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  1. Preteen

    My Great 8 - 24 Box Haul

    Convince me that WG themselves didn't create this thread, I dare you
  2. You missed my point completely. 300 meters concealment nerf to a Hindenburg is not as big of a deal as 200 meters concealment nerf to a DM. 200 meters concealment nerf to a DM enlarges the concealment to radar range window by almost 30% on top of shrinking the concealment to gun range window while Hindenburgs key consumables do not suffer in any way.
  3. The CE change is a significant nerf to many cruisers who currently rely on concealment to get into good positions in order to be effective supports (DM, Chapaev, radar RN cruisers etc. etc.) and a pretty insignificant nerf to cruisers who excel at fighting at range (Hindy, Henri, Zao to an extent..) which will create disbalance in the power level of those cruisers compared to each other.
  4. Preteen


    You only shoot 54 main battery shells per match on average, 23 of which find their target. 23 hits per match means few to no fires.
  5. Preteen

    Impossible but true

    The listed Jervis HE damage of 1700 is for citadel hits only.
  6. Preteen

    whats up with arms race

    it's a mediocre game mode implemented poorly so naturally people don't like it
  7. Preteen

    Hangout by the Sea

    *runs away with baka into the sunset*
  8. Preteen

    Hangout by the Sea

    (baka) this is none of your business, stay out of our way. Draws a rusty shank and proceeds to defend the baka love by repeatedly stabbing Admiral Kimmel in the neck in a drunken haze. Steals documents and uniform and throws lifeless body into the sea
  9. Preteen

    Hangout by the Sea

    drinks all night and gets lost on an unfamiliar beach. Sees @TheBirb in the distance oWo what's this? b-baka chan notice me senpoi~
  10. Preteen

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Lanchester's Square Law focuses on military strength, not on 12v12 video games. You didn't explain how 2 equally skilled teams will end a match in 4 minutes (your original point) at all. I play competitive games and modes as much as I can and at the end of every CB season here in WoWs when skill between teams at the top get equalized as much as possible our matches go way beyond the 10 minute mark with 1/5 going the full 20 minutes. We never ever have 5 minute matches. Your theorycrafting is cute but if you actually put some effort into first hand experience you will see that it doesn't apply to video games as much as you would like to think it does.
  11. Preteen

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Interesting, we fought [ZR] quite a lot in CB and scrims and even when we did get a first blood they would still slowly work us down, surround and sink us. I guess they didn't get the memo that making a crucial mistake in the beginning of a match means you get steamrolled. I will let them know now so they learn how to properly lose a match.
  12. Preteen

    Second Kitty Purrfurst code

    Good stuff, thank you. Like share and subscribe if you didn't watch the video but came only for the code.
  13. Preteen

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    This game is not trying to be a competitive game. Deal with it and enjoy clubbing players who struggle to use a mouse and a keyboard but just bought a Derpitz. I disagree. Can you provide some evidence, please.
  14. I mean, there are plenty of Shimakaze players just like you, so the gap you just opened will be filled in instantly