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  1. Being uptiered has to be one of the coolest feelings in this game. Don't mind one so much but two can be brutal. Duck and weave.
  2. Ghostdog1355

    Not trolling here. Is cheating going on?

    Sounds simple enough. I should have thought of that 4 years ago.
  3. Ghostdog1355

    Not trolling here. Is cheating going on?

    Cheating Bots, they are the worst.
  4. Ghostdog1355

    Aircraft carriers make boring games

    Seen a lot of changes through this game in my 3 years. Controversy has always been around for the CVs. Personal opinion here. The DVs have done the best to incorporate the ship type into the game. I feel the game is evenly matched given all the changes and research. Still the best game out there. Just Ghostdog's opinion.
  5. Ghostdog1355

    Where Would You Ship?

    Houston, Texas baby. Home of the Astros and the USS Texas. OK I"m partial. Would like to go anywhere.
  6. Ghostdog1355


    Yea 7 battles I saw
  7. Ghostdog1355

    Killed Myself

    That has to be first. Seen some strange things and bugs in this game. Had the Arizona one night about two years ago that didn"t require any reloading time. Haven't sunk myself though, YET.
  8. Ghostdog1355

    How to kill the fat man?

    Duckman you played the tier 6 German BB Fredrick yet?
  9. Ghostdog1355

    How to kill the fat man?

    Duckman I choke l chose up laughing everytime I read one of your post. You're either a genius or a raving lunatic. Don't really care. At least you're from Texas
  10. Ghostdog1355

    How to kill the fat man?

    How about the half pint of wild turkey for the elves though? They make the whole show really run. Santa is just a figure head. Kinda like a main director. He actually has many Santa "clones" to help him out. It's cool because that is a lot of work for one dude to do one one night
  11. Ghostdog1355

    How to kill the fat man?

    On Beto, on Tavo come on Chewy
  12. Ghostdog1355

    How to kill the fat man?

    Duckman bother I hate to break this to you. If you're haunted by a fat elf with a Jersey accent that means you didn't leave a half pint on your back door step on Christmas Eve, Sorta like cookies and milk for Santa.
  13. Ghostdog1355

    Why everyone should play Clan Battles

    Just joined a clan myself. Never thought I would but I've enjoyed it. Team members have been cool and helpful. The benefits are nice also.
  14. Ghostdog1355

    SuperContainers, The Dream Is Real

    I love the Krasney. Hated it at first but I went and watched some videos on how to play her and set her up.. Worked the captain up to 19. Ive got over 550 battles in her with a 51% winrate. Shes hard to play and will sink if a flock of seagulls crap on her she can be a fire breathing little dragon.
  15. Ghostdog1355

    Stats in Ranked Battles

    Kind of like the sprints. Get good rewards and it's not real stressful like the seasons are.