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  1. Milk
  2. Do you even stop for a moment and think about how absurd and abuseable custom MM settings will be?
  3. Then ask for a rebalance, not for the death of CVs.
  4. I don't expect that of course, I don't expect filtering options for special snowflakes either.
  5. >Pick any ship >Filter out your counters >360% win rate fun and engaging
  6. >pick Shimakaze >queue against BB only for a 1v1 match >420% win rate ez logic, ez katka
  7. I'm not denying that IJN DD line has some disappointing ships, most if not all lines have them but it is more of a personal thing. For example I didn't enjoy the T7 Hatsuharu, Shiratsuyu was a huge disappointment for me as well as the Kagero after stealth firing was nerfed but the line in general was always very enjoyable to me even when I was bad at the game.
  8. Main line goes up to tier 10 so my vote goes for that route. Try to distant yourself from the "IJN DDs suck" comments and mindset or you may start actually sucking, hard.
  9. tiger
  10. Altavista
  11. Not sure, man. I had an 49% win rate AS Ranger shutting down an unicum Kaga that was divisioned with an Atlanta and a Gneisenau. Literally shot down 45 planes against the Kaga's 19. Every decent AS CV seems to be shitting on kaga.
  12. What is stopping a Gearing from doing the same now? Gearing's range was not nerfed. Before you say something along the lines of "the secondaries will shred you", they won't. BBs' secondaries are a joke against destroyers at those ranges. The volume of fire is deceiving and makes people believe that DDs instantly die when they enter the secondary range of a BB. We can see a Kagero engaging a Bismarck at 8.~ km here, the Kagero goes as close as 7.8km to the Bismarck and suffers almost no damage by the Bismarck. The damage is done by the enemy Shimakaze shooting at our hero. The Kagero is sailing full broadside in a straight line. for some reason all of my replays are stuttering after the micro update that happened today
  13. Nerfing done right doesn't destroy the game. It improves it.
  14. Exactly, maximizing the strengths. So as a Kagero you shouldn't be worried that a Bismarck's secondaries have more range than your main guns just as Tirpitz shouldn't be worried that her torpedoes have shorter range than Kagero's torpedoes imo. Secondaries are not scary against DDs at those ranges anyway, if anything it is the main battery AP that should be a concern to any DD captain.
  15. 1.emulate on desktop 2.play CVs to ruin people's fun 3.???? 4. PROFIT!!!