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  1. I once saw a healthy JB teammate get within 3km of and give broadside to a dying Hindenburg. Guess what happened.
  2. A lot of it was luck, but after sinking the Yamato, it was matter of going bow in to the NC to minimize my profile. One of my teammates sank the NC just in time. I used all 4 repairs I had for the battle. 3 after my initial engagement with the DM, 1 right before goong for the suicide run against the Yamato.
  3. Who said Russian gunboat DDs can't use their torpedoes effectively? Yes, I'm not running comcealment; a full 9.1km detection range. Just wanted to share because this was a silly match but it was also a great one. 1 - rushed a full HP DM. 2 - sank a Harugumo with preemptive torps 3 - rushed a crippled Yamato, all guns pointed at me. Also had an NC's secondaries trained on me. https://replayswows.com/replay/85051#stats
  4. FoolieCoolie

    Tashkent — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    Rather than captain mods, I'd say check some player modifications. If cruisers can open-water kite then a Tashkent can too even more easily. Be conscious of shell velocity, how accurate a player is (especially on their first salvo), how "smart" they are (do they take the bait when you give broadside, do they predict full reverse, do they do a full salvo or fire staggered, etc). Open water kiting is all about outsmarting your opponent every salvo they fire. You're goal is to maximize the time it takes for their shell to reach you (and thus giving you more reaction time) while still being able to hit them reliably. For mods, I use propulsion 1 + rudder 2. Rudder 2 makes repairing rudder unnecessary and fast enough imo, and propulsion 1 I find very valuable for WASD hacks. Don't need concealment since (a) you won't beat any other DD anyways, (b) you're gonna be detected from gunning anyways, and (c) you shouldn't be within 9km of a cruiser creeping up on you anyways. Idk how it used to play, but Tashkent is the easiest DD I've played. Yes, it has faults but as long as you space yourself well, it's just a matter of shooting and dodging. No need to worry about radar, torps, etc for most of the match. I have a couple rules I keep for myself, and I only break them when necessary. 1. Never be <10km away from an enemy. USN DDs, RN DDs, and Eu DDs more like 7.5km because of their low shell velocity. 2. 12.5-13.5km is the sweetspot in terms of being able to gun comfortably and dodge consistently. 3. Avoid Italians and Smolensk as much as possible. Avoid RU cruisers <13km. 4. Caps are deathtraps. Avoid them till you can safely push. 5. Islands suck. Find open water to pew pew.
  5. FoolieCoolie

    IFHE changes

    I've been learning to play without IFHE in anticipation for the changes. For DDs, I think the Japanese 100mm take the largest hit. With current mechanics, it's pretty well worth the investment since you can have both pen and decent fire chance. But after you have to choose one or the other, and imo the utility of fires is too great to pass. Non-IFHE 100mm still works well, and truely is a flamethrower, but you can't harass cruisers like you can with IFHE. I never saw need to run IFHE on the Russian 130mm. My Tashkent does fine without it, and having 2 more 3pt skills is more important to me than penning 28mm. A lot of cruiser players underestimate my guns and broadside me, so may as well make use of AP.
  6. FoolieCoolie

    CV-DD interaction

    DB and TB I can deal with. If I get hit, that's well earned damage. Rockets feel cheap though. Even a terrible CV player like me can do "alright" only with rockets and a couple bomb/torp hits.
  7. I get anywhere from about 20-75% CV matches at T8 depending when I play. That in itself doesn't bother me, but they target me every match... because I play DD. lol I've had CVs persistently stalk me an entire match, using bombers on other ships only when rockets are on cooldown - an occurance than is a little more frequent than I'd like. Probably as unfun as having an Asashio stalk your BB all game, and only yours. Because you're a bluie/unicum and they know it. :P
  8. FoolieCoolie

    Flip Flop

    IMO there is nothing wrong with DDs themselves. I mean, they do more than double their HP in damage on average. DDs don't need direct buffs (honestly one of the most powerful classes imo) but I would like something to deal with how many (exceedingly risky) roles they have to fulfill according to the meta. It's not the top 75% that's suffering the most from role strain, but the bottom 50%. To be honest, this is all wishful thinking, but the aspiring DD captain's journey is a rough one. That said @Varknyn12, if you're going to post numbers, it's rather helpful to give your insight as well. Yes, you give us facts, but facts without interpretation is void of meaning. It's like writing a scientific research article with all the pretty charts and graphs but missing the Discussion section.
  9. FoolieCoolie

    CV - Fact and Fiction - By the Numbers

    Statistically CVs aren't anything to write home about. Numbers wise CVs are in a good place (maybe could actually use a bit of a damage buff). As you already stated numbers don't address whether playing (against) CVs is fun, and this is the primary reason why I dislike CVs in WoWs. Unfun to play, unfun to play against. The main grievances I have are: 1. lack of actual CV vs CV interaction. I get it was purposefully removed for a reason, but gameplay is so dry when you can more or less pretend the opposing CV doesn't exist while you go about your bombing runs. In addition, fighter drops - as well intentioned as they are - are dogpoo at their job. 2. Hard to punish, mainly the stupidly OP auto DCP. Catching a CV pants down is still a struggle for a DD. Can't set the CV on fire meaning you can't groud their planes. Going after a CV as anything but a BB or CA is such a liability, which is silly considering lightly armored ships probably have the most beef against CVs and want sweet revenge. I still don't like CVs being in this game since they are pretty gamebreaking irl, but I will have to give WG credit that they can do spreadsheets.
  10. FoolieCoolie

    Special CV squadron for cap (Rumor about REAL change)

    A lot of you say this would be bad for the game, but if it relieves a DD of it's capping duty, I'd say it's a win. That said, I highly doubt in capping planes being a reality.
  11. FoolieCoolie

    Ranked Sprint 1v1: lol wait, really?

    Man, I almost completely forgot about the short range torps. I was originally of thinking of Yolo-rushing everything in Le Fantasque, but Loyang really may be a good defensive option. Smoke up against CVs and cap by winning. Smoke and shoot DDs, cross fingers and yolo rush when things get too close. That said, BBs and German CA are probably better options overall. I will be running only DD so... rip.
  12. FoolieCoolie

    ST, Unique Upgrades

    According to what Happa said, I'm glad it isn't gonna be a "worst-case scenario." That said, I'm still not exactly pleased about the whole UU and RB thing.
  13. FoolieCoolie

    Relooking at IFHE on Akizuki

    Was only able to play 2 aki games today, but I didn't notice any real deviation from my usual damage count. Had a 70k game and a 90k one. I did notice a lot more shatters than before when firing at BBs, but the number of fires I got also increased. Cruisers were a bit tougher to melt but not too much different. Most T8+ cruisers have rather large superstructures, so hitting them was a non-issue. At close range it's even easier, and broadside is punishable with AP as usual. I suspect IFHE+DE+BFT aki will still pump out more damage overall, but I think DE+BFT is good enough for me, especially since I am running Akeno Misaki as a captain for both Harekaze and Akizuki. Plus, SE is very nice for knife fighting or taking a torp (if you're bad like I am).
  14. FoolieCoolie

    Relooking at IFHE on Akizuki

    @Hapa_Fodder @Sabot_100 The 127mm USN guns are inferior to the IJN 100mm in terms of AA: 33.3dps vs 62.4. It really is shame there is no reason to run the USN guns. Anything it can do, the 100mm does better except gun handling. IMO the 127mm USN guns should have a slight alpha boost and rof boost to make it actually viable - better theoretial dpm than the 100mms but the tradeoff is worse fire/min, lower shell count, lower HE pen. Won't be overpowered at all, since the ability to farm BBs is traded for the supposedly increased ability to knifefight.
  15. I recently decided to make my Harekaze captain specialize as an Akizuki captain so that I can run either on a whim. The old question of to IFHE or not to IFHE came back to me. Currently I'm running no IFHE for my Harekaze build (SE, DE, BFT instead), and as I see it now, it works very well. On the other hand, I used to have an IFHE captain (now on my Harugumo) on the Aki. 32mm pen was great, obviously, but until I got DE (instead of SE) on the Aki, I did not get a lot of fires. So now I'm wondering if SE, DE, BFT, AR, PM is worth more than DE, BFT, IFHE, AR. I feel like the latter build will have less benefit than the former on a Harekaze, but it's something I know works well in Akizuki. Conversely, the first build works well on Harekaze, but I have no experience with it on Akizuki. Decisions... Has anyone ran Akizuki without IHFE with good success? Do people use SE on Aki?