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  1. Snipereagle23

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Is periscope depth not a thing anymore? Or does it just count as a "surface level?"
  2. Snipereagle23

    Smolensk in Ranked

    I am amazed people even care after four months.
  3. Snipereagle23

    LEGO USS Intrepid 1:600th

    I design almost 100% of my builds in LDD before I build them irl. It is very easy to accurately plan and design a large-scale build and then order the missing parts later with an endless amount of bricks.
  4. Snipereagle23

    LEGO USS Intrepid 1:600th

    Oh wow, that's a real in-depth question. There are so many variables and techniques that go into builds like this. I am what you would consider an average LEGO designer, and by no sense of the word an expert, but if there's one tip I would give to fellow LEGO builders: Is to never think of LEGO as a black & white. If you find a roadblock in a build, find a way around it. The number of connections and techniques that can be used are astronomical. Never approach a build and look at it in one dimension. Think about how you can improve every time you crack open your collection. By the way, I have other maritime builds and other related LEGO shenanigans over on my Flickr page. Thanks for visiting and letting me know your thoughts!
  5. Snipereagle23

    LEGO USS Intrepid 1:600th

    Yeah, she was an interesting ship. Beautiful to be sure but not without her flaws. It would be nice to see her in the game as a premium, though.
  6. Snipereagle23

    LEGO USS Intrepid 1:600th

    For some reason the post in my signature related to this same ship was deleted, not sure why. So this is a re-post of the original build. I created this ship over a period of two weeks from start-to-finish, including the digital design process, all the way back in early 2018. Once the build was complete, I took the finished model to New York City on a trip of mine and photographed it next to the larger LEGO model that they have there made by Ed Diment. It is still alive today, sitting in a water base on my display desk, waiting for the time she will be needed in combat again. Without further ado, I present to you the USS Intrepid in 1:600th scale. USS Intrepid, "The Fighting I" 1943 configuration Type: Essex Class Aircraft Carrier Commissioned: August 16th, 1943 Decommissioned: March 15h, 1974 Re-Commisoned/refitted to attack carrier: CVA-11 (October 1st, 1952) Struck: February 23rd, 1982 Fate: Museum ship currently berthed on the Hudson River in the United States.
  7. Snipereagle23

    Pikohan's Kwality Kontent Korner v2

    Oh hey a fellow LEGO maritime modeler. Nice to see your builds, but I can't actually identify that one. Looks stubby but sleek at the same time, if that makes sense. Is it a Kongo?
  8. Snipereagle23

    1:350 Pola - Hobby boss kit

    You really improved on the original molding, and that's quite nice. Well done. :)
  9. Snipereagle23

    Bismacrk drawing!

    That is a really cool style and I love the fluid-feel of the whole piece. Awesome job!
  10. Snipereagle23

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Free to play player, so I only have around thirty one ships. All of my premiums have been acquired either through ship marathons or the arsenal. I almost have enough coal for Georgia, just counting down until I can acquire her.
  11. Snipereagle23

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    Midway operation when?
  12. Snipereagle23

    What is the best cruiser line?

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the USN and French light cruisers. I'm not a heavy cruiser kind of guy, and the French have a little bit of everything. I like ships that can easily change position or roles depending on the battle dynamic. The French, with their excellent speed, all-around guns, and decent AA, coupled with a very reasonable consumable selection. The only downsides to this are of course paper-thin armor and no radar. But the main battery reload booster is so trollish if you pop up on a DD in a cap. You can shred them easily. The Americans have radar and fast firing guns, which make them all the more fun. A bit tankier than the French, but not by much.
  13. Snipereagle23

    Scharnhorst Located

    Really makes you think, doesn't it?
  14. Snipereagle23

    Scharnhorst Located

    Flag ship of Graf Spee. What a beautiful vessel. Glad they found her.
  15. Snipereagle23

    Smolensk in Ranked

    It has a 8% fire chance, which can be brought up to 10% with IFHE & fire signals. Of course it's a better fire starter, it's like dropping sixteen matches on an already burning pool of gas every 3 seconds.