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  1. cmdr_bigdog

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    I think it is. Good enduring strategy games are rare and players stay loyal to them, arcade games are a dime a dozen. Those players go "ooo shiny". IMO WG is not afraid to drive out the old strategy players in the hope of getting arcade players. What they don't realize is arcade players hang with a game a much much shorter time period as there is always a new arcade game to move to.
  2. cmdr_bigdog

    Griefing with the new friendly fire system

    So why will anyone worry about dropping torps behind other ships? This leads to more sloppy play and less paying attention to the minimap.
  3. I am sure they can find the original 1930 CAD drawings.
  4. cmdr_bigdog

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Thanks for doing the research. Historical recreation of how the drawing came into being. (Drunken Russian admiral looking at stains on bar napkin); "Ivan, contact Americans, tell them we want battle ship with planes on it, like on dis napkin." (Admiral passes out) US War Department; "HELL NO we wont design anything that stupid. Send it over to Gibbs and Cox, they will draw up something impractical." Gibbs and Cox; "That's an ugly bar stain, too many concept flaws to actually build. Maybe they could stick it in a harbor and leave it there. Assign it to an intern."
  5. I am patiently looking for a clan that is the right fit and I am trying to check out discords before committing to submitting a formal request. I would be interested in joining your discord to check things out.

    I enjoy dds and try to get proper positioning rather than farming.  My wr in all ships is very near identical. 


    1. WinnerWinnerChickenLunch


      Hey Bigdog! 

      Definitely feel free to check us out in discord! We are fairly active and are looking for folks to grow and get better with us. 

      Here's our discord link: https://discord.gg/qQ8Mbyp9

      Feel free to drop me a ping once you are in the discord and i can get you tagged up.




  6. This is only a minor blunder to be considered when the VPoBI gets his evaluation, I doubt if it will raise it.
  7. When I get those glaring games I check right and left then drive towards the sun. Just like an old gunfighter I want to get the sun at my back. I agree lighting is a problem on some maps.
  8. cmdr_bigdog

    Convince me the bots don't cheat...

    Most of Narai fights are close enough your gun bloom in smoke will be detected. Its a computer program, they know where you are so there is that. And the coop bots play more like random teammates all the time. Torping behind you when no one is there, being the last one and running away, going forward and back to shoot from behind an island, etc. I don't see much of that in scenarios.
  9. cmdr_bigdog

    How Long Before Ise is Removed From Sale?

    Economic fallacy, yes. However my experience shows me; The people that made the decision to design something as big as something like subs will need to justify what they just sunk company costs into. I call this the rule of "beans on the table". A project that fails upon release can be blamed on many things, failing before release means one person f'ed up in approving it. When the project doesn't go forward in the designated time frame someone else higher up will question why and suddenly his level of approval is added. At some point it kicks up levels again. Early in the process it can be cancelled, after a certain period of time there are too people with their reputation on the line to cancel the project. Each time the choice is to go forward as is or continue refining and the only time the project would be cancelled after this much capital is invested is when there is clearly a fatal flaw that would cause the company irrefutable harm. A persons reputation in the company becomes more important than good business sense.
  10. cmdr_bigdog

    Abusive purple players

    Most of the salt I see starts with a player of any WR trying to tell the team or another player what to do or how to play. THEN the responses gets ugly. However there are a few that have real problems and this is where they kick the dog.
  11. cmdr_bigdog

    Abusive purple players

    There are some nut jobs out there with: A) Anger management issues. B) Trolls with anger management issues. C) A parent that tried to get them to like them, that never taught them proper behavior, that never held them accountable. D) Loonies. Your response can be; Nothing. (LIE) Thank them for their input and say I will do that next game. Cursing back has no impact so be creative in your response, such as; When you get home I hope your mother runs out from under the porch and bites you on the leg.
  12. cmdr_bigdog

    something is wrong.

    There is a lot of anger, much of it is from people that are mad at the world. I know pirates got hate which strikes me as really strange. A pirate shared chat screen shots from several games and they were not even related to the game play. It was the same foaming at the mouth we see directed at players but there was no reason for these. Most had no; getting shot at, spotted, sunk by, losing to, playing the "wrong" ship or even not the pirate not getting sunk.
  13. Hapa, I know a number of pirates said they encountered hostility just for being a pirate. I hope you encourage the pirates to submit reports on those players.

    That behavior to volunteers show they are among the most toxic in the game. 

  14. There is no money to be made from fixing it so that will influence its priority. Maybe they can auction off a fix.