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  1. Microsoft account Balance?

    Download game ONLY through the official WoWs website. From what I hear, there are many issues with the game when it's through the MS WIndows store, plus there are less features available. It locks you into a MS type WoWs account which prevents you from doing some key things. There are no advantages getting through the store, only disadvantages. Stick to the WoWS website for the game download.
  2. Both teams had ships remaining, though. The team scoring screen confirms this. I know that if a team reaches zero, it ends, but in these instances neither team reached zero. In these cases ships remain both sides, positive points remain for both teams, no flag points/enemy bases were captured, and time did not run out. I'd believe there was another criteria, but I don't know what it could be, and it would say in the battle results like it does for all other battles.
  3. Frequently people are mentioning it in in-game chat but I am dumbfounded no one has discussed or asked about it in the forum. At least a few matches per day in co-op battles the game suddenly ends for no reason. Even weirder is that the battle results screen is blank in the space where it's should say "all enemy ships destroyed" or that we won on points, etc. In each of these cases 1) time did not expire 2) neither team reached 1000 points 3) neither team reached zero points 4) neither flag was captured 5) both teams had ships remaining when the game ended, and 6) as already mentioned the battle results screen does not state why the battle ended right beneath the "Victory!" or "Defeat" message unlike all other battles. I go back to the replays to ensure I haven't missed something and confirm no victory criteria was met. Most recently a game lasted only 4:38 in which we won with 5 ships surviving, and 2 survived on the bot team. we had 668 points and the bots had about 340 points. It was an A B C capture point game, not a flag one. I went back and watched the replay twice to make sure, and absolutely none of the criteria was met by either team. I've done that with many of the games and it's a daily occurrence, probably 2-4 times per 20 battles, and frequently people ask in chat if others have also noticed it. I am curious how many others have seen this happen or know anything about it. It only happens in co-op. I'm about to submit a ticket with examples, but want to check to make sure it's not a known issue. I did a forum search for all the tags I used for this post, and was surprised no one else has mentioned it yet. Below I've attached a screenshot with the missing line about why it was a victory. If there was another less-known criteria, I figure it would still tell you.
  4. Cleveland at T8

    It's (probably) been said (a lot) before, but don't move the Cleveland!!!! It's just fine where it is. The Cleveland is a big part of why I started and continued to play this game for 2+ years. Many players, like myself, who love and frequently use that ship may not have business in tier 8 battles. We've come to bank on the way the Cleveland is and where it is. Don't move it. It's probably a done deal, but I don't know why a choice was made to mess with what already works that people know and love, rather than just create a new ship for that t8 slot. New ship much > than ruining what is doing just fine now.
  5. Crazy ship deals in Premium shop

    Thank you all for responses. I know I'm being overly paranoid but I don't want to waste money that could be better spent on premium time or other stuff. They do sound like great deals. Also I forgot to ask, do you still get the port slot? That actually started my interested in the deals for the ships I already have. I need ports slots super bad. I mean super. Just don't wanna fork out 300 doubloons per shot. Whenever there's an offer I'm not in a position to buy them or get doubloons to buy them. Anyhow, do you still get an empty port slot if you have the ship already and get the doubloon equivalent instead?
  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I see. So it's still there, but just not listed in the screen where you can covert XP because it's hiding. I didn't realize that. I thought that it was gone for good if it didn't appear in the list. Because I like to bomb around in a St. Louis but frequently need the port slot, I buy and sell it (I know, at a loss, but it's a cheap low tier ship). The XP kept disappearing each time I sold it because I didn't bother to upgrade it. Once I did, the XP remained after I sold it the last time. Good to know, thank you!
  7. Crazy ship deals in Premium shop

    These numbers for the doubloon amount equivalents if you already own the ship you buy again, where are these coming from? Is there WG reference chart somewhere? I want to make sure. I already have the Anshan and Texas, which I both love, but it sounds like a good deal. I'd feel better about making the leap if I knew the source is WG. I'm overly paranoid as I've heard a few times about people earning ships they already had from a container but got a fraction of the doubloons the ship was worth. The deals sound good at any rate, but I would like to know more. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. Varyag-TY for the ship but where are the torpedoes?

    That would have been great if the torp tubes were included on the Varyag, but I suspect it because of it's potential to be OP. I've been thoroughly disappointed with Varyag, even though I love the St. Louis. They would seem to be so similar, but the St. Louie just seems to be a much better performance in my humble experience. Side note: the gun upgrade is well worth it. Quality of the guns is so much better despite being smaller caliber.
  9. Yes, I often vent about a lot of concerns with WoWs, but I am thankful any time they offer the chance to obtain free stuff. I'm not a fan of the Varyag so far, and even less impressed with it than it's regular line sister ship Bogatyr (Bogy has access to a serious gun upgrade), but thank you, WG, for these opportunities.
  10. Hmmm, weird, I sent in a complaint/question to WG support a while ago, and they sent me a response spelling that out exactly. It's worked 100% that way for me, and it even states this when a ship achieves elite status. If it is a troll post, I got duped again. I like to help new players, granted I judge this merely on their number of post to date, with all the questions I once had and confusion I had to wade through. I think trolls should shift over the the WoT forum and leave us be.
  11. If I understand the question correctly, I think the answers so far need to be clarified, as I not long ago finally understood how it works. If you have a ship and research ALL of it's available upgrades, and then finally research the ship in the tier above it, that ship attains elite status. If you sell a ship with elite status, you keep all of your ship XP. It sits there in limbo and would need to be converted using doubloons, but you do keep it indefinitely until you do convert it or buy the ship again. However, if you skip an upgrade, say a torpedo mod, but you do research the ship in the next tier up, and you sell the ship, it does not have elite status and you lose all of it's remaining XP.
  12. I've run the "repair" feature from game center, but if WGcheck is different than that I'll track it down. I have not tried to run it in safe mode, but will try that. Thank you for the suggestions! I'll try anything so I don't have to worry about AFK matters anymore. Thanks again! Someone suggested a few training battles for the first match of the day in each ship. I'm gonna try that as a last resort.
  13. I see what you're saying, but 1) my Karma which used to be great has taken a beating, as I notice after matches where it happens I take a hit or two towards it likely due to being reported for AFK and 2) Loss of first win of the day bonus. Karma? I know in the grand scheme of things it means jack squat. I get that. Still, it's important to me. Also, I'm not a unicum player so I have to claw for every single XP point possible. That extra first win of the day bonus is important, which is eliminated if your team wins. Bonus percentage times zero XP for no battle contribution is still zero. I'm not suggesting for WG to disregard AFKs, it's just undeniably important to differentiate for anyone, not just me. Oh, I hope you are right. That's all I was suggesting, to make darn sure they are punishing only intentional AFKers.Then I'm cool with the whole thing and I'll stop posting about it and go back to battling. If it only happens every now and then, not a problem, and I wouldn't be worried at all. As frequently as it happens to me- several match per day, several days per week- having to prove innocence each time is not practical. I am hoping that if WG is noticing it they are able to tell I never get into the battle in the first place. Technically I'm not DC'd, as I can watch the battle progress from the loading screen. I'm still in WoWs/the game is running. Trolling is still trolling, and trolling is not ok. Whose place is it to judge someones concern? Some may have a concern, others have not concern. Both are ok. For anyone on any board it's pointless to question a concern, and not worth a post if that's the only purpose. I'm with you here. However, it's not applicable to my case situation below. Not an argument in favor of letting AFKers run rampant, but just an explanation of where my concern is coming from. ___________________________ Not to argue for or against anything but just to explain my own issue as I know this applies just to my own humble experience, but as for what and why it concerns me: Not every single day, but at least 2 or 3 times a week every first battle for about 4-8 ships the game freezes on the battle loading screen. This never happens in the 2nd or later battles in the same ship, which is quite curious. I then play a few more matches in the same ship with no issue. I switch to a different ship, and it happens again only in the first battle in that ship, but not in any ensuing matches with the same ship. I can repeat this for 4 or more times in a day. A technical issue on my end is not conscious entity and can't possibly know if it's a first battle of the day for the ship. Also, I use 3 different computers, 2 with epic gaming specs and one general one with great RAM and a good graphics card that easily handles 4k content, and each is on a separate internet connection of at least 50mb/sec. A friend who has at $2k gaming computer replicated the issue on their rig using my account. Even weirder is I have 2 accounts, and it only happens on my main account which is important to me. I have a knock around account with only t1 and t2 ships that it never happens for. With my technical troubleshooting background, that eliminates all the possible causes on my end. Again, just saying this to explain what and why I am concerned. The game has technical issues sometimes for some folks, not everyone, but some. My ping and frame rate are mostly good. I've seen every now and then ping and frame rate drop and the game gets clunky. I get that and it is what it is. However, it would be unreasonable to blame that since it can't possibly only happen in the first battle of the day for any given ship. That'd be impossible coincidence. I mention all that to merely explain my concern and maybe let others know they are not alone if they have the same problem.
  14. So when it looks like there's a problem, ctl-alt-delete, open the task manager, end the process, and then reload the game. You'll get sent straight back into the same battle you crashed out of, and then you won't earn an AFK penalty. What's the big deal? I often do indeed follow those steps suggested. If I wait, though, sometimes it does let me in partway through the battle and I can often salvage the match, and other times it doesn't. Frequently, though, even when I completely shut down WoWs right away when I suspect it's happening and restart it, by the time I'm back in the battle the ship is sunk or badly damaged, or it's too late to have a significant impact on match. Sometimes, it stays hanging in the battle loading screen as I continue to watch my allies sail around, and only backs out of that screen when the battle is over and the results screen shows up. As far as the big deal, I play quite a few heavy-resource-using games that have very few if any such issues. More importantly, though, the penalty in those games is merely the annoyance of a disruption. None of those games take it upon themselves to punish a player to teach them a lesson. That is not the place of any game played for fun. Intentional AFK=very very very bad. It should be innocent until proven guilty, though. _________________________________ Separately, I am re-reading this whole thread and it seems like some posts are just trolling those who are legitimately concerned about the potential for inappropriate penalties being lodged. It's ok if someones not concerned about it and/or if they never have any technical difficulties. It's also ok to be concerned. There's no reason to question or insult those that are concerned.
  15. Varyag SCs

    Darn it! I did a search for most of the tags I used including Varyag and nothing similar came up. Search feature fail! lol I will relinquish my thread starting rights for a week to repent. *Fudge, just did the search again and now see it was called "Varyag SC's". I just missed/misread it.