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  1. cmdr_bigdog

    Your professional opinion please.

    How would the BBs know if you were making a play or were just an impatient noob pushing ahead? In that position you made the play I would have. However I have recently been avoiding the "get to a cap and get stuck behind an island" play and instead going for more visibility.
  2. Be careful, same old tricks. The special Independence Day discounts on researchable ships are not showing in the game tech tree. -50% to researchable tech tree II-V ships should be -50%, they are still -15% -30% to researchable tech tree ships are still at -15% All are the same as yesterday.
  3. cmdr_bigdog

    Is Wargaming Trying To End WOWs!?

    WG know if you have pre-release publicity a ship is OP it will sell well even if they nerf it. This one is so impressive that it will sell to many that hate CVs but secretly keep a few in port. What we don't see is how it plays mid-game when some planes are on slow reload. If it has a great first attack then sucks the rest of the game the usage will fade away.
  4. cmdr_bigdog

    A different take on CVs

    CVs are protected.... They rarely get punished for mistakes. A CV mistake is flying too close to AA. Ooops, reload planes. They are too simple to play. wasdf123... they dont even need R. Reduced damage. 5 second fire? I don't mind the spotting, my teams CV spots too. I do not like the fighter spotting, it circles and is visible, then not visible. One simple thing would make me accept them more but it is not "real". If when a planes takes damage some of that is reflected back on the CV. 10%.....5%....2%.... something.....
  5. cmdr_bigdog

    Do most know how to play this game?

    Hanging back to support the ship that doesn't need support? To support the ship that has the highest survivability by a large margin? When I first started playing I read one of those "the high aa ships should be near the CV to provide additional air support." Worst advice I ever saw. As far as people running into you they probably expect you to start moving and since these ships don't steer like cars you will get run into. I have even seen someone intentionally push a parked ship into a cap. Initially I thought this was a troll post.
  6. cmdr_bigdog

    My biggest problem with CV's

    Losing health because you were spotted early? You're probably being predictable in your movements so the CV can find you early. As a cv if you lose sizable chunks of your health does it mean you are unlikely to make it to the end of the match or have to play conservatively? Your advice to the OP is correct, wait to see where the planes are going. As a dd a player can do nothing about CVs except avoid them unless you are in a few high AA dds in which case you can do something about the planes but still do nothing about high tier CVs. I exaggerated there, you can do something, as a dd you can 1) survive until the end of the match, 2) run down a ship that is going 85% of your speed except that you dodge his planes and our speed drops so you don't gain any distance 3) shoot high arcing shots that shatter on the deck, 4) light fires that burn for 5 seconds 5) fire torpedoes at a ship running away from you and hope he screws up enough to take .
  7. Op, That's good data. I'm glad you clarified it is based on overall account WR. From what I can tell WG lumps players into two categories. Those near 50% (cant define near) and those not near. Those near 50% are the primary group in a match and the secondary group is those not near 50%. The secondary group is not evenly distributed between high percentage winners and low percentage winners in the game nor are they balanced by team. So it is far more likely to have an unbalanced team. If you have 4 "not near 50%" in a match the odds are not good of a 2-2 split for balanced teams. Unicum Potato 4 0 3 1 2 2 1 3 0 4
  8. OP; I see some proposals for manual AA I guess the thought is to "aim at the planes". That's fine in a bb and in some cruisers but I cannot imagine it in a DD. 1, I would like to see a minor change in the minimap, After a cv attacks, the minimap shows 2 planes, the reload squadron and the old squadron and my action in a dd depends on knowing which one each is. Change it so the old squadron immediately changes color rather than "after the bombers climb out of range". 2. IMO the squadrons are too big by 1 or reduce the individual effects such as Midway should drop 5 not 6 torps, 3. Rewards for a CV spotting should be reduced, and for surface ships should be buffed. As a DD the game outcome has been handed primarily over to teammates and half the games are lopsided in the first 6 minutes. And if there are CVs in the game the team with the better players takes better advantage of the CV spotting leading to more frequent early blowouts. The game play doesn't feel balanced when a game can go 18 minutes and both CVs still have 100% of their HP.
  9. cmdr_bigdog

    German DD HE penetration buff!

    Cmdr_Bigdog NA Before the change I didn't play the KM dds much because there were so many better dds, so I don't have enough of KM experience to notice a big difference after the change.
  10. cmdr_bigdog

    I am in love with T9 and T10 European DDs.

    EU dds have real AA..........and they get better as you go up the line.
  11. cmdr_bigdog

    World of Warships Discord – Come have a Chat!

    I checked out eh WOW discord. For some people it is their personal text spot. I decided to count the posts in general from 12 noon to 1205.... 67 posts..... It's not worth my time to post something then checking responses an hour later by reading thru 500 posts.
  12. cmdr_bigdog

    Teaching people how to win (in Ranked/comp)

    Some players new to the game come with little or no gaming experience (me). My experience came from arcade games where the way to win blow stuff up as fast as you can. I didn't know about the stats page, that divisions could chat (I thought some people has such coordinated attacks that they had to be sitting in the same room) etc. The noobiest of noobs..... I now have over 8000 battles and over 53% wr and know still don't know how to play well. There could be 20 tutorials but required tutorials wont work beyond doing a couple. Even if they watch tutorials new players wont understand them very well until they have played for a while. Would you have have kept playing if you saw it was even 5 required tutorials before you got to play? IMO WG should require 3 tutorials, not just watch one but to play a participatory tutorial game then have as many additional optional participatory tutorials as they can make. OR require a participatory tutorial every time they reach 100, 200, 300 etc games in each class. I like this idea the best.
  13. cmdr_bigdog

    Clans throwing ranked games?

    IMO 3 options are far more likely than a suicide to help a teammate. Punched w 4 times before countdown hit 0 and the real world interrupted, I have had where my game locked up and I had to reboot only to find my ship kept going straight at whatever speed I was in. Check the replay and look up the WR of the player that charged thru, my guess is he has a sub 44% WR. Most people in WOWs are too competitive to throw a game. Some are competitive to win every game, others are competitive where they just like to shoot and make ships blow up. Throwing a game even to help a teammate doesn't fit the mold.
  14. cmdr_bigdog

    Help Me Understand?

    The display of scales of ships, speed and distance traveled aren't accurate either. IIRC a long, long time ago WG commented when they developed the game they tried some real world things like accuracy and found that WW1 and WW2 ships may get into battle and had to fire a LOT of shots to get hits. So it became more of a historical based arcade-ish game.
  15. cmdr_bigdog

    Coming back after three years....

    Just dodge. I had a cv player tell me I was really hard to hit in my dd and complimented me on my dodging and speed juking. I made his rockets miss twice on the same run.