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  1. SpeedySpeedBoi

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I am thankful towards everyone involved in the process of creating any of the T10 cruisers. Cruisers, especially those at T10, are by-far the class I have the most fun in playing with. I love the playstyles of most of them, as well as how strong they can be in a battle, if played properly. Each one offers their own strengths, and it's nice to have a fair bit of differentiation between them. My favorite ships to play, overall, are Henri IV, Moskva, and Worcester. Though, what I would be super thankful for, would be having the Type 20 camouflage for my Henri IV.
  2. SpeedySpeedBoi

    Henri IV, Zao, or Moskva?

    I see Zao as being the worst of the three. She has the least game-winning potential, due to her low DPM and lack of overall utility. She can kite well and farm damage, but you won't really see her making game-changing plays. Zao is hardly capable of tanking, and she is slow to deal enough damage fast-enough to take someone down in a relatively short time; aside from DD's, if you manage to land your salvos. She has great concealment, but she ultimately needs the support of her team to perform well. Moskva is likely the best of the three, in terms of being able to carry a match. She has thick armour in just the right places, a 12 Km range, a long main battery firing range, and very fast shells. Moskva is capable of taking a sizable beating, which means she is great for defending flanks and pushing when necessary. Her guns don't hit that hard (Decent AP and HE alpha, and her AP over-pens a lot), but her damage output is quite consistent, even at max range. However, her broadside armour is weak, and her maneuverability is poor. She requires careful positioning to make the most come out of her. Definitely more of a "team player" than the other two. Henri is the bully of three. She is able to output quite a number of HE and AP damage in a short period of time, thanks to her relative shell alpha, and the Main Battery Reload Booster. This combination makes her a scary opponent for anyone she faces. She essentially is a damage farmer that has a high-enough damage output to make a sizable impact (provided you make good use of the AP), combined with the potential to make game-changing plays; which is helped by her Speed Boost. Henri is certainly able to turn the game around in a pinch, due to her speed and amazing firepower. Hell, she is even capable of stalling an enemy push on one flank, if you are good-enough. However, Henri does require some proper positioning know-how, as well as skill with using the throttle and rudder. Her ability to tank shells relies more in her ability to dodge them, rather than taking hits. And like Zao, she lacks utility that helps your team. The utility she does have, is only for her benefit. If I wanted the best chance at winning a match, I would choose Moskva for her overall utility. If I wanted to bully cruisers and battleships with a great solo experience, I would choose Henri.
  3. SpeedySpeedBoi

    How Long Until Smolensk is Retired?

    Well obviously, Smolensk has more fierce firepower than Belfast does, tier-for-tier. The reason why Belfast is even more broken than Smolensk, is that Belfast has the tools and advantages over other T7 cruisers, to make winning the battle easier. All Smolensk can do is kite, sit in smoke, and spam HE. Her offensive power is all that Smolensk has – not really much of any alpha strike potential, either. Compared to other T10 cruisers, Smolensk certainly lacks the proper tools to have the battle swing more in her favor. I don't think she is a "carry ship", nor one that is all-too essential to winning a battle. Cruisers like Worcester and Des Moines are better oriented for winning a battle, even though they kind of have worse offensive capabilites.
  4. SpeedySpeedBoi

    Average tier you play.

    T7 feels comforting to play. Not too hard, nor too easy. Just a matter of the overall strengths of the ships, as with the players' skill. However, I love to play my T10 ships. The firepower and resilience of T10 ships draws me to 'em. That, and the cruisers of the tier feel strong and rewarding to play.
  5. Nice write-up on this matter! I certainly learned something new. The spaced armour scheme should be looked at for Henri, at least. While the ship is not overpowered (rather being the best-fitting cruiser in the meta where concealment hardly matters), it's one of the more difficult cruisers to kill. While she is easy to citadel whilst angled, you often don't deal devastating volleys to it, even when any other cruiser would have been punished. It's far too-common to not deal much damage to the ship. A proper nerf, would be to remove the spaced amour and have it rely on it's 25mm plating and 30mm hull plating. If that is too harsh of a nerf, then the bow and stern plating could be buffed to 27mm. Personally, I think she should be more of a glass cannon, since her speed is her primary defense against shells, and her firepower is fantastic. I can see players dying more often, if they don't have that spaced armour to save them. And I don't mean to brag, as I am merely using this information to make a valid point - even as among the top Henri players on the NA server, she deserves to have her spaced armour removed. That is the main problem of the ship. The speed and firepower make up for the 25mm plating and the massive detection range (15.9 Km if you run the Legendary Mod). Nerfing her firepower would result in Henri having to stay back even further than it already does - not that its concealment keeps it from getting that much closer, or anything. And when Henri sits back, especially with a competent player behind the wheel, the more of a pain it becomes to land shots on the thing. Giving more incentive for this ship to hang even further back, is not healthy for the game, and it will make the ship worse at contributing to a match. As I've already stated, her speed is enough of defense for her, to stay in the match long-enough. Removing the spaced armour, would just mean that if you hit the ship, you will be better-rewarded for proper aim, than you currently are. It is not fun, nor is it rewarding, to land your [BB]shells on the ship, only to inflict minimal damage. I love playing my Henri, but I must say that the spaced armour scheme is ridiculous. Feel free to disagree with my opinion. If you have a better idea on how to nerf or rework the ship, please let me know. I like hearing the opinions of others, honestly.
  6. Having both would be nice. However, the potential rewards for the time you could spend earning the CW rewards, outweighs what they would compensate us with.
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  9. Yeah, it makes sense that there is some overlap, when you put it that way. Still, though, large turning circles and or super-fragile broadsides on cruisers when most T10 BB’s have waterline citadels or some form of protection; isn’t that a bit overkill? Makes repositioning, something that cruisers ought to be able to do, if they quit firing, a difficult chore. They might as well just label them as battleships, if they don’t want to allow an easier way to do “cruiser” things. Seems difficult to balance these battlecruisers, and I don’t even know if what I’m saying would be balanced. Maybe too good, in the hands of a skilled player. A lower skill-floor.
  10. Cruisers don’t delete battleships with their main guns. And while cruisers rarely ever citadel battleships, they only do so for small chunks of health. If a cruiser gets one citadel on a BB, that is roughly 5K or less damage for that one citadel. I just find it ridiculous that some ships of the [arguably] squishiest class have worse concealment than BB(s) of the same tier.
  11. Yeah, I would not doubt that it is difficult. As a Minotaur owner, I know how powerful she can be, at those close ranges. Haven’t been on the receiving end, as I don’t play destroyers. Though, if you know how to WASD and use the throttle, I imagine it would be tough for a Minotaur to land hits on a Khaba, even if the Khaba has to do a 180.
  12. In reality, all of those things. In World of Warships, coding.
  13. Off the top of my head, I only know that Khaba can reach a concealment of 9.7 Km, which is equal to Zao, as well as being worse than Minotaur and Worcester. Though, to be fair, Khaba has some things going for it that allow it to disengage pretty easily. Please, let me know which destroyer’s have worse concealment than cruisers. I would like to know, as I am ignorant about destroyer statistics.