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  1. MakiLover69

    Camouflage Modding: Camouflage textures and .xml manipulation

    so, I have mods working and have made skins, but for example I want to have Smaland keep its green camo, but my camo remover makes it naked? how could I fix that so that i can know how to keep certain premium camos on certain ships that i dont have skins on?
  2. MakiLover69

    Italians pasta pasta pizza pizza, no meatballs

    okay.... but then why even release a line that's not meant to be researched? kinda a dead end; even for a trolly snarky response. good thing there are people in WG that look at things and make changes rather than have that kind of "just ignore it" mentality. but I mean, i guess thanks for your input? idk.
  3. so, having a few games in Trento now, I can say; what a let down. PROS: good speed, good maneuver, good accuracy/velocity, good range, instant smoke CONS: poor conceal; SAP ammo is underwhelming and has crap pen against non-DD, trash armor, no utility, slow torps, mediocre HP, mediocre reload, no HE, crappy AA your smoke is purely for yourself; you cant really use it to help the team too much. you cant hydro ahead to screen, your concealment doesn't help you reposition easily; and at this tier your maneuvering sorta helps, but with that LONG reload and waiting on guns to rotate you really suffer. it is a letdown; even Nurnberg feels more fun to play; and that has HE; if you're going to take away HE at least give the pen values that the UK ships have to make it appealing to use. there has to be an Upside to each line; something special about it. Italian ships dont seem to have it. Frenchies have good reload and HE and speed; IJN is stealhy and accurate, but what do italians have? SAP? that's it? maybe give them a speed boost? Hydro? or a smoke that lasts a bit longer? or better yet; just un-nerf the SAP so you can have some teeth to fight back. otherwise these ships will be just as boring as Yahagi. i dont feel that "It's good against DD's" is even that much of an upside; EVERYTHING is good against DD's at this point. can we make ships that are good against other Cruisers? why take these cruisers? literally any other Nation has better cruisers; and most of them with HE to boot on top of some gimmick like Radar or unique Hydro or a great Heal; thse have none of that.
  4. MakiLover69

    CV update

    Hermes was NOT fun and comparitively Ranger > Furious easily. AA is good within tier most of the time but playing against T5 ships in hermes was hell; and in a T8 match in furious was a joke. Overlapping AA is very strong but I think thats kind of what WG is going for... especially with RU BB’s coming in; stay together; push into caps together. CV is great at punishing the “snipe from spawn” BB play style, that doesnt contribute as much as an aggressive BB pushing a flank with his team. Maybe overlapping AA could tone down just a tad; but it should still encourage that grouping up, imo.
  5. MakiLover69

    CV update

    Update: It's not the worst thing; I like it. sometimes it seems unfair, but at others it's fun. sometimes AA is too strong, and sometimes the DD grief is real. overall i like it. Good job WG; it's not 100% but you're getting there. Thank you.
  6. it's not always a Losing battle; I like to div with a cruiser if I'm playing DD which helps; but caps are now a mid game objective for me. I think maybe if planes had the new radar spotting mechanic that would solve a lot of it. i do think it's just part and parcel of the new mechanics, which will even out later; it's much better than Haku//taiho triple torp dropping us at point blank. but i agree that the DD grief is alive and well; but think of it as part of Nature: they will always look for the path of least resistance and at the moment it's DD's because they are the easiest target. im sure it will get looked at.
  7. MakiLover69

    CV rework from a Non-CV player

    I guess my only real problem is the DD griefing has skyrocketed (Pun intended). and that being my favorite class, I am rather off-put by a lot of these changes. if that were to no longer be an Issue; I don't think i'd have so many misgivings about this whole thing.
  8. MakiLover69

    CV rework from a Non-CV player

    Thanks for the guide on how to CV. lots of helpful stuff. well then, I'll have to re-buy Lexi and give it another go. Like i said; I'm not in the "This has Ruined wows!!!!1" camp. I just wasn't a fan of all the changes implemented. but maybe its one of those things you warm up to? my exp with Langley and Ranger was less than stellar, so maybe the high tier is better?? I'm not sure since AA is so strong at T6 I cant imagine T8-10 is any less forgiving. guess I'll have to find out; like I said the real positive is WG allowing us to try it penalty-free at the moment before we decide.
  9. first off; let's start with the good: 1. The animations and design are very nice. I love the plane models and the feel of flying through flak and attacking. very well done. 2. Flak looks amazing and feels useful. 3. CV devastation appears to have been curbed, for the most part. 4. the chance to quit CV's and respec captain's for 0 penalty VERY GOOD MOVE WG! THANK YOU! 5. the generous exchange for the players who don't want to keep CV's. now onto the bad: 1. Targeting. having not played the beta; I wanted to wait for a more authentic experience like only the Live server can provide. i found that the reticle does not accurately indicate where the attack run will begin, not to mention the choice as far as load out is gone so in the American side I'm stuck with gimped torps and unreliable attack planes; very little alpha (which was definitely a complaint i had of old CV's who would grief DD's to no avail.) which Segways to the next concern. 2. Damage and targets. the DD grief is still the most viable option to a CV, sadly; the team huddles up to increase AA (which is reasonable) so your best recourse is to attack weak targets like a DD. so that's still the same as ever, no real improvement. 3. Concealment Expert change timing. so the nerf to concealment means CV's are spotted all the time now; further decreasing usefulness. And shifting the game play to passive clumping in the back, games feel slow and sluggish more than usual. 4. AA: although i had listed AA as a positive, it's also a negative, in some circumstances AA is simply *too* overpowering; which isn't completely bad, and can be mitigated, but adding to the issues of a new system can be awkwardly punishing. 5. Multi-CV matches: It seemed like a good idea in theory, but in practice I haven't found it to be; reducing the CV to just trying to attack targets of opportunity and not really contributing to the team's overall success from what I've seen is the end result, and has been absolutely devastating to most DD's especially when focused by multiple squadrons. Overall: overall not the worst thing ever, but certainly awkward. I can't blame the people so off-put by it, that they left. (I don't think that is reasonable, but hey It is what it is.) I don't think it will "ruin" wows for me, simply not something I'm a fan of, and something that is too early to make any real decisions or judgements about. As of right now; there are issues that is definitely undeniable, I think the best course is to wait and see what WG says. i think I'll focus on some single player games and play ranked while i wait to see what comes of this change. I think wows will be fine. keep at it WG you are *Almost* there at getting this ironed out. -Iowa.
  10. IOWA KAI!!!! YOU CHANGE YOUR PROFILE SO MUCH!!!!! lol i can't complain about more Iowa-Chan pics though.

    1. Pulptenks


      I know I try to find the best one... I just don't know!!!!

  11. correction its HeavyCruiser_Aoba not Heavy_Cruiser_Aoba that makes the Iowa Skin i run.

  12. iowa skin credit goes to Heavy_Cruiser_Aoba i think!

  13. Yes My Iowa Skin can be Downloaded ask me and i will send the link. Wish i knew who made it :( credit to OG artist.

  14. USS Iowa. Iowa is always on my Mind.