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  1. Preteen

    Is your PR number rigged?

    Looks like mine is rigged, you excel sheet says it should be more. How do I fix that??
  2. Preteen

    rough streak in top tier continues

    game is hard sometimes
  3. Preteen

    Top Ten Challenge: Week One

    12 000 games in Isokaze holy crap
  4. Preteen

    How does one defend against this??

    PWP won KOTS using a Conqueror.
  5. Preteen

    How does one defend against this??

    Try dealing damage and sink some ships if you would like to win.
  6. write a guide on how to counter the potatoe on my team more effectively, please
  7. Preteen

    Buff Des Moines

    The global radar nerf did hit DM pretty hard indeed, couple this with the need to slot legendary mod at all times (if you want to live for more than 5 minutes) which means losing range or reload in 6th slot + reduced radar duration.. she is not very effective at dealing with destroyers anymore.
  8. Preteen

    Buff Des Moines

    Just buff DM, please. I don't have any arguments or reasoning other than that I like playing the ship a lot and would like it to be OP af. Give her like 3 seconds reload and godly AA or something, 32 MM bow would be nice too. Anything.
  9. Preteen


  10. Why software behaves differently on different machines? Asking the real questions here.
  11. people recommending gpu driver reinstall and contacting support when the port experience is known to be crap for a full millennium now lol
  12. Preteen


    Shimakaze's legendary mod is not worth it for random battles imo, it forces the player to be so much less maneuverable and passive. It looks ok for clan battles though.
  13. 17 months after the end of CB season we finally get an article which gets the winner's name incorrectly. Classic WG journalism.
  14. You don't. It's a dead ship and we don't talk about it.