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  1. SerahKhan

    About CV event currency

    so kizar, we have till the 27th to get all 3x packages? thx for all your work! take care jm
  2. SerahKhan

    Musashi Missori returning for free xp 2019?

    I got Missouri in Xmas Crate 2018... Regards JM
  3. SerahKhan


    every match is a fail, im sick of it... Most times im last 1-2 alive, and we lose overwelmed... Im so frustrated J
  4. SerahKhan


    TRied multiple times today All Failed attempts even when I was last on board (overwelmed) Sigh, I need a Clan that knows what it is doing (Clanless right now, after long absence...) regards JM
  5. SerahKhan

    Mighty Mo No Mo - theoretically

    Hi all stupid question: GC ? what is it ? Thx JM
  6. Hi all Can we get this confirmed ? How much for all 4 ships if you have all 4 ? (I do not have Vanguard..) 2x Tier 7 BB's 2x Tier 8 Ships Total ? Thx all! JM
  7. SerahKhan

    Fly strike win current chapter;

    Thx Kizar.. I knew about the weird, it come sout Wed, and strats thursday, was hoping for wed to work on it Thx in advance JM
  8. SerahKhan

    Fly strike win current chapter;

    Are you always suchan [edited]? thx for nothing so tuesday night or Wednesday? thx jm
  9. Hi all started late this week ... have until when to complete dorective 4 and current week? thx in advance! jm
  10. Thx again Kizar ! :) regards JMG
  11. Hi all Question: w/o buying a Premium crate, how early/ how can you start collecting crates or the actual pieces of the collection at start ? Thx Jean
  12. SerahKhan

    Crowns and Florins and Carriers, oh my!

    Thx so much Kizar! Take care! JM
  13. SerahKhan

    Crowns and Florins and Carriers, oh my!

    Weird 6000 doubloons is 12 million credits at @2000 per on sale... if you only want t4/t6, w.o having time to play, it is 6000 dbl or $30 and how many crates for just the t4/t6 florins? seems very, very expensive for a simple t4/t6 and even as a massive whale myself, def not worth it... this is the worse unlock ever, and I did everything/ Every one in past gladly...Fr BB, UK DD, this is just plain awful... Note; to get the t8 you would need all 3 doubloon packs or 6000 gold then 40 crates, 126 CDN youd still be missing , what, 300 crowns? you still don’t have all 3 tech ships, and you’ve spent $150 + WTH WG... !!! wow.. regards jm
  14. SerahKhan

    My Santa 3 Sets X 20 Mega Haul; Worth it!

    I got the ships no point lying about that ... haver not played them yet, WG this year compltely burned me out, I played every event since March, and its too much.. for now.. Got Cossack and Logged off 2 days ago.. fo a long while.. Regards JMG
  15. I got Flags I got Camos 30,000 Gold 25,000 Coal and,,, I was looking for Missouri, and I got her Love you WG! IX Missouri VII Belfast VIII Mikhail Kutuzov V Giulio Cesare V Gremyashchy V Kamikaze IV Imperator Nikolai I