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  1. Geez- What a day...

    You could have played about 5 rounds instead.
  2. Maybe you are dwelling too much on your achievements. I hardly ever look at mine.
  3. To Honor Croatia....

    Very impressive performance. Pulled for them hard.
  4. So the Hood is on sale..

    Got her yesterday. Been waiting two years for that one
  5. So the Hood is on sale..

    I got the Hood way back when for 60 bucks or so. Historical reasons myself. If you get it make sure you go watch the how to videos. A good ship but the only thing I've had problems with is the shells arc differently than other ships. At 21 dollars you can add a cool ship to your collection.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar? I don't need no stinking radar.
  7. Cat vs Dog - Best Support Class

    Well as Captain of the BB DogPound I can tell you how my second Skip, Chief Butkuss and Ensign Pippi feel. I'll admit our intelligence officer is a cat named Lester. Hr's real good too.
  8. should i buy the scharnhorst on sale?

    Yea I need to read up on her a little bit and watch a video or two. Looks to me like a heavy cruiser at 30 knots and 283 mm guns. I've got a couple of 19 point German captains and a 16 I can put in it.
  9. should i buy the scharnhorst on sale?

    That 21.57 just went real fast. Been wanting for that ship for a long time. Now I just to get off work and take her out for a little patrol.
  10. The White Mouse

    Duckman, enlighten me on this subject dude
  11. [Bonus[ Invite for New Player

    Keep us posted on how the recruiting goes.
  12. New incoming commander

    I'd lean toward Dasha myself.
  13. You're going to get them started so I'll help out.
  14. I could go for that. Be interesting to see what gets dreamed up.