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  1. I haven't had a problem as of lately. I did have a serious problem though during the Christmas holidays.
  2. Especially a Rainbow one. I think he's playing Candy Crush or something.
  3. Well there's one minute and twenty one seconds down the drain.
  4. Emblems

    They do look pretty good. I think they did a good job on the designs
  5. Camera twirly bug

    That will throw your aim off a bit! Haven't had that happen to me...Yet.
  6. A Rainbow Pony....Hmm...Sure you're in the right game?
  7. You also know you can sell duplicates back to get the ones you need right?
  8. Yea, you can go to the premium shop, click on Customizations and it's the Yamamoto Collections. You can get either 1, 6, 14 or 56 crates.
  9. Having fun again

    Yea I'll still go back and run the St. Louis to have fun. Great ship to play in. Have 454 games in her with 272 victories.
  10. Probably not going to happen but good luck on getting those last ones you need. Might have to buy a couple of containers to get the rest of the collection.
  11. Iron Duke dispersion?

    Might want to change your 3rd upgrade to Aiming Systems Modification 1. Has a -7% of main shell dispersion. Might help some. 10 km is a good range to fight at.
  12. It's pulling me in...Cannot escape.
  13. Do like me some good cheese, even with the whine!
  14. When I was a kid my 3 brothers and would go to Saturday matinees and watch Godzilla movies. Seen them all. Might have to check this out also.
  15. Tales from the DogPound

    Chief Butkuss is one tough dog. Soft on the inside though. Best Chief in the fleet. Him and Commander Skip have trained many pups into worthy Sea Dogs.