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  1. Yeah, I was amused by this. History, in the form of the rendering issue, repeats itself, first as bug, now as feature.
  2. Lillehuntrix

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    I guess I'm just curious what WG already has on the shelves. Take the bot DDs in Raptor Rescue (please). No, they are still not the equivalent of a competent human player - they still use their guns at inopportune times and otherwise get themselves detected. But from what I remember they actually launch torps from range (rather than Zerg-charging to 2 km), they cycle back out of range for reloads, etc. Something between bot passivity and the completely linear aggressiveness that we currently have.
  3. Lillehuntrix

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I think this is my first Coop game above 1000 base xp: I don't know what things will be like after the CV rework, but I suspect I'll miss being fed squadron after squadron.
  4. Lillehuntrix

    Home for Ovechkin?

    For the Russian Ovechkin, training him to some mid-tier DD (Izyaslav through Kiev) and then using him on Gremy, Okhotnik, or Leningrad would be the best way to leverage both his improved skills, I think
  5. Lillehuntrix


    Can't you have about 25 tacos for that?
  6. Lillehuntrix

    RN directives could use some creativity...

    I did get 5000 fxp out of one, which is better than a kick in the head.
  7. Lillehuntrix

    commander points

    10, with the exception of the mandatory IFHE ships where you generally want 14.
  8. I came nowhere near the top ranks in the season just ended, but I agree with you. It's your achievement, and you should be able to enjoy it in all its aspects (including your display on the team results screen) for something like the standard interval, measured in weeks or months and not days. WG should have found a different way of signaling progress in Ranked Sprint. I think what this means is that ranks earned in regular Ranked don't grant you stars at the beginning of Ranked Sprint, and ranks earned in Ranked Sprint have no effect at the beginning of the next regular Ranked season.
  9. Lillehuntrix


    You've been unlucky, then. 8% fire chance on DD guns is fairly high.
  10. Lillehuntrix

    Weekend spree

    I was finishing up KGV to take advantage of the RN-everything-else sale. Sunday was a bit frustrating, with two games in a row ruined by red Asashios Game 1: Trap. We have a B/C spawn, and what looks like a B/C push. The first moments of the game go well, as an enemy Donskoi gets too aggressive in B cap and is focus fired down. But then the cruisers near the middle continue behind the islands to C cap, while the two dds who spawned B run off to A, take it, and then stay there for the rest of the match, providing no intelligence. Eventually our Cossack loses a gun fight with an Akatsuki. The result is the vaunted "let the Asashio sail straight through the center of the map and torp the BBs" strategy. We tried to run - I eventually made him chase me to C after the Red Sea had parted, but we also had lost that cap, and Izumo/Cleveland isn't necessarily what you want to try to take on in a 40% health KGV. Game 2: Two Brothers, domination, CV game, with only one DD (Kagero for us, Asashio for them). Rather than doing anything in the vicinity of a cap, our Kagero camps the middle passage for 11 minutes and then goes off to chase the CV. The rest is predictable.
  11. Lillehuntrix

    Does anyone play Arms Race?

    It does count toward Royal Navy, just not the campaigns (still doing Halsey myself) or the unique module grinds. Seattle is a new ship to me, and I've taken it into Arms Race a few times to try to grind out the B hull and range upgrade, and to try to get some more captain xp for my 11-pointer the "natural" way before having to blow elite captain xp to get him to 14 pts and IFHE. Perhaps this says something about my attitude toward Arms Race.
  12. Lillehuntrix

    The Moskva ranked experience

    I can't argue with success. I generally tried to radar support caps when the spawn was near the neutral cap, but usually found the long rush to the neutral C cap on, what is it, Hotspot (?) a bit too exposed and so usually camped the home island and tried to hit the sides of red ships making the A-->C or B-->C transition. You've basically described the difficulty I had with the Donskoi-Moskva transition. Moskva's a great kiter if you can get to a position to keep everything at an angle without getting wrecked in the process; it is getting there I find a problem.
  13. I don't take Ranked very seriously - I don't have the time or the willpower. This season, I played 36 games overall, got to rank 11 and my last infusion of doubloons and steel on Saturday, and called it a season. I also don't play tier 10 a lot. So this season, after a single game in my trusty Takao to get to rank 15, I elected to play a ship I got over a year ago, played a few matches in, and basically put down - because I still have more experience in that ship than in any of my other (DM) or newer (Hindy, Zao, Khab) tier 10s: Moskva. And it was a challenge, not gonna lie. The "good" is that I won more than I lost: 19/35, or 54%, although with that tiny sample size that doesn't mean much. The "bad" - well, where to start? I certainly wasn't doing a lot of damage (a few decent games), nor did I get many kills at all. I think I was top of my team twice in wins, and once in a loss at rank 15 0 stars when my star was safe anyway, so I never saved a star; I was also toward the bottom of the scoreboard in wins plenty of times. My most "successful" games consisted of something like the following: find an island to protect my side, face tank 80K damage, 2 million+ potential, get Dreadnought, and do 30-80K in return while holding a position, allowing the rest of my team hopefully to do something useful on the other flank. Occasionally, when the enemy team attempted one of those wide swings around the map that take 11 minutes to develop, I got to indulge in the kiting variation of this. A lot of my wins were positional: wins where we held two caps with the 4-5 surviving enemy ships unable or unwilling to do much about it. A lot of my unsuccessful games were games in which I had to operate outside this relatively narrow comfort band. I'm trying to figure out how to interpret this experience. Multiple answers are possible: I can't play Moskva well, and got lucky. Fully with you there; it has been a tough ship to figure out; Moskva is a bad ship for ranked, even if one does play it well, for all the obvious reasons: horrible concealment, soft sides, turns like a bus, bad relative DPM, no torpedoes, not Stalingrad. I should have brought something else, regardless of my relative comfort level; The sort of positional play I describe is useful if somewhat team-dependent, and Moskva is a good choice for it, even if the value of this play is not rewarded in base xp; The sort of positional play I describe is useful, but I could have accomplished roughly the same thing by flank-kiting in another cruiser. More than an analysis of my own play, however, I'd like to hear from anyone who went deep into ranked with Moskva. My understanding is that it was not a popular choice at the lower tiers, but maybe there are some exceptions on the forum?
  14. Lillehuntrix

    British DD bonus ships are ruining the game.

    On the whole, I prefer the graduated release. I remember a tier 8 match the week the German BBs showed up that was 8 battleships, a tier 6 cruiser, and 3 destroyers vs. 9 battleships and 3 destroyers. I was in the Budyonny. It should die down in a bit. But if I were going to complain about something, I might flag the specific RN DD missions that ask for ships spotted or spotting damage--which, yes, do encourage some amount of yolo as the DDs try to beat others on their team to the front.
  15. Lillehuntrix

    Cossack is weak? seems so

    I wouldn't draw the same conclusions. Cossack, at this point in the long RN arc, is only available through purchase. Lightning, on the other hand, is available by throwing money at it (buy enough RN containers and you should eventually--eventually--get one), but also through play to some random assortment of players who get lucky with their RN chests. But players earning more RN chests, by completing all the quests and placing high in the Hall of Fame each week, are more likely to get lucky in this way--and these are likely to be the players playing more, better, or both. Conclusion: I would imagine that the bias toward better players is higher in the case of Lightning, at this point, than Cossack, and it might be too early to tell which will be perceived as better in six months.