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  1. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    Fletcher vs Daring 1v1 advice?

    Well, that’s kind of what I thought. And the general idea of what I was going for. Thanks.
  2. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    Fletcher vs Daring 1v1 advice?

    Hello everyone, ran into a specific situation in game, I’d like to know how the best way to handle it going forward. TLDR: wound up in a 1v1 vs a good Daring player. Played a screening/delaying retreat. Was eventually whittled down and unable to win the engagement but did delay him long enough to win the game. Replay attached! Constructive advice welcome!! Replay link Full Story: I'm not a DD main by any means, but I’m trying hard to pick them up, key to the game and all. Was in Fletcher, Tier 9-10 match, Hotspot, Northwest spawn, standard battle. Somehow wound up in a match with only one enemy radar and no CV’s. Matchmaking Monitor says the teams are more or less even, skill wise. To start I went wide to the west. Almost from the start I was RPF’d. On my side was a Buffalo and a BB, can’t remember what exactly but not too important. They weren’t following too closely, and were looking like they would be posting up behind the volcano, so I wasn’t expecting much in the way of support. Cautiously continuing southwest I wasn’t spotting anything, but still RPF’d so I knew there was someone out there. Eventually I did encounter the Daring. Looking at MMM, Daring driver was one of the best players on red team, high wr/high PR. After an initial gun trade it was apparent that he would win any extended engagement. He did smoke up though, so I was able to disengage. Thinking about my options at this point, I know that going up against a Daring in a Fletcher feels like a losing proposition. He has more health, hydro, a heal, and he out DPM’s me. No support expected from my team. I could; 1) yolo in and force the engagement, try to duke it out. 2) turn around and run, try to find a better situation elsewhere. 3) attempt a screening/fighting retreat. Slow this guy down to where it takes most of the match. I’m gonna struggle but at least it’ll limit the damage as long as possible. I chose #3. After several minutes of skirmishing a friendly Marceau headed my way. He complained that he had handled 2 DD’s by himself in mid, and I couldn’t even take care of one. Then he yolo’d into the Daring (sitting in his smoke at this point) and died. Skirmishing continued for a few more minutes but I was starting to get low on health, and was killed by a cross shot while spotted. So I think my plan more or less worked because we did win the match, and by the time the Daring driver was able to get into the match it was too late and he was focused down before he did much damage. But it’s frustrating! I want to be able to control the engagement and I don’t know how to do it well in that situation. Or maybe I got it all wrong and there’s something else I should have done that would have tipped the scales in my favor. Looking for constructive criticism and advice. Thanks for reading this far and see y’all out there!
  3. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    Operations Trial Mission 7/8

    On Wednesday the 5k/15k missions will reset. Those both count. The daily mission does not. No need to grind 50k bxp unless you end this week at <6/8.
  4. Zara, but gains 6km hydro and loses torps. Used it a lot in the tier 7 ranked season to annihilate DD’s that didn’t know about the hydro.
  5. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    Option to disable ship camo being applied to aircraft needed

    There’s a mod for this already, available on aslains. Don’t know if it’s on modstation. Not as good as having it natively available as an option, but gets you where you want to go.
  6. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    research bureau question?

    Nope!! Delney - 724,720 Petro - 746,200 Nevsky - 763,200 Preussen - 871,810
  7. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    This Crap Has GOT TO STOP!

    Lol, yeah, That was my point. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well always. It’s a game. Boats are gonna run into other boats. If you think it’s malicious, send in a ticket to customer support. Otherwise play more, worry less about others.
  8. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    This Crap Has GOT TO STOP!

    To eliminate the rash of bumper boating going on in game as OP has pointed out, I recommend WG provide all players with the USCG’s most up to date version of the nautical rules of the road, https://nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/publications/coast-pilot/docs/NavigationRulesStandardSize.pdf. Then just have all prospective captains prove competency by passing a comprehensive test on the subject, just like any qualified OOD aboard any of these ships would have to do. Then WG could establish a Maritime Court to pass judgement and assign responsibility for any vessel hazarding or negligent shiphandling. Or we can just all play the game. Whatever.
  9. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    Lighthouse Auction: Patrie and Edgar

    I, for one, strongly encourage everyone else to bid all of their silver for one of these superships.
  10. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    Hawke Bonus Package - Sequential Bundle value

    Makes sense to me. Just trying to max out value on the free part of the event and not do anything dumb, like paying 5k dubs more than necessary for a T-8 bonus package. Appreciate all the responses. Thanks everyone!
  11. Hello all, As we've seen, WG is nickel and diming us on the sequential bundles and other areas of the early access (disappointing but not surprising I suppose) by selling the perma-visual and perma econ bonus package separately, where it obviously used to be together in the perma-camo. From reading, we'll be able to get the sequential bundles up through the Hawke perma-visual for free by grinding the British tokens. All good so far. So I was wondering to myself whether it made any sense to acquire enough extra tokens to get the bonus package as well. A T-8 perma-camo used to cost 3K dubs (couldn't find the number for just the T-8 bonus package but I'm assuming it's around 2800? please step in here if I'm wrong). To get the bonus package through the sequential bundle is 250 British tokens. Which works out to a little over 7 of the 1K dub random bundle slot machine pulls. My conclusion here is that this makes no sense unless you're planning on whaling all the way through. Although I may have screwed up my math. Maybe we'll have a bunch of British tokens left over and it won't be as much? IDK, but it sure seems like a way to trick you into paying more than you should. I welcome everyone's thoughts.
  12. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    Update 0.11.6: British Battleships

    Ok. So we have the first definite nerf to come out of the econ rework. Many folks here have pointed out that probably the best part of early access events is the ability to get perma-camo for many of the ships. Looks—cool and all but the big get there was the economic booster. WG themselves acknowledge this by pricing (TX) perma visual at 200 dubs and bonus package at 4800 dubs. So with this change we have a direct nerf of 4800 dubs (for the TX, less for others). Feels really bad. @Ahskance @Boggzy I know you guys can’t say anything about this specifically here but I hope behind the scenes you’re pointing out that this is a bad look, and appears to be treating us with disdain. I’m sure you guys have noticed from the multiple threads and huge amount of responses that this has a lot of attention on it right now. Just so I point out a solution to go with this problem, here’s my recommendation: please include the bonus package with perma-visual in both the early access event and in the distant voyages containers as well. Wouldn’t cost you anything. Wouldn’t be any more than you’ve done the entire life of the game up to this point. thanks for listening.
  13. The Greek “DD from 19589” is actually EX USS Charrette (DD 581), built by Boston Navy Yard and commissioned in 1943. So the suggestion that it couldn’t have faced off against a Hipper is a bit silly. Granted that the Greeks made some updates when they got it but it’s still a Fletcher.
  14. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    Separation of Economy from Camos: 4% dispersion bonus

    Only because it gives a way bigger dispersion nerf to opponents than 4% once you’re spotted. I wasn’t sure if the issue was the dispersion or the principle of having a game mechanic changed around you that was driving this. No judgement either way.
  15. Cal_Naughton_Junior

    Separation of Economy from Camos: 4% dispersion bonus

    OP I’m curious if you run Dazzle on all of your DD’s?