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  1. Cruiser_Thor

    has something changed?

    that's some good advice, and that's one of the things i did when i was trying to hard mode my wtr from crapto average. ill keep this in mind.
  2. Cruiser_Thor

    has something changed?

    oh... that does fit the dates pretty well doesn't it. maybe if i just play more defensively and play like an a**hat away from objectives a bit i could at least farm some damage.
  3. Cruiser_Thor

    has something changed?

    alot of ships really, recently im playing alot more t8s and 10s because of the new missions but i dont stick to one type at all although i have been avoiding cruisers (that arent just over powered ie.kutuzov) such as the takao because of how easy it is to be deleted.
  4. Cruiser_Thor

    has something changed?

    I don't want to call myself a veteran player but i have quite a few games under my belt. unfortunately most of those games are trash. Recently i made a determined effort to get my win rate up and my wtr and i made some serious progress almost 500 games where i kept my wtr in the blue and my win rate above 55%, i was playing all three classes and i was having fun. About 2 weeks ago something changed, dramatically, and i don't know what it is. i went from having around a kraken every few days to barely able to get 100k games. i find plays i made 2 weeks ago meet with no damage done in a game or getting insta gibed because i'm off sides. I'm not whining or asking for a buff/nerf, i am asking for help identifying what i need to do/what changed. I'm tired of being a player with 7k games and and a wtr of 980. (please dont use warships today to check me out its completely broken beyond help)