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  1. fixed that for you. Just get used to it.
  2. um.. why did you buy it if you don't like it?
  3. so you added training rooms to the official client but you made them worse oh boi this patch really is something
  4. Badge request

    WG, I am tired of those guys just rubbing their cool badges in my face every time they sink me and would like to request a new badge for me and all my fellow captains who feel violated by this blatant elitism and passive aggressive toxicity. We would like to stand up for ourselves and protest by wearing a special badge that you must add to the game asap as possible.
  5. Horrible design. Scaling was not taken into consideration whatsoever. Chat windows have many bugs, fix those before moving anything in that direction. [edited]
  6. You are saying this every season
  7. I was playing Yamato in this match. Glad you posted this so I can explain to you what went wrong and what could have went even worse. Both me and you spawned directly in front of B cap with a couple of cruisers next to us on Mountain Range, our second destroyer spawned in front of A. I suggested that you go B which was the obvious choice given the fact that enemy team had 3 DDs against our 2 DDs, instead you assumed that you are alone although you had support directly behind you duh and made the choice to travel all the way to A and join our other DD leaving 2/3 of the map with absolutely zero scouting and limited cap contesting capabilities. I couldn't just stay and shoot on this side of the map because enemy fletcher took B cap for free and the torpedo threat was real. I ended up killing the enemy Fletcher only because he was very bad and allowed himself to get detected by capital ships, then I rolled into B cap. Were our enemies remotely decent we would have lost this match so hard. Next time someone suggests that you go somewhere as a DD this means that they want to go there as well and help you cap, don't just assume that you are "alone" and they are "bossy".
  8. You can use doubloons to demount an upgrade then move it to a different ship as many times as you would like/your bank will allow, otherwise choose wisely.
  9. Ships that use radar or engine boost consumables.
  10. There is no such thing as a "batbette citadel hit". If you hit and penetrate the barbette you will get the "penetration" shell icon and you will damage the turret, dealing no damage to the ship's displayed HP pool.
  11. Hit rank 1 on 1st of JAN. Waiting for Flint soon. I miss ranked already.
  12. We had to try them Dukes It wasn't the most engaging match indeed but this is how matches go these days unfortunately, one side rolls the other.
  13. Gave me them goosebumps lol. it was an enjoyable season 9/10