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  1. Kataclysms

    What's with the BBs firing HE

    For me I could understand why newer players would default to just using HE. AP is really RNG based sometimes or just simply because you were 0.2 off so it overpened or ricocheted. I posted awhile back a near full broadside BB I full salvoed with YAMATO Cannons and did not citadel a single time. Turned out the BB was 0.4 angled or whatever the heck and therefore, no citadels despite looking full broadside towards me. This kinda stuff makes new players say "Screw it, I'd rather take reliable damage" and just shoot HE. I'm not advocating for not using AP, I use it basically 100% of the time because, yes it is better. But when your a newer player trying to learn this stuff, your told to punish broadsides and whenever you DO try punish a broadside, your rewarded with nothing cause rng or basically super minor adjustments only decent to GOOD players could notice, I can see people not using AP because of how the game teaches you. This game compared to some others has a very high skill floor to even get half-way decent, so its no surprise the majority of people you problely see on BB are using HE most of the time. Its not, "If they show broadside, fire and get free cits" its "If they show broadside, are travelling this fast and going this direction and are this SPECIFIC type of ship and you aim to hit this SPECIFIC section of the ship then MAYBE, you'll get some citadels". Thats not rewarding for new players and therefore, HE BB meta lol.
  2. Kataclysms

    Double CVs now more common at tier 8?

    I mean your right I've just never had double CV games at tier 8+ and now I see at least 1-3 any day I decide to play Wows for extended periods. I still remember playing through Hakuryu line and never seeing double CVs except at Tier 4 for obvious reasons. But that is personal bias so meh. I do feel bad for people who get uptiered in to that nonsense cause uh..Look at this nonsense below.
  3. I'm very below average at BBs even though I love my yamato and satsuma. Its incredibly hard to learn proper BB play because your death wasn't when you got spotted and lit up in 2 seconds like a dd but it was 1-2 minutes ago when you decided to go X direction around X island and didn't notice or see X ship at X angle and suddenly your getting peppered and had no idea why that happened and do not have the speed/mobility to disengage. It potentially takes 1000s of games to develop even basic map sense and with it being much easier to jump through ranks now a days, its inevitable that most people are not going to be very good at this game even when we try to practice. It also doesn't help that the general lethality of the game has just increased over time (lots of BBs with high caliber cannons now, rapid flame spewing WASD cruisers and now subs) just means making a single mistake makes most people not want to push or play aggressive because they want to get the most out of their game time. I think most people problely play this just to have fun and not necessarily to say "improve" so its not likely to disappear any time soon.
  4. I've been playing Pobeda recently and notice a lot more Double CV games at Tier 8 then usual. Problely not statistically significant at all but has anyone else been seeing this lately?
  5. Please. I would love to play my Yamato/Satsuma and be firing Ap Shells from my secondaries. Please return the IJN AP Specialty!
  6. Kataclysms

    This seems perfectly fine

    Wasn't really expecting a detonation. Only 3 rockets hit but one must have penned hard enough lol
  7. 1651103238-medaltvworldofwarships20220427183546.mp4 I have never detonated anyone in a CV before. This was surprising to say the least. Anyone think detonations should have a larger, blinding and very noticable explosion then normal?
  8. Kataclysms

    What happened to Zao?

    Oh no no. Im sorry I worded that really badly. I meant by that yes she is ultra accurate and her dispersion is basically non-existant. If I aim my shots go where they're supposed to to instead of feeling like I have to pray for WG RNGJesus.
  9. I wish I could alpha strike in my Hakuryu. Haku Torpedo bombers all dropping their 8k damage torpedos all at once on some lone BB.
  10. So aside from the very blatantly obvious queue dump...I did not know CVs could do this with rocket planes (I play Haku usually). Also ignore the chat, I was just laughing about the dump, it was rather insane and no ill will was meant towards anyone. 1650874210-medaltvworldofwarships20220425030327.mp4
  11. Kataclysms

    Whats Wrong With This Picture

    Nah you gonna share. Haven't paid your warship taxes.
  12. Kataclysms

    Whats Wrong With This Picture

    Holy neptune, 2.65 BILLION credits.
  13. I bought Satsuma. I haven't bought yamagiri cause its just Shimakaze with 3 extra torps. Because I only have the 5 IJN lines I don't have access to any other supers though I am curious about started US or UK just for the CVs. To be honest, Satsu/Hanno are more or less just minor upgrades to their respective ships and aren't really OP in any way. The DDs aren't too bad either. The CVs on the other hand...Ya, theres already enough forum posts about US lol. How I do it basically is, I play Yamato/Haku and while one of them is waiting to come back from a battle if I [edited] up early or die before battle is over, I play Satsuma and make up the credits lost. So I never really run out.
  14. Kataclysms

    All ships may become 4% more accurate

    If thats the case my legendary yamato and regular zao is going to have even more fun.
  15. Kataclysms

    Why is Hakuryu no longer popular?

    What exploits do you mean? And what about her has been power creeped?