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  1. SeaGladius

    Cleveland — American Tier VIII cruiser.

    OK, I take it all back! Whenever I come here on the forum, and say something nice about a ship, invariably I immediately begin a horrible losing streak, and the last couple of days have been no exception. Suddenly I’m getting focused instantly, and/or matched up with teams that melt like butter. So... Cleveland, you suck! You’re worse than Seattle and Buffalo combined! I can’t believe I ever liked you, you big turd! (Let’s see if it worked!)
  2. SeaGladius

    Statistical proof that MM is NOT RIGGED

    Thanks for posting the data. I can’t say that I understand all the t-value stuff, but the averages and sigma values all make sense. Any interest in doing this in random battles? I’d think the spread of player skill would be a lot broader, and might give some interesting results. I wouldn’t think that ship class would really matter. I see why you would want to play the same ship throughout, to not introduce an extra variable. But since you’re really more interested in all the other ships you get matched against, does your own choice matter? Then again, your own WR is a constant that always affects your own teams WR averages.
  3. Halland, Cleveland, and Venezia Are just a couple of Tech Tree ships that are doing well right now. There are lots of premium ships that are considered garbage. It really depends upon the particular ships.
  4. SeaGladius

    USS Seattle, Worst T9 Cruiser?

    Worcester, you mean?
  5. SeaGladius

    Hiding stats

    This has absolutely happened to me. Somebody didn’t like the way I was playing, looked up my stats only to find that they’re hidden, and then launched into me for hiding my stats because I must suck. I had the second highest XP on the team that game. What I can’t remember ever seeing is someone looking up someone’s stats and than saying, “Hey, nice job on that 58% WR.”
  6. SeaGladius

    Hiding stats

    As a matter of fact, yes I do. As an average player, I want to hear how other average players feel about a particular boat, not just the Unicum CCs that make videos on YouTube.
  7. SeaGladius

    Cleveland — American Tier VIII cruiser.

    Way back in the day, the American cruiser line was the first I ground up. My buddy kept talking about how great the Cleveland was, so I endured the Omaha and eventually got my own Cleveland. I was so disappointed. I just kept dying, and couldn’t survive long enough to do any real damage in return. I eventually gave up and switched to BBs. I came back around to cruisers, and ground the Russians, Germans, and American heavy cruisers to Tier X. Now I’m working on the light cruisers, and am back to the Cleveland. I’m definitely NOT disappointed any more. This thing is a beast if played right. You do need to be real careful with your positioning, and lean toward self-preservation over damage farming. I’ve had several games where I handily broke 100K.
  8. SeaGladius

    No Russian bias? PLEASE

    Thanks for the reply. I don't take any CC/Youtuber's comments as the "Word of God". I try to watch lot of different videos when I'm trying to find out about a ship, because everyone is going to have their own spin on it. I'm also not going to fault someone for sharing their opinion, regardless of how they present their opinion. I agree with your assessment of the ship. It's a support ship, and will struggle to push into the enemy, which is kinda what a BB is supposed to do. However, as a cruiser main, I'm glad to see a new BB get introduced that doesn't automatically negate any armor I may have.
  9. SeaGladius

    Perfectly Worthless Award

    You wanna know what MY first world problem is? Logging on to the forum to find thread after thread like this. People will just complain about anything. Maybe I should start complaining too... OH, I know! I hate the sky in the new Hamburg port. Gah! So gray and dreary. If I want that, I'll just look out my window! OP, if you're seriously not going to pay anything for this game, then you have ZERO right to complain about anything. Take it or leave it.
  10. SeaGladius

    No Russian bias? PLEASE

    In his video, he said he's only had the ship for a day, and only had about 10 games in it. Wouldn't you expect his averages to be lower than that of players who have had years of practice in other T10 BBs? What specifically do you think is garbage about the ship?
  11. SeaGladius

    Researching if MM is rigged (WR-rigging)

    The rigging is usually overhead.
  12. SeaGladius

    Playing one match and then logging off

    Sure, but it's because I've only got time for 1 game.
  13. Played a game this morning in a Wakeful. Only actual players were me and a CV. The matching players in the other team were in a division. I gave up grinding after that and just free XP’ed to the Acasta.
  14. SeaGladius

    [PSA]BE CAREFUL with German Containers

    This should get stickied.
  15. SeaGladius

    Epic Sadness

    Where does this number come from? I’d like to believe it - it makes me feel pretty good about about my 49% WR with only 1700 battles played. But shouldn’t the average WR be a straight 50%? 12 players win and 12 players lose in every single random battles (neglecting draws since they happen so infrequently). Even accounting for super-unicums with their 70-80% WRs, they drag the other 11 players on their team to a win as well, which should maintain the average. Are you saying that the median WR is 47-48%? So 50% of players are worse than that, and 50% are better?