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  1. I knew what the thing was before clicking. You just couldn't resist, classic fox.
  2. Good decision, you can check this links and hopefully find new friends: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/173-clan-recruitment/
  3. Free XP is too easy to acquire, just convert regular XP. Not all clans will get her, only the best of the best. This is correct. You, sir, are correct.
  4. Make Musashi a clan reward ship. This way only the best players will get her and we will avoid the influx of players who are not elite enough to own a T10 premium if she could be bought by everyone. You don't want a 12v12 Musashi matches for months and months, trust me.
  5. It always had ads for me.
  6. Tier 10 for various reasons.
  7. In the past I had no idea what CL, CA and CV stood for so whenever someone mentioned those I simply ignored what was said lol, for this reason I use "cruiser" and "carrier" when talking to strangers. Oh crap, this could be very true.
  8. Free XP comes easy and despite using it to unlock modules so I don't play stock ships I just get more and more so no converting needed there (what are commas?). As for elite commander XP.. well.. I play until I have 1 500 000 - 2 000 000 and then dump it on a baby captain to get him to 19 points. Rinse and repeat.
  9. It will be an inherently inaccurate metric as matches vary from 12v12 to 1v1.
  10. Should have told them to "kill the cruiser", they probably thought that "CA" stands for "carrier a$shole". Not saying that it is your fault, but....
  11. They either lied to you or you got reported as well.
  12. The fact that he is using the term "japanese destroyers" instead of destroyers in general should be a hint about how much sense is present.
  13. A week ago a Xiang Yang or whatever the T10 pan asian DD is called torpedoed and sunk our Fletcher.
  14. Notser is talking how these are "basically what the Japanese torpedoes were back in the day" but did he even test the deep water torpedoes?