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  1. Your idea is interesting. Model modifications should not be very difficult, but I don't know how to make WG-level high quality textures. Anyway I'll talk about this with our mod team
  2. I understand, but the truth is that I don't know how to draw, for example, the rusts... More skins yes, but I think the Red Alert skin series stops here
  3. The second skin mod from Red Alert 3 now arrives ! (link to the first one: This time we get a new technology: what ever the camouflage you mount, your ship will keep glowing, so you don't need the problematic camouflages.xml any more. Ok, this is, an Aircraft Carrier, (I mean, I don't now its name...) The modified ship is the huge Midway. All aircraft models are also replaced by RA3 planes (including Uprising ones) ...and I'm proud to introduce to you the world's first transparent flight deck, made of the "Beast Machines™ 3" tempered glass which and resist 460mm AP. Apparently, we can now have much flora in the hangar and enjoy fresh oxygen :/ Preview: Download: https://github.com/SEA-group/RAG-Aircraft-Carrier/releases Hope you like it _(:з」∠)_
  4. They're still available via content SDK
  5. Yes it's... currently lack of translation...
  6. It has been one and a half years since our first ARP Yamato mod, but the project did not end, as our goal was to rebuild this one: And finally here comes our ultimate ARP Yamato: ARP i-401 (Combined; YAMATO) This is not supposed to be a "utility mod", you may feel confused when you aim another Yamato, so please check the armor model before battle Attention, this mod will make your ship extremely stupid when put in water... ===================================================================== Credits: Authors: Woodman, Yuntian, FABAJI, AstreTunes Special thanks to when you're the rose for helping us to make models I401 MMD model credit to touhu ====================================================================== Then there are 2 ancient versions: ARP Yamato which is just a skinned Yamato... ARP Yamato with graviton lenses and floating turrets ===================================================================== Download: ARP Yamato Lite: https://github.com/SEA-group/ARP-Yamato-Lite/releases ARP Yamato Pro (with graviton lens and floating turrets): https://github.com/SEA-group/ARP-Yamato-Pro/releases ARP Yamato Ultimate (ARP I401 Combined Yamato): https://github.com/SEA-group/ARP-Yamato-Ultimate/releases
  7. I'm really interested in the sentence "Generating the .mfm, .model, and .xml files took about 10 minutes"... Do you find a way to extrat something from assets.bin?
  8. Author here. Well the floating turrets as well as the graviton lenses ("eyes" as you said) ARE supposed to be there and that's why we added them onto the model... And we have planned to add also the parts inside the ship in the future...
  9. Incoming requests: 1, Could we mod this by ship class and nation? 2, Is there a way to "add" new sound without removing the stock one (i.e. play both "poi" and the normal sound when firing)? 3, Is it possible to set a sound available for your own ship only (instead of all friendly ships)?
  10. Chance yes, but not now... I have some actual homeworks to do...
  11. If this is what you want... (No flame btw https://github.com/SEA-group/April-2015-Space-Yamato/releases
  12. Well change the model is relatively simple, but I don't know if it's possible to get back the special visual effects (like the flame threw out from the propulsors...
  13. I mean when you're playing in a cruiser and you'll see ennemy Yamato modded in your game...