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  1. indeed, and we can ignore the fact that his average damage in destroyers is less than half of his average damage in battleships, truly a misfortune that for all of those hundreds of games his team stole his damage
  2. Junko_Zane

    X Salem or IX Jean Bart

    It has some of the best AA among T9 BBs, if not the best, even beating some T10 BBs. Better values than République.
  3. Junko_Zane

    X Salem or IX Jean Bart

    I faced the same decision about a month or so ago and decided to go with Jean Bart, a decision I do not regret in the slightest. Unique and very fun experience. While I love Des Moines, if I want a Des Moines-like playstyle, I will just play Des Moines.
  4. Permaspotting is a moot argument because pre-rework CVs could also permaspot you, except they could do it even better, not to mention delete you instantly with a cross drop if they felt like it. Now they have to spend 10 minutes chipping away at you with rockets. And to do that they have to really hate you and their damage numbers.
  5. Junko_Zane

    So much salt right now...

    my point wasn't to brag, it was that instead of just giving up after the first couple matches and raging here in the forums (like I get the impression many others have done today) I went in with an open mind, put in a bit of work and started to see better results. That's not fundamentally any different from starting the other classes from scratch, years ago for instance when I first started playing the game I was working my way up the IJN BB line, I remember struggling to do much before I learned how to properly position myself and aim (like pretty much everyone does when they first start) and it wasn't uncommon to end games with 10-20k damage and no real impact. This is entirely new gameplay that is being introduced, entirely new mechanics and controls, and people are going to struggle. It will take time to learn the different types of dropping from scratch, just like it takes time to learn gunnery in the other classes from scratch. People aren't even giving it a chance.
  6. Junko_Zane

    So much salt right now...

    agreed... starting off with Ryujo this morning I had a few games with pretty pathetic damage, 20-30k, felt like I couldn't do much with the AA hellfire. But I started trying to pick my targets better and perfecting my torp drops and my latest game was a kraken with around 100k damage. I seem to be among the rare (or perhaps just less vocal) few who actually enjoy the new gameplay. might need some balance tweaks, sure, but we already know those are on the way. people either saying carriers are super UP or super OP and ruins DD/CA/BB/whatever gameplay and I'm over here like ?? are we playing the same game? there's no middle ground... people just want something to cry about