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  1. USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    Doc, Ghostdog here bud. Don't always agree with you but enjoy our exchanges. You obviously did some research and I'm going to read through it. Hope your'e doing well up there.
  2. Wow man. That is awesome. You are definitely in the groove with that ship. That's a good feeling.
  3. WOWs and the Great Cat Conspiracy

    That's why Captain Ghostdog, First Mate Skip, Ensign Pippi and Chief Butkuss never let cats or children on our ship. Except for our Intelligence Officer Lester. One of the best officers I've ever had on the BB Dogpound. Even Chief Butkuss sorta likes him and he's as mean and gruff as you can get.
  4. Sorry man, probably none.
  5. Is the Roma worth it?

    Well I did buy it and haven't been overly impressed. Love the Julio Ceasar though.
  6. Sheeple shenanigans

    Captain Ghost and first Mate Skip understand your dilemma. One evening our crew of dogs fought off a flotilla of DDs in the BB Dogpound. We wanted to cellibrate. Decided we would take the ship through a drive through and get McRibbs for everyone. Well me and old Skip had a bit too much rum and we plowed our ship right through that place. Crew now gets Scooby Snacks.
  7. Jinxed the super container

    Your Super Container was accidentally shipped to me. I'm sending it your way. Didn't open it but it smells really bad.
  8. Just got AFK'd for power outage :-(

    Captain Ghostdog got one like that the other night. Took the BB Dogpound into battle and right at that moment Mrs. Ghostdog had a major accident in the kitchen which was severe. Exited the battle. Got back in later and had the same message. Was upset because the dogs and I pride ourselves on teamwork. First Mate Skip, Chief Butkuss, Ensign Pippi said let it go Ghost. Over 6500 battles and Ghost gets pinked.
  9. Captain Ghostdog will scroll back when in close quarter fighting. Have first mate skip aim the guns right in front of the bow slightly above the waterline. Go in to kill. Dogs love close quarter kills. We take a lot of damage but feels good when you knock the opponent out. Dogs are howling and barking. Later Chief Cook Rusty cooks up steaks for the gunners who got the kill.
  10. Captain Nixon, Ghostdog and crew salute you. Would sail with you any night. Well done Sir
  11. Ghostdog loves Astros

    Ghostdog and crew love the Astros. Respect all other Captains teams. Hard to play baseball with a crew of dogs. They fetch good but throwing without thumbs is hard.
  12. I like these awarded emblems!

    Captain Duckman, as usual you come through. Always have great insight and thoughts. I'm still working on my next narrative. Good luck.
  13. Feedback - 19 pt Orion Captain

    Stinckweed, Haven't seen you in the forum for a while. You good?