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  1. III can be a ξ in upper case, ie Ξ, if you want. But IIII is still suspicious, even Chinese don't write 4 like that
  2. Sorry Mr Avelorn, I made a mistake... I thought the large bonefish bore the spawn, but that arrow with η should mean a little fish grows up and becomes the large one. So the large one is not necessarily a mom...
  3. because we don't have T to form THE DEEP
  4. Maybe think about the meaning of the drawing, for example: "I" means baby bonefish "η" represents a spawn "III" is an adult (or more precisely, a mom) bonefish "IIII" is going to be her mouth, or the things that the bonefish eats Mr.(or Mrs.?) Avelorn make me really curious about why it has to be bonefishes. It might be intented, it can't be "meat-fish" "bone-duck" etc. ...wait is that a fish???
  5. "Fear the XXXXX, he deep"? make sense (so it's a noun with 5 letters and is terrifying...
  6. https://www.wordfind.com/ends-with/he/
  7. It was not Mr Bonefish, that's a lady See these?
  8. As we can't find the letter "t" in the EU clue, if the last word is "deep", than the previous word should end with "he" and is not "the" Both fearth and hedeep have 6 letters, therefore if it's really "fear th[e XXXXX]he deep", that should be a word (I'd say an adjective) that has 7 letters and that ends with "he". Otherwise, we need a "T"