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  1. USAPatriotGamer

    $800 dollars in, got Mo

    Just make sure that you keep it a secret from your significant other that you spent $800 for pixilated game items in one spending spree.
  2. USAPatriotGamer

    Massachusetts Unleashed! (video)

    Well, I was just assuming there are 'haters'. Ones that I feel that don't give her much appreciation. A while ago someone was arguing with me that the Scharnhorst is the most fun battleship in the game above every other BB and that I couldn't do as equally well in the Massachusetts comparably. But whatever, we have our biases.
  3. USAPatriotGamer

    Massachusetts Unleashed! (video)

    You see? Shows the haters of the ship that you can actually play great with her. I love my USS Massachusetts along with the actual ship.
  4. USAPatriotGamer

    Anchors Away USS Massachusetts

    Nice! I couldn't make it there, unfortunately.
  5. USAPatriotGamer

    Final Tally Friday - Ranked Battles Season 12

    Let's say...If you were able to give away or trade it could I have your Jolly Roger l, pretty please with a cherry on top? I know that it isn't a reward anymore, I just wish they would bring it back so I have more chances to get it. I didn't see any logical or necessary reasons to remove it. I think they replaced it with an achievement or something? Nothing that I can show off. This change was unnecessary.
  6. USAPatriotGamer

    Final Tally Friday - Ranked Battles Season 12

    Back and forth between 6 and 8...Frustrating with rentals...Along with CVs Used Yamato, Montana, and Gearing. The number of rounds doesn't matter. I want my Jolly Roger flags already...
  7. USAPatriotGamer

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    Just what do you think you're doing, WG?
  8. USAPatriotGamer

    Premium Shop in May: The Hunt for Bismarck

    I wonder how Manjuu would react to this kind of marketing...
  9. USAPatriotGamer

    ST: 12th Ranked Season!

  10. USAPatriotGamer

    Thats It

  11. USAPatriotGamer

    No, just.....NO

    How ironic
  12. USAPatriotGamer

    Fighting Ship Friday - Top Battleship

    Here you go! Very fun ship!
  13. USAPatriotGamer

    Opening Twenty Premium Naval Aviation Containers

  14. USAPatriotGamer

    Premium Shop in April

    poor wallet.
  15. USAPatriotGamer

    Small Forum Problem

    So...the error is beyond repair until WG takes a break from the cash grabbing and actually notices it?