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  1. CorvusBB39

    You can't even believe your own eyes

    We had a similar situation when we painted our living room. It was supposed to be a pastel green but on the wall it was a lot closer to blue. "They made a mistake pulling the colors!" we thought but when we put the chip on it, they matched perfectly -- it just looked looked different by the square yard than the square inch.
  2. CorvusBB39

    How do I send gifts of doubloons/ships?

    I found out my nephew is playing Christmas day and have been trying to send at gift since then.. I go to the online premium shop, select the gift and click on the gift button. On the payment page I put in his nym and it's recognized but when I select payment type -- card or Amazon -- I get an error, try again in ten minutes notice.
  3. CorvusBB39

    Premium Ship Review: Paolo Emilio

    Everything's easy for the one who doesn't have to do it.
  4. CorvusBB39

    Mouse's Take on the Proposed Skill Changes

    Dang. I had a six-hour session in ER two years ago and it was a $10,000 charge. Tell me again how I could have gotten it for free -- I had to take out a 3-year note to pay for it. I grumbled to my brother that, if I'd known I was going to drop ten-grand in six hours, I could have easily come up with more fun ways to do it.
  5. Today I find in my inbox an email from games_na@prm.wargaming.net congratulating me on my 4th anniversary with the game (which it is). There is a link inside to claim 25x For Meritorious Service camo, a "festive patch marking your gaming experience ," and a coupon with a 30% discount for a purchase in the Premium Shop. On clicking the big, red Claim the Reward button, a page on the WOWS site is opened that talks about The Sea Wolves Program. The Sea Wolves program consists of two parts: 1) The "Honorary Service" rewards, congratulate those veterans celebrating the anniversary of their first battle –counting from the game’s launch (September 17, 2015)– with a different patch for each year of experience. 2) The “Personal Fleet” rewards, congratulating Commanders who enjoy collecting ships, and who have assembled more than 50 of them in their Port. Thank you for your service! along with another red button, Download this time. Clicking that downloads a 6.4Mb executable file. Trying to run that get two quick errors, Can't find the Intel graphics and Wargaming.net Game Center cannot recover from an error. Please reinstall the application from the support center (8201). Now, by coincidence, getting a new box, I had just downloaded both the Game Center and the game itself just yesterday. Since I have been doing nothing but updates for Windows, the graphics card driver and even the BIOS(!) since then I check again today; the Game Center opens okay and WoWS starts okay. I try installing the game center again and get the Can't find the Intel graphics error again. First off, I'm not sure why an executable needs to be run to collect a patch, some camo, and a coupon -- up until now to get goodies, at most I had to redeem a Wargaming code in the premium shop. Secondly, this is not happening a smoothly as it might. Edit: An-n-n-d, when I actually fought a battle, they did get awarded. Weird. A coupon with a 30% discount for a purchase in the Premium Shop.
  6. CorvusBB39

    Damage Control Party Modification 1

    You're right. I'd managed to conflate the two.
  7. I've acquired a DCPM1 and am not sure of the best ship to install it on. The description, " Increases the action time of the Damage Control Party consumable -- +40% action time." is unclear to me. Does this mean that the points recovered are the same as before but spread out over a time period 40% longer thus giving you a longer immune time but no more points recovered -or- It's the same points/per second thus also giving you an 40% boost in points recovered.
  8. CorvusBB39

    Impero T8 premium or Italian BB line?

    When Game of Thrones first aired in 2011 a thread was started on it in another message board I participate in. There was already a thread on Song of Ice and Fire started long before and rather sporadic, as you can imagine. The moderator for that forum laid down an edict: Mention anything in the books that has not happened yet on the show and die. In Season 3 came the Red Wedding. The response in the thread was quite shocked, and one of the posts was, We book people have been waiting on tenterhooks for the past three years for that moment. If you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, go to YouTube and search for Red Wedding Reactions. Quite a few people knew what was coming and surreptitiously set up a camera to record their friends and family as they gathered to watch their favorite TV program.
  9. CorvusBB39

    Premium Ship Review #141 - London

    I was watching The Magnificent Seven on the big screen the other night and this scene reminded me of LWM's lolibote comment.
  10. CorvusBB39

    Personnel file issue

    I could swear a while back if you, say, clicked on an MN skipper to get to the file, it would start at the beginning of the MN commanders in the file. Perhaps I was hallucinating? I am also irritated at the 'go to the left end in the carousel' feature. I put in a suggestion three years ago about it but you can see how effective that was. I'm an old guy. It never occurred to me to use the scroll wheel for side-to-side rather than up-and-down.
  11. CorvusBB39

    Personnel file issue

    I know it says "Personal" file -- irks me a bit every time I see it. To get to the issue. the only way I know to get to it is to click on some commander's name, then Go to Personal File. The issue is, when I do, regardless of the nationality of the commander, it opens at the very beginning of the row, with the IJN commanders. This means an awful lot of clicking to scroll to, say, the Pan Asia guys. It's been doing this for a couple months. I've not seen any complaints in the forum here so I figure maybe it's due to an Aslain mod but darned if I can figure out which one it might be; I don't have that many. So, has this been happening to anyone else out there?
  12. CorvusBB39

    What are they?

    I was thinking bumpers as well, but they would look squishier and have no need for a tarp across the top. Any pics of Thames barges about?
  13. CorvusBB39

    What are they?

    I'm trying to figure out what the two objects are in the foreground of the current (RN CA) game-loading splash screen. They look like some sort of container, with tarps on the top and a crank to remove it, but they're in the water. Any other ideas?
  14. CorvusBB39

    Premium ships for training

    Thank you for the spreadsheet, Kiz. It's way more detailed than mine and I may incorporate elements into it. All I have is a worksheet for each navy with the tree ships listed in DD*, CR*, BB, CV order with the elites in italics, the to-be-obtained grayed out and the others plain. The premiums are in tier order with the class denoted. Each ship that has been obtained has the commander with his level. The reserves are listed with their level, ship specialty (if any) and where I'm planning on putting them if they're being trained to slide into a ship not there yet. The commanders for the premiums were useful to get the assigned skipper back if they'd been displaced by someone I was grinding up in skills. There's been a recent mod with Aslain where you can assign a "crew" and get him back onboard, displacing anybody who might be there already to the reserves -- very handy. I currently have three tier X ships, Des Moines, Worcester, and Großer Kürfurst, and two 19-point commanders on Des Moines and Baltimore. I sort of fell into USN cruisers because my clan needed CAs and the US ones were what I was comfortable with. *DDT and DDG for IJN and VM, CA and CL for USN
  15. CorvusBB39

    Mission mystery

    I, in fact, put my Halsey on Alaska B. I'm figuring his quick shell swapping will come in handy.