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  1. BarnacleCollector

    Carrier up-tier must stop

    What's this? An unhappy carrier player? Assemble the World's Smallest Violins Orchestra.
  2. BarnacleCollector

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    If you're getting SE on battleships just for that reason, you're already nuts.
  3. BarnacleCollector

    Protecting DD Engines

    Does anyone know how much Preventive Maintenance actually helps a destroyer? I'm thinking of switching from it to Priority Target so I can do some shooting in the open.
  4. BarnacleCollector

    <Rant> CV Karma Insanity

    Do YOU enjoy being harassed?
  5. BarnacleCollector

    Indomitable will be dead once 0.9.11 arrives.

    Sounds like a very good reason to nerf it.
  6. BarnacleCollector

    Tell me this is not a bug...

    You're saying the division teammates are on the other team, right? Because if they're good and on your side how can they bring down your win rate?
  7. BarnacleCollector

    Tell me this is not a bug...

    I lost the first battle yesterday and then won the next thirteen. It was awesome.
  8. BarnacleCollector

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich build?

    Secondaries aren't very good below tier 7 because they get a much smaller accuracy bonus from Manual Secondaries. PEF works best as a fast battleship (with standard captain skills) that supports the cruisers from close up. Just remember that it doesn't have a turtleback.
  9. BarnacleCollector

    I thought CCTV2 was disbanded...

    When you go into battle, on some maps it says that PWP is the winner of the most recent Clan Battles season (has to be the most recent one, since that message never appeared before). If they cheated, why are they still considered the winner?
  10. BarnacleCollector

    WG's reason for nerfing the Speed Boost upgrade module (Again)

    Yes, they're getting their AA reduced by 1 burst.
  11. BarnacleCollector

    WoWS x Transformers: Warships in Disguise

    40 dollars for a camouflage??? wth...
  12. BarnacleCollector

    WG's reason for nerfing the Speed Boost upgrade module (Again)

    It's the 3 minute speed boost of French destroyers that should be nerfed to 2 minutes, not the modification.
  13. BarnacleCollector

    How do you play the British heavy cruisers?

    I don't have Goliath yet, but Drake has very low DPM and balloon shells. I like it, but it's not very good. 18 second reload is ridiculous. How come Henri IV has a 13 second reload on 9 240 mm guns while Drake has an 18 second reload on 9 234 mm guns? Even if it is a tier lower, it's still stupid. Petropavlovsk has a 13 second reload on 9 220 mm guns, and Moskva is at 10.35! At tier 9, Riga has a 15 second reload on 9 220 mm guns. The British need their reload improved by at least 3 seconds. Not to mention that all the ships I mentioned can shoot 3 km farther, so they can get the reload modification while you're stuck with the range one. And they have better armour. Oh yeah, they're Russian.
  14. BarnacleCollector

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    So Exeter only repairs 10%? That was my question. I thought it was clear, but apparently it wasn't.
  15. BarnacleCollector

    British heavy cruiser captain build

    Because I want to know what people who have played the ships think. I'm explaining my reasoning so far. "RL will provide you more protection than SE every game all game." RPF is useful, but it's not going to be useful "every game all game". And I'm trying to decide between skills that will help me get to the late game. I don't have to imagine a real fight, I have to plan what to do in a computer game.