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  1. But...But... Dasha is an Eagle! And everyone loves dasha! :P
  2. Good lord could a moderator please lock this topic please? I was mad a few months ago, and I posted stupid crap, but now it works again thanks to an emulator. Sorry for being a thorn in the Side guys.
  3. Half my ships are greyed out

    Lol Glad you figured it out. ;)
  4. EXACTLY. I don't have a complaint. I'm not going to buy W10 just for WoWs, which is the ONLY GAME I have issues with.
  5. I know. But I am not going to spend almost $100 when I didn't pay a damn thing for this game.
  6. Just look around the forum, there are hundreds of posts and topics about freezing, crashing, FPS problems... Etc.
  7. YES! SEE? All that blasted anti-virus stuff kills me!
  8. Not well, not well at all anymore. Don't waste your time. I have an 2015 27" Intel retina iMac and WoWs hates it. Just go buy a Windows key for $350 and use Bootcamp.
  9. Well, this is toxic. Just because I chose a different hardware, you're getting pissed off? What computer I use is my business, and the fact that WG ADVERTISED the wrapper as a "MAC game" means that it SHOULD WORK ON MAC!!
  10. EDIT: I'm not going to pay $350 for a Windows key
  11. Oh, well.. That doesn't help me.
  12. And you're on Mac??!! Tell me your secrets Senpai!
  13. Yup, I have a utility to monitor CPU usage as well as temp. Yeah, MBPs run hot all the time. I have a double fan and heatsink stand for mine, and it still runs hot.
  14. Well, you are certainly entitled to that opinion. But I assume you are using a PC, and therefore have no problems with this game.