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  1. Drifter_X

    Riga... What am I doing wrong?

    While i cant speak very well for my horrific performance, paying more attention to broadside ships yields better results. I generaly hold my fire unless there is a definite pay off.
  2. Drifter_X

    Pensacola vs Dallas

    Pensacola has better armor than it used to and guns that really do a lot of damage per salvo. Placing yourself in a kiting position or behind islands is best for both and will increase your survivability greatly. Pensacola has a very impressive turn radius and rudder shift despite its horrific turret rotation. I use incoming fire and priority target to monitor who is paying attention and when to slam the brakes and turn hard. Incoming fire is very useful when I am using my scope, especially when I am shooting continuously in a rapid fire gun setup and cannot pay attention at that given moment.
  3. I sold all my dds a long time ago with the rework. No regrets. I have a t-61 that I play once in a while.
  4. Drifter_X

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    Isn't the petro getting a nerf?
  5. Drifter_X

    Tier 10's, what a let down!

    I stop at tier 9 and only consider tier 10 for competitive. I own only two. My FDG and my Republique because I love the two play styles.
  6. Drifter_X

    is it true? Are secondaries being nerfed?

    It looks like they want secondaries to have more presence in the game but dont want them to be oversaturating.
  7. Drifter_X

    is it true? Are secondaries being nerfed?

    Assuming it will be equivelant to what the skill allowes that is actualy a good thing. I think they want secondarys to be more present, but dont want them to oversaturate the game.
  8. I guess my question is why not just get the yammy
  9. Drifter_X

    Black Friday Container received

    never got a container are people buying them?
  10. Drifter_X

    Tier 6 Choice

    I guess I could be biased.
  11. Drifter_X

    Tier 6 Choice

    I’m more worried about a warspite and it’s good guns that hit thier target and overmatch than a sloppy dunq. When is Dunkirk angles up I switch to HE and burn it to the keel easy to counter.
  12. Drifter_X

    Kansas is so bad wargaming should be ashamed

    If you follow the pack and put yourself in the middle of everyone else, you will be golden. I rarely get spammed because there are better targets around me.
  13. Drifter_X

    BB 2ndaries

    But their max penetration is not enough to penetrate any hull, except low tier DDs. They are effectively just there to start fires. I run a medium range manual secondary build on my French ships personaly.
  14. Drifter_X

    Premium time discount question (50%)

    Not a huge deal, I can just use a coupon when they are available. What I have been wondering is whether I would rather just buy the universal for 100 dollars for tanks and ships and call it good enough.
  15. No, you are not doing anything wrong by not caping. Your best postions are with your detection just outside the red dds that are capping so you can get shots then go dark.