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  1. cmdr_bigdog

    The Skull Throne

    LWM I appreciate and highly value your reviews, I had no idea this wasn't a full time job which makes your accomplishments that much more impressive.
  2. cmdr_bigdog

    The New CVs Need a Buff :)

    I have played T4 cv (before hotfix) and that tier planes need to be 10% faster. It takes too long for them to fly far enough to "participate" in the first half of the game. WGing will need new players to use them and right now you can send out the first flight and go make a sandwich. New players wont do that for long. If you push the cv closer the next flight is shorter, etc It is risky but the only way to become any kind of factor. I have played against TX cv planes and they need to be 10% slower. Maybe more.
  3. WGing has a lot of developers and a lot of time invested in this rework. Was it 18 months ago they started when Graf Zep came out? Anyway imo they have too much invested in the rework (plus the coming british cvs) to give it up.
  4. Slow the TX planes down about 10-20%. T4-T8 are not too far out of blance. They are a pain but so is being shot by akizuki or radared by cleveland, stalked by kamikaze etc.
  5. cmdr_bigdog

    OP test ships

    My question was really just in general as the test ships come out. A new ship will usually be OP in something and under powered in something else to balance it. Then WGing will tweak it. Audacious was one I had not seen before. No one has even asked if he was on my team or the other.
  6. cmdr_bigdog

    OP test ships

    The Audacious, it was either a super unicum player, he had good stats in other cvs around 60% wr, or it was the cv. I believe it is a ridiculous cv in the hands of a competent player and WGing will nerf it.
  7. cmdr_bigdog

    OP test ships

    How long does WGing take to nerf a grossly OP test ship?
  8. Kami the flooding change refers to bow and stern. Is the ship divided in the middle as bow and stern or is the ship considered bow, citadel and stern?
  9. cmdr_bigdog

    WG please implement this UI feature

    Save one mouse click for each container?
  10. cmdr_bigdog

    Public Test 0.8.1 - Feedback

    After playing the previous test for 2 days, investing many hours to try and complete the cruisers- no cruisers mission and finally gave up. It was taking too long. imo the rewards are not worth the grind. I'm going to play one game, grab the easy flags and go back to randoms.
  11. There is some difference in guns as others have said. Flak numbers for all 3 ships are identical. The DPS (non-flak damage) is different. DPS (NOT FLAK BURSTS) Long range Kidd 50.5, Black 51.6, Fletcher 51.6 Mid -range Kidd 96.6, Black 52.6, Fletcher 37.1 Near Kidd 161.5, Black 152.9, Fletcher 65.2
  12. cmdr_bigdog Patch Seems to Work!

    The continuing "balance" will drive all surface ship players to only play full aa ships. Right now people have been grinding up lines for fun, so they will either: A; play those same "fun" weak aa ships and have less "fun" as they become the only targets cvs want to attack in early game. B; grind strong aa lines or play existing aa lines to counter cvs. C; don't play. IMO you will see less and less A. CV drivers will be unhappy, surface ship drivers will be unhappy and balance is achieved.
  13. cmdr_bigdog

    The PSA I shouldn't have to issue

    How well would it work if a company you worked for offered heavy bonus, double OT and vacation incentives to meet quotas and as an after thought say we want this other project worked on and it doesn't count to the quotas but you can get straight OT as an incentive. That's what WG in did with CV testing during PEF and steel campaigns. I went to test out planes on the test server, both random teams full bots every time but one when there was a total of 3 players. I was on PTs a lot today and without the big incentives going on I did not see a bot. WGing made a bad decision to roll out cv's after thattest on PTS, it should have been delayed until now. Obviously someone in management was impatient.
  14. cmdr_bigdog

    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    It's okay, it may have nerfed the cv's a little hard but its closer to balance than it was in 8.0. It was aimed at Hatsu but appears to have hit T4-T8 cv's extra hard.
  15. cmdr_bigdog

    free Capt respecs, how about moving?

    I see retrain your commanders and redistribute their skill points but I'm not certain that means transferring from ship to ship. Too often I have seen something botched translations from Russian to English. I am hoping a moderator weighs in on this.