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  1. Snipereagle23

    Aigle fan club thread

    So I cannot figure out how to play the Aigle to save my life. It's such an odd ship. I like gunboats, but she's not expert in either torpedoes or guns. Any tips for a French DD noob like me on how to play the Aigle?
  2. Snipereagle23

    Kagero — Japanese Tier VIII destroyer.

    Oh man look at that old screenshot.
  3. Heh, you say it's NOT OP but then you post this incredible results screen. :D
  4. Snipereagle23

    1/144 Remote-Controlled Aoba Build Log

    Sounds awesome! :D
  5. Snipereagle23

    1/144 Remote-Controlled Aoba Build Log

    Looks awesome! Will you be 3D printing anything?
  6. Snipereagle23

    I went on The Internet, and I found this...

    I was a part of the ground crew for these planes! Awesome experience.
  7. Snipereagle23

    Aigle fan club thread

    *slowly opens door* Hello? I uh...I just got the Aigle. I'll um...I'll return.
  8. Snipereagle23

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    "Who is this and why should I care" -Snipereagle
  9. Snipereagle23

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Burn baby.
  10. Snipereagle23

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Heeey I found my twin!
  11. Snipereagle23

    Death and valor on a warship doomed by its own Navy.

    I am...Extremely confused.
  12. Snipereagle23

    Forum Funnies

    The grumpy ship was a tier 7 Helena on my team in a tier 9 match. Poor guy.
  13. Snipereagle23

    Who have you seen in game

    Same to you @bassmasta76 ! It was a good one.