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  1. ilikebacon_yo

    CV, Super ships and submarines.

    I log off and play another game that actually is fun.
  2. Actually, I disagree. I love playing tier 5-9, but I hardly ever do. The only reason I don’t is because of 2 tier matchmaking. I simply don’t want to take a tier 6 dd up against radars that have longer range than my torps or even guns. I don’t want to take my Roon up against conde or satsuma. It’s not fun, so I don’t. I play t10 over and over and over. If there was only 1 tier matchmaking, I’d be more inclined to play lower tiers, thus drastically increasing the probability of me buying premium ships at those tiers. As of now, there’s no way in hell I’m buying a premium at those tiers. Some also say that it would dramatically increase matching times if they lowered it to 1 tier matchmaking. I also disagree. I believe more people would play lower tiers if it was 1 tier MM, so it would counter the extra tier filling matches. some also say to just enjoy the extra xp when you’re bottom tier. Meh, I could t give 2 f’s about xp. I’m just playing a competitive game looking be competitive and have fun. Being fodder for clearly superior ships isn’t competitive nor fun imo
  3. ilikebacon_yo

    Catering to the Whiners!

    Tbh, I don’t know why they don’t just blanket restrict it to no duplicate ships. Instead we get no more than one of these ships, 3 of these, etc
  4. ilikebacon_yo

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    Yeah, we can only make informed opinions by what’s actually in the game, not what used to be.
  5. ilikebacon_yo

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    It’s not the same tho. You and a sub could be occupying the exact same position on the minimap and not even know he’s there.
  6. ilikebacon_yo

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    Wait, you don’t know when a dd is lurking around? Wow. Maybe this is why we have different opinions
  7. ilikebacon_yo

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    Oh, yeah! How long does that last? I really don’t know but for sake of my point, I’ll say it lasts 20 seconds. Let’s also assume our sub knows the red sub is around. Quite an assumption but I’ll let you have that one. So for 20 seconds, our sub can for sure detect the red sub, protecting his teammates. What’s the cooldown? Idk, but let’s say 2 min. So 20seconds in 2 mins, our sub defends us from their sub, while our dd can protect us from theirs all of the time by screening torps, spotting, contesting, and simply not allowing red dd to push our back lines. Great! Seems equal lul
  8. ilikebacon_yo

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    Nice sarcasm but I literally just explained to you bb mains how to deal with dd. Ya know, in a team game. You can’t deal with subs because you don’t know they’re there, and if you do, you can’t do anything about it. They introduced radar to deal with dds because people cried about dd smoke concealing dds. Well, where’s our 12km insta spot on subs with a click of a button? we don’t have submerged proxy spotting. So what’s your point?
  9. ilikebacon_yo

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    An honest question, why do you guys hate dd’s? I personally hate when there are no dd in a match. Even if there is one, I feel like it always spawns on the other side of the map (prolly not, but feels that way, ya know?). when there is no dd, there is very limited spotting, I hate that. If there is a red dd on your flank, there should also be an ally dd your flank defending you from him. Your job is to support your dd to kill the red one. It’s a team effort in a team game. Makes sense to me. If you’re a ca or bb on a flank with a red dd and no friendly dd, it’s definitely more challenging, but you are at least able to counter play by not sailing in straight lines, being unpredictable, utilizing radar/hydro, etc. I’ve even been in a bb sailing away from a dd and all of a sudden turned my ship 180 degrees and chased him down. Not because I’m faster than him but because it was unexpected and the situation allowed for it. Use islands and maybe even the border to your advantage. This certainly doesn’t always work but it definitely does work sometimes. Going against a sub is not like this. Not at all, it’s not fun nor engaging.
  10. ilikebacon_yo

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    You’re right. The constant threads being created expressing disdain for subs, crying in game when there’s a sub in the match, the chats in discord I have with the people I play the game with are all the same 4 people. Weird how just 4 people hate subs. Clearly the player base loves subs. Kudos to WG for spending 2 years making subs, which everyone hates…errr loves, I mean.
  11. ilikebacon_yo

    I regret nothing

    Is that good? If so, grats on your epic achievement
  12. ilikebacon_yo

    Battle pass question on rewards

    Can’t remember exactly, but I think it’s 650 dubs per level
  13. ilikebacon_yo

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    If they made a sub free mode, nobody would play it. WG said the player base loves subs.
  14. ilikebacon_yo

    Have you ever managed 4000 base XP?

    A good game for sure, but that listed xp was not your base xp in a game. You have to divide that number by 1.5 to get the base xp.