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  1. Avrova1904

    Best battleship for ranked?

    I'm struggling with Kurfurst. I get better results with Yamato and Montana. Even having the premium repair consumible and 5 repairs (premium) I am not so good with Kurfurst. Is my fault? Kurfurst has great secondaries but is not as accurate as others (or probably I am not aiming well). Also despite having 105,000 HP, I find that is severely punished by fires and torpedoes, and also AP can damage it severely. I will try to do my best because I like the playstyle but I lack of experience with this ship. I have 14 points captain, I included Fire Prevention and Advanced Firing Training.
  2. I have Yamato, Montana and Kurfurst, no rental, to play in ranked games. Which one should I play? I really like Yamato but is hard to play since a mistake can cost the ship easily, happened me once, but in the other side, I once got Kraken but we lost and I was blamed to be a bad player while the rest of the team only destroyed a single ship. Couldn't understand why blaming a player that got kraken while the remaining 6 players only destroyed a single ship (counting every of them together).
  3. This is not a post to complain but to ask for help with Tiers IX and X. I do not have much time to play so I only have the old Tier IX Izumo, Tier X Yamato, Tier IX Iowa and Tier X Montana. I feel that Iowa is not as good as used to be or maybe I am lacking experience but I am having terrible games that I didn't usually have before. This is more or less a list of ships that are now giving me problems to face in Tier IX and X: Musashi, Kremlim, Worcester, Hindenburg, Jean Bart, Conqueror, Midway. Midway... even with Iowa and Montana, if I'm focused, I'm struggling with AA, should I go to full AA captain skills instead of concealment expert? The situation is far worse with Iowa than with Montana. Kremlim... When I thought I've seen everything with Kurfurst, 108,300 HP, funny is close to double my Iowa HP. I'm really struggling with this ship with Iowa, I've got severe damage easily when I am close to this ship. Should I just avoid it and run as soon as possible? Musashi... Seems that everybody today but me has one. Not sure if Izumo is able to face Musashi, if it is, what's the best strategy? Worcester... A fire fountain, if I am nearly close to a Worcester, is almost a lost cause. Hindenburg... I didn't read the specs of this ship but I found is firing me back HE at 20 km! Jean Bart... The same as Musashi, everybody but me as one. They play this ship completely bowed, can't do any damage, should I just avoid them and flee? Conqueror... A fire fountain in a battleship, should I just avoid it and flee? I would appreciate you can bring me some light because Tier IX and X are terribly difficult for me with my old ships mentioned above: Izumo, Yamato, Iowa, Montana. Are they "old glories" obsolete and surpassed at this moment?
  4. Avrova1904

    Do you play more naval games on pc?

    I have a game I sometimes play and is a tactical simulator / RTS based on Russo-Japanese War: Distant Guns Check out this video, is not mine but has interesting stuff. You can create your own scenarios, the game has all ships involved in Russo-Japanese war. There is also a russian campaign, a japanese campaign and playable scenarios of naval battles of this war: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHxxvjM7hhw
  5. In my opinion, there is also a need to bring more content in low tiers because new players and also low-tiers players are now struggling finding suitable games since there are now 2 big drawbacks: (1) long queues, (2) very few availability of opponents/players. If they want to attract new players (which is also the main goal of a business) they must give a good impression to them. If I am about to start this game and my first impression is that there is a shortage of players I may be discouraged and leave the game. I think is ok to continue with the same business, creating more content and variety for highest tiers to keep the current population players happy but I also think that encouraging new players is also beneficial for both: players and Wargaming. I also do not want to see this game dissapear in the following years or struggling to find other players because the population is decreasing. I mean, this is a multiplayer game, to be successful, needs more players to make this business sustainable.
  6. They released some time ago some russian premium cruisers from Russo-Japanese War: Diana, Varyag, Oleg, Aurora. There are more nations to explore as for ships of this era: Great Britain, France, China, US, Japan.
  7. I see that about 80-90% of the possibilities to play this game involve aircraft carriers. So, basically if you don't want to face aircraft carriers you have only 2 options: (1) Tier I, (2) Tier II and if you are really lucky (that usually doesn't happen to me) some Tier III. Unfortunately, Tier I and Tier II are isolated with long queues and sometimes it's just 1 vs 1 ship that makes it a little boring. My proposal is, instead of growing high tier ships, why don't you offer as an alternative, older ships to play in Tier I, II and III? I think would be amazing to include pre-dreadnoughts, ships built between 1890 and 1905 and other ships in this period. There were several ships built in this period so there would not be needed to make up ships never existed. Also, I don't see the point to match St. Louis, Varyag, Bogatyr with aircraft carriers, makes no sense. Those ships were built in around 1900, aircraft carriers started to be built in 1920s, by that time those ships were completely obsolete and also in the naval warfare of this period (1890-1905), planes were not available (First Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895 and Russo Japanese War 1904-1905). This makes the game inconsistent. My proposal is to offer an alternative to play the game in a period where ships were indeed the key in naval battles, instead of forcing the player to play against aircraft carriers if is not interested. This can be achieved by adding more ships in tiers I and II, the higher tiers can remain the same, the game can be the same from tiers IV to X. There are tons of fascinating ships to explore in 1900s, but very few has been added to the game. I think that having flexibility to play is a good thing in a game, both worlds can coexist, why not? after all if we have even fantasy stuff... I think I am not asking too much...
  8. I am just curious to know if any of you know and play other naval games on pc, besides World of Warships and which one do you play regularly?
  9. Avrova1904

    Radio location

    Thank you for the explanation, do you think may works with american destroyers?
  10. Avrova1904

    Radio location

    How Radio Location works? I see destroyers in low tiers using it and I am interested to know this captain skill better.
  11. Avrova1904


    Thank you for your advice. I have improved considerably by using smoke better and I finally switched Level 3 captain skills from Basic Firing Training to Superitendent which I find to be better and more suitable with my playstyle. For the level 4 captain skill (for 10 point captain) I am not sure if I rather go with other level skills (Adrenaline Rush, Basic Firing Training) than a level 4 captain skill since I don't see a suitable option for me. Concealment Expert? Advanced Fire Training? Radio Localization? Is any of those skills better than Adrenaline Rush or Basic Firing Training?
  12. Avrova1904


    I am starting with american destroyers but I am struggling with Sampson. Thise ship seems to be surpassed by other destroyers such as V-25. What is the best strategy/way to play Sampson effectively? Which captain points can make the difference? I have Expert Marksman because I noticed that turrets rotates slow and Basic Firing Training because reload time is slow as well. I have a 7 point captain, trying to reach 10 points right now.
  13. Avrova1904

    I love low tier destroyer games

    How good are Sampson and Wickes compared with their respective destroyers of other nations?
  14. Avrova1904

    I love low tier destroyer games

    Besides japanese and russian destroyers, for Tier II-V which one should I pick? british, american, pan asia? I refuse to play after Tier V, impossible for me and is so frustrating... Edited: I tried german but german destroyers didn't work for me but I can try again
  15. Avrova1904

    I love low tier destroyer games

    In Tier II there are no CVs and you are still stealthy. The only ship with better concealment is Tachibana. I have Concealment Expert in both, Umikaze and Tachibana.