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  1. So I've been reading up on the history and details of all the French BBs, as well as watching the available vids and reading comments of players so I'm ready when they arrive. I hear and see a lot of good things about the Lyon, and I've been on the receiving end of it's fury a few times. Regardless of it being a lesser caliber than other ships, it seems like it can dish out a lot of pain. That said, I was perplexed and disappointed the design of the ship that is in the game is different than what most sources indicate was the actual plan for the ship- 2 superfiring front turrets and 2 superfiring rear turrets. I then learned some sources believe there was a possible alternative layout of 1+1+2 like the ship currently has in the game. There is some debate on this, it seems. I fear that yet again the "balance" demon struck again and now hinders- not completely ruins, but hinders- how good the ship could have been. In talking with players who are lucky enough to have it all echo the exact same thing: It's great but 2 + 2 would have been far better/more effective. I can't see where it would be OP with 8 forward facing guns, especially with them being only 13"/340mm. If anything, 16 rifles shooting broadside is OP. Most players say they frequently try to "fight from the butt" because of the 2 rear facing turrets, and claim they are far more successful that way without needing to angle, show a full broadside to risk being citadeled. I've had mostly bad experiences chasing a few Lyons, yet I've had mostly success in charging them head on. I've been deleted almost any time I've seen one's full broadside- no matter if I'm angled or not. I know they are great ships, so I'm not suggesting it's broken or anything of the sort. I'm sure they are going to be dealing out damage like crazy and will sink me many times. I'm just saddened it was launched with one hand tied behind it's back. It's still lethal, but A LOT less lethal. IMHO, overbalancing in the name of balance actually creates an unnatural and unpleasant imbalance- the opposite of a "fun and engaging" experience.
  2. Very cool. I agree it looks kind of weird, but still cool. Once we get used to ships like the Zumwalt future ships won't seem as ugly. Beauty and style are not an advantages in combat. I'll take an effective ugly ship any day. Thanks for posting!
  3. Friday night down?

    It's back up for me now.
  4. Friday night down?

    T7 co-op for me....
  5. Friday night down?

    Yikes. Down for me, too, as I was rushing to get my daily crates before they reset. Error message I got is that it is temporarily down during transition to Gaijin server.
  6. Wow. I can't speak for random as I don't do it much, but I have seen several recent matches in the past few days where in higher end co-op the bots deleted 5 or 6 humans in one or two salvos each like terminators. That's not RNG, that's bots cranked up to invincible difficulty. They are set to alternate between impossible to full on potato at times. A consistent happy medium day in and day out would be most desirable. That said, today I dished out two detonations. I probably normally earn 1 or 2 a month usually so today was a surprise, and I get detonated maybe once a month. That's down from last year when it felt like at least once a week. I'm not sure if this rise in recent detonations directly correlates to your random experience. I'll be curious to see what others say.
  7. So, just to reiterate what I am noticing both in battle and relive repeated when I watch replays is this: ONLY in instances when I'm in a BB with turrets that have 2 or 4 guns per turret and an enemy ship is coming straight at me from the 12 o'clock position (in which a line drawn from the center of my stern through the center of my bow passing straight through the centers of the enemy ship's bow and stern), I find that with dead center aim, almost always two(or four if there are two 4-gun turrets) lands on each side of the enemy at medium at long ranges. Now sometimes I overshoot or undershoot, so those instances are irrelevant. If either of us are slightly angled, then this perceived concept also doesn't apply. Here's a breakdown of what lead up to me being confident enough this really is a thing. I mention all this not to argue a point or disagree with anyone, just offer insight to what lead me here. In my references below of turret configurations, I mean the first number as number of turrets and the second number as the guns per turret. I am only listing the forward facing turrets. In South Carolina and Wyoming I didn't take note of issue so I have no idea. Starting in the New York/Texas with 2 turrets with 2 guns each 2x2, I first suspected issues as I noticed an even number of shells falling on each side of the enemy at range. The NY and Texas have 4 rifles in front, and if I aimed wrong, 3 or 4 rounds would land on one side of it. I because suspicious because time and time again exactly 2 shells landed on either side, suggesting my aim is true. In the New Mexico with 2x3, while I did not have a 100% hit rate, I was far more likely to get one or 2 hits with- you guessed it- the middle rifles against distant oncoming targets directly 12 o'clock. Didn't think about it much, just happy with a better hit rate. I started to occasionally review replays at this time At this point I was earning and using the 4 ARP Kongo family of ships 2x2 and noticed the issue consistently. In the Colorado 2x2, the issue returned but not as bad as the t5 ships. Other players helping me along introduced me to sigma, so it seems like the low sigma on the 'Rado is what kept me from noticing it as much. But I still noticed it at times In my North Carolina 2x3, the issue completely disappeared. I was diligently studying replays at point, in which I noticed improved performance against targets in the exact aforementioned scenario. In the Scharnhorst 2x3, I had no issue and was pretty happy. Replays confirmed the center rifles, although low caliber, had a satisfactory hit rate. In the Tirpitz 2x2, as much as I love that ship, I noticed it was horrible in the above scenario. In the Dunkerque 2x4 I was causing MONSTROUS damage without having to show my broadside. However, those targets were all angled or broadside to me, though. Since late 2016, I have yet to score a single hit under the exact condition mentioned above. Replays all constantly show exactly 4 rounds landing to the left and 4 rounds to the right. At close range, though, I have deleted many dead center on-comers. Without thinking about it, I would start to aim slightly to the side of CVs running directly away from me while I was sailing straight on chasing them. If I aimed dead center while they were at long range, yup- always 4 shells to the left and the other 4 to the right. However, I then realized when I was close enough I should turn broadside and then I landed many hits as now the angle mitigated the weakness of no centerline guns. Recently I earned the Iowa, and with it's 2x3, both in game perception and post battle replays confirm the center rifles have a satisfactory hit rate in those cases. In the Nassau I actually had no problems even though 1x2 in front then had 2x2 front facing wing turrets. I pleasantly found if a target was far but straight ahead, the two wing turrets could fire straight ahead. In a Konig Albert 1x2, then a 1x2 wing turret facing forward on the starboard side, I had the issue. In Kaiser 1x2 gun in front, I noticed the issue. In my Konig 2x2 in front, yet again I had the issue. In the Bayern 2x2 in front, I had the issue. The Gneisenau 2x2 in front, my current top tier ship in the regular server, I'm currently noticing the issue. In the Bellerophon 1X2 then 2x2 wing turrets, it's the same as the Nassau. With distant center targets it could frequently get hits. I didn't notice the issue. Currently I'm grinding in the Orion 2x2, I and am noticing the issue. In the PT server I have limited experience and I don't review the replays(I don't know if you can enable recording them): Bismarck 2x2, had issue F De Grobe 2x2 had issue G. Kurfurst 2x3 it was rare, but was occasionally scoring single 20km+ hits with-yes, do I even need to mention it- one of the two center rifles. Needless to say, I did not notice the issue. So, if you are still awake after all that, you now know why I really feel like a uneven number of rifles per turret merely could be advantageous when facing a distant target heading straight at you while you straight at it. Other than the Nassau and Bellerophon, the above info from both in-battle perception and then confirmation from replays really seems like it confirms I'm not completely crazy. A rare instance, yes. Earth shattering in the grand scheme of things, nope. It's just something interesting that I've noticed and I wonder if anyone else has experienced this to any degree.
  8. Yes, you are right but I don't know if I was as clear as I needed to be, though, regarding the reason for my post and what I was saying/asking. I've been playing WoWs for almost 2 years and for a year and half I've noticed the issue. I began to study the characteristic in game (which I do understand lends itself to confirmation bias) and pouring through countless replays while being mindful of such instances. Not only do I experience the frustration from my viewpoint, but I witness similar dual and quad turret ships firing at me in the exact situation also miss me until either of us angles or we get super close to each other. After a year and a half of studying it, I've eliminated confirmation bias. I fully admit most players probably don't pay attention to this or even care. Great players certainly don't care since they'll do 200k damage without blinking so if they miss few shots here and there it's no big deal. I am merely curious if other people experience the same thing in such instances when using 2 and 3 gun configurations. My next post will detail what created my perception issue. I am not so much arguing a point as seeing if other notice the same thing.
  9. Yeah, you are on to something. it seems like I need to perfect slightly off-center shots when using 2 and 4 gun configs. It just feels counter-intuitive to not aim directly for what you are shooting at- provided it's directly in front of you and coming straight at you. I fully admit this direct bow on bow really only comes into play at the beginning of some matches and rare instances later on. Once there is even the slightest angling by either ship or there is only a short distance between the ships, this all goes out the window and it doesn't matter one bit how many guns per turret. Just wanted to thank you. I will never sleep again after seeing this scary sight! lol
  10. So, my respect for (and fear of!) the Lyon still stands, but I am starting to do research on each of the French BBs and I was so saddened to learn it's turret configuration is 1+1+2. As lethal as she'll be, can you imagine how much more lethal she'd be if it it was laid out like the Montana with 2 turrets up front and the two in the rear? You could completely dominate 2 simultaneous separate engagements from both ends. Still, mad mad mad respect for the Lyon. I feel for the t5 ships that see her in battles. I wonder what weakness WG will impose to keep it from being OP. I'm still bitter that in the Nelson you can be citadeled even when extremely angled to counteract the fact it can pump 9 rounds into you despite very little a** showing. No, no bitterness. But that's a gripe for a different thread. Carry on....
  11. Yikes. If I see a Lyon at battle start I'm going AFK for sure. Kidding. Just kidding. I'll just spend the rest of the game in reverse. I know about dispersion, but it just seems like a center gun, be it a single or a in a 3 gun config, is helpful in landing hits if a distant enemy presents the smallest possible profile. Exhibit B (taken on my GoPro camera during an actual battle! lol): So I watched (well, fast forwarded to the juicy parts) a few replays of my 3-gun-turret BBs, and 2-gun-turret BBs. In my Scharn, it just seemed like one or both rounds from the center rifles almost always hit- in cases where I didn't over or undershoot and the target didn't turn away. I did notice 2 different instances in my Gneisenau where a target was coming directly at me from like 11 o'clock. Because of my rear turret, and my now my slightly offset forward turrets, I got several hits. This furthers my thought that my perception really only applies to targets at 12 o'clock coming directly at me, bow to bow. Exhibit C: Thanks to fellow player Admiral_Derpitz who risked his life to get this pic during a live battle.
  12. Oh, believe me, I fear moar guns like quads on all these French BBs. They are are gonna put a world of hurt on those not taking 'em seriously. I love my Dunk. It allows me to punch way way way above my weight class when a target is close or presents at least a slight angle. My problem- and I admit it could just be a "me" problem if no one else experiences it- is just that distant oncoming narrow target coming from 12 o'clock. Below is a my best comical attempt at showing nearly 100% of my Dunk shots at roughly 10km+ away. My 2-gun German BBs do slightly better. Distant oncoming destroyers I will always miss, cruisers I almost always miss, and 95% of the time I'll miss BB's at range. Not only for me, though, I notice directly oncoming 2 and 4 gun enemy BBs almost always miss me, so that's why I think it's in an interesting, shall I call it, "characteristic" of even-number-of-guns. I'm on board with more is better. It's just in this one scenario I experience frustration. Exhibit A:
  13. New player having a hard time.

    Lol. Well I didn't mean to set out to "screw that statement up". According to Warships Today, WOWs Wiki, and posts on this forum all indicate t4 ships only see t3 and t4 ships. That's probably outdated info, though. Now that I think about it maybe in the past I did see Omaha and Texas while in my Phoenix and Wyoming. Curiously, though, I have over 30 battles in my t4 Orion and I have yet to be in a match featuring any ships above t4. I wonder if "protected" that people talk about for t4 refers just to easier matchmaking and less bottom tier battles.
  14. I am curious if anyone else noticed something that a while ago I suspected but now realized is a real thing. First off let me say I am not passing judgement, criticizing, nor dismissing the effectiveness of 2-gun or 4-gun turrets or any ship for that matter. In BBs with even number of guns per turret, 2 or 4, I've consistently seen shells land to the left and right of ships- even fat BBs- that are directly oncoming at long and medium ranges. That seems logical as if you aim dead center, technically that's the center of your turret where there's no gun. In my Gneisenau, Tirptiz, and Dunkerque I constantly see rounds splashing on both sides of oncoming targets at distance. Aside from cases of overshooting and undershooting, that suggests my aim was true and sort of feels like flaw in turrets with an even number of guns. When one round (or 2 if a quad turret) lands on each side of a ship, that pretty much proves your aim was dead center. In my New Mexico, North Carolina, Iowa, and Scharnhorst, I am ridiculously proficient at landing at least one shell on a straight-on target even at distance. Recently, I've run a sort of experiment in my BBs with even numbers of guns per turret where I aimed slightly to the left or to the right of medium to long range targets and have noticed a slightly better hit percentage. In shorter ranges, though, odd or even turrets doesn't seem to matter, nor does it matter on targets that are angled or broadside. I have other BBs that are also have two gun turrets that I notice the same issue but I don't play them as much. Curiously, the issue is far less prevalent on cruisers and destroyers, so I suspect it mainly affects larger caliber guns like those found on BBs. Single gun mounts like on destroyers and lower end cruisers and even my Atlanta seem to have no trouble consistently getting hits distant oncoming targets. For me, the clearest indicator is comparing the sister ships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. While the Gneis obviously packs a bigger punch per hit when it does hit, the Scharn nearly never misses an oncoming target at any range as it always gets at least one hit. In the Gneis I've repeatedly had head to head exchanges with a fellow Gneis, Tirpitzs, Colorados, etc. where we fire 2 salvos yet neither of us get a hit until we are about to collide or we angle away. So all in all, again I'm not arguing a point that odd number turrets are better than even or anything like that. I know good players will make any gun or any ship do well. I am just curious if anyone else has also felt victimized by actually having good aim when sailing BBs with no "center" gun in their turrets.
  15. New player having a hard time.

    They mean t4 ships don't see t5 ships in matches, IIRC. t4 will never see a ship above it's own tier.