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  1. Chief003

    Winrate convergence

    When you say re-roll, are you saying starting over with a new account? If so, I agree with others above about not taking this route just to show a better winrate. My WR is average, however I know that I play the game far better today then I did when I start more than five plus years ago - as I expect most other experienced players are as well. What bugs me is the RNG rolls. Ship to ship, game to game, day to day is not the same experience - and I get it that that is by design. But shooting at another boat and splashing both sides on one day, and hitting cits like you are firing laser beams the next is frustrating for everyone. And, And...fires are too easy to start across the board. After X number of fires on a module (I'm thinking 2 or 3), that area of the ship should be 'burned out'. If you take this across all 4 areas of a ship that can burn, you are still looking at 8 to 12 possible fires on your ship each game (that's still a lot of fire damage!).
  2. Chief003

    Amazon Prime free containers lol

    Flags and camo..mhe
  3. Chief003

    Update 0.10.11: New Year

    "We have added new ships that can drop from Supercontainers and Steam Supercontainers." You can get a ship in a Supercontainer?! I haven't seen one of these in years.
  4. I go on vacation for a week and all hell breaks loose! How the hell did burnt toast, rookie moves by the communications officer and fingertip blisters turn into a ragging inferno that seems to have burned down the community?! I think we all get those new Premium ships, commanders and camo make money. And new maps, ops of the week and balancing of Fire mechanics don't. Killing off the community contributors that have helped info, shape, and expand the game is just bad business. You want to change the system, fine. But have a plan, publish it, and help everyone implement it. Its not rocket science, hell it’s not even nautical science. It’s building a strong crew and working collaboratively with those that are engage and want to have a role on the ship.
  5. Chief003

    Which Premium ships need to be buffed...

    Thunderer, Stalingrad and Smolensk all need a buff ...j/k... I do feel that a new German T10 premium DD should be a Torp boat with characteristics on par with Gearing and fully built detectability in the 5.5 - 5.8 range. There is no German T10 premium DD in the game, so let's create one.
  6. WG needs to post the lowest winning bid on coal. I get it that timing matters, but what amount did it take this round of auctions?
  7. Chief003

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Hello, thank you for the Waterline Updates. Any news/plans for updates to the operations section? It has been a significant time (nearly 2 years, I think?) since we had a new Operation of the Week.
  8. Chief003

    Clan Brawl flaw

    I don't think having mercenaries is a good thing for the game. But if this is to remain, and again I suggest it shouldn't, then the mercenary can not be a member of another clan (a merc is a sole warrior for hire, not a member of clan moonlighting with another clan).
  9. Chief003

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    1.2 million XP to grind a 19 pt Captain to 21 is crazy. I don't have 1.2 million elite xp so I can only earn a few hundred elite xp per match and at that rate it would take 2,400 to 5,000 matches to earn 1.2 million elite xp. This means YEARS before the casual player will achieve enough elite xp to move just 1 captain from 19 points to 21 points. This is nuts!
  10. Chief003

    Rebalancing the German DD line

    Good points all around here. I would add that I would like to see the torp angle improved for the T8 - T10 German DDs. Currently you have to show a lot of broadside in order to get your torps off. This alone would help with some of the playability issues raised in this thread - detection range, offensive and defensive capabilities that result in higher survivability in close in engagements and at range when radared.
  11. If you're interested, TOG (The Old Guys) is recruiting older captains who have prior military service or are a first responder.  Check out our website at https://theoldguys.enjin.com for more details and our clan application.