) , 75K and 2500 Gold Very, Very bad luck this year.. I dont recommend them.. REgards JM
  6. SerahKhan

    Your "Special" Captains

    Hi all Whre does Davis Jones and Boris Veber come from ? Thank you JM
  7. SerahKhan

    Why add Le Terrible???

    Spaceballs ! LOve it Classic ! JM
  8. SerahKhan

    For all the losers, you're not alone

    Hi all, I understand the word Random… it is random However, I have 35 years in the IT industry, working on the largest (and smallest) systems in Government and Industry.. Why do I say this ? Answer: To qualify my statement that there is nothing random about the MM… As part of the Database on every player, from an IT standpoint would be performance metrics, by class of ship, tier spanning thousands of matches Variables such as Win Rating, Damage Per Tier, division or no, capping amount, kills/ratio, you name it they have it… A skill based MM is (relatively) easy to do, with such an enormous amount of variables, at possibly the cost of 30 seconds extra Queue (if that) These ROFLSTOMPS Loss streaks are either 1) by Design (to keep close to a 50% W/R) 2) complete accident due to sloppy programming or 3) both It is pretty sure that WG wishes to keep it Queues filled, (else they would not offer so many login, daily bonuses, the 2x crates for 11K XP (3rd crate at 37,000 for truly dedicated)) but logging in and getting 3 losses (or more in a row) I will quit the game and maybe, maybe come back later… So my point is, a skill based (or history/historical) would be going towards where they prefer the game to go, and the current system is antithesis to that WG objective.. Silly really…. I know, after a long day at work, I come in to play to the best of my ability (esp. for a mission chain…), and if I get 3 losses in a row, that are not even closely fought, but ROFLSTOMPS of the worst order, I logoff for my sanity to be preserved J Before , I used to continue playing, and get progressively madder and madder (i.e. not having fun, ya know , the objective ?), and now well I logoff.. But tell me this.. How is that good for the game if because of their bad MM, I quit for hours and might not come back that day ? Many times over the last month, 2nd Chain of Dailies is not finished,(because it is usually win XP only, not XP like Chain 1 even on a loss…) as I start getting the dreaded losing streak and cant get It finished.. Ill be at 25, 28K , 8-9k away from the 3rd crate and ill quit because of that continuous losing streak ? I’ve rambled long enough, but I hope my points sink in.. or just ignore me, I only have 3,500 matches after all.. Regards JMG PS a secondary, unrelated point with Tier 8: that tier, with MM+2 (mostly), I have stopped buying Premium vessels at that tier 8 level …. And I used to buy everything… It is just not fun to have a Tier 8 premium ship (like the Terrible, which I won’t buy…), and meet Tier 10 DD’s and Cruisers like the Wooster… or Harugumo etc.
  9. SerahKhan

    Why add Le Terrible???

    so a spectracular player with > 20K games did well with her... color me surprised.. what about the rest, say less than 7,000 games Regards JM
  10. SerahKhan

    Why add Le Terrible???

    I have had the AIGLE since the start I disagree it is crap, even though I failed a LOT at it at the start I now love this quirky tough little ship, but a crucial diffrence.. she is Tier 7... no a crappy T8 in mostly T10 games If I am in my Gearing, my YY, my Z52, my IJN T10's you are .. dead... I buy everything.. really.. I am NOt buying this piece of crap Regards JM
  11. Im not good at Citadels.. I was pretty sure i would not finish the RN Directive 3 for the week at 10 Citadels I played my Nuevo de Julio, and I was astonished to see.. This BOISE/NUEVO Dual ship is a pleasure to play... Superb shell ballistics... I was at 1 , then 2 citadels in match, then I look up, after hitting 2 ships in a row broadside.... 11 Citadels in 2 shots, 7 then 4.. for a total of 13... I was shocked.. REgards JM
  12. SerahKhan

    Thanks 8 the Great

    same Help!
  13. SerahKhan

    Thanks 8 the Great

    I still dont have the Mission / Quest Series btw 2 tickets opened.... No action I was among the 1st to hit participate when page came out early Can you help ? J
  14. SerahKhan

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    I did just now They said in 1st ticket there contacting developers ? what the hell? They should just activate manually! Not let developers Know ! help! J
  15. SerahKhan

    Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    Let us know please I have teh whole USN Tree for Cruisers, I have the Go Navy Salem CAMO as well and I have 259,000 coal Really Interested...! JM