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  1. CorvusBB39

    Premium ships for training

    Thank you for the spreadsheet, Kiz. It's way more detailed than mine and I may incorporate elements into it. All I have is a worksheet for each navy with the tree ships listed in DD*, CR*, BB, CV order with the elites in italics, the to-be-obtained grayed out and the others plain. The premiums are in tier order with the class denoted. Each ship that has been obtained has the commander with his level. The reserves are listed with their level, ship specialty (if any) and where I'm planning on putting them if they're being trained to slide into a ship not there yet. The commanders for the premiums were useful to get the assigned skipper back if they'd been displaced by someone I was grinding up in skills. There's been a recent mod with Aslain where you can assign a "crew" and get him back onboard, displacing anybody who might be there already to the reserves -- very handy. I currently have three tier X ships, Des Moines, Worcester, and Großer Kürfurst, and two 19-point commanders on Des Moines and Baltimore. I sort of fell into USN cruisers because my clan needed CAs and the US ones were what I was comfortable with. *DDT and DDG for IJN and VM, CA and CL for USN
  2. CorvusBB39

    Mission mystery

    I, in fact, put my Halsey on Alaska B. I'm figuring his quick shell swapping will come in handy.