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  1. SpinningDog

    Containers(Loot Box) Discussion

    Hopefully we can get more people on board especially the CCs. It would give WG a lot more pressure than a forum posting.
  2. SpinningDog

    Containers(Loot Box) Discussion

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. SpinningDog

    Still with the detonation?

    Funny thing about detonation, back when on-shore installations still exist, one of my friends was detonated by a random shot from those installations. He was in a Tashkent.
  4. SpinningDog

    Containers(Loot Box) Discussion

    The last part is interesting, would you kindly provide a link where the information is disclosed? I haven't seen any numbers related stuff. Admittedly I did not thoroughly read the EULA/TOS, but I think the consumer has the right to know what they are paying for, in this case, a chance of getting something is what the consumer paid for. Therefore I don't see anything private about it. Assume this is exactly what EULA/TOS prevents, then it becomes a legal problem that I have no expertise in and beyond the scope of the topic. Edit: If they did disclose numbers for the loot boxes, then WG should do a better job getting the message to the consumer by adding them to the page where containers are sold.
  5. SpinningDog

    Containers(Loot Box) Discussion

    Yes, this is one way of looking at it. But I think by this rough calculation, any container that has a chance to contain ships are not worth it because you are paying for the chance to get the ship no matter what. Selling chances is not great, but acceptable. Selling undisclosed chances are worse and borderline misleading. Another way to look at it is to calculate expected payout values based on the *chance*, which is impossible due to lack of disclosure. Edit: Text rearrangement.
  6. SpinningDog

    Containers(Loot Box) Discussion

    I'll have to disagree. Overall I think you are mixing two behaviors together; pay to win and predatory/misleading. -It does not have to provide advantages to the player for it to be predatory. You may confuse pay to win with loot boxes. Of course, the worst would be pay to win and loot boxes. -Same as above. In addition to that; imagine you want a Tirpitz, tier 8 ship usually cost in the ballpark of 50 dollars. (I live in Canada so the prices are in Canadian dollars) Now you have a choice between buying the ship directly for 50 dollars, or you can buy a loot box for 6 dollars that have a chance or getting a Tirpitz. Let's assume that all the player wants is the Tirpitz and anything else is a bonus. For the sake of the argument let's say the player wants to try their luck and purchased 10 loot boxes for a discounted price of around 50 dollars. And he did not get the Tirpitz, now he'll have to spend another 50 dollars for the Tirpitz. While the loot boxes weren't for nothing, WG essentially sold the player stuff that the player didn't really want for $50 by having this *undisclosed* chance of dropping the item the player really wants. Depends on the actual odds, the player may or may not buy the loot boxes, and that's a more educated and informed decision. -Same. -Some loot boxes contain items that are off the shelf or otherwise unobtainable ships. While the majority is a bonus and mostly meaningless, A tier 9 ship is by no means *bonus material*. -I did not find any actual numbers for the loot box mechanics, just the possible outcomes. If EULA/TOS prevents such disclosure, then I think it's time for WG to change their terms. I failed to see the line you are describing, is it pay to win? Plus, something that existed for *a very long time* isn't necessarily right or good, it might just be outdated.
  7. SpinningDog

    Containers(Loot Box) Discussion

    I'm more or less okay with loot boxes as long as odds are disclosed. I too spent money on containers and got Mainz and Z-39 from it, which I'm satisfied with. I think the topic doesn't get brought up much in WOWS is due to its player base is more mature and most people know what they are getting into. But still, containers should be more transparent.
  8. Hello fellow captains, what's your take on the containers? Especially the premium variant. I personally think loot boxes are predatory and should be removed if possible. Or WG should at least disclose the odds for premium containers.
  9. SpinningDog

    Tallinn is overrated

    The current state of the game is just BBs and CVs all day. Tallinn is quite squishy at long ranges.
  10. SpinningDog

    Tallinn is overrated

    Hello there, I've never played the USSR cruiser line until now. I'm currently at tier 8 Tallinn and here are some opinions so far. Tallinn IMHO is an appropriate tier 8 ship, but not as strong as some CCs suggest. It somehow reminds me of the german DD line, high AP alpha, but loses to every other gunboat due to lackluster HE. HE shell type is just mechanically too good for doing consistent damage. Especially true on cruisers. Pros: -Insane AP Shells -Russian Gun Ballistics (Sometimes a disadvantage because islands exist) -Stealth Radar -Good Range -Improved Auto Bounce Angle Debatable: -Armor scheme Cons: -Wide Turning Circle -Not Impressive Speed -Low HE DPM -Guns Are Not Accurate I struggled to find a playstyle for the Tallinn. I feel like its kit doesn't agree with each other and there are not many synergies going on. Its high performing AP shells are powerful but like the British light cruiser line, it can't do much against angled targets. Lacking the insane auto bounce angle that the British have, Tallinn can only resource to suboptimal HE shells to deal with angled targets. Its armor scheme resembles the armor scheme on the Prinz Eugen, with an ice breaker but without the 27mm plating. For close-range combat, its tanky bow in, but it also loses 50% of its firepower for being tanky. Broadside angle isn't great either. Conclusion, brawling works, bow tanking doesn't. But how much actual brawling do you see in high tier battles? Not much. Its gun characteristic tells me to play at long-range, punishing players showing broadsides. The guns perform really well in this situation, but its armor does not. German turtlebacks are vulnerable at long ranges, Tallinn's turtleback is not an exception. Combined with sluggish handling, it's quite dangerous sailing in the open water when there are multiple enemy battleships around. In conclusion, playing at range also works, but you are by no means agile or tanky. Whenever the enemies are not showing broadsides, your damage potential drops drastically. Less than accurate guns also limits its long-range capabilities. The damage potential of this ship heavily depends on creating crossfire or enemies making mistakes. It struggles when the battle gets into a stalemate where everyone is just doing chip damage. It performs in almost all scenarios but excels at none other than when catching broadsides which almost every other heavy cruiser also excels at.
  11. SpinningDog

    Shell Tracer Issue

    Sometimes enemy shell tracer does not render until they are mid-air/closer to me, this made it really hard to hit a undetected target behind a island or in smoke for me. Is anyone having the same issue? I've set all graphics settings to the highest with far draw distance.
  12. SpinningDog

    This Ranked Season

    One of the BEST season I've played! A perfect demonstration of strength for mother russia. Smoke cigar, drink vodka and keep on firing comrade!