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  1. Expensive Weekend

    Question: How do you sell Camos ? Any help appreciated! JM
  2. Anniversary Goodies

    I have 2, 900 matches I have 5 Tier 10's , am I supposed to get anything on loggin in, or just after I play a match with my Tier 10's I got nothing! Regards JM
  3. It says 2,9023 here, but I do have some co-op , how do I know my real count ? Does it include space battles, I did 100+ there,... Jean
  4. noooo im so close :) Thank you WG! JM
  5. Lol Im close to 3000.. Do I need to be at 3,000 by tomorrow? ===== Plz advise Take care JM
  6. What 5 permanent camps for completing collection ? 2nd or 3rd thank you
  7. I seem to do ok cash wise I missed Missouri, just started playing after a brief stint in 2016, and have done 25-45K XP a night for last 6 weeks, and made 60 + Million while being below avergae player So Premium + Camo, works Regards JM
  8. I would pay $ 200 fo a bundle with Mighty Mo' No Hesitation Regards JMG
  9. Just happeend twice my Ship is now stuck in battle now! also, its a X3 25 Bonus mission (both) for a purchased Premium ship! will I get my 2 of 25 missions back !? Thx JM
  10. agree completely you can tell this year has been very, very bad 'J
  11. Who’s Salieri? Cook is at the helm AAPL is 1 of only 5 stocks powering NASDAQ this year.. huge winner... chech out 1, 3 and 5 year horizons... I am up 800 % since I bought it.... regards jmg
  12. Super Container Flops

    Hi all how can you sell camo you will not use, for credits or coal? thx j
  13. you are a God! Thank you! JM