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  1. Storms absolutely ruin games

    storms are the closest thing we will ever get to night battles, where there is a supprise moment you spot another ship at close range and need to deal with them. i wish the game had them more often. i haven't seen one in months.
  2. Any Theorys Of CV Gameplay Changes?

    Given this, its possible the reworks may not change the core mechanics significantly. therefore the question would be whether they are going to change carrier play in a significant way. I say no. I would love to have some data where they are pouring their resources. This would give us an idea of whats going on.
  3. I would like to hear from the hive mind about what is expected in the way CV gameplay will change. A few things I would like to mention is that the way fighters behave in the first place is like they are on rails, and truly only just animated representations to make it look like their are aircraft in the game. There is no altitude axis to climb, the attack animations are entirely scripted, and quite frankly the visuals of aircraft, AA, and dogfights are almost unnoticeable boring. Based on the way the game is designed, I don't see anything very pleasing coming that would be dynamic enough to fit in.
  4. But haven't even fixed a single german carrier first. If it takes another year to fix the GZ, then they need to let ship go and work on the overhaul instead. They will have to go back and modify the Graf Zeppelin again anyway, right?
  5. It has been almost a year now since the release of the Graf Zeppelin last summer and there has been no fixing of it since that time. The talks of a massive overhaul of the CV game mechanics has been thrown around, but they haven't even adjusted the Graf for the current iteration of the CV game. If they cant first fix the GZ in any kind of timely fashion, then why should you expect an overhaul? I don't.
  6. I got sick of choosing and am grinding down all the lines. I'm trying to get everything to tier 6 minimum. Things change and I get bored so i do all the lines now.
  7. Thanks, i just noticed mentioned while playing. I guess I'm still getting used to cv's because I've been spending most of my time surviving instead of calming down and observing things.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone, I will assume if the aa battery's target the first thing in range, my fighters could be used as decoys. Of course, as you mentioned, a skilled player knows to alt click, but this could be potentially useful depending on whether my target is paying attention. I must admit its nice to have deeper pockets of fighters to use for spotting and defense.
  9. Since strafing is not a thing in this game, I was wondering how the targeting mechanics work? Does each AA mount have to select a single target at a time or is there simply a layer of bubles that distribute damage to anything and everything within said bubble(s) equally, regardless of how many planes are inside? I rather enjoy the air superiority module on my jap cvs, but was wondering if having my fighters accompany my strike craft to distract AA simply by their prescence is a viable tactic?
  10. This is the way I feel. The whole issue of some stupid ship is not worth all the hassle and bloodshed. Also, some mere words from I Chase could be resolved with a personal warning for future issues. Just straight up firing people for an internet video might be a bit much. I'm sure a warning would have put a stop to the issue, which is what is really needed here. I chase and war gaming don't benefit from a fallout, but a resolution.
  11. CVs Encourage Passive Play

    CV's and Arty prevent camping in one spot, smoke camping, and those guys in the Dunkirk's that sit nose foreword in one spot like leeches.
  12. They didn't have to do anything like drop a valuable contributor, perhaps just address the issue. Also, if the stupid ship sucks, just write it off like any other ship and move on. Lots of other great ships going in the game and fish to fry. Personaly, I would like the Zep to have two decent dive bombers with AP that's in line with the german tech tree that does justice to the stuka's, while only one torpedoe bomber squadron. The fighters should be decent enough to have a chance against the Americans, regardless of historical stuff.
  13. Smoke Change Not Happening 0.6.9

    They should look at movement mechanics, such as how long it takes a ship to stop and go.
  14. Hi everyone, I have ground down the Japanese line to tier 5 in every class mostly for historical interest. I really like the heavy armaments they provide along with viable torpedo range, but I just realized that as a person with a life, I wont have the time to get to tier 7 and my tier 5's are not a smart decision to stick with regarding the +2 mm. I will probably sell my carriers because of the air supremacy issues against the Americans fighter only setups being unacceptable and a waste of my 20 minutes. As a result I was wondering what are the best tier 4 ships? I already have the Wyoming, Phoenix, and Isokaze. Thanks for your time.
  15. Thoughts about DD's so far.

    Thanks for the input folks, Ill keep it all in mind as I try to improve my skill. Only just recently I learned how to manage my concealment. I should probably just stick to my cruisers for a while and get more familiar with the game. Also, what do you think of the german dd line? The tier 5 appears very well rounded.