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  1. RedRushian

    Spending intentions poll

    Not spending any money on any WG product in the future so long as their mentality stays as it is now. They've basically said (through themselves and chosen game representatives) that they have no intention of making a quality game, and are only interested in making it good enough to milk money from it. I would tell people to not play the game, but a lot of people playing on their servers for free has to cost WG more.
  2. how typical WG punts the ball on knowing their own game and throws it onto the community to have to do the legwork to show it's a positive change. These guys have no clue what they're doing recently with all these changes and going back on what they previously said on mechanics and releasing ships. Probably saw another game do changes successfully and just created changes hoping it had the same effect. It's like wg is trying to throw away it's playerbase doing a bunch of crapno one wants. I know a lot of people quitting the game atm, it's destroying clans. WG can't even monetize skins effectively . People would pay a lot for cool skins/aesthetics, and the best they can do is one time space camos. It's crazy.
  3. taking pen for overpen damage doesnt mean anything to a dd without a heal, unless they have changed the mechanic. It was only the harugumo and khab eating full pens for pen damage
  4. Shima has decent guns now after the buff, obviously not winning a fight against a gun boat but it has enough to finish off low hp dds and put in decent chip damage here and there. In all honesty i think the shima comes out ahead with the change. Most bbs will hold dcp for floods whenever that's a threat currently. Reducing the amount of damage caused means more ships will "endure" the flood, which is the only thing that matters. It doesn't matter how much damage the flooding will cause if it doesn't happen. The only thing wargaming needed to do at the start was some combination of, remove double pens so the massive bb salvos would be fairer (apparently they couldn't fix that then), make BB HE effective against dds if they were going to nerf AP (or at the absolute minimum make every hit on dds a pen for overpen damage so the dds with heals wouldn't be able to fully repair every hit), or put restrictions on the amount of radar that can be in a game so dds can better choose their engagements. They elected to do none of that and completely screw up the balance of power. They turned a lot of dds into effective gunboats in varying levels of capacity, if they want gunboats they shouldn't have as effective torps, instead of having the best of everything. If there were more good players in the game there would be a lot more annoying abuses of the changes going on. The most annoying one would be the 14km ifhe grozovoi. But most other dds can put in work late game with open water shooting.
  5. not saying this nerf is perfect but at least it is A nerf to rebalance things. TBH groz, the z, gearing, daring, etc are all more annoying than harugumo when playing bb a majority of the time. Groz can farm 13 km out with heals and at best eat 2-3 fully repairable overpens a salvo. That said harugumo has too much dpm. frankly kitakaze is worse as it doesn't eat pens
  6. 1. yes there is all the time, sorry you can't see it but it remains a fact. Sorry dd's aren't a dev strike simulator but nothing else is either. But you have the capability in a dd. If you are good you will average a good number of hits every game depending on what dd we are talking about. 2. No you don't. If the bb is able to have his guns ready for it he will have ap loaded (not that he does much more anyways) and will have one shot on a dd that's putting out enough dpm to kill him, especially if the bb has to be managing repairs for the flood. In that one shot a third of the time the shells will go everywhere but the intended target, another third you will get 2 -3 overpens, big whoop, and the other third (being generous with the percentage) you tag him with 8 shells for half health, nice, but still a lot less than what he can do to you. The reason most dds stay back 10 km is because of radar and the fact 70% of the server has no idea what to do in a dd. Pull up mm monitor and 75% of the team has a 40% wr. Those guys have no clue what they're doing. 3. I am not asking for a handicap. I was fine with the status quo as both a bb player and dd player before the ap nerf and the only reason i support this as it at least provides some counterbalance to all the recent buffs. The dd players were the ones that got a handicap because either they were too inept to learn from mistakes or didn't want to learn and wanted an easy out. 4. That is literally the only argument against the change that has merit imo. DD's can keep the flooding if it's that precious to them for whatever reason, as that hardly ever happens. But the people crying at the tiniest nerf that dds are a dead class now are insane.
  7. but that goes both ways, bbs can aim accurately and still miss due to rng and then have to endure 30 seconds of dd guns until the next reload, which stacks quickly, open water gun boating in a dd is very viable thing right now, which it shouldn't be.
  8. if a dd can one shot any ship with torpedos, a dd that opens up with guns at 7km from a battleship should eat more than 25% on a good salvo.. A dd that screws up and gets too close to a bb without a smoke trying to torp should be HEAVILY punished. If you get hit with 8 shells with several pens you should die for your mistake. If you get spanked with pens at 15 km because you don't watch for incoming shells or are incapable of dodging with the most nimble class in the game that's your problem. Learn to play and stop asking for handicaps. I hardly ever got hit with massive salvos playing dd. If i can do it and still be effective playing predominantly solo so can everyone else.
  9. lol, dds got immunity to bbs, talks about nerfs to radars, and then now gets a flooding nerf (something that hardly ever stuck anyway) and now people are freaking out that the ship class is dead, unreal. The ship class got massive handicaps so potatos don't get punished for poor play or have to learn anything, and then gets a relatively tiny nerf that may actually be a buff resulting in the class doing more damage (because instant repping floods may no longer happen) and people are freaking out that the class is killed. Unreal. The community gets dumber every day.
  10. RedRushian

    [RushB] and [BIAS] In search of Proletariats

    We appreciate your commitment to russian bias but we have no need for khaba in clan wars, and to suggest such a thing says your memes are too high level for us.
  11. RedRushian

    [RushB] and [BIAS] In search of Proletariats

    Sorry it never gave me a notification that people posted here, sorry but you don't meet our reqs at this time
  12. RedRushian

    Wargaming should have a Steel Ships Sale

    No these ships were intended as something to be earned in game, otherwise they would have used another currency. It's one of very few incentives for players to try to get better at the game.
  13. RedRushian

    [RushB] and [BIAS] In search of Proletariats

    Still looking for destroyers and cruisers for the upcoming CB season in RUSHB, as well as any additions to BIAS
  14. RedRushian

    Just stop it

    I haven't read the whole thread but someone probably already said this. This post is very symbolic of many of the problems of the game all wrapped up into one. There is a massive divide in the playerbase of this game. A small but sizeable portion of this game enjoy playing it in a competitive mindset as something to get good at; learn positioning, armor schemes, what overmatches what, where individual ships are weak within the current mechanics of the game, etc. And the other larger portion of the community is just interested in casual play, and these two groups will constantly clash with each other because they interfere with each other. As someone from the competitive group, i have no real issues with people playing casually for fun, but what bothers me more is willful ignorance, intentional bad play, and asking for handouts to avoid having to work at getting better (which is part of the reason why there's imbalance in many areas of the game, people hop on riot trains without real understanding of what makes the game work). This person checks all the boxes for that and gives the rest of the casual players a bad name. He wants the whole game reworked because he isn't good at it/can't comprehend it. Instead of trying to learn how good players take advantage of mistakes and how not to do them himself, he just wants a blanket nerf on everyone better so he doesn't have to think for himself. Even the part about saying having to fire 150-200 bb shells a match, that is pretty much what good bb players who survive a whole match reach in the end (depending on # of main guns on the BB), so we can x him out of that category. Just yesterday in the few games i played, within the first four minutes of a game i saw, a charles martel run straight through a cap in a manner there is no reason he should think he'd live, several t10 dds run deep into caps where it should be obvious with 4 enemy radars they would get spotted, bbs run off without dd support into a cap they saw 2 dds at when there's also a cv, just to name a few things. Bad plays will be punished by good players, and if you are unable to learn from mistakes after thousands of battles it seems ridiculous to blame the people who have. It's not a bad thing to make mistakes, everyone does, but just as good players shouldn't be shaming players for mistakes, players who are still learning need some objectivity and shouldn't go around crying foul because they haven't done their homework. If you want to be good you have to put in the work.
  15. RedRushian

    [RushB] and [BIAS] In search of Proletariats

    Looking for members for both RushB and Bias to start prepping for next CB season