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  1. Junko_Zane

    London Fog - Stats

    the smoke firing penalty is 6.something km (6.4km or 6.5km I think?) which is still extremely good for a ship with 203s
  2. Gascogne is actually a great and criminally underrated ship. Consistent guns with good ballistics, speed for controlling engagements and fast repositioning is not a quality to be underestimated, and the armor is much less of an issue than it looks like. To see this, just compare to NC... you trade a small amount of central deck armor (which is negligible since both ships have enormous superstructures) and in return, you gain turtleback. And an improved heal that reloads twice as fast. So you could actually make an argument that the Gascogne is tankier than the NC. But we never hear anybody complaining about NC's armor, do we? HE spammers hurt just as hard, yes, but Gascogne can get out of a sticky situation faster and have an easier time striking back with the great ballistics. Gascogne is only really bad when compared to vladibiasstock. But russian BBs make everything else look bad. So not really a fair comparison.
  3. Junko_Zane


    so, someone is automatically unquestionably correct if they have a certain job title? even if they themselves admit to making mistakes, thereby necessitating constant changes and rebalancing? truly flawless logic...
  4. Junko_Zane


    it doesn't matter how much or how little damage the CVs do, they are fundamentally frustrating to play against precisely because you can do jack against them. there are extremely few, if any, ships with passable AA in that matchmaking bracket. being constantly hammered, sometimes by multiple CVs at a time, even if you try to sail close to teammates (it cannot be understated how pitiful AA is, blobbing does not help), is not fun. It is especially not fun for a new player who has a thousand other things to learn at the same time. We don't need to call it overpowered, or broken. But ultimately, it's not fun, is that not reason enough to change it? On the other hand, you have people who play CV who think lower tier carriers are bad and weak because they do pitiful damage per drop, which is a necessary balancing factor. But ask yourself, is the implication that the surface ship players should start having fun just because the CV isn't either? No. It just indicates poor design. The rework needs a rework.
  5. Junko_Zane

    What happened to the pin up girls insignia?

    well, they can't have been removed outright, I have one which is still available. no idea why it would disappear in your particular case
  6. Izumo has been buffed a lot, some would actually say overbuffed. She is in a pretty good place these days. So please don't complain about it, out of respect for people like me who grinded through her in the old days, before all the buffs... and in my case, without camos and flags...
  7. Junko_Zane

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    maybe other people can get Spee to work, but I never could. I love playing cruisers with a heavy broadside, but Spee's guns are consistently disappointing. Extremely fragile, the only redeeming factor when it comes to survivability is the heal, which is a pittance. Awful concealment, slow, and terrible handling means you can't avoid damage by dodging as well as other cruisers, so what are you left with? It's bad at being a cruiser because it tries too hard to be a battleship, but it's not good at being a battleship either. So what is it good at? Being bad at as much as possible, I guess. At least PEF has a well-defined role which it can fill as well as other battleships in the tier. Neither are particularly great ships, I have to add; there are far better premium options at tier 6. T-61, De Grasse, etc.. But from just these two, PEF is the better value if you ask me.
  8. I and most other players I know don't have very high opinions of ranked, while ranked sprints are even more of a waste of time since they give extremely mediocre rewards. You're telling me you genuinely find ranked formats fun and not a borderline soulcrushing exercise in patience?
  9. Junko_Zane

    IFHE Henri relevant in 2020?

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think it was the right attribute to change if they wanted to nerf Henri (which it's debatable whether they needed to in the first place) but the amount of people throwing tantrums and claiming she's unplayable is just ridiculous. I've had plenty of great games in her post-nerf. And I expect to have many more. If you feel it too much, just adjust your build. Work in propulsion mod and you barely feel it.
  10. Junko_Zane

    IFHE Henri relevant in 2020?

    Henri is still a beast. Yes the nerf hurt, I take a bit longer to reach full speed, oh no. You still melt Kurfursts and Kremlins, lolpen RN cruisers, and provide top tier flanking and harassment. People saying to sell and claiming the ship's unplayable are overreacting.
  11. Junko_Zane


    kind of you to draw the arrows demonstrating that you actually can shoot at quite a bit from that position also, the caps are drawn in the wrong positions.
  12. see, this is exactly what WG wants out of this event. They want for players to be drawn in, invest money because doing it F2P would be even more absurd, then once they realize they still can't finish it they will be very tempted to spend the obscene amount to finish so it's not like they wasted all their doubloons and time. Sunk cost fallacy. WG is using psychology and mind games to make money off of us. Tells you an awful lot about how little they respect the playerbase...
  13. Junko_Zane

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    now imagine the BB never had to leave his spawn or put himself in danger to reach those dmg numbers... suddenly the anti CV sentiment becomes more understandable
  14. Junko_Zane

    Yoshino Builds?

    I run my Zao captain which is PT, EL, EM, AR, SI, DE, vigilance, and CE, works pretty well on Yoshino also. Been thinking about specializing a bit and maybe swapping vigilance for JoaT + PM as I noticed I tend to lose turrets annoyingly often. Potentially SI can get swapped out as well since it seems to be very rarely that I actually use all of my consumables. All in all though I've really been loving Yoshino, probably one of my new favorite ships.
  15. Junko_Zane

    colored smoke...

    Can we also get a new upgrade slot where you can customize your smoke color so I can trick out my mino with rainbow smoke