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  1. Woo67

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    So once again a ship that after 18 Phases you have to spend money for 19 and 20. Same sh%t different ship.
  2. Woo67


    Once you are sunk to you go back to port ? If so i would send a ticket in. Set some time aside to play even if it's 30 min, don't over load yourself with the game or life.
  3. Woo67


    Are you leaving the battle or leaving the game after you are sunk?
  4. Woo67


    The higher you get in Tiers in the game the longer the battles will last and if you keep leaving the battle you can get band once you get up in tiers. Players will report you. Suck but it's the truth. I would say either stop playing or find the time to finish the battles. Not trying to be an [edited]just pointing it out.
  5. Woo67


    You have played 35 battles in 14 months and have 4 ships. I would say don't play cause you will never get anywhere like that.
  6. Woo67


    I have seen a lot of players go hide behind an island and not do anything!! What they get out of it besides a little xp is beyond me
  7. Woo67

    Public Test of Update 0.9.2: Round 2

    I don't know why but I'm having no problems at all. Maybe it's the IP or something. I do have an issue with WGC not opening The test server but i just put the client on my desk top.
  8. Woo67

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    You beat me to it. It's a free to play game...they have to make money somehow. For every player that leaves how many join? Does it suck that players who have played for years and have put real money into the game have left? YES. Does it affect WG or the game? No.
  9. Woo67

    Still no brit heavy cruisers.

    Some got them some didn't. I got 2. They way it works is stupid.
  10. Woo67

    [ALL] ModStation

    Most likely because of WG having issues the Mod Station can't add everything back yet. I'm having the same issue. Just a thought.
  11. Woo67

    How many posts will it take

    So when you don't get what you want you attack the person? I have seen that somewhere before...
  12. Woo67

    How many posts will it take

    New soap opera. As WG turn's.
  13. Woo67

    [ALL] ModStation