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  1. Zao: AFT any good?

    I'm planning on trying MFCAA on mine, since the long range aura is strong relative to everything else.
  2. I'm about to get on a plane, but I'm looking forward to watching this. Your breakdowns are really good, and I most definitely have not figured this ship out.
  3. Weekend spree

    I've spent the whole +200% week grinding Ibuki, Dallas, Cleveland (in the scenario), and free xp via flag stacking, with a little bit of Saint-Louis and Kagero thrown in. Anyway, this leaves me 7000 xp away from unlocking Zao, and at 430k free xp relative to less than 100k before July 2. Other minor projects pursued with the scenario included grinding the Azur Lane Nelson from 6 to 10 skill points in preparation for British DDs. This was the highlight game of the weekend - a loss, naturally. And is Clan Wars going badly or something? Because Sunday featured a certain amount of gratuitous salt and whinging from players in top clans. Item #1: guy starts in at one minute mark addressing the team as "dumb Americans," which, you know, is hardly a strategy to win friends and influence people. And while he did very well and had some valid points, he did very well playing the entire game 10-12 kilometers behind C cap in a range-spamming Hindenburg, which is hardly a position from which you have much right to tell others to be more aggressive. Item #2, Cherry Blossom: guy in a Kutuzov sails out alone in front of the carriers toward the northern aerodrome, gets wrecked by torpedo bombers, and complains while insulting everyone that none of the AA cruisers came to save him - because, you know, when a ship sails out alone and gets sunk it is always the team's fault. The rest of us stay in an overlapping AA bubble, roll up the Atago and the southern side of the bay, as one does, and win a 5-star victory with our four surviving ships. You have the skill; try some class, people.
  4. I am thinking about selling my Helena

    I'm grinding the Dallas even as I'm grinding the Cleveland. Looking forward to it, though still need to get its future captain up from 11 points. EDIT: And Dallas, btw - a better experience than expected.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    I think we need economic adjustments, such that destroyer play is better rewarded when both capping and doing torpedo damage are difficult. I think we need cultural adjustments, such that we don't, largely, evaluate destroyer players based chiefly on damage (as the stat sites tend to do). Since DD play is often about doing dirty and support work to win games, maybe DDs should simply get a higher win bonus? Some ships could probably use tweaks. Kagero is on my play list at present - would I turn down one or more of a) another knot or two of speed to get out of Dodge; b) another kilometer or two of torp range to displace radar ships with more than a 100m buffer; or even c) another kilometer of gun range so that I could smoke up and shoot DMs at 10 point something km and force them to push or retreat? No I would not. But I don't have any problem with radar as such. I don't think we need more of it, particularly when it comes through quick-fix balancing decisions - giving Indy DM radar or (for that matter) giving Lo Yang super-hydro. But I still think we're OK. Already I feel like the 5-6 radars per side meta of the last month and a half is beginning to abate, and within a month or two, we'll be back to historical ranges. (I remember playing mid-tier cruisers around September 2016, right after the KM BB release - and Dunkerque was right around then too, I think. Was it fun being the only cruiser with 7-8 BBs per team? It was interesting, certainly. But it passed.)
  6. Tier 9, Donskoi. See also: only ship I've broken 200K with (once).
  7. I see why cruisers are so OP now

    OP, it looks like you just got an Omaha? Congratulations; you are at the beginning of a long and fascinating journey. But really, try that and Dallas and/or Pensacola out for a while and then get back to us about how OP they all are.
  8. I took the second screenshot because it was over three minutes later, and new damage had just been added to my potential damage total. Our Haida, sitting roughly above my underwater wreck, had just dodged some shells, and I got a few thousand more to bring me over 900K at the 4:25 mark or so. Clearly I wasn't targeted, and if the game is just catching up, well, three minutes is a while.
  9. So I was dead in both of these - I led a push and got killed at least a minute before the first was taken. But members of my team continued to sail in the vicinity of my wreck, and as a result the enemy continued to shoot toward my last location. And as a result, potential damage continued to accrue long after I was gone - compare the time stamps and the two potential damage numbers.
  10. I'm playing through Ibuki and Saint-Louis now - both kiting cruisers - and for my money S-L is the superior practical fire starter over time and is much more survivable to boot. And when you can or need to go bow in and AP something, S-L is better at that, too. Basically what Ibuki has going for it are some devastating but hard to use torpedoes and concealment (which is vastly better, especially if the Frenchie is set up with double rudder), which one trades for a tendency to explode when looked at funny. If there is "no point" to S-L, basically someone from WG should be required to come to my house and give me a backrub for playing Ibuki
  11. Cherry Blossom.....How to 5 Star it.

    Apart from Cleveland, I'm personally a fan of choosing hydro, and premium hydro, on every other ship I run this operation with (Chapayev, Edinburgh, CM, even Baltimore). This might be a problem if there were not always at least three Clevelands on the team to deal with the planes...but there always are. One charge to be aggressive against the initial DDs, one charge for the DDs and Myokos by the Marines, and one charge when pushing into the bay with the aerodomes, Side question - is there a perfect aim point on the aerodomes? I've had wildly different results from salvos seeming fired at the same point - 30K one salvo, 5K the next (or 0 with Edinburgh, though Edinburgh can also put up the big numbers). It rarely matters - fire again - but still I'm curious.
  12. I'm thinking this makes more sense when you can count on there being a lot of other radar cruisers on your team than it will when that meta has died down some.
  13. Is spotting and capping XP bugged?

    In the interest of a data point, I had a Kagero game last weekend - no screenshots, unfortunately (you'll see why), so this is from memory. Tier 8 match, so no bonus from being low tier Something like 9K damage done, albeit some of that to an enemy DD. Probably a defense ribbon or two. 0 kills. Probably a few spotting ribbons, but 1100 (i.e., ridiculously low, I do remember that number) damage from spotting. Two caps - both credited with the "base capture" ribbon, though I may not have had 100% of the points. Something like 1300 base xp in the victory - which, considering, I thought more than fair. So, essentially, a game in which all I did was cap. I do think there are different built in expectations for different ships - maybe Kagero is being given a break? EDIT: Oh, I did shoot down three planes. So maybe a man-bites-dog base xp bonus?
  14. I also usually make it a point of pride to play through ships in randoms or, occasionally, ranked - beyond captain retraining in coop, which often unlocks me an upgrade or so. But Cherry Blossom is just tailor-made for Cleveland, and it is So Much Freakin' Farmville it's not even funny, so I'm in the process of making a bit of an exception. (Let's do the math here - let us imagine you are good enough to win 60% of the time in randoms and put up 2000 average base xp for a win and 1000 for a loss - so, around 1700 average base overall. Note how ambitious these numbers are for all but a select few. Meanwhile in Cherry Blossom five-star wins resulting in north of 1500 base are pretty much par; occasionally a bad team or bad luck with torpedoes drops that to, shudder, 1200-1300. And you can feel free to load up on economic flags without any real need to run performance signals.) Nice to know now that Seattle is painful.
  15. Spotting damage

    Does anyone know whether spotting damage xp also varies by type of ship spotted? In the same way that 20000 points of damage to destroyers is theoretically (other considerations being equal) worth a lot more than 20000 points of damage to battleships, spotting enemy destroyers so that your team can do 20000 points of damage is harder, riskier, and more valuable than spotting enemy battleships for the same 20K. Whether or not spotting damage is adequate in general, is this accounted for?