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  1. It should be 3367 base XP. 3367 x 1.5 = 5051 5051 x 0.66666 = ~3367 As far as I know the API used to give you this information without modifiers but that changed at one point so all the stats tracking services use the modified XP now.
  2. To reach Golden League you need to be among the top 25% of the participating players points wise. As players farm more and more points the points required to be among the top 25% of players continue to increase. This applies to all leagues above Bronze.
  3. I may burst your bubble but this is base XP + 50% boost from premium time
  4. You equip AP bombs and do a mandatory salute in chat shortly after
  5. Either IJN DDs to Shimakaze or USN CAs to Des Moines.
  6. Garbage boats you like...

    Gearing, I can't stop playing that thing for some reason.
  7. Humans are competitive and enjoy winning more than losing. Shocking.
  8. It's a meh ship not worthy of a T8 spot. Sorry, OP, T6 is a more suitable place for WV.
  9. Seattle has 51mm deck armour, ship is op af.
  10. Holding on to them was worth it
  11. coop bots

    Yes, this is the devs' way of satisfying players who are struggling to get victories in other game modes and keeping them in the game as potential customers.
  12. Ranked did me in!

    I love ranked, it's fun and challenging. I have way better games in ranked than I get in randoms which is a big bonus too. If you are stuck in a particular rank take some time to reflect on your own play and mistakes and come up with new ideas positioning wise, there is no other way to get out as far as I know. Caps win games, kills win games. good luck