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  1. SerahKhan

    When to Grind and when to Pay

    exactly FXP is better as a full line unlock, from T1 to T10 in 1 shot...
  2. Thx Bro I just Love the ships, they look gorgeous.... esp the PAN Izumo, wow Take care Jean
  3. 40 Crates this morning; Very Satisfied.... :) Sort of makes up for 16 x containers I got for RN event, and just garbage ... Here we go; 1st off, they look Great ... a) The Big ONE: I got all 3x Ships I did not have, the T9 and Both T8's Ships; and they look Great! Tier IX Bajie with Commander Zhu Bajie; Tier VIII Siliwangi; Tier VIII Wukong with Commander Sun Wukong Note: You do not need to win CAMO's separately, and I think the base camo for all 3 ships is superior... b) I got an extra Perm camo, but its only so-so c) 80K Free XP, nice... d) Type 6 and Lunar Camos, about 120-150, some very rare one 1 use, maybe 30 extra ? e) 24-32 days Of Premium, meh f) 750 Gold g) 3x 10 Point Commanders, (above) incl 2 uniques.. Pan - Asian for me is a bit thin, so very welcome... All in all, very satisfied,,, I Got a Superb Looking T9, a nice looking T8 Cruiser, and an ok DD T8.... Come to me snowflakes, along with 3x 10 Pt commanders that can go in other tech tree ships Good luck all Jean
  4. I want them all... if Reasonable, im buying the whole lot... Puts a new spin on the Camo rework doesnt it, If, and only IF, they come back regards JM
  5. Same 0 for 13 and 0 for 6 on 2nd account.. what a great event WG! what garbage .... regards jean
  6. I have to agree with you They (WG) knows I usually BUY Everything.. It would not surprise me at all, that I get a Flag in a database (DB) field, that makes sure I get NADA from Free Drops, because I usually Buy the Loot Boxes... Since this time they are no LootBoxes, but 65 bloody !@#$%^ Bundles of 1000 Gold apiece, 65 in all! I Buy 24-36 Lootboxes usually, and get all 4 Ship Unlocks.. This time No LootBoxes.. And BTW WG, The Problem is NOT the Bundles, its the fact the Denominator (maximum) is 65 in all; If Instead you had done 30-40 Bundles, I would have BOUGHT them all, or close to it to get the Unlocks.. This time, if I am Unlucky, I spend the same as 24-36 lootboxes and get possibly 2 of the 4, not 4... WHY 65 ??? instead of 30-40 MAX ? I know people say this all the time, but I'm not spending a cent this time. Check your history of me, and my profile, I spend on every event. I spent even 24,000 Dubs on PR Event and got it.. I spend 24-48 on Every LootBox you've had since French BB's (when I came back to game). This time, I'm spending NOTHING.... NADA Since I don't trust you to give me the T8 until I hit that 65th Gold Box, and spend a total of 65,000 Doubloons on 4 tech tree ships with Unique CAMO... As a SideNote, Your Consumables CAMO Bros, you think too much of it, and YOU ASSIGN TOO HIGH A VALUE to it... I have 1,000's of those Camos, I don't need more in Boxes, and Bundles.. And because of that (Profile, History, Spending Patterns... ) I am SURE I'll continue getting nothing from the (grind/"free") Boxes, as My QUOTE above has supposed ... Regards all jean
  7. same, just garbage. I love the Posts where peopel have already received like 2 ships and Ive not even got the T5... Lovely system... See previous post... Just Great...
  8. 8 Bundles Nothing but Crap Im sure Ill get nothing and continue getting crap sigh.. regards
  9. SerahKhan

    My investment in this game is complete

    I still WANT To Spend... The 65 X 1,000 Crap for 4 Tech Tre ships bugs me.. not because of teh ships, but because teh Special CAMO is tied in there and cannot be obtained separately, with Tokens.. Seriously, it seems that its like a "war" to be able to "fight" WG, to NOT be taken to the cleaners... I just want to buy stuff, yet teh Monetization is so egregious (65,000 Dubs, NO SALES for a Year +)., its getting harder and harder to justify spending money on this game.. regards Jean
  10. Exactly Im In there (that Thread) and I know I spent at least, AT LEAST $ 1,000 Less Than Last Year.. 1 Set of 40x Crates vs at least 200 Crates last Year + ARMADA 1,000$ CDN Pack Not spent So Yeah Regards Jean
  11. I think you're absolutely right.. It has been a disaster, the more I spend and accumulate stuff Regards JM
  12. completely agree I play betetr than I ever have, my win rate is in the toilet completely, and not just 1 week eitehr 25-30% win rate the last months.. I do everything to help my Team, and within the 1st 5 minutes weve lost 5 ships , roglstomps to their 1... I agree completely regards JM
  13. Agreed When they even piss off the Mega Whales like me... That is Class Act "dumbassity " and nonsentical business practices I want to spend money lol, they make it too hard :) Regards JM
  14. I spent at least $ 1,000 Less this Year than Before.. I did not get to Buy Armada Bundle this Year... $ 6-700$ I spent at least, at least , $ 300 Less in Crates I'm also not spending on that ridiculous 65 X 1,000 Gold crates either, as they're has been No Sales on Gold ina Year, nor the Crates/Armada bundle this Year. It's air, guess I save dmy money and spent it elsewhere... Its as if it hurts them to give us a Deal ? Ok Mega Whale signing off.. Regards Jean
  15. Ditto But these Bundles Kizar, I agree, garbage (my Previous Post..)