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  1. A Small Milestone

    That's a good idea only if you want your in-game chat flooded with bots advertising for credit selling services and multiple scamming schemes. Not to mention how hard it will mess the whole wows economy and player distribution through тне tiers. No, thanks.
  2. This. Gameplay quality is atrocious across the board.
  3. What does Shift + T do?

    I baited 1 enemy and 3 allied smokes in the beginning of the match recently
  4. Getting Belfast from a super container is my weekend goal.
  5. The same way you ignored the fact that there is an allied ship right in the way of your torps. I see a pattern already.
  6. Because it didn't happen.... You called the guy YOU torped "a moron" so you are just some edgy kid who team torps and then insults his teammates for fun. But I am not concerned, the new teamkiller rules will take care of you. Downvoted btw.
  7. You didn't warn him and torped him on purpose? Wow dude, team damage is not cool. Be more considerate of your surroundings to avoid such situations in the future,
  8. No, you did not. Sorry.
  9. By your logic every tier above tier one is unfair because it cuts out a certain group of people who do not have ships of said tier. Suck it up.
  10. Umm... No, you can't do that.
  11. Sounds good, you can get your Jolly Roger flag.
  12. Cool idea but having only one map for space battles made them uninteresting very fast, not even free containers can make me play that crap again. The abundance of low skilled players who have no idea what their ship is supposed to be didn't help either.