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    Natascha McElhone
  2. viceroy_xerxes

    Food in the Navy!

    I was on an civilian oil tanker with European officers and Filipino crew. Food was very good. Each day there was a different menu in the officer's mess and steward took your order. In addition to main courses they had incredible appetizers like scotch eggs, prawns, etc. When out in open sea we could have beer, but it was restricted in port. The crew usually ate more traditional food from where they were from.
  3. Just an aesthetic idea, WOW should have a clickable "manned" ship option where sailors are visible manning the bridge wings and AA guns. I mean we don't need to see bodies flying when ships get hit (even though that would be cool) but it would give it a cool look in port or underway sailing with the fleet into battle.
  4. viceroy_xerxes

    Ship turns after getting hit

    Lately I've noticed after getting hit my ship turns involuntarily 1/4. It only happened a few times, no more than once a game. At first I though in heat of battle I may have done it myself but lately in a tier X battleship it was obvious. Is it a new dynamic if a ship hits you on the bow or stern? Rudder was not incapped.
  5. viceroy_xerxes

    Game freezes after battle

    Same thing happened to me 3 times today. Afterward I am unable to see stat for that game. I am able to see other previous games .
  6. viceroy_xerxes

    Harugumo = 256,219 damage / vs 3 BBs = 13,671 damage

    This is why the Harugumo needs to be nerfed. Glad you had great game and nothing against you, but the Harugumo's guns are way overpowered.
  7. viceroy_xerxes

    Helicopter for Republique

    I believe you forgot to mention that "Red Republique" will also have 2 second reload time on main guns, 90% torpedo protection, and a detection range of 4 km.
  8. viceroy_xerxes

    Helicopter for Republique

    I love the idea of Blue Thunder. But the vessel also needs Shkval torpedoes.
  9. viceroy_xerxes

    Your favorite Western

    TV show : A Man Called Shenandoah TV show, Honorable Mention : Kung Fu TV Western star : Michael Landon Film Western : The Good The Bad and the Ugly Film Western, Honorable Mention : The Big Country Film Western star : John Wayne Film Western villain : Lee Van Cleef Film Western character : Terrance Hill General Honorable Mention (anything) : My Name is Nobody