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  1. Oh, they’re already standing tall. With the low freeboard, that’s the only way for them to keep their heads above water!
  2. Maybe you just need to learn how to play it…
  3. How many Big Hunt games do you need to play to earn 25,000 battle points? Because I’ll earn the same credits, XP, and ECXP in 2 random battles in my Wichita.
  4. SeaGladius

    Kearsarge: Tomorrow (Coal and Doubloons)

    Might explain why she’s being released at Halloween…
  5. SeaGladius

    Server downtime: timezones are hard

    Figures. I have to get the kids up in a few minutes.
  6. SeaGladius

    POLL: Dockyard Ships You Missed

    I'm that other guy, who doesn't have any. And honestly, none of them speak to me. There isn't one that I really wish I had. If I have to choose, then Puerto Rico, since I do like American cruisers, and Rochester is better than Anchorage in my opinion.
  7. SeaGladius

    Server downtime: timezones are hard

    Thanks for posting. I couldn't log on, and figured that if the servers were down, there'd be someone posting about it!
  8. SeaGladius

    Moskva / Yoshino

    Between the 2, I’d go for Yoshino. I have the Moskva, and do not enjoy the more stationary bow-in play style which that ship employs. I do not have Yoshino, but I have enjoyed playing Nevsky, which plays similarly to Yoshino (long range open water).
  9. SeaGladius


    The cracked code is PRESENTFROMNEMO
  10. SeaGladius

    Are USN BBs worth the effort?

    This isn’t true anymore though, is it? The German dispersion curve was changed to match the Americans, wasn’t it? Sigma could still be different (I don’t actually know what the German ships Sigma is.)
  11. SeaGladius

    Surprised by a Premium Ship

    My favorite ship is the Wichita, which routinely gets rated as a “worse Baltimore” by the likes of Flamu and LWM. Except, if you’re playing it like a Baltimore, you’re playing it wrong! Wichita’s greatest strength is her maneuverability, which you’re wasting if you’re peeking your nose around the side of an island. This is an open water gunboat that can actually survive at the closer ranges that American guns work best at. I have never had so much fun in any other ship!
  12. SeaGladius

    New map on the way

    IMHO, it looks like the Northern team has an advantage. They have more island cover, which is closer to the caps, and oriented to provide better fields of fire into either the “A” (northern) or “B” cap, while the southern force will have a hard time getting similar shots into the “B” cap without exposing their sides. Does anyone else see that, or am I out to lunch?
  13. SeaGladius

    Create Missions just for Veterans / Veterans Only

    Maybe he wants a digital rematch with some guys he fought against?
  14. SeaGladius

    Premium Ship Review - Rochester

    It’s my favorite ship in the game!