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  1. Drifter_X

    For the clanless folks.

    Its funny, but WOLF1 is more active in clan battles than I have anticipated with nearly 40 people jumping on for every occasion.
  2. Drifter_X

    So many do NOT want the CV rework.

    Who and who does not want a rework is not really a relevant matter. Change has come and you need to accept that. We can hold on tight to things but change will come eventualy whether we want it to or not. This new solution is not perfect, but it will bring a less stressful and task intensive experience to carriers, bringing more people into carrier gameplay. I'm as worried as you but you have to have some faith that things will turn out for the better eventualy, even if its hard now and in the future.
  3. Drifter_X

    Premium time sale not what it may appear.

    Fair enough I needed to pay attention. I thought it was useable but at a penalty for other games like the video seemed to say. Its not really such a steal after all though.
  4. Just so you know, the premium time for sale is not useable with other WG titles, not even for the reduced bonus that I thought was the case for non warship games. Just a heads up.
  5. Drifter_X

    Musashi Removal?

    Great thanks so much.
  6. Drifter_X

    Musashi Removal?

    With the removal of the Musashi announced I thought I would ask if it will for sure be leaving on the 23rd? After the snowflakes I still need 15k coal, so I will not be able to obtain this ship if it leaves by 8.0. I have not seen any notes or discussion about 8.0 and am wondering if it was pushed back latter? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Drifter_X

    Been gone awhile.

    Ahhem....... Your having too much fun.
  8. Drifter_X

    A recurrent nightmare with japanese destroyers

    That is a sad fact of the game isnt it? So revealing...... I have been too innocent to realize such a thing. Some people really don't care about the rest of the team do they? I have been known to sacrifice myself for the benefit of others, such as smoking and escorting troubled carriers, push with dds in my cruisers to keep them safe, and even loiter to provide AA to the fleet. When called to help out I should realize that those people may not have my best interest in their hearts.
  9. Stay back and support higher tiers. Its fine.
  10. Drifter_X

    Bismarck CE vs MFCSA

    A bit of a necro post, but I run secondary battery module, CE, and Manual secondaries on my 15 point bismark. I find I cannot sacrifice concealment for an extra meter of secondary range when im being pummeled at long range. Concealment ensures that the reds have to engage closer.
  11. Drifter_X

    Is The Gaede Worth The Grind?

    The Erny is a fun ship that contains more features that are conducive to high tier gameplay. You have torpedos that are competent and long range, you have guns that are capable of competing with dangerous American knife fighters, witch also can penetrate well. The hydro is super nice with a ship detect of about 5km and when combined with vigilance and the hydro upgrade bought with coal you have a vision control monster when dealing with caps. Honestly my favorite ship out of every tier 6 right now.
  12. I was thinking about battleships and the fact that they have all those guns sitting around but often are not used, even low tier. I find myself looking at a manual secondary build because I really want them to be effective as possible, otherwise I may as well just consider them a mere bonus. I would like to suggest that battleships have a manual secondary consumable that would essentialy give any battleship the ability to actualy use those guns bristling on thier decks. I would only suggest maby one or two consumables with no extra from superintendant, have it give a 40% range increase and change the UI to demand a designated target. Of course, this would be inteded to replace all perks and modules that increase secondary range.
  13. Reset is not free, troll thread.
  14. So after some though about doing a full secondary build, I had some hesitation to fully commit considering that secondarys are not incredibly useful, but would be a waste of utility that is potentialy present on french high tier bb's. I decided to make a compromise. I went with: Concealment Expert, Manual Secondaries, Fire Prevention. Modules: concealment mod, secondary battery mod. This allows full concealment at about 13 km for me to flank and skirmish, while the 8.5km secondarys allow me to respond to yolo threats with some punch. I have seen some success in using the rich as a lancer: bow tanking in, then turning completely around to display my 152mm's while kiting and continuing to shoot my main guns. The armor on this is not very good though and I tend to spend a mixed amount of time at long, medium, and short range.