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  1. cmdr_bigdog

    PSA: Sub_Octavian Leaving His Position At WG

    Sub_O's communication is horrible. He uses all kinds of leading language to cover his a** thus we learn very little. His actions remind me of a book I read Titled; "it was on fire when I lay down on it."
  2. cmdr_bigdog

    PSA: Sub_Octavian Leaving His Position At WG

    Perhaps I have become too used to political speak wiggle words. I am throwing the [edited] flag on this one. Key [edited] red flags: "...there is no position of decision making power on everything at the same time in the whole team." That is the triple jump of absolutes that allow deniability of blame and still claim its a truthful sentence. It is truthful and accurate and a stupid way to state the obvious. "...we don't have any workflow where the upper management is supposed to come and make decisions alone for everybody. Of course not. There are too many things wrong in that statement to address here. The [edited] red flag is FOR EVERYBODY, another absolute wiggle phrase.
  3. cmdr_bigdog

    Submarines Are Back.

    Nothing substantial will change except an increase of end game hide and seek along with more spamming of triple "well dones".
  4. cmdr_bigdog

    Narai and Weimar

    WG needs to make an adjustment to make the Narai Wiemar run more difficult, I'm tired of these players charging and ending the game in 11 minutes while most of the team fails to reach the harbor. The simple fix would be to have the harbor bots start with guns loaded immediately on spawn and aimed to their right. It would have minimal effect on the rest of the gameplay and make the Weimar at risk instead of in the middle of unarmed botes.
  5. cmdr_bigdog

    Asymmetric battles killed by WG

    WG Spreadsheet hall monitor; "Boss 80% of the people love the mode and are grinding and earning xp like crazy. 20% Don't like that there are bots." VP of Bad Ideas; "Shut it down and blame the 20% that are unhappy about bots. And remember rule #1; 'players are not to enjoy an easy grind' so figure out some big nerfs to earnings."
  6. cmdr_bigdog

    Was the CV Rework Worth Losing Old Operations?

    The fix of the old cvs was not worth the lost ops. The old CVs were difficult to learn and play well. This was due to multiple squads in the air including strafing opposing planes down which was a skill of its own. The good RTS cv players were highly skilled and their strafing meant you could be permanently deplaned without getting off a meaningful strike. To fix the old CVs would have made them more popular which probably been even worse play problem than today.
  7. cmdr_bigdog

    Decisions, Decisions

    How much Rum could you buy with that money? Which will you enjoy more?
  8. cmdr_bigdog

    Asymmetric Battles Boooooring

    I dropped in immediately in T7 and faced real people in T9-10 botes. The GKs said they had a 20 minute wait.
  9. cmdr_bigdog

    Has CO-OP become too easy?

    At some point this screw up becomes a permanent feature and apparently is "working as intended". Its a sad day when a company screws up a technical aspect and still hasn't fixed it months later.
  10. cmdr_bigdog

    Actual AA DPS in World of Warships

    Edited and deleted.
  11. cmdr_bigdog

    HMCS Sackville Camo has arrived for Yukon

    I won the Yukon in a crate and today got the free Sackville camo in honor of LWM and Chobitsu. The ship will only be used for snowflakes but it will look good on those days.
  12. cmdr_bigdog

    COOP Has Become 'World of Torpedoes' Now

    You are right, I have had BB games where I only got off 3 shots and two were at max range. However you can change your play for those times the game goes a little longer. Island maps suck and faster BBs are mandatory. Watch mid range and long range for broadside ships rather than the closest ships charging at bad angles. This also helps you to better use the minimap. Once the bots are within close range target them but again, watch their angle. At times I will hold my fire for 10 20 seconds or longer if I know I will get a perfect broadside under 4 km. Bots will charge towards the dds. See where your dds are going and play for better angles on those ships. Watch the bot turret angles which allow you to get away with really dumb stuff, the bots aim and target selection has really been dumbed down. How dumb? Imagine a cat slapping at a keyboard because someone is pointing a laser pointer at certain keys. Now imagine the person with the laser pointer is a 3 year old.
  13. One question with many possible answers. I am certain there are more reasons.
  14. cmdr_bigdog

    Where are you supposed to aim on cruisers?

    I learned a LOT in the training room. There are subtleties between ships you won't pick up anywhere else.
  15. cmdr_bigdog

    Boggzy question; Fun to play against?

    It's very much a question of cost (time and battle cost) vs reward. In randoms there are various ways to earn XP and credits, caps, defending caps, spotting damage, etc. In ops there are a limited number of ways. Basically damage, sinks and stars. In most ops the damage you can do in the 20 minutes is the same or less than in 3 or 4 co-ops. There is also the risk of a total loss and a smaller reward than if you played co-op for the same amount of time. In ops you can spend 20 minutes playing, have a moderately good game and even with 5 stars you earn the same amount or less than in 20 minutes of co-op plus the risk of a loss in ops. You also have the challenge of playing with people that have no idea what they should be doing to win, a large number have no idea how to even earn stars which means frequent losses. Whereas in randoms you get the full rewards for your own work in a win. Should ops be the same reward as randoms? No. Should a one-star ops be a better reward than 3 or 4 co-ops with similar play? Slightly, yes. IMO from that point each star should add 10% to your earnings. A 5 star should be 50% more than a 1 star.