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  1. Ghostdog1355

    General changes I'd like to see I guess

    Yea. And Santa Claus should now email or text all billion kids the Christmas schedule. It's a game. Don't be so serious ok.
  2. Ghostdog1355

    To all NA WoWs community...stay safe in this dire time.

    Hope you guys are all hanging in there. Ghostdog, wife and all ghostlets are good. Getting intense here just south of Houston. Prayers and thoughts to all Captains, families and crews.
  3. Fair enough then. You took time to write this and that means you did put work into it. And I read it three times. Good observations captain
  4. You've played 484 battles and were able to gather this much data and write a full synopsis about how each ship would perform against each other? Did you actually take those ships into battle and play them yourself or are you basing this off of other players input? If your'e looking at just base numbers on specs that's not really a good criteria. You have to adjust for captains skills and what ship they are in. I'll take my tier 6 Fuso with a 19 point captain against a tier 8 Bismarck with 6 point captain any day.
  5. Ghostdog1355

    Please dont play rands or rank if drunk out of mind

    Ghostdog been playing awhile. Certain rules I go by when it comes to the game. Just me ok. 1. Never cuss or berate a team mate. 2. Remember it is a game. 3. Point to 2 though. Don't mess the game up for others. I like to relax and chill with the game. 4. Never ever play ranked impaired. Those guys take it seriously and I'm cool with that. When I go ranked I'm the same way. 5. All of us love the game and all of aspects of it. Take care of yourselves and treat the game right.
  6. Ghostdog1355

    To all NA WoWs community...stay safe in this dire time.

    T To all Captains, their crews, shore support, logistics and intelligence. Take care.
  7. Ghostdog1355

    What do you do when team play just drops off?

    CaptGodillaPig is still one of the best Captain names out there. Hadn't talked to you in a while Captain. Got home and looked at the forum and saw you.. Wish you the best man. My crew and I have been deemed essential personnel and have been on 12 hour days. As usual this forum is a really great way to chill out and talk ship.. Read your stuff and I know how you are. You need to relax. Get in a big Battleship. Float around and drink a beer like the rest of us BB players. Crap, you dont' even have to hit them but it feels cool throwing small cars at the Cleveland. Take care Captain.
  8. Ghostdog1355

    To all NA WoWs community...stay safe in this dire time.

    I'm considered a "vital asset" as well as my company where we work. We make cleaners, disinfectants and the plastics to bottle them. We are doing 12 hours shifts night and day right now. To all of you captains and your families take care of each other. We are in this together. Ghostdog and wife as well as the ghostlets wish you all the best.
  9. Ghostdog1355

    New Mexico's accuracy, is it a joke?

    Some of those cruiser captains are real good. He juked on you.
  10. Ghostdog1355

    Coop battle just now

    Random. Hmm. Isn't where you play other humans? These guys must have been pretty bad or kicked out lol.
  11. Ghostdog1355

    First T10 Ship

    Yamato. One mean ship
  12. Ghostdog1355


    I kind of like it myself. Not sure if you can turn it off in settings or not. Never tried.
  13. Ghostdog1355

    Another Ranked Season?

    Got a feeling I'll be playing a lot more warships instead of out making a living and supporting my family
  14. Ghostdog1355


    Got a good point.