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  1. It's all good.
  2. 5.5 and 5.4 respectively
  3. Ships render with delay on your screen, this is by design. There are no DDs with 5.6km detection that meet Tashkent. You probably got radared or plane spotted.
  4. I got 0 XP in clan wars once because I got deleted on the spot. My team still won props to them.
  5. Cruisers, because WG will make the most use of the initial Italian "hype" this way and make italian cruisers somewhat popular. Battleships will always be popular so it is OK to release them after that.
  6. I hope this is true.
  7. Start with changing your cable.
  8. Remember when they talked about G. Zeppelin being ready for release and added it to the premium shop?
  9. Because gimmicks. The thing is, why are they getting better concealment than USN DDs?
  10. I'll take it. Better than waiting 30 seconds for a crapbattle, 1000 times in a row.
  11. I had а similar experience. Both CVs sent all their planes to the edge of the map and both farmed "clear sky" in matter of minutes. It was the first day of the CV mission of the Yamamoto campaign. Not surprised.
  12. Khabarovsk - boring Bogatyr - stupidly OP. How can anyone seal club with this thing and not feel dirty?
  13. Khabarakaze! NO! Never! You are right, you did the right thing. Those are a threat to the fauna regardless of how beautiful they are.
  14. Magnificent creatures! You are very lucky to have met more than one of them in their natural habitat! Too bad you murdered this one just for the sport #GearakazesLivesMatter