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  1. Maybe he should have some perks when he is in the Kidd.
  2. No pics of your smoker? I don't know whether to be jelly or not.
  3. nub2016

    PSA: Bonus Code

    It accepted the code a second time, but haven't logged in to see if I got another reward.
  4. nub2016

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Thank you - still working.
  5. nub2016

    Christmas Snowflakes

    Thank you and apologies to the OP for thread hijaking.
  6. nub2016

    Christmas Snowflakes

    I am a new nub. What is this Snowflake event?
  7. nub2016

    Advent calendar issue

    Mine show the same, (greyed out), but they are checked as completed. It could be because you have 7 days to go back and complete. I am a nub, and haven't been here a for long, so I really may not be in the ballpark, but that was my interpretation.