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  1. German DD T5-10 destroy an enemy destroyer.
  2. Low tier CV manual drop

    Point accepted. Ran to the border line one time, but well, that one was my fault for not cross dropping. Where I said auto drop doesn't work in tight spaces, I meant for crossed drops, single drop from behind of in front will alway be possible, but unlikely to hit; Unless there are enough space for another horizontal drop.
  3. Low tier CV manual drop

    This is absolutely true, but I think instead of removing the feature, WG should teach players for this kind of techniques. Removing them from low tire isn't the way; they will run into strafe/manual drops eventually lol.
  4. Low tier CV manual drop

    There are way too many limitations, auto drop single squad, most likely will not hit. 1 hits if crossed drop but that have tons of limitations too, for example, if they smoke, you can't drop. If they are in a tight space, you can't drop.
  5. Low tier CV manual drop

    Well, so you just take away most of CV's ability to deal with destroyers on their own? Isn't CVs are suppose to deal with "isolated" targets? There are just too many limitations when it comes to low tire CV dealing with a destroyer single handedly. 1. You will have to have 2 torp squads ready for the crossed drop. 2. It can be in tight spaces like a channel, auto drop needs a lot of space unless you want your torps to hit the ground instead of water. 3. The destroyer doesn't have smoke up. 4. If you miss, and no one is helping, you die. You might get 2 tries if you spot him further away.
  6. Low tier CV manual drop

    Oh yes, and auto drop can't drop in tight spaces... it needs soooo much space to drop.
  7. Low tier CV manual drop

    Just give it back. Low tier games are full of inexperienced players, the chance of a destroyer sneaking through is higher. All CV can do is spot them and try to bomb them with crappy auto drop, which will never hit a destroyer given the destroyer captain know what he's doing. And yes, even crossed drops can miss, auto drop is only good for BBs, and half of the torps hit even if they ignore the bombers. If WG think low tire CV with manual drop is not good for inexperienced CV player to learn CV, removing manual drop isn't the way. You gotta teach them to use manual drop and/or strafe, instead of taking them away and let them learn it the hard way in tire 6 by getting destroyed by the enemy CV. It's simple, just add one line on CV players' screen: Use "ALT" to win! I post this now because I recently started playing CV, which I didn't for the first 4000 battles of mine. Heard them removing manual drops, I thought, oh good, no more one sided CV matchups. Until this day while destroyers constantly getting through... not because I didn't spot them, because no one shot at them...
  8. True, though I do take a AA build on my RN CLs. Adrenaline rush isn't optimal imo because they already have short reload, reducing reload time by percentage doesn't make too much of a difference, plus you don't really want to take damage as a RN CL. Use sonar if you think there are torpedo on the way, but they may still force you out of smoke to dodge. As you gain more experience, you can predict if someone sent torpedo, so don't waste sonar if there isn't a threat.
  9. Totally agree with all of your points. The Neptune does not have good concealment, plus terrible rudder shift, made me switched out concealment upgrade after around 3 games to rudder shift upgrade. The 2 rudder upgrade combined lower the rudder shift time to just over 5 seconds which is acceptable for me. However, due to the nature of its armor, it needs even faster rudder shift to avoid the shells completely rather than taking it at a angle. The repair party isn't really a "repair", it acts like a single use revive token of sort, and you can only heal 30% of the damage from a citadel. 50% from a penetration. The smoke is fine for me, as long as you are not spotted when you try to smoke up you will be fine. The magic number for the British smoke screen is 21 knots; start by slowing down, press smoke at 21 knots. Faster than that you would be out of your second "puff", slower than that you will get a single "puff". However the "Smoke screen expert" captain skill can give you many benefits. For example, you have more room to move around inside your smoke, and you get much more wiggle room on your 21 knots magic number. I would say somewhere between 17-25 knots, not tested, just from experience. As long as they lower the citadel so it's not soooo easy to hit, I'm happy with the RN CLs.
  10. Depends on your distance to the BB, if you are not behind an island, he should be able to fire some shells into you without spotting you. Done it several times in a BB, and they've done it to me a number of times. Managed to either kill me or force me to stop firing.
  11. I agree. However this "higher" skill floor is not rewarded by higher level of success if you pulled it off.
  12. Absolutely, the only problem I find is Minotaur's citadel is too high above waterline imo. Not that hard to just shoot into the smoke and get citadels.