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  1. FoolieCoolie

    Ranked Sprint 1v1: lol wait, really?

    Man, I almost completely forgot about the short range torps. I was originally of thinking of Yolo-rushing everything in Le Fantasque, but Loyang really may be a good defensive option. Smoke up against CVs and cap by winning. Smoke and shoot DDs, cross fingers and yolo rush when things get too close. That said, BBs and German CA are probably better options overall. I will be running only DD so... rip.
  2. FoolieCoolie

    ST, Unique Upgrades

    According to what Happa said, I'm glad it isn't gonna be a "worst-case scenario." That said, I'm still not exactly pleased about the whole UU and RB thing.
  3. FoolieCoolie

    Relooking at IFHE on Akizuki

    Was only able to play 2 aki games today, but I didn't notice any real deviation from my usual damage count. Had a 70k game and a 90k one. I did notice a lot more shatters than before when firing at BBs, but the number of fires I got also increased. Cruisers were a bit tougher to melt but not too much different. Most T8+ cruisers have rather large superstructures, so hitting them was a non-issue. At close range it's even easier, and broadside is punishable with AP as usual. I suspect IFHE+DE+BFT aki will still pump out more damage overall, but I think DE+BFT is good enough for me, especially since I am running Akeno Misaki as a captain for both Harekaze and Akizuki. Plus, SE is very nice for knife fighting or taking a torp (if you're bad like I am).
  4. FoolieCoolie

    Relooking at IFHE on Akizuki

    @Hapa_Fodder @Sabot_100 The 127mm USN guns are inferior to the IJN 100mm in terms of AA: 33.3dps vs 62.4. It really is shame there is no reason to run the USN guns. Anything it can do, the 100mm does better except gun handling. IMO the 127mm USN guns should have a slight alpha boost and rof boost to make it actually viable - better theoretial dpm than the 100mms but the tradeoff is worse fire/min, lower shell count, lower HE pen. Won't be overpowered at all, since the ability to farm BBs is traded for the supposedly increased ability to knifefight.
  5. I recently decided to make my Harekaze captain specialize as an Akizuki captain so that I can run either on a whim. The old question of to IFHE or not to IFHE came back to me. Currently I'm running no IFHE for my Harekaze build (SE, DE, BFT instead), and as I see it now, it works very well. On the other hand, I used to have an IFHE captain (now on my Harugumo) on the Aki. 32mm pen was great, obviously, but until I got DE (instead of SE) on the Aki, I did not get a lot of fires. So now I'm wondering if SE, DE, BFT, AR, PM is worth more than DE, BFT, IFHE, AR. I feel like the latter build will have less benefit than the former on a Harekaze, but it's something I know works well in Akizuki. Conversely, the first build works well on Harekaze, but I have no experience with it on Akizuki. Decisions... Has anyone ran Akizuki without IHFE with good success? Do people use SE on Aki?
  6. FoolieCoolie

    rank 1 .... again... again

    I agree with your statements about Gearing and Harugumo. I started to play Gearing around rank 9 (F you WG for the upcoming UU changes) to do the module mission while earning steel. It's a solid ship, but a lot of times I found it really difficult to actually do damage when I get potato teams. Never saved a star with Gearing. On the other hand, saving stars with Harugumo was really easy, but trying to play by the objectives was difficult - saved a star pretty frequently, but not as many wins. Harugumo is especially screwed if the DD matchup is unfavorable or your other DD teammate is a dumb player who doesn't cap. To sum up my Harugumo experience, it was reversing into a cap under high pressure because the teammate Shimakaze decided to yolo for the BBs instead of helping. Gearing at least has more agility to get out of a stuck situation, but trying to cap in a Harugumo was painful.
  7. FoolieCoolie

    Who ranked out

    From my previous experience in T9, trying to get from 5>1 is way too stressful. I could keep calm enough to not throw matches. I decided to stop at 6 this season just so I could get steel. If ranked is gonna be T6, 7, or 8, then I think I'll have a fair shot at ranking out. 9 and 10 have too many ships that are outright brutal; mistakes are too costly. That's generally why I don't like those tiers despite liking certain ships.
  8. FoolieCoolie

    Make DFAA Great Again

    At least from a DD perspective, I think DFAA can use a buff. Maybe not RU DDs (don't play them so I don't know) but DFAA on USN DDs is very lackluster. A small AA total increased by 50% is still pretty weak. I'd say that instead of increasing flak damage, DFAA should boost the continuous damage. If you look at Mouse's old Kidd review, you would see an AA chart thay shows she has significantly less AA than battleships. However, the DFAA multiplier made Kidd as powerful as a NC for 30 seconds on top of panicking planes. Personally, I don't care about the panic effect, but I really do want more damage through DFAA because having planes above my ship for 20 seconds is more dangerous than rocket drops themselves. It's stupidly costly in a DD to be caught by planes when you're not ready for them, so I think it's only fair DFAA should be a more effective tool for USN DDs. If you wanna strike a USN DD when DFAA is off cooldown, be prepared to lose a lot of planes. It already happens with the flak bonus, but I want consistency rather than burst.
  9. I have the Cossack and Loyang, and I'd say Cossack is not only the better performing ship in randoms but also the more fun one. If you're good with British 120mm guns, can shoot over islands effectively, and like British smoke, then Cossack is a great boat to have. 2nd best fire starter, only behind the Akizuki. Alpha and DPM are good as well due to the 8 shell salvo. You have only 1x4 torps, but the 66 second reload is nice. Loyang is a good ship, but it's mainly because of her hydro. Low HP, low DPM, sucky torps. You can still do a lot of damage, but it doesn't come as easy as it does for other DDs. She's purely made to torture the lives of DDs dumb enough to get within her 5.4km hydro. IDK much about Kidd, but from her stats, I suspect her overall damage output to be similar to a Loyang or Benson. However, you can afford to trade HP because of heals. With premium repair SI and SE, I believe your maximum effective HP is around 30k. I'm looking to get this ship myself, but my overall recommendation is Cossack.
  10. FoolieCoolie

    Your favorite 'challenging' ship

    My challenge ship the the Harekaze. Small HP pool, meh agility and speed, meh torps, bad gun range. She really makes you work every ounce of DD skill you have to play right, since mistakes are very costly. High skill floor, but also a very high skill ceiling. Loyang is not as enjoyable - she has a high floor as well due to her lackluster firepower and torps, but they are too weak overall to make a significant difference in a match outcome, unlike Harekaze.
  11. FoolieCoolie

    Gorizia - Nope

    Obviously hydro is not really useful when you're in the back, but nor are 3 torpedoes. You can score long range hits with torps, but thats very unlikely. Plus 3 torps don't make for good area of denial. Nor is it optimal to fire them 10+km away when you have teammates (mostly DDs that run around) in front of you. I swear the average RM CA player is more annoying and threatening with their snail torps than an IJN captain. Both tools have increasing utility the closer you get, and while hydro is virtually useless if you play safe in a Gorizia, it's a better tool than torps for close engagements, I would argue. From my experience as a DD, Gorizia is a bigger pain in the butt to get around unlike Zara.
  12. FoolieCoolie

    Subs test 3

    I had a good laugh at how well the torpedoes homed in at targets. Heck, they turn better than the DD they hit around 24:30ish. To be optimistic, I say it's a good thing WG isn't afraid to try completely new things in an effort to make "fun and engaging" sub gameplay. Subs in test 3 are broken and unrealistic, but I will admit they at least look fun. To be more cynical, wth were they smoking when they made test 3? The homing is way to strong and too easy, pinging going through islands is [edited], etc etc. I know this is (hopefully) no where near final, but it gives me very little confidence in WoWs's future with all the questionable decisions WG has made this year. A batter won't hit every pitch, but if you swing and miss more often than not, I think there is a pretty big issue that needs to be addressed.
  13. FoolieCoolie

    CVs In Ranked is Stupid

    But the fact these long ranged guided shells can spot for the entire team is stupidly powerful. Cue "Why DD players hate CV" blah blah blah. Personally, I haven't had much trouble with CVs in ranked. All that I've played with have been pretty good on both teams, and they never were top exp in wins or losses except maybe like 1 game of 10 that I had with CVs. It's definitely better than before when CV's dominated right after the rework. That said, I feel like a game with an extra cruiser or DD or even BB is more fun than one with CV. CVs rarely get targeted even endgame just because of all the points stacking up. They often don't take hull damage, but they annoy the heck out of everyone else. They can't reasonably cap or spot with their hull. CV matches just feel more like a 7v7 but with annoying flies.
  14. FoolieCoolie

    It's been a good evening for Mr Gearing

    Same for me oddly. Played 12 or 13 games today with a 100% WR. Normally I'd be hauling butt trying to carry potato teams that I can't, but they've all been pretty good today. I even got teams that carried me.
  15. FoolieCoolie

    You think PR is bad? Just wait until subs

    That's regardless of ship. Imagine being a poor BB praying to God your shells actually splash a sub. I kinda wish ASW is something like an ammo choice. Something you can drop on click but with a reload. That and subs should not go cruiser speeds underwater, hahahaha. At first I was not too adverse to the introduction of subs but it's all taking a direction I dislike. Subs can't really use their pea shooters, ASW is a goose-chase mini-game, very exaggerated underwater speeds, no surfacing in test3???? I feel like WG "learned" RTS CV was too complex despite how interesting it was (broken, but I won't deny CV was fun) through rework and decided "we need to make subs something someone with an IQ of 85 can play without thinking too hard" rather than "let's make subs engaging and tasteful."