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  1. m373x

    Your shortest games

    this was my shortest game, won withing seconds
  2. marceau is mediocre at best
  3. Good. Battleships have been an overpowered class for years now, they need to be nerfed across the board. If anyone thinks I am wrong think about why their numbers are limited in every tournament and in clan battles first.
  4. m373x

    Hangout by the Sea

    *waves at kako* sup?
  5. acoro chan :Smile_coin:

    1. Xiangling




  6. m373x

    Captains M vs F

    I'd abandon ship if the captain was female, It's safer this way.
  7. m373x

    Shatter Tatics 101

    MEANN for CC
  8. m373x

    How far I got on PR...

    imagine not having puerto rico
  9. m373x

    NA server numbers?

    people barely playing the game because of reasons, dead game
  10. m373x

    Unlimited torp range !

    We need torpedo deceleration captain skill that grants +20 km range. thank me later, WG
  11. very unlucky, buy another 40 to test your luck again
  12. m373x

    HE Spam

    just fire HE back at them