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  1. In my two free ones I got 50 signals and 300 dubloons. Disappointing, but it's free, and I did get a free Tirpitz for Black Friday, so I'm okay.
  2. Snipereagle23

    V-170, overlooked super-ship?

    I'll check it out again, thanks.
  3. Snipereagle23

    V-170, overlooked super-ship?

    Yeah, I heard so much bad stuff about the T-22 that I didn't even buy it.
  4. Snipereagle23

    V-170, overlooked super-ship?

    (V-22?) Do you mean T-22? There's no DD with that name. If you mean V-25, I enjoyed the V-25, G-101, and of course the V-170. I have the same number of kills/battles in my 170.
  5. Snipereagle23

    Question for 60% of all DD users

    Exactly this. If the enemy DD has radar cruisers or more DDs covering him, I'm not going to open fire so I can get unspotted more easily. That being said, I am a gunboat DD captain, so it is very hard to control my urge to just start pounding enemies with my artillery.
  6. Snipereagle23

    V-170, overlooked super-ship?

    Where do they start to go downhill?
  7. Snipereagle23

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "I can see you, Sailor. Swab the deck better."
  8. Snipereagle23

    Tirpitz mission for Tirpitz B

    Agreed. I mean, I got it free so..can't complain.
  9. Snipereagle23

    Tirpitz mission for Tirpitz B

    But why? I don't see any point.
  10. Snipereagle23

    I miss Submarines

    "I miss Submarines" *cough* *cough* "Anyone hear when we will be getting them in the regular game?" *COUGH* Probably...Never? I don't know, I mean...The event was a blast and all, but it will be a looong time until (if) submarines are released into randoms. I guess keep dreaming?
  11. So I just got the Tirpitz B in one of the containers from the "Thankful And Grateful" combat missions, (yaaaaay!!!) and right after that I got this personal assignment: I can't use the Tirpitz B to complete it, so why was I even issued the mission in the first place? Kinda confused here.
  12. Snipereagle23

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "I can't caption that"
  13. Snipereagle23

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Excuse me sir, do you really think that selling a flaming bird will get you customers?
  14. Snipereagle23

    Yamato 20 inch guns

  15. Snipereagle23

    Caption the profile image above you.