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  1. Nope there has been some kind of nerf. Plyed a battle in coop with tirp b and should have got 200k credits before cost and only got 120k credits, played a bunch of other ships and even with spectacular dmg credits were far below what they were.
  2. I play for fun and randoms ceased being fun long ago for me at least. I am not a bad player but man the hiding was just to boring and support haha you have great support till a ship is spotted then you are all alone as everyone retreats and hides. Now they have changed economy again wth wargaming, you could actually creep up slowly in coop now it seems you are getting half of what you did a week ago.
  3. Shambul

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Wait till you get the haragumo I like both but the 2 extra guns makes a huge diff.
  4. Shambul

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    here is a 7 kill game and one of my top scoring coop game.
  5. Shambul

    Can you give someone 2 karma?

    yeah seems you can only up vote or down vote the same person 1 time a day
  6. Shambul

    Achievments for Co-op

    I have gotten 7 kills 1 time did not screenshot it but it is in my records for coop.
  7. Shambul

    Mystified a bit about Karma points

    Well I have 78 karma and the higher your karma the more reports you can give I have 9 per day I can use now
  8. Shambul

    COOP achievments

    Being able to get an achievement in the coop battles with the four bag haul is nice. Is there any way after the event that includes this ends to keep a achievement like this or add others to coop games it is nice to receive a reward for doing well in coops. I stopped playing pvp games after 8500 battles due to tiredness of mad people who do nothing but complain and report lowering your karma. Not that I was a great player or bad player I had a high 54% win rate but got sick of the constant nagging. I play coop strictly now and am enjoying the much more pleasant people in it and way more people play it then I thought. Some sort of achievements and rewards would be nice.
  9. Why did I not receive rewards for the last RN event that took place from 11th to 17th. I finished in superior league and should have gotten 3 RN crates.
  10. Harugumo eats planes specced the way I have it and yes only way to beat em is charge em with a more ships then they can kill