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  1. I'm afraid unless they can raise a substantial amount of money in the millions, there is not a future for the texas. Sorry.
  2. Server Connections

    OMG im sorry
  3. Server Connections

    Anybody else not able to keep a connection to the WG server? Ive been dealing with this for a month now and its rather annoying. Is there another server I can just go to or am I stuck with NA? Couldn't even post this without a lag out. PS not my internet connection. Everything works fine. topics were merged
  4. Server Connections

    Anybody else not able to keep a connection to the WG server? Ive been dealing with this for a month now and its rather annoying. Is there another server I can just go to or am I stuck with NA?
  5. How Unsporting Coduct Works?

    I hate the island camping and wish the stop and go mechanic would be changed to discourage it honestly. I also find camping in the back super boring. I like play the game and not sit. Alas I will reconsider my habits.
  6. How Unsporting Coduct Works?

    That sounds good, I am rather quick with the escape key. And I have no info from the small button on the bottom right.
  7. How Unsporting Coduct Works?

    I guess I don't know who or where it comes from. I just woke up with my coffee and bam unsporting conduct.
  8. How Unsporting Coduct Works?

    No, its fine to suspect me, but I swear I was just playing, shooting and when I quit, I was already sunk.
  9. So, I keep getting unsporting coduct penaltys when I play. The las two battles where last night with my Lyon, and my Algerie. I lost the game in my cruiser but won in the Lyon. What could I have done wrong besides dye and do damage. Is this some sort of reprieve from players?
  10. How do I contest Pink?

    Whether or not you did something is irrelevant in this world. If you are convicted of something by a system, or consensus you are whatever they say you are and it doesn't matter what you know. I got pink for a long time and banned to the co-op for connection problems in two games in a row but I'm still an offender and deserve whatever justice brings.
  11. Beginner Tips on the Algerie?

    The advice of maintaining angles, leveraging your team, and shooting when you are not the focus of attention is sound. The cruiser life is not that much different for the French, german, and Russians. The French cruisers can brawl when pressed into action with their reasonable dpm and torpedo arcs and destroyer like turn radius, but should be used for harassing at a distance or when protected by your allies. Cruisers in general should only be played this way as they are all paper thin, and can be spotted rather easily in my opinion. The beauty of the French line is you gave good range and gunnery for safe engagements, but still have a few things to get in close.
  12. Storms absolutely ruin games

    storms are the closest thing we will ever get to night battles, where there is a supprise moment you spot another ship at close range and need to deal with them. i wish the game had them more often. i haven't seen one in months.
  13. Any Theorys Of CV Gameplay Changes?

    Given this, its possible the reworks may not change the core mechanics significantly. therefore the question would be whether they are going to change carrier play in a significant way. I say no. I would love to have some data where they are pouring their resources. This would give us an idea of whats going on.
  14. I would like to hear from the hive mind about what is expected in the way CV gameplay will change. A few things I would like to mention is that the way fighters behave in the first place is like they are on rails, and truly only just animated representations to make it look like their are aircraft in the game. There is no altitude axis to climb, the attack animations are entirely scripted, and quite frankly the visuals of aircraft, AA, and dogfights are almost unnoticeable boring. Based on the way the game is designed, I don't see anything very pleasing coming that would be dynamic enough to fit in.
  15. But haven't even fixed a single german carrier first. If it takes another year to fix the GZ, then they need to let ship go and work on the overhaul instead. They will have to go back and modify the Graf Zeppelin again anyway, right?