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  1. Krasny Krym

    But both Bogatyr and Svietlana see a lot less 25mm plate than Krazny Krym does. I can run BFT, DE, and AFT on my 130mm Bogatyr, burn all the things from range, and still do some alpha, without IFHE. Against the tier 6-7 BBs that Krazny Krym sees you feel its lack.
  2. Krasny Krym

    I got one out of a SC as well a month or two back - I suspect it was decided that there need to be more in the world, so the drop chance went way up. Every ship is special, every ship is great...but yeah. To the limited extent I've played it, only in coop, I feel like it wants CE, AFT, and IFHE, which means I've been switching off between my Donskoi captain (CE/IFHE) and my Udaloi captain (CE/AFT). Because when you have a dedicated 18-point captain for the Krazny Krym, you officially have too much time on your hands and/or a martyr complex that should really be scratched in other, more socially productive ways.
  3. Tachibana Lima port slot?

    So it is so much SOP that WG simply forgot to mention it? Good, thanks. As you can tell, a slot or two would not be unappreciated right now - yeah, I know, they're on sale. I should get a few out of the cruiser split; the question is whether I can wait that long.
  4. Tachibana Lima port slot?

    Can anyone tell me, based on having completed the mission, whether the Tachibana Lima reward comes with a port slot? Such is not stated, but it wouldn't be unusual. If not, I guess Bellerophon, I never knew ye. Really, I didn't.
  5. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    I'll try to look on the bright side here. We've been trying to figure out what's next after the USN CA/CL split and the completion of the Akizuki line, assuming that the CV rework is somewhat running on its own dynamic. Is it possible that the absence of Haida is a tell on the proximity of RN DDs? LWM's argument for why Haida should come out before the RN DD line is unassailable - but unless I'm missing something, it is not what is happening with Boise/Nueve de Julio/USN CLs. Boise appeared on the horizon as a Helena near-clone only with the USN CL line already pending, and 9.Julio, as the first ship of a new South American "nation" (presumably without crosstraining capacity with USN) is only coming into view now. In other words, marketing logic notwithstanding, WG may be making a different decision. I finish reading this thread and, while I'm sad about no Haida by July 1, I'm somewhat more hopeful that soon(tm) in the case of RN DDs may actually be soon, and that it is possible that Haida appears in conjunction.
  6. The most humiliating way to die...

    Seeing torpedoes coming 5 km out and still missing the gap. In a destroyer. Spatial judgment is not my strong suit; IKEA and I have a poor relationship.
  7. I don't spend a great deal of time on the clan recruitment page, but are established clans, beyond those that are simply oil collectives like my own ("No hugging, no learning"), clamoring to provide instruction to new, bad, or casual players? Or are such players shut out from where good players tend to congregate by even these clans' minimal minimal requirements? If @Finnkax does make his clan, which will be transitional for new players by design, it will collect in one place ca. 30-50 newer players thereby expressing a modicum of desire to learn, and offer a grand opportunity for clans full of excellent players who think newbies should only learn from excellent players to put their money where their mouths are at by poaching them. So: 42% win rate, 300 battles - come get 'em while they're fresh and train them up. Or is that not going to happen? In which case it seems to me we are critiquing a good idea for its failure to be perfect.
  8. March to Kronshtadt

    749,846 free xp as of this moment; the single credit might be a problem as I have some purchases planned for the weekend. But assuming I can swing it, Musashi or Kronstadt...hmm, decisions decisions.
  9. PTS Halsey mission: I was wrong.

    I generally find Type 6 to be great for grinding mid-tier ships, because I try not to pump commander XP until I have the captain on his final ship to avoid excess retraining costs, and because I save free XP bonuses for +100% or greater bonus weekends. And one can often get a supply of Type 6 out of the PTS.
  10. Larger numbers and symbols

    I'm probably in the minority here, but I wish they had stuck with three or four letter symbols - with a slightly larger font - for ship names on the minimap rather than spelling them out entirely.
  11. Where Do You Plan On Putting Franz?

    I just unlocked the FdG, and am debating whether to move up the secondary spec captain from Bismarck or grab a 10-pointer and begin more of a main guns/zombie captain for the end of the line - in the latter case could be von Jutland.
  12. How do I turn off the taunt screen?

    Personally, I don't care much about the badges either way. I like my panther well enough (and will not change, whatever emblems I qualify for), but I don't care if anyone else can see it after I sink them. I see no reason why WG should not create a disable option for the badges in the same way as has been done for anime and fantasy (Halloween, space) content. "Disaster" is certainly hyperbolic. But a lot of things that people say here about WoWS are hyperbolic - this is, after all, essentially the complaint desk for WoWS. If you work at the Sears complaint desk (is there still a complaint desk? is there still a Sears?), you hear a lot of hyperbole about toasters that don't function. It kind of comes with the territory. So no, the badges are not a "disaster," but there is no reason to single out anyone who has made that particular statement. The Graf Zeppelin launch, the Humble Bundle, Alabamagate, the Belfast ranked season, and having a 32% WR Essex on your team (or the matchmaker that permits this) are also not disasters if we adopt real world standards in which only Syria, tsunamis, and the Spanish Flu need apply. If we'd like to turn this forum into a no-hyperbole zone, I'm all for that - there is all too much complaining. But let's leap together, shall we?
  13. If you buy Pensa, NOLA, and Baltimore now (at 10% off full price for the first two, due to clan discount) you will be credited for one duplicate each of Pensa, NOLA, and Baltimore after the split - at full price, I believe. HOWEVER, you will be credited with the new downtiered version of each ship - so you'll be credited for a T6 Pensa, a T7 NOLA, and a T8 Baltimore, not the tier 7-9 versions. I haven't done the math, but I this transaction alone will generate a loss for you - possibly in the 10-11 mil range. But then you will have the opportunity to sell the new replacement ships at some point for the usual 50% of list (or 45% of list because of your clan discount), assuming you want to end up with something like your current port in which you are not holding the tier 7-9 ships. This should reduce your loss or turn it into a slight profit. (If you were to sell only the new tier 6-8 after the split, keeping the Buffalo, you would net maybe 8 million - so, a 3 or so mil credit loss overall. If you sell the Buffalo too, you are well into the black.) And then of course there are the other benefits discussed - new captains, port slots, etc. So from a pure credit POV, it kind of depends on what you want to keep after the split.
  14. Part 2 public test

    I think this is exactly what will happen. What I'm wondering is whether the Cleveland is just going to be an isolated T8 silver ship for the duration of 0.7.5, or whether it will be treated temporarily as a premium ship (as the pre-release French BBs available through personal missions were) until 0.7.6 drops. Both have their advantages and disadvantages - you either have to retrain now or retrain later.