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  1. About this Dark Side clan, are y'all still in the market for members? My present clan is so inactive that it might as well not exist, and like the other "No Anime" thread I find that stuff rather annoying. I'm not looking to be somewhere where I have to play every night or be booted, or any if those other intense clans, but I'd like someplace where I can join up on a division a few times a week, contribute to the port, and get the benefits of that port, and have clan mates with similar interests. My highest Tier ships are three Tier VII battleships, namely Hood, Gneisenau, and Colorado, a few fives and sixes at my disposal, and a handful of lower tier stuff. The majority of my ships are BBs, though I'm not the type to complain like so many of my battleship commanding peers. (Or at least, I try not to be...) Would you say that CTTDS fits that criteria? 


    With regards to Star Wars, I'm not as big on the new Disney stuff. Rogue One was good, but the new sequels I think have done a disservice to the OT characters. (Keeps feeling like when the going got tough again, the heroes of the Rebellion ran and hid...) I'm a big fan of the OT, and am a die hard fan of the old Expanded Universe. (Part of why I'm not impressed with Disney canon...) I will also fully disclose that I'm a bonafide Trekkie, but I don't see why 'Trek and 'Wars can't coexist, both are good. 


    So yeah, if you think this place would be a good fit, send me an application or whatever and I'll see about joining up. And since this is the Dark Side I'm looking to join, May the Force Serve You Well.