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  1. USAPatriotGamer

    don't care about virtual streamers

    No one's holding a gun to your head to buy it... You do realize that many companies will do collaborations together, right?
  2. USAPatriotGamer

    What annoys you the most in WoWS

    I'd say homing torpedoes, Too much air cancer. Players playing too passively. Toxic chat spammers and ranting dead players are basically the same thing. Not receiving credits and XP after lagging out of a match that you were doing well in. WG spamming different gimmicks far too often. And last but not least, a lack of new permanent game modes. (No more temporary modes unless it's holiday or collaboration related)
  3. 2 CVs and 3 subs per side at mid-tier?! And god forbid if there were hybrids...
  4. USAPatriotGamer

    Web Server Unavailable

    Me too
  5. USAPatriotGamer

    Bathtub battles are back in 12.2!!!!!!!

    Meh. I find the ducks to be boring. Should've brought back the tiny boats with Cap.
  6. USAPatriotGamer

    Trouble in the Hot Tub: Dead Serious

    Ducks are boring. Should've brought back the tiny gunboats.
  7. USAPatriotGamer

    A bad trend of late..

  8. USAPatriotGamer

    The return of the Fleet of Fog

  9. USAPatriotGamer

    The return of the Fleet of Fog

    I can't see myself or others wasting $1000 on a digital anime fleet in one big spending spree. I've received much of my ARP collection for free through missions and have been adding to it since from different collaboration events. But on the other hand, many others would be thanking you for contributing to feeding the WeeGee beast so they don't have to.
  10. USAPatriotGamer

    No music

    Yep, that worked. Thanks. Still an annoying little bug. I kept reloading the game just to get the music back.
  11. USAPatriotGamer

    No music

    Did the music cut off after you visited the Santa's Gifts section in the armory in the game? That's what's been happening to me.
  12. umm...20 battles and just joining last March?
  13. USAPatriotGamer

    Grab Your Santa's Gift in Good Time

    Question. How come there are no signal flags for the mega gift containers?
  14. USAPatriotGamer

    This is stupid

    What makes this even sadder is that you probably would have been awarded signal flags for that achievement if WG hadn't messed that up too.
  15. USAPatriotGamer

    Please Stop Changing My Port.

    First time I've seen someone call a port a "she." Weird...