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  1. I don't have it, sorry... But I think you could find it in many modpacks, or maybe wait for the next release
  2. Fixed. The download link remains unchanged. Sorry for the inconvenience...
  3. I think we have already too much Yamato skins compare to other ships but we'll never stop making new ones... Now here's maybe the oldest variation of the Yamato: Behold the space battleship! The ship is modified from yam_2nd's MMD model. I got a type 100 reconnaissance plane made by — This skin can keep its appearance even with camouflage mounted (camouflages.xml is not needed) Here's the link: https://github.com/SEA-group/XJBMG-Space-Battleship-Yamato/releases ======================================= Btw I'd mention that we have a website with all of our works on it: https://sea-group.org/?cat=22&lang=en We have a lot of skins and shells, and some UI mods. (But we don't work on modifying game functionalities)
  4. Incoming requests: 1, Could we mod this by ship class and nation? 2, Is there a way to "add" new sound without removing the stock one (i.e. play both "poi" and the normal sound when firing)? 3, Is it possible to set a sound available for your own ship only (instead of all friendly ships)?