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  1. CrypticTaco

    Jean Bart Black Worth?

    sadly not im a player from eu on na servers due to my american friends lol
  2. CrypticTaco

    Jean Bart Black Worth?

    agreed christmas time is great for prem time normally.... but feel jean b can be a safe bet as ur always gonna be printing creds as oppose to prem time which helps the ship grind but not the cred issues im currently facing as i have tons of exp flags but no creds to buy not to mention i also feel atleast with jean b i can play at my lesiure as a oppose to getting prem time and feeling i have to play for that month
  3. CrypticTaco

    Jean Bart Black Worth?

    just had to bust out the star wars gif..... now i gotta...
  4. CrypticTaco

    Jean Bart Black Worth?

    wish u didnt quote that video... cause damm.... thats why i started questioning if i wanted one lol... also got them azur lane commanders to train up... was gonna but also heard it got a like silent nerf? idk if thats true or not tho
  5. CrypticTaco

    Jean Bart Black Worth?

    not alot of battles under my belt (although getting more into it) how was it to learn and get good with? tirpitz with basically all special flags was printing 200-450k on a fairly good game
  6. CrypticTaco

    Jean Bart Black Worth?

    Basically as the title asks, ive got a tirpitz and a indianapolis (which im really regreting i ever got them years ago...) just looking for a solid credit printer and a more so fun ship asides from the credit potential. Thanks in Advance!
  7. CrypticTaco

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    not 100% sure, i would assume both take cuts but as its been said marketing dont seem to control the prices? (which who the hell prices this then?) and they prob got into a collab and AL didnt get a say in prices
  8. CrypticTaco

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    Nice to see some clarification on how to obtain azuma, let us know if wg decide to stop charging a small fortune for some AL Commanders.
  9. CrypticTaco

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    no one is asking for free? we are asking to have a fair lootbox or be sold as individual commanders?
  10. CrypticTaco

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    see alot of non anime fans say whats the big deal? its the fact they are as its been said "PREDATORY" they are preying on AL Fans (which is massive) and looking to shake them down for cash, its disgusting...
  11. CrypticTaco

    Do NOT Buy Azur Lane Containers

    honestly wouldnt of minded random commanders, if the dupes just didnt exist... till u obtained all other commanders
  12. CrypticTaco

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    got paid today, got bills but thought fk em i will get some AL commanders but not at this price i would as much as it pains me pay the lootbox cost for 1 commander i want, not for this rng crap.. its a joke...
  13. CrypticTaco

    PSA: Azur Lane packages on Premium Shop now

    shame i got into AL cause of this game and now cant even get the commanders i want without literally spending hundreds, part of me is saying just get one box but i ethier wont get the commander i want or if i do i will go into the blackhole of gambling hoping to get the other 3 i would want.