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  1. World of Warships retro version

    Those were the days
  2. Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    why not just let players sell premium ships they own for doubloons instead of all this about how much do I get from a package for a ship I already own. If you decide you want the doubloons then sell it. If you later want to buy it again then spend more real money
  3. Premium Ship Blues

    I salute you fellow rescue owner and the fine gentleman who gifted you the Hood. I don't know what they did to the Indy but I got a "high caliber" in it today. I used to be terrible in that ship but I just wanted to let people know it has improved and worth the effort to get if you have the time. People who don't have pets might not know but they can be expensive, the dog food certainly is, but they are worth every penny. I've had pets my whole life and it is a lot of fun. I'm doing fine financially no gifts necessary
  4. Top This... A Weekend Challenge to all

    Probably my best game. Hard to believe it was a loss but still fun
  5. the 202k is even more surprising since it was a tier 4,5 match. I didn't even think those numbers were possible at a lower tier like that. I start at A with C to my right. I sail up to A and launch some torps into smoke and sink a furutaka and phoenix. I then see their Langley CV and sink it, turn around back to A and sink a minekaze. The other side went through C with about half their fleet and pretty much piecemealed our group. Eventually it was me against 5 of the enemy. I don't remember how much time was left. I sink a Konig, Kongo and Wyoming, finally I run into a izyaslav and a New York. I sink the izyaslav with guns and time runs out before I can get the New York which fled the scene while I was battling the DD. We lost 830-820 give or take a few points. If I had been able to sink the izyaslav a little faster I might have had a chance at the New York. We had an Arkansas B that sank 2 of the enemy and played well. Nobody ran away to the corner or anything like that, about halfway through the match it all went wrong and my comeback fell a little short.
  6. best game ever in any ship not just DD. It was fun.
  7. A 2.0 sigma was one of the selling points, I'm having fun with the ship but if someone spent $75 and the sigma was one of the reasons then that person would be justified in their anger and should get a refund if they wish.
  8. Sounds like someone didn't get their participation trophy
  9. It's summer and there are no age restrictions so....that's pretty much your answer
  10. Thoughts on USS ARIZONA as a Playable ship

    That the Arizona is an internment I can see bothering some people but bringing in murder and concentration camps are not related in any way whatever. I've been to the Arizona memorial and there is still oil coming up from the ship. It's status as a memorial is a valid point but concentration camps and examples of governments mass murdering civilians is strained and insincere. It was a warship attacked by a foreign military not groups of civilians rounded up and murdered.
  11. Blyskawica or Molotov?

    The Molotov is the Tommy Hearns of cruisers, big punch and a glass jaw. It's a fun ship and the price is good for what you get. If I could only have one ship it would be the molotov. I have both but the molotov is unique, you will never feel outgunned.