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  1. A couple of years back some guys started writing in about a "line" of ships along the time period of the Civil War with ironclads like the Monitor and Merrimack (Virginia). I thought it was a novel idea with gulf and river battles. WOWS of course gets all kinds of ideas from players but that has always stood out in my mind.
  2. Ghostdog1355

    Dasha Perova Commander

    I choked laughing on this one. Lets see..... Dasha versus screaming anime girls.... Dasha wins hands down in the first round with a citadel, first strike and all that Halloween stuff.
  3. Ghostdog1355

    9 kills in 1 game

    9 kills is beyond comprehension. I would have loved being in the stands on the mountain side with a beer and popcorn cheering that Captain on. 6 is my best and 3 of those were guys were practically already gone. Whoever he is hats off to him.
  4. Ghostdog1355

    What the heck is Pink?

    I was going to comment but it looks like it's covered pretty good. Been playing for four years and have worn pink occasionally.
  5. Ghostdog1355

    The park benches on French ship models

    Maybe the French and Italians should have taken park benches off their ships. Don't see too many benches on British, German, US and Japanese ships.
  6. Ghostdog1355

    The Great White Fleet

    A really interesting piece. It's always been a favorite part of my naval history interests.
  7. Snarg we have had some really good forum "chats". Red Sea Bear, Duckman, RipntoU and I had some good ones.
  8. I don't even chat anymore in game. Had this happen to me also.
  9. Matchmaker knows all. I don't even worry about it. Take my ship into battle into battle and see how it goes.
  10. Ghostdog1355

    Just Missed a Solo Warrior

    Dude, another Kreamy player. I alone salute your that. That's my favorite go to ship to have ship in. Hard as hell to play but in the right set up a fire breathing little monster. Solo warriors are in my opinion the hardest achievement. I have two over 8500 games all in BBs. Good luck Captain.
  11. Ghostdog1355

    Space Force!

    I agree with you. Sad fact is man has been militarizing everything since the dawn of time against each other. Not going to stop. Just my opinion.
  12. Ghostdog1355

    Explosion of the USS Mount Hood

    Good article Snarg. Always like the stuff you post. You doing ok?
  13. Ghostdog1355

    Doubloon Swindle!

    Yea I've had a few instances and they were always taken care of. I was even informed of one that I didn't even realize.
  14. Ghostdog1355

    3 activities that deserve higher rewards

    After four years of playing this game and all tiers from different nations I'v come to the conclusion that I protect my flanks. Cover the the DDs. We need their eyes and use the Kentucky wind method at shooting at opponents. Don't usually have time to look at incoming shell angles. Duck and weave and fire your best shots
  15. Ghostdog1355

    Oh look--I learned how to Blyska!

    I sucked at that ship but one of my best friends loves it. Congrats man.