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  1. m4tt_

    Iron Duke

    AP? Just spam HE m8
  2. m4tt_

    Which BB Line Should I grind?

    As they said, if you started playing BBs now, pick the Germans, from tier 6 onwards you will be a little annoyed by the dispersion or the caliber of the guns but in return you will be far less punished for mistakes than the other lines.
  3. m4tt_

    Which BB Line Should I grind?

    US or KM , IJN for Yammy 👍 The other three lines are quite different and situational
  4. m4tt_

    So...tier 10...

    I think GK and Yamato, République is a good choice too if you know how to use it.
  5. Makes sense, but I don't think the other classes have so many problems than the CV's, they are the biggest point of unbalance in the game.
  6. as I said before, I really liked the old RTS system, it was too far from the perfection but... the current one is boring for people who playing CV and bad for people who not playing with them, this new system just brought a bunch of problems for the game and for WG solve, I think the only good thing about it was the AA guns effects, this is my humble opinion
  7. well, when you see a dd being spotted by radar and instantly deleted and after that a des moines being attacked repeatedly without any loss to the cv until he sunks you see who are the real cancer.
  8. or just give the option to not face cvs on the matches, i don't think 70% would choose it, I think 98% would choose it.
  9. m4tt_

    Farragut or Nürnberg

    For me, Farragut, for you idk
  10. m4tt_


    nah, suicide cruisers are the worst thing in this season by far
  11. you're right, I've played a few matches today and it's actually a lot better them before, but I still think 4 cvs for each side is too much.
  12. it has not been a good experience playing with IJN DDs lately, I just wanted an option to remove the CVs from the matches, they're going to have fun with des moines and worcesters... anyway I miss my old hiryu
  13. Most of the people don't like when we have 2 cvs per game, much less 4. sometimes seems like all they want is folks who like this game just stop playing it.
  14. m4tt_

    CV Counter - Idea

    or just remove them from the game, the whole community would be happy and everyone who has not played since 7.9 would return to play the game (like me)
  15. m4tt_

    Best looking ship in the game?

    Grozovoi anyone?