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  1. SeaGladius

    Learning with the Prinze Eugen

    Developing that sense for when you can push in, and when you need to pull back is key in any ship. And really, the trick is identifying that BEFORE you’re in that situation, because it’s usually too late to do anything about it once you’re stuck in.
  2. SeaGladius

    Your very first Premium was?

    Texas, because at the time I thought, “OMG! It’s a Tier 5 US Battleship!” which was still above my skill set.
  3. SeaGladius

    German Cruisers Review and How to Play Them

    Don’t expect the same kind of damage output as you can get from a CL. However, you’re a lot more tanky, so be aggressive. Push in to support your DDs as much as you can. With Hydro, you get lots of warning when enemy torpedoes are inbound, which helps you and your team. Depending on how many CVs there are though, you may have to take DefAA instead. I use vigilance on my captain so that if I have to use DefAA, I still have some time to maneuver. AP is really the bread and butter of the German cruisers, so try to maximize the use of it. Right around 10-12km is your optimal engagement range, and closer when the worst threats are neutralized. If your facing bow-tanking BBs, or masses of DDs, then you’ll have to use HE. I spec’ed out of Demo Expert though, because for the number of guns and ROF, I don’t think the slightly improved fire chance is worth it. Your role is to be a solid support ship. You support your BBs by protecting them from DDs/torps, and support your DDs with firepower. You make a tempting target for the enemy, but by angling sharply, WASD’ing, and using your heals, it’s harder to kill you than they expect, and the enemy wastes a lot of time for little gain. Meanwhile, your team can get some work done.
  4. SeaGladius

    Which steel ship?

    I really hated playing my Moskva, with its squishy sides. So I don’t think I would enjoy the Stalingrad that much. Soooo, I would get the Black if I had the steel to do so.
  5. SeaGladius

    Myoko — Japanese Tier VII cruiser.

    Two turret, 4 gun CA, LOL!
  6. SeaGladius

    Video - The 5 second Carry - Teamwork

    That was a very nice match! I have to say, that I felt bad for those red DDs who were literally seconds away from the win.
  7. SeaGladius

    German Cruisers Review and How to Play Them

    Make sure you turn out as soon as you’re detected. This morning, in my PE, I failed to do that, and quickly became the focus of half the enemy team. I didn’t last too long. Conversely, in my Roon, on Ocean, I was much more careful and lasted the whole game.
  8. SeaGladius

    German Cruisers Review and How to Play Them

    Lately, with all the radar and gunboat DDs with poor concealment, I have found that friendly DDs don’t push into caps, and I need to do my own spotting. Since the German cruisers are not known for their concealment, I use the following technique, which I call “bait-spotting”. Simply put, I push up very aggressively at the start of a match. Knowing about when I’m going to get spotted, I make sure that I’m broadside, and as soon as I get spotted, I turn away sharply. Inevitably, the enemy team opens up, revealing their position, and I and the rest of my team can then return the favor. I usually eat a couple of thousand damage, but get 6-10K damage in return. Kite away until you’re no longer being focused on - go dark if you have to - then turn around and re-engage. Im only willing to pull off this kind of stunt because the armor scheme protects me from getting citadelled, the large health pool I have, and the heals I have available. I play these ships a lot like battlecruisers, perfectly willing to trade some of my health for damage or map control. It also helps to “motivate” my team to push.
  9. SeaGladius

    German Cruisers Review and How to Play Them

    The German cruisers have been my favorite ships in the game so far. It took me a while to get used to the squishy K- & N-Berg, but once I figured them out, I was able to get some work done. (It helped that I went up the Russian cruiser line during this time, and so the long range, kiting style became very familiar.) I did not like the Yorck, and since it was different than the ships that came after, I decided that there wasn’t much use learning how to play it, and free-XP’ed past it. The Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Roon, (and hopefully Hindenburg) have proven to be quite tanky! The turtle back won’t protect you from plunging fire at range, but if you get up close, it does a great job at stopping citadels. You can’t just Yolo in, as you will still eat regular pens, but if you can spread the damage out, you can use your heals to stay in the fight for awhile. The AP also lacks penetration at range, but when you close, it punches through just fine.
  10. SeaGladius

    DD Spotting

    Harv, thank you for your response. That was exactly the kind of perspective I was looking for! I’ve always looked at early cap control as the way to win the battle. I’ve played way too many games (wins and losses) where the team with the most ships loses because they let the other team sit on the caps for most of the game. But obviously, throwing your ship away to try and get that cap is counterproductive. It sounds like the real answer is communication, so you know how to best support your team.
  11. SeaGladius

    Learning to cruiser

    Learning the play style of a particular line is more important than learning “higher tier” play, as they all play differently. What line to pick generally depends on how you want to play, but if I’m going to recommend any particular line, then it would be the German cruisers, as they are generally considered the most well-rounded / Jack-of-all-trades line.
  12. SeaGladius

    DD Spotting

    This is all true, and I found a lot of success in my Russian cruisers by punishing those DDs that tried to push into caps early. Perhaps I’m more frustrated now in my German cruisers by my relative inability to punish those DDs because I can’t spot them myself, and my slower ROF doesn’t allow me to get off as many shots when they do get spotted.
  13. SeaGladius

    DD Spotting

    So I just unlocked the Hindenburg, though I still need to earn enough credits to buy it. I’m thinking that the next line I grind will be the American DDs. I definitely don’t want this thread to turn into “those stupid DDs aren’t doing their job, and I’m suffering because of it!” I’d like to learn some things instead.
  14. SeaGladius

    DD Spotting

    Lately it seems that there are a lot of “gunboat” DDs that don’t have the best concealment in game. So they don’t really try to spot for the team. Instead they are lurking around islands waiting to ambush someone. It’s then left to me, a Cruiser player, to do the spotting - or more accurately, sail up to the cap and wait to get spotted, then quickly turn away while the enemy team opens up on me and reveals their position. I’ve been doing this in a Roon, which is tough enough to get away with this tactic, and it’s been working pretty good. But this tactic doesn’t spot enemy DDs that hold their fire, and often, they’re left in the cap circle with no one to stop them because the Kitakazes and Harugumos on my team are busy blazing away at BBs, instead of flushing out the enemy DDs. How would you guys deal with this? How do you flush out a DD that is more stealthy than your own DDs?