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  1. The old matchmaker thing again. Here's my take on this and this is why I like the game. Think of it as an actual encounter with the enemy on the open seas. Did Admiral Nelson send carrier pigeons to ask his enemy what type of ships and how many cannons they would carry? Did Admiral Nagumo tell the American fleet at Pearl Harbor what he was bringing and if I'm bringing too much I'll back off to give you a fighting chance? We could go on. I like not knowing what I'm going up against and taking my best ship into battle. Talking about about matchmaking is unfair to is like we all should be equal and everyone gets a trophy. Get in your ship and fight your butt off. Just Ghostdog's take.
  2. Ghostdog1355

    Best camouflages

    You guys remember the school bus yellow camo?
  3. Ghostdog1355

    Best Way to Learn CV's?

    I sucked at carriers. Play cruisers.
  4. Ghostdog1355

    Camos seen by other players

    I still like the Halloween Event camo.
  5. Ghostdog1355

    Celebration of Veterans day my a**

    Free is good, most of the time.
  6. Ghostdog1355

    Unlucky ships?

    The Tirpitz. For the life of me I cant 't play that ship.
  7. Ghostdog1355

    No fuss Fusō

    I love the Fuso. Iv'e had 540 games in her with a 19 point captain. She's fast and nimble for a BB and the guns are great. Thin on armor so you have to duck and weave.
  8. Ghostdog1355

    Rigged Crates Testing

    Snarg, good to hear you again.
  9. Ghostdog1355

    More "Truths" of World of Warships.

    Sometimes a Warspite also.
  10. Ghostdog1355

    More "Truths" of World of Warships.

    This is my favorite one. Died laughing when I read this one
  11. Ghostdog1355

    Rigged Crates Testing

    Watch out for that crate of coal! Wait, coal is good in this game. Crate of rocks, that's what you better look out for.
  12. Ghostdog1355

    So where is the new ranked WG?

    Ahhh ranked. Season to lock yourself away from society. Pull your hair out, shun your family and work. I'm in of course.
  13. Ghostdog1355

    30% Coupon unusable

    I had that happen.
  14. Ghostdog1355

    Skill rework - the unread FAQ

    Always like reading your stuff Duckman. Hadn't talked to you in a while
  15. Ghostdog1355

    Cancer Update DECEMBER 1st!

    I feel for you Kiwi. My wife had breast cancer and skin cancer. She was in constant agony. Had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Thought we were going to loose her for a while. She recovered and is back to work now as a teacher. Took five years and tons of praying. Sue and I will pray for your recovery. Keep sailing and shooting brother.