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  1. It's a fun diversion. They did a good job. Like the XP..
  2. Any Guesses for Ranked ETA?

    I'm ready
  3. After two years and I'm still learning things LOL.
  4. Target lock issues

    I don't usually use that feature so I haven't noticed it.
  5. Punching the walls because of a TK and loosing a video game?
  6. Check out the Space Port

    I think they did a great job. Kinda cool to have a little variation in the game.
  7. You are going to really like them. Coolest event WOWS have done yet in my opinion
  8. I have to say I love the space battles. They did a great job on the whole thing.
  9. Well at least you got Wargaming off your tail. Now it's going to be the CIA and FBI!
  10. Stinkweed they didn't ban you for the "S" word I see. Must have slipped through the cracks there man.
  11. Yea I'm so use to red that purple scares me.
  12. The Design a Patch Competition: Requiem

    Geez it was a contest. It does look good but just accept that it didn't make it. Neither did mine.
  13. Trying to follow Fara...

    This guy is a bonafide CV captain right here. At least he sounds like one. I hope you're on my side.
  14. Space Battles are a Blast!

    They tell you in the news on the main page what ship each "space" ship is mimicked.
  15. Space Battles are a Blast!

    Haven't got to play yet because of work. Game updated and got to look at it. Will try to a couple of rounds in at lunch. Could just go home "sick".