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  1. You have to complete the last directive to have access to the hall of fame. Hall of Fame Completing the fourth Directive grants you access to the Hall of Fame. There, you’ll be able to cross swords with the best players in the game! Rewards will be issued to every Commander who scores at least one point in accordance with the special Hall of Fame rules.
  2. Gabbo66

    Shell Strike Sound

    Anyone got an answer? pretty please
  3. Gabbo66

    PSA: Tech Tree Discount

    Is the discount from the clan's Shipbuilding Yard supposed to stack with the reduced cost from Happy Shipmas because it doesn't right now?
  4. Partly to broadcast and partly to assist the investigation, is anyone else's problem similar? (ingame) Doing this: https://i.gyazo.com/fc87e709cd8521d30797fba1b4c8c100.mp4 Then checking back and seeing this: And on the website, you get this: But in game, still nothing is reflecting concerning the Personal Mission. Same for me.
  5. Gabbo66

    Hall Of Fame Rewards still Broken!

    Just click on the date 09/29-2018 - 10/03/2018 in the hall of fame and select the previous week (09/22/2018 - 09/26/2018) to see what was your score.
  6. Gabbo66

    Hall Of Fame Rewards still Broken!

    The cut off for the top 5% in the hall of fame was 5504 points last week.