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  1. viceroy_xerxes

    Harugumo = 256,219 damage / vs 3 BBs = 13,671 damage

    This is why the Harugumo needs to be nerfed. Glad you had great game and nothing against you, but the Harugumo's guns are way overpowered.
  2. viceroy_xerxes

    Helicopter for Republique

    I believe you forgot to mention that "Red Republique" will also have 2 second reload time on main guns, 90% torpedo protection, and a detection range of 4 km.
  3. viceroy_xerxes

    Helicopter for Republique

    I love the idea of Blue Thunder. But the vessel also needs Shkval torpedoes.
  4. viceroy_xerxes

    Your favorite Western

    TV show : A Man Called Shenandoah TV show, Honorable Mention : Kung Fu TV Western star : Michael Landon Film Western : The Good The Bad and the Ugly Film Western, Honorable Mention : The Big Country Film Western star : John Wayne Film Western villain : Lee Van Cleef Film Western character : Terrance Hill General Honorable Mention (anything) : My Name is Nobody