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  1. DirkRammer

    CVs have ruined DDs

    I'm used to 2 CV's per side in lower tier games, no problem.. but this weekend I've had multiple games that are full tier 8 with 2 CV's per side. AA is a joke, I don't care if you use every one of the 19 points for AA, spec your ship for AA, it does not matter, with unlimited planes, there is no penalty for CV's throwing their planes at a ship. So what if they loose the entire squad, they will still get two or three torps thru...send up the rocket planes and then they have a full set of torp planes again. I don't even waste time using DFAA anymore, anything is better than that waste of a module. Why don't they just slow down the regeneration of planes a little bit? Make CV's players think a little bit before just wasting planes. Oh well, pointless rant over
  2. DirkRammer

    Dry Dock: HMS Hood

    All I have to say about this is .... bring back the dry dock port
  3. DirkRammer

    Submarines: How to Play

    I'm willing to be open minded for now....but I have some questions Think I read somewhere earlier only one sub per team and they go unrealistically fast, like 25-30 kts? So how will the random games be set up? and a scenario I'm really confused about: all destroyers and cruisers are dead on your team, the sub on the enemy team will have free reign and can go seal clubbing because there will be nothing battleships, heavy cruisers and carriers can do to stop it. (that cannot be right) If random matches remain 12v12 must be taking away a battleship spot, does not make sense to take away a light cruiser or destroyer due to the fact they are the only counter measures to subs. Maybe make a second "random" game selection that is only cruisers, destroyers and subs? What is the range of the sub's torps? Are they taking away anything from destroyers and light cruisers to gain the depth charge launcher? And if subs can have guided torps, why can't every ships that has the capability to launch torps? Who knows might be a huge plus for the game, I hope so, because we all know carriers are still broken. Last thing we need now is another huge broken mechanic to continue to destroy everybody's enjoyment of the game. Thanks Captains, have a great week! See you on the seas