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  1. TorpSandwich

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    I'm open to trying new things... but I don't see subs fitting at all.
  2. TorpSandwich

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    Yeah even though it seems to have more gimmicks than a swiss army knife, the DPM and low AA I seriously feel it does not warrant "Overpowered" status. I'm used to hunting DDs in cruisers with more of a duca duca. This feels like Duca... Get some coffee... Duca. Nothing seems to generate more focus fire than targeting enemy DDs so the faster you can sink that sucker and go back to stealth the better. I'm not sure I agree with the overpowered final.
  3. TorpSandwich

    filter CVs feature

    Other than playing tier 1 ships how can you avoid all cvs?
  4. TorpSandwich

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    As being a player for several years, drop in the bucket for some I'm sure. I feel CVs just don't fit, either in the previous version or the new version. Even if CVs did zero damage it is too powerful to be able to scout\spot at the rate they can. To instantly traverse the map and locate all assets. I don't want to play ANY of my DDs anymore, my cruisers have become my DDs for the time being.
  5. TorpSandwich

    Premium Ship Review #117 - Irian

    I feel she will stack up even better when the DDs want to play again [myself included]. This boat can easily hit DDs close to max range thanks to that Russian gun ballistics. You just wreck stuff on DDs.
  6. TorpSandwich

    Premium Ship Review #117 - Irian

    If you don't have a Kutuzov, This is the next best thing, maybe better for some?? I am very fond of the Irian, but I'm fond of alot of russian pew pew boats. I tend to play my russian cruisers a tad on the dangerous side anyway; instead of sniping from the bleachers. I find the torps are really a valuable asset and much more than a gimmick that some folks make out to be. The deep water torps are great to shoot through your friendly DD your backing up ,speed and range are decent. Flamu was dogging on the spread, maybe they patched it... does not seem to be as bad as he showed for me. A lot of content providers are knocking this boat... I am VERY happy I got it. This DAWGS got teeth.
  7. TorpSandwich

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Gun play on the Kron reminds me of the gun play on the tier 6 Molotov. That ship can punish broadsides at distance far beyond its tier, and the fire arcs of both vessels are either heavenly if you like flat arcs or evil if you prefer arc lobs. It is definitely a Russian boat through and through. The armor LWM summed up pretty well and hard find something else to compare it to. It is kind of the opposite of the molotov as you were literally a floating beer can that any ap shot from big cruisers and BBs can just end you. Kron has a bit of meat on her bones and I have bounced quite a few AP shells from BBs thinking it was over for me. Then just as the guide points out, I take a hit from a big boy BB at distance and just get wrecked. If you like the molotov, it feels like that, but without the paper armor.
  8. TorpSandwich

    ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    Short and dirty: If you enjoy Russian firing arcs and understand that it is NOT a BB, but a beefier cruiser you will love this ship. Longer version: flat arcs of the shells is a double edged sword. It is more forgiving in mistakes in depth in your aim. Arcing shells you have to be a tad more precise with depth to get hits. I find it easier to tag that fast ship moving away\twords at an angle. Now for the double edge part, because of the flat arcs you are more likely to bounce shells off targets that are less perpendicular to you. The high arcing shells are less likely to bounce. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flat arcs. it is easier to punish those pesky DDs at distance. That and the fact this boat can just ABUSE citadels of BBs at distance is just icing on the case. I just purchased and kind of put through the ringer a bit last night with getting to know her in co-op then trying a few random battles. Driving some of my BBs I would make choices in battle... OK I need to come about should I show broadside to that BB to the right or that cruiser to the left... Krondstadt will make that BB captain do additional logic to make a safe decision.
  9. TorpSandwich

    Is it real?

    To assume everything you are told to be true and not question and seek the truth is ignorant. I find it fascinating that people chose to tightly hold their eyes shut and pretend everything is perfect and is in your best interest. That wargaming has YOUR best interest in mind when coding matchmaking scenarios. My theory is there is gravity to try and hold most players to 50% WR through very advanced subtle code. Boost players up a tiny bit to improve morale and bring them down a notch when they win too many. There is a threshold of loss that most players can endure before they turn it off or uninstall. It is in WGs best interest to try and keep this from happening. To blindly say it is not is pretty altruistic and simplistic. I have the opposite opinion, I would think less of wargaming if they did not have an advanced MM system. Blizzard I think was one of the pioneers in advanced MM and I really liked it, it ensured you did not constantly get tooled by better skilled players nor did it allow you to constantly tool newbies. To admit that they probably have advanced Logic in MM does not take anything away from good players, infact it bolsters their ability to escape the gravity of MM trying to keep you closer to middle ground.
  10. TorpSandwich

    Is it real?

    You right it does not show they do it, but it shows extensive thought in pulling those duckets out of your wallet, up to and including MM manipulation far beyond what you see on the front end. I would be SHOCKED if they did not manipulate MM at all, that it was pure 100% RNG. Now do I feel that because they manipulate RNG that is why I'm a mediocre player? I don't care about winrates to be honest, I prefer better battles.
  11. TorpSandwich

    Is it real?

    To cut to the chase, in the terms of money to be gained by improving poor player winrates I would say they would be foolish to not manipulate MM. Now with that said, any developer worth their salt would not make the manipulation easy to detect if they did not wish it to be so. I suspect they do not want us to know. There seems to be Three major camps. 1. Leet players that can't entertain the possibility of something they can prove or disprove, like allowing this theory to exist somehow takes something away from them. 2. Below avg players that want to find a reason they lose so much. I.E. they must be cheating, match making is against us etc. 3. Avg players that feel there is gravity to keep them there. I feel I'm probably in this camp, even more so because I have never division-ed up... ever. This seems to be the easiest way to pad your numbers.
  12. TorpSandwich

    Is it real?

    I have not seen that Mod specifically but it would be really hard to disprove subtle MM manipulation without looking at the MM code directly. The affects could be very subtle and may not be obvious. To Prove indirectly I would imagine you would need a HUGE data set of matches with pure RNG with a full history of win\loss records of each player. Along with a dataset of MM matches hooked up to the existing MM code with a full history of player win loss ratios of that. Compare the two. It is worth noting that players with bad winrate ratios tend to make their history private, it would seem that would be another hurdle, would you assume that every player with private history is bad and if so how bad? Seems like squishy science to me. a subtle change to shift bad players a little bit better would not be that easy to detect.
  13. TorpSandwich

    Is it real?

    I would say the ultimate for the best way to alter your chances is like you said with diversity of roles with one a great CV player. I feel that position more than any other changes a battlefield.
  14. TorpSandwich

    Is it real?

    I think you misunderstood my words. 5-10% improved chances over a non-division MM experience.
  15. TorpSandwich

    Is it real?

    I disagree divisions are a leg up statically speaking on improving your win rates. Lets say for a second that MM is purely RNG [I don't believe that, but lets entertain that idea] if you are a good player, and you div up with two other good players. Statically speaking you are removing 2 chances of getting a bad player on your team. It is easy math. The part that get hard is how you measure the advantage. I would say 5-10% improved chances of winning depending on the slots that are filled by the division.