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  1. Drifter_X

    What will the next ship type

    And with spotting being rewarded more after the recent patch, this would seem more probable. And to be honest rather interesting for gameplay.
  2. How about the battle pass button? I thought I had collected my rewards as always but it seems im missing something.
  3. Drifter_X

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

    You cant heal from the torpedoes either. Recently took 6 torpedoes that scraped half the health of my tier 9 FDG with no way to heal. I was of course being farmed from the beginning by aircraft until I could find some cover. I tried to buddy up too but its hopeless.
  4. Drifter_X

    Sub counter move!

    Although tempting, you are better off sticking closer and leveraging you team mates when encountering a sub on your flank. Subs cannot last forever against a DD/BB/CLCA combo forever. If you are alone, then no judgment though.
  5. Drifter_X

    Too dark?

    It seems like the game has suddenly become quite dark. I have the gamma up full on nari and im unnable to see the ships. Is there something simplie im missing suddenly?
  6. Drifter_X


    Its getting hard for me to justify playing to myself. Im just hanging around waiting for the next free ship to grind. Also im really tired out with the captain skills being locked behind so much xp required to reset them. Even if the game was brought back from CV, CV/BB, and subs id probobly be bored because nothing is new.......
  7. Statistics are for comparison, but mostly for personal growth. I would like to get a 50% wr eventualy.
  8. Drifter_X

    Name 1 thing you'd change

    We have no say.
  9. Drifter_X

    Best Research Bureau Ship?

    I feel like Ohio is going to the the majority response. I'm looking at Edgar, though since I'm a bit of a british light cruiser hound myself.
  10. Drifter_X

    How do you know when you've gone dark again??

    It would be remiss of me to not warn you all he might be trolling.
  11. Drifter_X

    Should Air Escort be a separate game mode?

    Doesn't matter what we think. Looks like air escort will surely be a mode for randoms.
  12. Drifter_X

    Yodo My Beloved

    Fun is required. The rest is important.
  13. I dont use it often enough, but perhaps I will start paying attention. Thanks. The wiki for Regolo Tier X is pretty spot on to what is recommended by you forum goers.
  14. Well, It lacks the Italian Destroyers subforum that other nations have.
  15. Thanks. Your captain skills makes sense and probobly lends the best utility. I also found the builder you use. Very, very slick stuff. Now I will be more organized.