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  1. Providences

    FXP to Lion?

    Thanks! Will certainly be glad to see her gone
  2. Providences

    FXP to Lion?

    Hi, so I just got back into WoWS since the whole quarantine thing happened, and I'm finishing lines that I've already started. Started playing the North Carolina and absolutely loved it. It didn't even feel like a grind, it was more of me just having fun with a great ship. The Monarch, however, is dreadful in comparison. I don't even know where to begin. It has garbage guns that are lower caliber. 15 inch guns with Bismarck-esque (or even worse) dispersion, VERY poor penetration compared to the NC, and even lower fire chance than the KGV. Not to mention the back gun arch is awful too. The Monarch also sucks in HP, being the lowest of all tier 8 BBs. Not to mention that everything pens you and you have a massive superstructure to farm HE damage off of. Apparently one of the strengths of the Monarch is the armor, but that's not working either. I'm not doing bad in the ship, but I absolutely hate playing it. I don't even understand what kind of role this ship is supposed to play. I knew the Monarch was a let down after the KGV, but I was not expecting this pile of heaping 💩 Please, correct me if you can. I hope that I'm wrong and just not playing the ship correctly. However, I do not think that's the case. I understand that it has great concealment, but I can rarely use it because I'm usually plane spotted. What role did this ship even fulfill? How are you SUPPOSED to play it? Or, is the better alternative just to FXP to the Lion because I'm certainly tempted to follow that path.
  3. Providences

    Worth keeping ARP ships?

    So basically... I'm broke. I want to buy a hoard of ships (Monarch, Nurnberg, La Glass, Cleveland) to continue my grind down their respective trees, but, I am broke. I noticed that we can finally sell our ARP ships. Should I sell the ARP ships (besides keeping a Kongo, Myoko and obviously Takao), or should I keep them since they are somewhat rare and will never return to WoWS? I mean, I hardly play them, but it would be cool to have them as port queens if they are quite rare.
  4. Providences

    Japanese Capital Ship Design from Kawachi to Yamato

    It was obvious after World War I how useless battleships really were. While they were the primary source of shore bombardment, they were regulated to just that. Guarding carriers and shelling islands... Not to mention, the US already had the North Carolinas commissioned and had the South Dakotas on the way.
  5. Providences

    Japanese Capital Ship Design from Kawachi to Yamato

    Absolutely not. It was clear after Midway that the US was superior. Japan lost 4 fleet carriers in the same day, and you say they were still superior?
  6. Providences

    Why Japan had NO Chance in WW2

    While Germany wasn't rich in oil, he could rely on North Africa, the Middle East, and Russia/Eastern Europe. Adolf was surrounded by oil, but he chose to anger the Russians in a display of over ambition.
  7. Providences

    Italian Cruiser Line up that Should Be

    Trento is definitely not Tier 8 worthy. That's like having the current New Orleans at Tier 8. Zara is definitely tier 8, Spanish project cruiser at Tier 9 and the Russian project at Tier 10.
  8. If you're going to complain about the shell types that are given to the Roma in game, we might as well also give all mid to high tier British battleships APCBC. While we're at it, let's give Germany, Japan and the United States APHE as well.
  9. Providences

    Theorycrafting the upcoming USSR BB Line

    I think Russian battleships will resemble closely that of Russian heavy tanks. Large displacement (lots of HP), tons of armor that is of poor quality, relatively fast, and very fast shell ballistics, however, they have poor penetration. I can see the Russian BBs being very good at longer ranges where they can solely rely on fast shell ballistics and loads of HP. They won't be very good brawlers in that they have a very slow rudder shift and lackluster armor that can be overmatched at close ranges.
  10. Providences

    A look at Steel Ocean's tech trees

    I'm sorry :(
  11. Providences

    A look at Steel Ocean's tech trees

    Zao is as fake as the Hindenburg. Even after an hour of sifting through various IJN capital ship designs, I could not find anything that resembles the Zao (other than the Ibuki, of course).
  12. Providences

    Advice for Baltimore

    Thank you for the advice. So as long as I don't act like a potato, I should be fine.
  13. Providences

    Advice for Baltimore

    Hi! I just recently bought the Baltimore and I was wondering if there were any experienced Balti captains that could give me some advice on how to play the ship or are there some things that I need to be warned of beforehand? How does the play style compare to that of the New Orleans? (which is amazing at T7 now!) What are the best upgrades available for the Baltimore? Thank you!