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  1. Avrova1904

    Tier II destroyers

    Trying to find a Tier to play destroyers where CV are not present I could only find Tier II and occasionally Tier III. I know I am missing several interesting destroyers in higher tiers but with all those annoying planes around I can't contest caps and spot anything because I am detected and destroyed in a matter of seconds by enemy ships. Call me whatever you want but I rather prefer to play this game in a period of history where the naval battles where decided by warships and not by planes. This bring me back to Russo-Japanese War and First World War. I admit I lack of skills to play with destroyers as the game is at this moment and I can't deal with situational awareness reading the minimap to study the position of every enemy ship and at the same time trying to avoid the huge amount of planes that a single CV has. I think I can be a better help and a better support to my team if I play in a period where I can understand the naval warfare better and make a better contribution to my team. Sometimes Tier II games are boring because of the lack of enough available players, but at least I can do any better than being frustrated to do anything but being destroyed by planes or enemy ships that fire at me because I am spotted by air. My intention is to immerse in lowest tier battles and deeply understand how these destroyers work and make them work, studying all the stats, weapons, and deeply knowing the ships and its capabilities, along with the enemy ships I have to face at Tier II and Tier III: other destroyers, cruisers, battleships (yes, no CVs!!!). So, I took a look at the Wargaming global wiki and these are the destroyers I found to play at Tier II (please add if any of them is missing): Umikaze (Japan) Tachibana (Japan) Tachibana Lima (Japan) Sampson (USA) Smith (USA) Storozhevoi (USSR) V-25 (Germany) Medea (UK) Longjiang (Pan-Asia) I have 9 destroyers to choose, I can pay for a premium destroyer, this wouldn't be a problem at all. I would rather prefer a balance between guns and torpedoes or a pure gunboat, but I can learn every destroyer of the list. Modules and captain skills wouldn't be a problem, I have more than enough competent captains to put skills on him. Which Tier II destroyers would you recommend to play with?
  2. Avrova1904

    Best ship line to hunt destroyers?

    I am thinking about going with America, any USN line but carriers, I do not like carriers, sorry. I have the entire USN battleship line and I am now thinking about destroyers or cruisers. Which one is better for USN?
  3. Avrova1904

    In which computer fo you play World of Warships?

    That's the problem, my internet connection speed is terrible, 6 mb, sometimes the ping goes to 700, unplayable. But this is because I am now living at my parents house. Things will go better soon.
  4. Can you recommend me a line to hunt destroyers? I am playing japanese destroyers but want to try something new, a line with good artillery and rate of fire to remove enemy destroyers. Can be cruisers or destroyers. Thanks in advance
  5. This is mine, not the very best but I can play this game with everything maxed, 61 fps usually but some drops to 40 fps. Alienware 17 R3 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700HQ (base freq. 2.5 GHz, turbo freq. 3.5 GHz) RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2100 MHz HD: 1 SATA 1 TB 7200 rpm GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M 3 GB DDR5 OS: Windows 10 64 bits What is more important: CPU or GPU?
  6. Avrova1904

    Other naval games?

    Which other naval games do you know that worth playing? I want to try other games for a while. By the way, I am not any happy with the last patch of World of Warships
  7. Some months ago I started japanese destroyers but since yesterday I am doing even worse than usual. I feel bad for it but new features require to adapt to the new situation. I hate to do what I am asking but I feel I have no freedom to choose the ship class/line I like so I have no option but going for effective ways to play this game if I stay playing it. Which line/class of ships excluding CVs (or carriers) are working at this moment? The only ships I have with good AA are all free american battleships. Is there any other line / class with effective AA to play with?
  8. Avrova1904

    Gaming Laptops

    Anyone here has a gaming laptop? I have a gaming laptop from 2016, these are the specs: Alienware 17 R3 CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 HQ (base frequency: 2.20 GHz, Turbo Frequency: 3.5 GHz). RAM: 16 GB DDR4 (2100 MHz) HDD: SATA 1 TB 7200 RPM GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M 3 GB DDR5 I am saving money to purchase a better gaming laptop. The games I usually play are basically World of Warships and Total War: Empire, Napoleon, Shogun 2, Rome 2. I can play every of them maxed except for Rome 2, I have to lower some settings to reach 46 fps. I need the portability of a laptop so I can't afford to have a desktop computer. From some years ago to the moment I see a possitive evolution of gaming laptops and nowadays are more than capable to run most games efficiently.
  9. Avrova1904

    High ping recently

    I am having high ping, between 145 to 500 ms but rise to those numbers suddenly and then drops. I am now playing from Europe and the best I can have is 105 which is good enough to play smoothly until my ping rises during some seconds or a minute. I think my computer is good enough to play, I have everything maxed and I usually have 61 fps, sometimes drop to 55 and in the worst case to 40 (just a second) and usually happens with explosions during a matter of seconds. My internet connection is not good enough but I wanted to know if can be my computer. These are my computer specs: Alienware 17 R3 CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 HQ (base frequency: 2.20 GHz, Turbo Frequency: 3.5 GHz). RAM: 16 GB DDR4 (2100 MHz) HDD: SATA 1 TB 7200 RPM GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M 3 GB DDR5
  10. I know you will hate me but I say what I feel at this moment. I played some games with high tier ships since yesterday and I feel unable to make a possitive contribution to my team so I decided to play this game only with low tier ships. Every game I had in Tier >VII is crowded by CVs and if I am playing with my japanese destroyers I can't spot nothing and I finally give up and I am sunk by those new planes that are always around you throwing bombs or whatever objects they have. Almost the same with battleships, I am paired with higher tier CVs and I can't play properly because once I am focused, is a game over. I can even admit is my fault, yes, I admit it, my skills are not good enough to bring any sort of useful support to my teams. For such reasons I decided to come back to lower tiers. I just want to play this game with ships of an historical era where planes didn't play a decisive role or were a decisive factor in the battle result, the First World War and Russo-Japanese War, the dreadnought era, where at least historically, planes didn't play a significant role in naval battles. I don't support the idea that battles are decided by the skills of a CV player, and that is the reason I decided to play this game in low tiers, where at least I can have some enjoyment and my skills are good enough to make a possitive contribution to my teams. Moreover, due to the fact that I don't have much time to play, is costing me a hell to understand the newer mechanics. I am not a kid, I am a 33 year old man with responsibilities. Can you please, then, recommend me good low tier ships (I-IV, can be max. V) to play this game? It can be of any class except carriers since I am not interested in this kind of warfare. I have doublons and I can afford to have a premium account so I can grind captain skills to take advantage of it. Thank you very much for reading.
  11. I am now with Shiratsuyu and I am really bad in this ship. I put the extra torpedoes but either my torpedoes are avoided or because I don't have smoke I am spotted and killed easily. With the other Tier VII, Akatsuki, I am a bit better but is very tough with radars and other destroyers to last more time. Radars and better guns are making my experience with Tier VII japanese destroyers a torture, far from enjoyable, I feel like giving up the game. But I do far better until Tier V and just better with Tier VI. I even prefer Hatsuharu with 6.0 km concealment over Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu. At least I feel I can contribute in any way to my team. Because I eventually burned out with Tier VII japanese destroyers, I have to stop there and think about another destroyer line, but if all destroyer lines are about the same, I am thinking about giving up destroyers. I would like to try something balanced between torpedoes and guns or just go enterely with guns as a gunboat. That's ironic that one of my favourite ships in the game is Kamikaze, I really like this ship, I have concealment and 3 smokes on Kamikaze. I can't beliebe I can't even overcome 10,000 HP of damage in Shiratsuyu while I do even more with Wakatake and Umikaze. I finally assumed, those ships are just not for me...
  12. I am now watching at the premium destroyers available at na server: Sims, Campbeltown, Kidd, Asashio, Gallant, Aigle, Blyskawica, Tachibana, Loyang, Monaghan, Smith, Cossack, Lenningrad, Z-39, Anshan, T-61, Okhotnik. Which one would you consider at this time?
  13. Avrova1904

    How can I get Mushashi?

    I'm sorry but I am not willing to spend more money so I will not get Mushashi. Are premium ships such as Mushashi and Jean Bart better than free ships? If not I will consider to not play in this Tier since I don't want to spend more money at this moment. The only japanese battleship I have in Tier IX is Izumo, is a good ship for this tier considering these new ships? Will I be at disadvantage if I play with Izumo? I also have Iowa so this is my only alternative.
  14. Avrova1904

    How can I get Mushashi?

    Is there any other good but free Tier IX Battleship?
  15. In Tier IX games I see lots of Mushashi players. According to the Tech Tree I need 750000 Free XP to get Mushashi but I only have 200000 Free XP so I don't see it easy at all. Do you know an easier way? I have Izumo but I don't know if Izumo is still good enough to play in Tier IX. Sorry if the question is stupid but It's been a long time I haven't played this game.