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  1. "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    You mean WAR CHESTER ?
  2. Easy win indicator

    My patch is the best. Non intrusive . I can confirm that it makes me lose most games though. WG pls fix.
  3. Who have you seen in game

    @Kuckoo was on my team and we made a nice comeback
  4. Good to know that only about a third of the voters lack awareness. Good to know.
  5. Who have you seen in game

    Yup, you had the weak players there at the end while we had a Shimakaze who did lay down a smoke screen in a perfect spot for me to seal the deal
  6. Who have you seen in game

    I loaded 5 minutes late and almost didn't see your message. It was a nice game!
  7. They could have added USA/Canada despite failing to qualify. It's our server after all. Kinda disrespectful... Maybe add a special USA patch in the premium shop??
  8. Hindenburg nerf

    Hindenburg should have been nerfed long ago, not sure about Roon since nobody cares about Roon anyway.
  9. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    Nice try 2/10
  10. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    Well, if you want Shimakaze to have Yugumo levels of reload then Shimakaze should get x4 torp tubes. (Not sure why you even mention Fletcher or Gearing when your initial argument was on the reload times between Yugumo and Shimakaze).
  11. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    Not really fair when Shimakaze gets x5 torps but Yugumo gets x4.
  12. Warships today?

    I use my friends to tell me how crap I am
  13. You don't need to be in a clan, just find some well skilled buddies who want to win and are willing to improve just as you. Div with them on a regular basis using voice coммs and you will improve each other's understanding of the game. Being in a clan helps with this task though.