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  1. USAPatriotGamer

    Ranked season 11: The pain shall be real

    If you're interested, it was sort of discussed here. Still didn't know of a proper reason though...
  2. USAPatriotGamer


    Why would you even try to bring an Independence into ranked in the first place????? lol
  3. USAPatriotGamer

    Mouse & Lert's Most Memorable Premiums of 2018

    As a Massachusetts resident and after visiting her at Battleship Cove multiple times, I love battleship Massachusetts. I play with her more than the other premium ships because she's just so fun to play.
  4. USAPatriotGamer

    An idea to improve ship customization

    This should have been posted in Player Feature and Gameplay Suggestions, but whatever floats your boat works.
  5. USAPatriotGamer

    Ranked Sprint Awards

    I find these awards for Ranked Sprint very disappointing and cheap. They don't persuade me to want to play Ranked Sprint. They're not worth the effort in my opinion. What do you think?
  6. USAPatriotGamer

    Something to Brag About

    ...I HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS... ...MY FIRST RANK 1... I did it! It took me 850 games this season alone but I finally did it! Ranked out around 4 AM EST. How do I feel? Well, I am very happy, feeling some sleep deprivation; and believe it or not a bit disappointed. This was the last rank season that WG will be giving out a Jolly Roger flag, and even though the season 10 Jolly Roger is unique looking I still think it's ugly. The only reason I played to get to rank 1 this season is that the ugly and last Jolly Roger was better than no Jolly Roger. In fact, the only reason I started to play ranked battles in the first place was to get the Jolly Roger flag. It's such a shame that WG is taking this away as an award. It's also a shame that they decided to replace the classic first-timer Jolly Roger flag award along with the others with something ugly, but I guess they wanted a special "one last time" flag. It sucks because I wanted the classic one. For those of you who earned the classic Jolly Roger in the past, I say to you congratulations, you've earned it, but I'm also very jealous of you as well. You can hate and laugh at me saying that all you want, but it's just who I am. I'm not even sure if I want to continue ranked battles or not because it depends what WG does from here on out. In the meantime, I'm not doing anymore because WG just had to get rid of the Jolly Roger flag awards for no apparent reason whatsoever. Plus I'm sick of 8 and 10 tier Ranked Battles. Overall, I guess I can say that playing in this season wasn't for nothing. Thank you to the teams who helped me to be able to reach rank one. I appreciate it. P.S. The upcoming Halloween event looks interesting.
  7. USAPatriotGamer

    Jolly Roger flag

    Exactly! There no reason to remove it! Even though it's just a flag and it has no cumulative benefits, I still think It's a nice reward to have because for me it give myself a sense of accomplishment. Plus, it's a warship game so who wouldn't want a classic Jolly Roger pirate flag for their ship?
  8. USAPatriotGamer

    Go Navy Rip Off

    You may need this.
  9. USAPatriotGamer

    Jolly Roger flag reward removal after season 10 of ranked

    It might be Jolly Roger ix but idk. Also, I never got that corgi pirate flag from the last event. Even when I got not only my first corgi kill but three corgi kills I still never got it for some reason. And even when Niko said winners would get them but I'm going off topic.
  10. From someone who has played multiple seasons of ranked and never made it to rank one, I'm sad by this and I'm sure others as well. I really like and I want it. If I were to make it to rank one this season, I think that the Jolly Roger flag that's being awarded isn't as nice looking as the original one from the past seasons in my opinion. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not one of the players who keep complaining every day, demand a full refund, and rage quit WOWs completely. However, I do wish that WG would have kept it as an award combined with the new ones, or at least making a new way for me and others to get the flag. I don't see anything wrong with doing that. Nothing against the new awards but If you ask me, nothing could replace the classic Jolly Roger flag. Also, before someone brings it up, flag mods don't make the cut for me(maybe for others). sorry.