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  1. Woo67

    Clan Battle Participation

    We have the same problem.
  2. Woo67

    1v1 Challenge!!

    I think He is right. 1 battle will prove nothing but one's skill. You would have to play multiple games to prove one ship is better then the other. Also each player should have a turn at playing both ships. Just my opinion. I also think if you made the challenge you need to play a 1v1.
  3. Woo67

    Realistic game.

    Not bashing anyone or trying to start any crap but i don't understand most of the people who talk about things in game being realistic. Do i think it would be fun? Sometimes it would. Wanting one thing realistic and not others like..Heavy seas or no island"s cause BB's and CV's didn't hide behind island's and most battles were fought in open water is kinda like wanting things to benefit you and not the game.
  4. Woo67

    Truly awful teams

    wow!!! That is sad.
  5. Woo67


    I learned to never fire torps in the direction of a friendly. That being said everyone should watch for torps at all times.
  6. Something should be done about the bots..period. What good are they if they just ram each other? Almost every time there is a DD bot on the players team they just ram the DD on the bot team.
  7. The Bismark should have this gun when you fire. At 2:25. i couldn't find a clip
  8. Woo67

    Commissioned Officer

    What can they do as far as making changes in the clan? Same as a real life Commissioned Officer?
  9. Woo67

    Submarines are Coming

    all good then...my bad i apologize . lmbo not a liberal and never giving up my guns
  10. Woo67

    Submarines are Coming

    " but then they ARE white." really? You turned a post about subs into something racist ?
  11. Woo67

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Do i look amused ? I don't feel amused.
  12. Woo67

    ST: New Map Bering Sea

    I'm loving them.
  13. Same thing here and i have no problem in WOWS EU or WOT NA/EU.