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  1. AstreTunes

    Modding Ship Model Tool: Help needed

    About the weird (1-v) in my previous reply, cb999709 reminds me that it could be a problem of software In fact, in most of the software that I have used, such as 3ds max, maya, photoshop, and world of warships, the origin of uv map is on the left top corner, but in blender the origin is in the left bottom corner, so it looked upside down in blender. Yesterday I used Blender to visualize the uv map when testing my code, this (1-v) might be simply v.
  2. AstreTunes

    Modding Ship Model Tool: Help needed

    Do you have PnFModsLoader.py in res_mods/ It's an empty file that tells the game to load "PnFMods" folder, only its filename matters
  3. AstreTunes

    Modding Ship Model Tool: Help needed

    Hello ShadowyBandit, I've updated my code, you can also find an updated file structure in it: ShipModelExtractor20200520a.zip There were 2 major problems found in the previous version: 1, the uv map of wire model was not correct. According to my "latest research", the xyznuvr type is not arranged as x y z n u v t b r, but x y z n ? ? u (1-v) r. I have tested this with JSD016_Fubuki's wire model and the new uv map fits well with the textures. 2, for the uint32 data in "Indices" block: This issue was found when I intended to load GSC013_Prinz_Eugen_1945_MidFront.primitives. uint32 is used when the number of vertices exceeds FF FF in hex, i.e. 65535 in dec. The problem is, the number that follows 00 00 FF FF, is 01 00 00 00 instead of 00 01 00 00, it causes the index to jump suddenly from 65535 to 16777216. When you call the 16777216th vertex, obviously it can't be found... So I added a violent code: if index >= 16777217, index = index - 16711680 Hope this could help you :) Edit: I guess for the first point it could be x y z n n n u (1-v) r. To verify.
  4. AstreTunes

    Modding Ship Model Tool: Help needed

    Armor models appear in main turret primitives, torpedo tube primitives, and the ship primitives without postfix (i.e. the primitives file without _bow, _midfront, etc. in its name) I put the cursor at the beginning of that section. In a indices section, the first 64 bytes are "type", followed by 4 bytes "count" (which means number of indices and is saved as "data_count" in my code), and 4 bytes for "groupCount" which means number of groups. So after 72 bytes we get to the beginning of "indices" block. Then, the length of the "indices" block is, number of indices ("data_count" here) multiplied by length of each index (2 bytes for list and 4 bytes for list32). By adding data_count*2 or data_count*4, we get to the "groups" block. FYI, matlab counts from 1 not 0.
  5. AstreTunes

    Modding Ship Model Tool: Help needed

    I'm sorry I made a mistake. I have updated my post. You're right, the format for wire models is xyznuvr, you can neglect the r. My tool was for converting primitives to obj, while the obj format doesn't support tangent and binormal, so xyznuv (alpha model) xyznuvr (wire model) xyznuvtb (standard model) were the same for me
  6. AstreTunes

    Modding Ship Model Tool: Help needed

    Hello ShadowyBandit, I made a thread about this topic last year on the EU forum and I have successfully extracted the models, but due to my poor programming skill I think I’m not able to write a complete model replacing tool. I’m very happy to see you’re working on this kind of tool and I really appreciate it. To answer your question about the wire model: the format is xyznuvtbr, you can treat it as a “standard” model by neglecting the r in the end – that works for extraction. But I don’t know what r is. Btw about the xyznuviiiwwtbr type, I think iiiww is the ID of that piece of model, that’s how the game knows which part is turret and which parts are barrels. Regards, Astre
  7. III can be a ξ in upper case, ie Ξ, if you want. But IIII is still suspicious, even Chinese don't write 4 like that
  8. Sorry Mr Avelorn, I made a mistake... I thought the large bonefish bore the spawn, but that arrow with η should mean a little fish grows up and becomes the large one. So the large one is not necessarily a mom...
  9. because we don't have T to form THE DEEP
  10. Maybe think about the meaning of the drawing, for example: "I" means baby bonefish "η" represents a spawn "III" is an adult (or more precisely, a mom) bonefish "IIII" is going to be her mouth, or the things that the bonefish eats Mr.(or Mrs.?) Avelorn make me really curious about why it has to be bonefishes. It might be intented, it can't be "meat-fish" "bone-duck" etc. ...wait is that a fish???
  11. "Fear the XXXXX, he deep"? make sense (so it's a noun with 5 letters and is terrifying...
  12. https://www.wordfind.com/ends-with/he/
  13. It was not Mr Bonefish, that's a lady See these?
  14. As we can't find the letter "t" in the EU clue, if the last word is "deep", than the previous word should end with "he" and is not "the" Both fearth and hedeep have 6 letters, therefore if it's really "fear th[e XXXXX]he deep", that should be a word (I'd say an adjective) that has 7 letters and that ends with "he". Otherwise, we need a "T"