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  1. Well, of course they are doing refreshes but it will someday be time to jump to a new engine if possible. Of course it may be a really hard task to convert an entire game along with staff familiarity?
  2. Which, to be honest, sounds like a lot of fun if it means the lower tiers recieve more dynamic gameplay of higher tiers. Its super sad that low tiers are treated the way they are now.
  3. I have been wondering when they plan to end the game and start something else? Im not educated on how the game is doing and I'm sure WG is not forthcoming about how things are going financially. I suspect the way to do it is once there are few avenues of innovation and new content to sell that WG will let the game die and start something else. Problem is, I have no idea what they are working on. The total war franchise died a horrible death. Tanks and ships are all that they do and these games are able to be refreshed but cant be given a new engine right? Anyway just a rant of mine.
  4. Drifter_X

    Hiding premium account in news posts

    didnt even know about the free premium. Im happy to do a little work.
  5. Drifter_X

    speaking of manual secondaries!

    Seems like they need to change the UI. Some players may not even be aware of the feature.
  6. Drifter_X

    Replacement for tech tree Republique?

    When an Alsace and a Venezia love each other very much... I never said it was, although maybe I should have put a smiley icon on that question I asked him. One thing is for sure: now that we've had two more tech-tree ships set up to make the move to coal premiums, I'm positioning all grinds for older ships - where not already completed - as close to Tier 10 as possible, so as to be ready for the next ship they do this to. I know you were just kidding, and I was pretty amused. ☺️
  7. Drifter_X

    Replacement for tech tree Republique?

    Really I have more ships than I need at this point. I might have about 20+ premium/special ships. Only one did I pay for with money (shining horse) I always lust for more toys though. I get bored with grinds and an extra carrot is what keeps me interested. The devs are super generous with the ability to earn ships.
  8. Howdy. In the likely event that repub is replaced; what is it going to be replaced with? Are there any fantasy cantidates left?
  9. its a necro for sure. Im simply not buying the "type" camos anyomore and the few I get I now sell for credits. I'm also rethinking my other camos as I rake in way more than I play so I have a stupid amount on hand. Just yesterday I got another 50 stars and stripes lol
  10. Im no longer using the "type" camos and sell the few I get these days. Had a bunch years ago but now that im out of them I'm not spending 22k on a silly camo.
  11. Drifter_X

    German supercruisers

    Without its secondaries there is diminishing use for it. Unless it secondaries are affective after the rework, which I have not checked up on.
  12. Drifter_X

    NC Grind Alternatives

    have you looked at the japanese line? Tier 6 Fuso is awsome, Kongo is ok, and nagato while slow, has excellent gunnery. Amagi, while squishy is my favorite battleship in the game. Really though, you cant beat NC as a t8 tech ship.
  13. Once in a while I wonder if there is really any benefit of accuracy mod on cruisers since they have relatively good groupings and high rates of fire? I find myself often switching stances and wishing my turrets were available. You really need it on bb's but dds and CA/CL?s Not so sure.
  14. Drifter_X

    The Kongou

    Are the guns really anything special? I might have to pick her up as its been about 4 years since playing her. Boy was I a terrible player!
  15. WG is now aware of german brawler popularity and seems to be pumping out crazy numbers of german bbs these days too. Several of them appeared right under my nose and I generaly pay attention to german ships.