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  1. cmdr_bigdog


    I wonder if the same executive that got pissed at Yueyang and said "nerf the hell of its strongest features" also got pissed at Henri.
  2. Has Weegee said missiles were never going to happen? If so then they will.
  3. A lot of us want to help, you mentioned arthritic paws, I don't have those fortunately but I'm a senior citizen so I understand the challenges we older fellows face.  I always want people to succeed. I started the game like you, in it just for sinking a few ships, a win was a bonus. I didn't want to get out of co-op for a long time. Randoms were weird.

    The playstyle for co-op is almost the opposite needed for randoms. Co-op you have to be hyper aggressive. Randoms require semi aggressive to passive depending on your ship, the map and the reds. To up your win rate and damage let someone else become the first target. Start the game at 1/2 speed instead of full.  That will bump you up 5% without knowing any tactics. That wont make you good but it will help you make more of an impact because you last longer.

    This guys youtubes will help, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CVV_QxU4CesZL5pvdJw4A/videos,  he mostly plays destroyers but he talks tactics of his ship in relation to the other ships and the different style of tactics based on the ship and opposition.   That applies to all ships, some more than others. You can pick up a lot from him on flanking, kiting and when to run.   After I watched a few I noticed what he does after he's in position, when he shifts his rudder and changes speed a lot to throw off the aim of other ships.

    I find him entertaining probably because he has two very young kids, probably 1 and 3 that interrupt his video. They are well behaved and for that age and he has the patience of a saint.

    I understand better ways to play now but my execution is still off but its better.

    Good luck


    1. Ralph_Vargr




      I appreciate the guidance.


      Ralph, MAJ, USAF, 429th TFS

  4. cmdr_bigdog

    PSA: A small matter of courtesy in Operation Narai.

    True dat. Also the guy that goes after the transports needs to kill the dd. I had a game where somone called transports then followed the map edge the whole way which allowed the dd to come in behind the rest of us untouched. Then someone started shooting the transports and the guy had a hissy fit for shooting "his transports"
  5. OP thanks for getting on here and asking questions rather than accusing players of hacking when their torps sail under,, which I have seen a number of times. I also got in and "pewed pewed" for a long time without doing any research. I also had the misconception the higher tier ships were easier to play because they are more powerful. I would suggest trying to find videos on any potential new ship, not just premiums. Some people will describe in their videos how they set it up and how to play it. Its very valuable, every ship has a different style. I probably watch 5 or 6 videos a week just as a break from playing.
  6. cmdr_bigdog

    Hep Me, I'm a Lost IJN DD/CL/CA Player

    Here are some low tier ships, the play styles are vastly different from IJN... Knowing how the other ship play and their limitations is a big step in improving. These are older so the game has changed some but the principles still apply. If you watch videos check the age of them, as you go higher tiers the game changes have a bigger impact. And if you want to spend a couple hours watching how to play german dds from t3 to 10.. It is an excellent guide.
  7. cmdr_bigdog

    Hep Me, I'm a Lost IJN DD/CL/CA Player

    I played the game for a long time before I found wiki... https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships
  8. cmdr_bigdog

    Hep Me, I'm a Lost IJN DD/CL/CA Player

    Stay out of the higher tiers. Get your captain(s) up to 10 points so you can get concealment. DD play style changes once you can stealth torp. Understand armor and angling, you may be surprised what you can do. Watch youtubes. For the DD line I would suggest Destroyer Kuro youtubes. He does not stream. He is mostly plays T9 and 10 but the strategy and tactics are awesome and apply to low tier. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CVV_QxU4CesZL5pvdJw4A For the cruiser line I do google searches for Flamu youtubes. His stream is EXTREMELY toxic but his youtubes are cleaned up and informative. He wont have the ships you are playing but just go watch one for a ship in that nationality that is a higher tier. When you get to T6 start playing operations to build credits and xp. And keep asking questions!
  9. cmdr_bigdog

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Good work once again.... Georgia, 18 inch guns on a US bb with great secondaries....The only thing it needs is another turret Cmdr_bigdog,..... North America
  10. cmdr_bigdog

    Too hard on players with PR?

    I agree, this was targeted at the whales, and players that spend impulsively on boosts before they read the grind and know how difficult it would be. But is it different than spending money on golf where he plays a course beyond his skill and loses all his balls at $4 each? OR the guy whose skill level is such the only way he can tell the difference between the $4 balls and the $1 balls is how light his wallet is (90% of the players) . There is no doubt WG set this up as a predatory ploy but I am going to try and not condemn the whales.
  11. cmdr_bigdog

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!!
  12. I thought players who bought PR were nuts. As are some of the people that said they bought crates and now own every premium ship.Then an ad popped up and made me think. Many people spend a lot of money on golf, annual memberships will cost over $1000 some over $10,000 before you buy a golf ball or swing a club. Some people spend a ton of money on Christmas decorations. Some people smoke. The list goes on for how people spend money. My New Years resolution is to stop thinking of the whales as nuts with too much money. This will be hard but as far as NYs resolution goes it should be less stressful than losing weight. This may change when some whale in a PR sinks me.
  13. cmdr_bigdog

    Chat crying for hacks /facepalm

    When I had 2000 battles in I was sure there were cheats, after 6000 battles I could do those same things just from experience and almost everything I thought was a cheat was in reality experience. People would shoot me sitting in smoke, they would dodge my torps when I could rarely dodge torps. For example I learned how much to adjust my aim when firing at someone shooting from smoke. I learned I can get a visual on those torps earlier than the warning going off. IMO there are cheats that could be used but they would have to be user side and a refinement of what many of us can do from experience. I also think an experienced player would gain very little from cheats.
  14. cmdr_bigdog

    Two Future Dates I'm dreading

    Just zoom out one click with those high floaty shells, 3 when shooting at Russian dds...……...it helps with lead.
  15. cmdr_bigdog

    Premium Ship Review #135 - Gorizia

    LWM you are priceless!! I look forward to your reviews and eagerly read them. Your opinions are unfiltered (just enough to keep it PG)) and greatly appreciated!!