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  1. I also like how you get an "achievement" for detonating
  2. You know you're about to get piled on so I'll leave you alone. That's a lot of flags you got there. I'd buy some from you if it was legal!
  3. Some of the names are dead on. Liked it
  4. One of my friends had the same problem. He wound up having to reinstall.
  5. Still kind of hard to get 159 crates in 20 games though I'd think
  6. Your profile say you've played 17 battles at level 9. Must have bought a ton of crates
  7. That's good, took me about 2 minutes to figure it out. Think I'll play something else tonight!
  8. I think I'm 150 TYL containers with 3 SC which comes out to 2%. Quit trying.
  9. Thanks, just when I thought I had all the acronyms down.
  10. That probably sums it up real quick. I tried moving up fast and bought premium ships when I first started out thinking they would make me better. Wrong. I got worse and embarrassed. I was only at tier 4 BBs and bought the Terpitz and Warspite. I sucked bad. Still haven't fully mastered the Terpitz. I think I may be leery of playing it because I did so poorly in it when everyone else loved it.
  11. Hate to sound real ignorant here but what is the CW reference?
  12. That's what I was thinking also. Haven't had a chance to look yet though.
  13. True, I remember when I got my first detonation and the "achievement". I thought well cool I got an achievement. Then I read it and thought "well that doesn't sound good"!
  14. Maybe he thinks the detonation flags give him a 100% chance of a detonation.