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  1. Elluvon

    Three Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    I'm just surprised it took this long. The three days of premium are nice, but it would be nice to know that the company cares about the game's problems more than letting this bug fester for two months. Guess that's the way it works.
  2. Elluvon

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Is periscope depth not a thing anymore? Or does it just count as a "surface level?"
  3. Elluvon

    Smolensk in Ranked

    I am amazed people even care after four months.
  4. Elluvon

    LEGO USS Intrepid 1:600th

    I design almost 100% of my builds in LDD before I build them irl. It is very easy to accurately plan and design a large-scale build and then order the missing parts later with an endless amount of bricks.
  5. Elluvon

    LEGO USS Intrepid 1:600th

    Oh wow, that's a real in-depth question. There are so many variables and techniques that go into builds like this. I am what you would consider an average LEGO designer, and by no sense of the word an expert, but if there's one tip I would give to fellow LEGO builders: Is to never think of LEGO as a black & white. If you find a roadblock in a build, find a way around it. The number of connections and techniques that can be used are astronomical. Never approach a build and look at it in one dimension. Think about how you can improve every time you crack open your collection. By the way, I have other maritime builds and other related LEGO shenanigans over on my Flickr page. Thanks for visiting and letting me know your thoughts!
  6. Elluvon

    LEGO USS Intrepid 1:600th

    Yeah, she was an interesting ship. Beautiful to be sure but not without her flaws. It would be nice to see her in the game as a premium, though.
  7. Elluvon

    LEGO USS Intrepid 1:600th

    For some reason the post in my signature related to this same ship was deleted, not sure why. So this is a re-post of the original build. I created this ship over a period of two weeks from start-to-finish, including the digital design process, all the way back in early 2018. Once the build was complete, I took the finished model to New York City on a trip of mine and photographed it next to the larger LEGO model that they have there made by Ed Diment. It is still alive today, sitting in a water base on my display desk, waiting for the time she will be needed in combat again. Without further ado, I present to you the USS Intrepid in 1:600th scale. USS Intrepid, "The Fighting I" 1943 configuration Type: Essex Class Aircraft Carrier Commissioned: August 16th, 1943 Decommissioned: March 15h, 1974 Re-Commisoned/refitted to attack carrier: CVA-11 (October 1st, 1952) Struck: February 23rd, 1982 Fate: Museum ship currently berthed on the Hudson River in the United States.
  8. Elluvon

    Pikohan's Kwality Kontent Korner v2

    Oh hey a fellow LEGO maritime modeler. Nice to see your builds, but I can't actually identify that one. Looks stubby but sleek at the same time, if that makes sense. Is it a Kongo?
  9. Elluvon

    1:350 Pola - Hobby boss kit

    You really improved on the original molding, and that's quite nice. Well done. :)
  10. Elluvon

    Bismacrk drawing!

    That is a really cool style and I love the fluid-feel of the whole piece. Awesome job!
  11. Elluvon

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Free to play player, so I only have around thirty one ships. All of my premiums have been acquired either through ship marathons or the arsenal. I almost have enough coal for Georgia, just counting down until I can acquire her.
  12. Elluvon

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    Midway operation when?
  13. Elluvon

    What is the best cruiser line?

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the USN and French light cruisers. I'm not a heavy cruiser kind of guy, and the French have a little bit of everything. I like ships that can easily change position or roles depending on the battle dynamic. The French, with their excellent speed, all-around guns, and decent AA, coupled with a very reasonable consumable selection. The only downsides to this are of course paper-thin armor and no radar. But the main battery reload booster is so trollish if you pop up on a DD in a cap. You can shred them easily. The Americans have radar and fast firing guns, which make them all the more fun. A bit tankier than the French, but not by much.
  14. Elluvon

    Scharnhorst Located

    Really makes you think, doesn't it?
  15. Elluvon

    Scharnhorst Located

    Flag ship of Graf Spee. What a beautiful vessel. Glad they found her.