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  1. Snipereagle23

    ST, European destroyers

    Swedish line with lend-lease
  2. Snipereagle23

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    Midway operation when?
  3. Snipereagle23

    What is the best cruiser line?

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the USN and French light cruisers. I'm not a heavy cruiser kind of guy, and the French have a little bit of everything. I like ships that can easily change position or roles depending on the battle dynamic. The French, with their excellent speed, all-around guns, and decent AA, coupled with a very reasonable consumable selection. The only downsides to this are of course paper-thin armor and no radar. But the main battery reload booster is so trollish if you pop up on a DD in a cap. You can shred them easily. The Americans have radar and fast firing guns, which make them all the more fun. A bit tankier than the French, but not by much.
  4. Snipereagle23

    Scharnhorst Located

    Really makes you think, doesn't it?
  5. Snipereagle23

    Scharnhorst Located

    Flag ship of Graf Spee. What a beautiful vessel. Glad they found her.
  6. Snipereagle23

    Smolensk in Ranked

    It has a 8% fire chance, which can be brought up to 10% with IFHE & fire signals. Of course it's a better fire starter, it's like dropping sixteen matches on an already burning pool of gas every 3 seconds.
  7. Snipereagle23

    Smolensk in Ranked

    Smolensk does not work consistently. It's either a good battle or a bad one. And my complaint isn't just about Ranked battles. It's about the entire damn game.
  8. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Buffalo Seems like someone likes AP rounds a little too much.
  9. Snipereagle23

    Smolensk in Ranked

    Mino is a good counter-ship to the Smol. That AP will tear through the armor. I've never liked facing Smols, Minos, or Woosters. I think they're too overpowered for the game. The current meta in WoWs is just spraying and praying until you eventually kill your opponent, which I do not like. I think that careful planning and long-range salvos show more skill than 16 guns that reload every 3 seconds. Even the Des Moines is a ridiculous ship. I think that on a general level reload times on cruisers need to be nerfed by a lot. Destroyers that have smaller guns and less damage are fine, but a Des with high caliber guns slinging AP at a broadside Battleship is just overpowered.
  10. Snipereagle23

    Smolensk in Ranked

    Mino is really close to Smolensk in my opinion. Same spam guns, smoke, etc.
  11. Snipereagle23

    Smolensk in Ranked

    Obviously this doesn't always happen in a random matchup. And I do play American DDs.
  12. Snipereagle23

    Smolensk in Ranked

    Pushing a Smol only works if they don't kill you first, which rarely happens.
  13. Snipereagle23

    Smolensk in Ranked

    Smolensk in ranked is getting ridiculous. You can't contest caps with a Smolensk nearby because he'll just bear down on you knowing he has the firepower advantage and will tear you apart in less than 15 seconds. I am a DD player in ranked and my role is to capture points, but how the hell am I supposed to do that with a Smolensk nearby? As soon as the Smol sees I am contesting a cap, he'll pull up, launch torps, pop hydro, and just let go the trigger. Boom. Dead. No help to the team whatsoever. What about BBs? Good luck even being able to hit her while the smoke active. You'd have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack. That is of course if your dispersion isn't bad enough already where you can't hit anything. If you try and bow tank her, she'll just burn you like a bad sausage. If you try and citadel her, most likely it will either go perfectly or just harmlessly bounce off a broadside at a perfectly good range. On top of this, whenever I see a Smolensk in a random battle on the opposing team I know I'm not going to have a good round. It overpowers any other ship in the game, with fire chance that goes to the Moon, 10 8km torpedoes total, and the already mentioned fire-rate. The primary problem with Smolensks in Ranked is how often you see them. In the 10 games I've played tonight, I've seen 14 Smolensks. Four-teen. It's not just a good premium ship, it's an idiot-proof ship. Granted, it does have it's flaws, and I understand how you Smolensk fans out there pride yourself in your skill ... but what's so hard about just aiming and holding down the mouse while you rack up hundreds of target hits? She has a heavily armored citadel that allows Smolensk captains to absorb or bounce damage from large guns while maintaining the small-profile needed to easily dodge shells in the first place. If a Smol is in smoke and moving around, it's almost impossible to get a consistent penetration and/or citadel. There's no counter to the Smolensk besides luck of the dice. If you shoot a 16" gun and it hits a Smol dead on, it will either citadel or overpen, usually overpen. And that's if you don't get deleted before you even get a chance to fire a full salvo. 11% fire chance with DE and flags means you will have to fight hard to even manage to properly face off against a Smolensk. Honestly WG, remove the torpedoes or just give her really short-range like basically every other Soviet Cruiser has. Yeet that 70mm armor plate and slice it in half lengthwise. Give her 30mm. Kill the smokescreen & Hydro. Give her Def AA and a fighter/spotter to compensate for her short-range instead. And for the love of God and BB players everywhere, increase her reload to at LEAST 5 seconds. Remove this ship from the Arsenal and premium shop until you get your damn act together and fix her fatal flaws. Save BB and DD players everywhere. Kill the Smolensk. Burn it into the ground like it burns those around it. Torpedo it until the magazine detonates. Bury it into infamy.
  14. Snipereagle23

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    Last year I got a Tirp B, going to be interesting this time around. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  15. Snipereagle23

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I am thankful for this game giving me countless hours of joy, (and yes, sometimes rage) with friends and clan-mates. I have found a community of people who share my same interest and it's a wonderful experience. WoWs is without a doubt one of the best games I have ever played. I would be thankful for a USS Torsk Premium. That would be my ultimate WoWs dream, seeing that boat become a reality; But since that's not possible ... a Georgia would be a welcome surprise in my port this year.