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  1. SeaGladius

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    No, it shouldn’t be a 1-to-1 penalty. You need to reward the CV player for keeping the plane alive.
  2. SeaGladius

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    That’s a good point. I wasn’t considering the fighters. As far as getting points for shooting down planes, I don’t think you should get any points for shooting down fighters.
  3. SeaGladius

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    Of course. That’s the balance of having to risk hull damage to make attacks. As far as getting points for plane kills, I’m not sure I like that idea, but if it was implemented, it should be capped to however many points you would get for sinking the carrier. And if you did then sink the CV, you shouldn’t get any more points for doing so. In other words, the points for sinking a CV are shared between the ship and the planes.
  4. SeaGladius

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing a torpedo launcher getting knocked out seconds before the player could line up a shot. Flambass had one of these just a couple of weeks ago.
  5. SeaGladius

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    I played a game yesterday where my team shot down 176 enemy planes. They just kept coming. That shouldn’t happen. If I shoot down whole squads of planes, it should cost you something. I don’t want to neuter the CVs. I actually think they make the game more interesting and fun (most of the time...). But if I get citadelled a couple of times, that’s a lot of health that I NEVER get back. A CV should also suffer a permanent penalty of some sort for making a bone-headed play - such as longer regen times on their squadrons, or less skilled pilots, or maybe even permanently reduced squadron sizes.
  6. SeaGladius

    Perspectives on driving CLs in open water?

    Plan ahead. If you can see that you’re going to have to engage in open water fighting, start opening up the distance. Plan where you want to sail, so you keep working your way in that direction. This may mean you need to show a little more side than you would like, and maybe shoot a bit less. But it’s better than sailing into a corner and having to give full broadside. Your objective in this situation is to draw the fight out as long as possible. Distract as many ships as possible so the rest of your team can overwhelm the rest of their team and come to your rescue.
  7. SeaGladius

    From New Orleans to Baltimore

    LOL! At the rate you’re grinding ships, you must mean next week when you say “the future”! I like Baltimore a lot better than the New Orleans. You can bow tank 203mm guns in the Baltimore. You get the Super heavy AP shells, and you get radar. You’re still a squishy cruiser, so use all the stealth tactics that you developed in the NO, and you’ll have some great games. I also really love my Chappy - so much so that I’m grinding a second RU captain specifically for her.
  8. SeaGladius

    New Orleans — American Tier VII cruiser.

    I was able to make the NO work. You just need to HIDE! The guns are awesome, but the armor is pure paper. Map awareness, and maximizing the ship’s concealment are the keys to playing this ship well.
  9. SeaGladius

    Open water vs concealment dependent cruisers

    Zao’s MAIN claim to fame is as a fire starter. Her torps are certainly a part of the mystique, but the guns are her bread and butter. Back to the OP... Don’t worry about what the stats say. You’re going to do the best in whatever play style matches you the best. That being said, if you can figure out how to do open water and island hugging, you’ll be a better player. I started as an Open water player, and went thru the Russian and German lines. Then I decided I wanted to try something different, and I’m now working on the US heavy cruisers. I’m having a blast island hugging! The trick is deciding how far up you can push, and when you need to abandon your position. But by being up close, you can dish out a lot of punishment that can help swing the battle in your favor, even if you do end up getting flanked/nuked.
  10. SeaGladius

    What is the Role of the American Heavy Cruiser?

    Your strengths are your guns. They hit hard. Learn when to fire HE and when to fire AP. The arcs are floaty, which can make it hard to hit targets at long range, but also makes it easier to fire over islands. The USN CA’s also have hood AA, which is particularly useful right now. Your weaknesses are your armor and citadel. You don’t take hits well, so use terrain to avoid being spotted (if possible.) The Pensacola is relatively maneuverable, so if you stay at range, it is possible to dodge a lot of incoming fire. This trait continues thru the New Orleans and into the Baltimore somewhat. Best way to use these cruisers is to play very cautiously at the beginning of a match. Focus on staying alive, even if that means you aren’t doing much damage. Once the teams have been thinned out some, you will have more opportunities to punish people with your AP.
  11. SeaGladius

    The T8 problem

    And that’s why WR needs to be taken with a grain of salt (pun maybe not intended?). I’ve had streaks like that, and was convinced the game was rigged. But nope, I must confess that I’ve had winning streaks to compensate.
  12. SeaGladius

    PSA - Honor vs Glory

    It’s a little disturbing to see just how easily we can all be swayed toward loyalty to something so meaningless.
  13. SeaGladius

    PSA - Honor vs Glory

    I’ve already ground up to the Moskva. I just really liked the Chappy, and kept her.
  14. SeaGladius

    The T8 problem

    How did this “new guy” find the game? If a friend told him about it, then hopefully the friend can warn him about progressing too quickly. Did he see a video on YouTube? Then he can watch some more vids, where (some) CCs warn about playing too high before you’re ready. Tier progression isn’t unique to this game either. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that getting your butt kicked repeatedly is a hood sign that you’re in over your head, and need to go back to lower tiers until you’re ready.
  15. SeaGladius

    Ships not doing there role

    You mean like the current system? Where the XP I earn is based off the percentage of damage I do to an enemy ship. So if I spend the whole game spamming HE at a BB and never doing enough damage to kill him, because he just keeps healing it back, I don’t earn less XP than if I was instead killing off DDs and moving on to other ships? Or capping, or citadelling cruisers with my AP, or shooting down planes, or focusing fire on enemies? You don’t need to handicap people for playing poorly. They’re already handicapping themselves.